Kuch iss tarah 2 (prologue)


Kuch iss tarah 2

Character introduction


Swara’s pov


Yeah this was my first reaction when I saw that limited diamond watch…
And avni my bestie stares me as if she would eat me alive…

“Ahh I know I hv some 30 watches so what… I don’t hv that..”

I gave her a reason to buy that… But she was not ready to lower her gaze…

“ok fyn m not gonna buy that.. Happy now”

She immediately nods yes.. I mean what the hell yr.. She is so finicky… I still wonder how she can be my bestie…

“so what if I can’t but that myself my dad could ” I smirked

I called dad n ask him to buy that watch for me.. N as always he agreed..

” stop it swara u r spending unnecessarily ” avni tries to stop me

” baby… M swara gadodia… Nothing is unnecessary for me… ” I revert her..

” u r impossible swara” she comments on me

“whatever ” I ignore her

I reach my home… There was my mum.. Sitting with her friends or moreover socialites… I plastered a fake ear to ear smile n hug my mum…

” y u call them here I don’t lyk them” I whispered in her ear

“I don’t want to know whether you lyk them or not.. Its important for us to socialize ” my mum replied me..

I keep that fake smile and left.. I entered my room n saw ragini there…

” hw dare you to enter my room in my absence ”

” shut ur mouth up.. M not interested in entering ur room.. Laksh has left his file here” ragini replied me..

She just step out of my room n I bang the door…

I sat on bed.. N then I received his message.. My love.. Only person in the world of course after laksh.. Who cares for me… He ask me out for a party… I replied yes…

Swara gadodia never. Missed any party..

I immediately left home to buy dress ofcourse I called avni too …

“swara u hv lots of dress y to buy new “avni again shows her finicky nature

” I just want to” I replied her as I hv no proper answer

Yeah I lied to her… I just want a reason to come out of that concrete building usually ppl calls it home.. Bt for me.. Home is Kapoor villa… Laksh’s house a place where ppl hv tym for me…

We finally bought 5 dresses n I came back.. N saw live action film in living room… No no.. Not on tv.. But mr n mrs gadodia were fighting…
I just ignore them n left.. As it is their daily routine… I wonder when Dad went out on trips how would they both survive without fighting…
Ragini has slept already as she too doesn’t care about their fights.. We are habitual of this…

I went to party and everything got changed for ever….. My personality… My attitude.. In short that party changed me…

Swara’s pov end

Here is the prologue guys…
Hwz it

Get ready this tym story is all about broken relationship… Betrayal… ‘Deals’ … N hatred… N harsh reality…

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Awesome di???
    30 watches…
    I too had 30 watches but only prblm is that was in my dream …

    And I am the biggest Sanskarholic ?????

    1. Mona r u d same one who wrote Swasan the kidnapper??

      1. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

        Athe nandana Chechi…
        I missed you a lot…
        The first thing I did after coming back was reading your ff’s…
        Hope you are fine…
        Also I have started a new ff….
        The stupid lion and cute lioness…
        Must read it

        Love you chechi

    2. Thnku… N I hv 5 watches… But I hv bought not even one… All are gifted ???

      Har baat sahi hai but… Don’t you dare.. M biggest varunholic or sandkarholic ??

  2. Nice i liked it…..

  3. Swara princess ?
    Waiting for my…oops our Sanskar ??

    1. Smart girl… ? my sanskar bola hota to pta nhi kya hota

    2. Rehn de. I have so many Sanskars to drool over. My Childhood Sweethearts wala Sanskar ???

      1. Rakh le.. But only one.. Baki sab pe mera copy right… Hai.. Sply arranged to be his wale pe???

  4. Awesome.

  5. U r just rocking meherdi
    Waiting for episodes

  6. who was the person??

    1. Local residents not landlord

  7. Superb nd swara is a spoilt girl waiting for nxt part

    1. Thnku so much dear

  8. Arey u r scaring me but saying about the harsh reality….But am not scared???
    Waise bhi I am gonna love this……I guess ?coz am already loving it???……
    On the whole…..picture perfect prologue ???though it’s a short one (I guess)….

    1. Bhoooo ??????

      Thanks so much

  9. Meher bro….. that’s awesome….. ????

    Can’t waittttttt….. ????

    When is the first chapter gonna come out??

    1. Thnx buddy…

      First chapter on Tuesday ?

  10. Hiii Meher it is awesome, by the way r u studying??? Where are you from???
    Sanskar ko jaldi lekar aao aur kitna dhin wait karna padega
    Can I ask you something, Did you liked the memory loss track, I liked it
    But probz yeh hai ki Swasan ko milaane mein CVS bahot der karega.
    Sans yahan se ayega toh CVS Swara ko lekar vahan jayega
    Pata nahi our cute Sans ko Swara se milne ke liye kitna weeks intazar karna padega????
    Swaragini sat n sunday bhi hona chahiye
    CVS ko un donon ko jaldi milane ki irada toh nahin hai at least tum toh jaldi milao yaar
    I m dying
    By the way it’s superb.

    1. Yup m in graduation first year…
      N m from delhi

      Yup I liked this track very much… A new swasan luv story ? Saturday Sunday… According to me it should on air daily that too of 1 hr.. Afterall itz only daily soap I watch…

      Thnku so much dear

      1. M also doing graduation but 2nd year
        Meher can I ask you a doubt,
        Please tell me how to upload these profile photo please

    2. Actually yr.. I don’t know… Anjali ne Eva ko bataya tha n I just follow that..

      But ha.. I remember mne WordPress pe i’d banai thi.. N waha ye dp set ki thi

      1. Something with gravator haina Meher?

    3. Sahi pakde hain Eva ??

  11. awesome

  12. Ah I can’t wait anymore…please update soon!
    The prologue is awesome! 🙂

  13. Meherrr sounds so so so interesting u are just increasing my curiosity now…..

    Swara Richy rich and sanku… abhi tak aaya hi nahi ?….

    Upload soon can’t wait more

    1. Sankuu der se ayega… He is bzy with kavita??

  14. Superb….excited

  15. impressive. liked it….keep it up

  16. Hy dea…… Back wid a BANG n new concept ah!!!!!! Waiting to read more……?

    1. Thnku so much ???

  17. Wow interesting post asap soon..

  18. awesome..waiting 4 it..

  19. Soujanya kundu


  20. Awesome prologue please come with chapter soon.m waiting eagerly.??

    1. On Tuesday dear?

  21. It’s superb …..but swara should be decent….this spoilt attitude of her I didn’t like….will she care for money as story proceeds????

    1. Yup she would… But tym changes everyone…

  22. Awesome

  23. awesome as always…..

    1. Thnku so much ??

  24. nice…

  25. Meher! It’s so much awesome!! First chappy on?
    And, waiting for our Sanky to show his beautiful entry!! 😀 😀

    1. First chappy on ‘mangalwar’ ?

      Sanskar’s entry would be a shock ?

  26. wow Meher even this prolouge is awesome….. the perfect family is now the most imperfect one…. but as far as i know u, u’ll slowly slowly mend their relations….. n who was the one who called swara???
    n ch 1 on mangalwar????

    1. Her bf called her… N both this one on mangalwar n yeh dooriyan on Tuesday ???

      1. i meant y not today…. ok u must b busy with something… silly question…. accha can u do one thing, update yeh dooriyaan on mangalwar n KIT 2 on tuesday…. ???

    2. It would be tough for me.. .. But I will try ????

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