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Recap : Swara alright, Kartik returned. Family moments.


TOLWO MONTH LATER (Eight months of pregnancy)

“Sanskar, do you think that I will fit in this dress?” Swara asked Sanskar while holding a brand new anarkali suit in front of mirror.

“Yes, undoubtedly you will fit in this dress. I have checked its size thrice.” Sanskar said proudly.

“What’s its size?” Swara asked while searching for the size tag on dress.

Sanskar who has already removed that size tag was giving a sheepish smile to her.

“Swara, don’t you trust me? I said na, it will fit you undoubtedly, just go and wear this. We are getting late.” Sanskar avoided the topic.

“I will get ready first tell me it’s size. I know I have gained a lot so I just want to know that how far I have travelled from my small size.” She said.

“Oh god! Please help me. I can’t tell her it’s XXXL and I found it with much difficulty because of her size. She has been really very sensitive about everything now. If I will tell her truth then she will cry, if I won’t tell her truth she will cry. Basically she will cry in either way!” Sanskar thought in mind.

“I knew it! I am too much fat that you can’t even tell me it’s size. Now you will leave me and go to any other girl who has a slim body, afterall who will love a mini football ground.” Swara Said while sobbing.

Sanskar slammed his hand against his head and rushed towards his crying wife, who had turned chubbier than before, her curves were fuller and she became more cute than before.

“Swara, who told you that I will go to some other girl?” He asked while wiping her face.

“Ofcouse you will, I am too much fat now and they will have a perfect body.” She said with hickups.

“They may have the perfect body but they don’t have my child inside them. They don’t have my little girl inside them. They are not nurturing our symbol of love in their bodies even after having much difficulties. They are not MY SWARA. I LOVE YOU.” He said while kissing her forehead.

“So, you won’t leave me?” She asked innocently with a red nose and teary eyes.

“Never!” He said while hugging her sideways.

When a relationship reached to an eternal level, they don’t need words to convey their feelings. Silence speaks louder than words and sometimes this silence is something which is needed.

Sanskar slowly-slowly slides his hand under her Azure maternity top and caresses her swollen belly with his warm hands.

“You know Swara, I just love to feel her movement. It makes me feel like heaven. You have no idea how excited I’m for her birth. I will arrange best things for my daughter. I will teach karate to Sparsh, so that we both can break the bones of the guyz who will drool over my princess.” He said, rubbing her belly gently.

“Sometimes I think that I have 2 babies; Sparsh and his daddy.” She chuckled.

“You can think whatever you want!” He said proudly.

“Swara, Sanskar, come fast! Everyone is waiting for you!” Annapoorna called them.

“Coming maa” Sanskar shouted.

“Go and wear this.” He said passing the dress to her.

She nodded.


Swara and Sanskar came out where everyone was waiting for them.

“Kya bhai! Aaj bhi itta time. Atlest meri engagement ke time to late mat krte.” Uttra pouted.

“Ooo hello! Your Bhabhi was taking time!” Sanskar spoke.

“Sanskar, shut up!” Swara murmured.

“Beta, you can carry on your talks and teasings later. Muhurat of engagement is slipping.” Annapoorna spoke.

Everyone nods and the ring ceremony Started. First Raunak slides ring in Uttra’s hand then Uttra slides ring in his hand. Sanskar, gets nostalgic seeing his baby sister getting engaged. He recalled how he reacted when she told him that she loves Raunak, her colleague in banglore. He became furious when she told him that they were in relationship from long, but Swara being more calm and understanding, make Sanskar understood that if Raunak is a nice guy there is nothing wrong in that.


One month back

Sanskar was massaging Swara’s feet, when uttra entered their room.

“B-bhai” she fumbled.

“Haan Uttra? Come in na why are you standing at door.” Sanskar called her in smilingly.

Uttra bolted the door and sat beside Swara on bed.

“Why you bolt the door?” Swara asked.

“Bhabhi, bhai, I wanna tell you both something.” Uttra spoke hesitantly.

Sanskar sensed the nervousness and held her hand protectively.

“What happened? Why are you sounding so tensed.” He asked in concerned tone.

“B-bhai, I have hided a big thing from you all.” She said.

“Tell me, I’m listening.” Sanskar asked holding her hand even firmly.

“I’m in love with someone.” Uttra said in one breath, the moment she completed that Sanskar withdrew his hand.

“Who is he?” He asked.

“Raunak, my colleague in banglore office. We are in relationship from past one year. I was scared to tell you all about this, but now we want to get married.” Uttra said in a low tone.

“You have grown up na, that’s why you took the big decision of your life all by yourself, you don’t even bother to discuss this with anyone. Right? Then now please! Just go from my room and don’t forget to invite me in your wedding.” He said furiously.

“Bhai, why are you saying like this? I am still your baby sister, that’s why I told you about him.” She said while crying.

“You told me a year later, isn’t it too late? You are not my baby sister! we use to share each and every thing with eachother, even I told you about Kavita, right? But I don’t even know that my sister is loving someone, and she is in relationship. Why you’ve came now?” Sanskar retorted angrily.

Swara, who was not interfering in the brother-sister matter, seeing Sanskar going overboard decided to interfere.

“Uttra, don’t cry. I’m with you and I know your bhai is also with you. You just go and ask Raunak to meet Sanskar tomorrow.” Swara said while wiping her tears.

Sanskar gave her unbelievable look, while she signed him to calm down. Uttra hugged Swara and left.

“I’m not going to meet any guy, Uttra can do whatever she wants. I will not interfere. Who am I to interfere in her life, she was least bothered to tell me. Why the hell on Earth she would tell me, right? I’m useless. No! No! No! Actually she doesn’t trust me that’s why she didn’t tell me. I don’t even know how that guy is? Who that guy is? I don’t know any–” Swara placed her lips on his to shut his blabbering.

“Don’t you think you’ve overreacted ?” She asked after breaking the kiss.

“Overreacting? Seriously?” He asked in disbelief.

“You are worried because she didn’t tell you about that guy or there is something else?” She asked.

“Swara, (sighs) I don’t want anyone to hurt her. I don’t know anything about that Raunak, what if he was mere playing with her emotions. It will be heart wrenching to part with him after a year. She can’t handle that much pain.” He said in concern.

“Sanskar, that’s why I told her that you will be meeting Raunak tomorrow. Meet him tomorrow and then we will do a background check of him and after confirming everything we will agree for this alliance. Will it be okay with you?” She asked.

He nodded yes.

Next day Sanskar met Raunak and found him a nice guy, he further told Annapoorna and Durgaprasad about him and after a background check they finalized the engagement.

~flashback ends~

“Sanskar, she only getting engaged. Her marriage still has time So, stop crying.” Swara said to him.

“I’m not crying.” He said while holding his tears back.

“That I can see.” She said pointing towards his tears.

The ceremony was a private one, with limited number of close friends and family members. Everyone congratulated the new couple.

Everyone was sitting in the hall and having a chit chat while Uttra and Raunak were roaming in garden.

“Mumma, feeling hungry.” Sparsh said to Swara.

“Come beta, papa will serve you food.” Sanskar said.

“No papa, I don’t want to eat these things! I want paneer parantha, yummy. Mumma, will you prepare that for me?” He said.

“Beta you can have that tomorrow, you know na Mumma isn’t well.” Sanskar tried to make him understand.

“Papa, whenever I ask Mumma to make anything, you always say that Mumma isn’t well. I think Rahul was saying correct.” Sparsh said sadly, while murmuring last line.

Swara, who has heard his last line recalled what his friend, Rahul told him…


During the initial days of pregnancy, Swara reached late to pick him from his school when she heard his talks with his friends. Which sow the seeds of overprotectiveness in her…

“Sparsh, now your Mumma won’t love you more. ” Rahul said.

“No, Mumma loves me most.” Sparsh said proudly.

“That’s because the little baby didn’t come yet, when he will come your Mumma will love him more. She won’t make anything for you then.” Rahul said.

“Haan Sparsh, Rahul is right. When my little brother was born na my mumma use to spend time with him only.” Virat said

“and your Mumma isn’t your real mumma na. Didn’t you read those wicked step mothers in the stories. Just like in Cinderella.” Shreya added.

“Noo! You all are lieing, Mumma told me why she is my step mumma, I have choosen her as my mumma that’s why people call her step mumma, and my mumma loves me most. I know this. My mumma isn’t like that wicked step mumma in Cinderella book, that was a story. Papa told me that we should not read such story books.” Sparsh shouted angrily.

“Even I heard my mumma talking to my papa, that once your little brother or sister will come your Mumma won’t love you.” Virat said.

“Noooooo! You are lieing!! You all are lieing!!! I will never ever talk to you!!! Katttaa!!!” Saying this Sparsh pushed Virat and ran towards the gate while crying.

~flashback ends~

“Sprsh, don’t worry Mumma will make whatever you want.” Swara said while getting up.

“Swara beta, you sit here I will make parantha for him.” Annapurna said.

“No ma, I can manage and when he wants me to prepare that I will do that.” Swara said smilingly and was about to lift him up when Sanskar stopped her.

“Now way! You are not going to lift him atlest think before doing something, you are in your eighth month!” Sanskar said.

Swara murmured sorry and held Sparsh’s hand and moved towards the kitchen.

Soon Swara prepared what he wanted and was feeding him with her own hands. Everyone was seeing that sight and was adoring their bonding.

“Annapoorna ji, I must say that your daughter-in-law loves Sparsh a lot. Who will say that she isn’t his real mother?” Uttra’s mother-in-law said.

“Nahi Shobha ji, never say this. Swara is his real mother. She has devoted herself completely for him. No one can love Sparsh the way she loves him. She is a precious gem for our family.” Annapoorna said smilingly.

Meanwhile in kitchen.

Sanskar confronted Swara and she told everything to Sanskar, from what she heard to how he reacted. Sanskar sensing the seriousness of the matter decided to talk to Sparsh tonight.

At night

“Sparsh, can I ask you something?” Sanskar asked

He nodded.

“Are you happy with the new baby?” He asked.

Sparsh thinks for a while and then nods.

“Are you sure?” Sanskar confirmed.

Sparsh nods yes half heartedly but then seeing his face and stern look he nodded no.

Swara sighed. She knew this would be his answer.

“Why so?” Sanskar asked.

“Because Rahul said, once the baby will come Mumma won’t love me.” He said sadly

“What else he said?” Sanskar asked.

“He said, cz mumma isn’t my real mumma she will stop making things for me and will spend less time with me.” He continued sadly.

“Come here.” Swara called him.

He went to her and she made him sit in her lap.

“Actually, yes. Mumma can’t spend more time with you after baby’s birth. But do you know why?” She asked. He nodded no.

“It’s because, then the baby will be too much small. She can’t tell what she wants. Like you tell me that you are hungry or sad this little baby can’t tell us. So Mumma need to be with her, but it doesn’t mean that my love for you will be less. Mumma loves you a lot.” Swara said kissing him on forehead.

“And you know Sparsh, jaise jaise baby girl will grow up. Mumma will get more time to spend with you and your sister. But you being an elder brother need to adjust for sometime. Can you adjust?” Sanskar asked.

“Mumma you keep on loving me like this na?” He asked.

“Ofcouse” she said with determination.

“And it will vanish as soon as my sister will grow up?” He again asked.

Sanskar nodded.

” Then, I’m ready. I will help Mumma in taking care of my sister.” He said excitedly, while Swara and Sanskar smiled.



Swara was resting in her room when Sparsh came to her.

“Mumma.” He spoke

“Haan Sparsh?” She asked.

“Mumma, I have finished my homework.” He said smilingly.

“Very good, that’s like my good boy.” Saying this she kissed his forehead.

“Mumma, can I talk to Baby now?” He asked.

“Hahaha, yes you can.” She said happily.

Sparsh jumped onto the bed and sat beside Swara and placed a hand on her belly.

“Choti, come fast. I want to play with you. When you will come na, we both will team up together and play.” He said excitedly.

“Ohh hello! Mumma ke chamche, stop brainwashing my little girl.” Sanskar said while entering.

“Chhoti, I will give you all my toys (thinks for a while) nai! Nai! Not all but half. Haan, pakka! I will give you my half toys.” Sparsh continued to say.

Sanskar removed Sparsh’s hand and placed his hands on her belly on either side and said ” princess, don’t listen to him. You will be in my team!”

“Ahhhann!!! She will be in my team papa.” Sparsh retorted.

“She will be in my team.” Sanskar said in attitude.

“In my team, choti don’t listen to papa.” Sparsh said.

“In my team, I said na! Princess will be in my team.” Sanskar said.

Swara who was laughing seeing their silly fight, Suddenly she flinched.


“What happened ?” Sanskar asked in concern.

“He kicked me hard! ” She said scrunching her eyes.

“She!” Sanskar and Sparsh said in unison.

“Uurhh! Whatever!” She said.

Sanskar and Sparsh talked something in jesture and Sparsh kissed her belly, followed by Sanskar.

“And why this kiss?” She frowned.

“Because we love her.” Both said in unison.

Swara smiled.

“So, now no one loves me.” She pouted.

“No Mumma, I love you.” Saying this Sparsh kissed her cheek.

“Achha mumma, now I’m going to play.” Sparsh continued before leaving.

Now only Swara and Sanskar were left alone.

“Hmm, so you don’t love me right?” She asked Sanskar.

“I do.” He said

“But you didn’t prove that.” She said.

“Actually, I can’t kiss you in front of Sparsh. The way I’m going to kiss you now.” Saying this he engulfed her in a devouring kiss.


Sparsh was playing on stairs, whereas Sanskar has already told him not to play on stairs.

“Sparsh! I have told you not to play on stairs! I am not going to repeat this. Take your toys and play anywhere else in mansion.” Sanskar said before going out.

Sparsh ignored his talks and continue to play on stairs. Swara, too tried to stop him but he being too much stubborn didn’t pay heed to her words either. Swara looked at time and decided to bring Sparsh down so that Sanskar won’t scold him.

“Sparsh, leave this and come downstairs.” Swara said holding his hand.

“Two minutes Mumma, I am just completing my city” Sparsh said while arranging his toys on side of stairs.

“Sparshhh! Mumma is saying you to play downstairs na? So come there.” Swara said and pulled his hand inorder to make him stand, but in this she mistakenly fall his toy making Sparsh irritated.

“Look Mumma, you have destroyed my city!” Sparsh said while releasing his hand with jerk resulting in disbalancing Swara.

Sparsh was horrified with his unknown mistake, luckily before she could fall Sanskar held her.

“Are you alright?” He asked in concern.

Sanskar became furious. He made her sit on sofa and moved towards Sparsh, who was already scared because of the mistake. Sanskar stood Infront of him and slapped him hard.

“I have told you not to play on stairs! Do you have any idea, what would happen if she would have fell! You would have lost her ! She would have di-”

“Sanskar!!!” Swara cut him in between.

Sanskar took a deep breath to calm his anger and realising that he should not speak all those things to little Sparsh he tried to cup his face but Sparsh ran in his room.

“Sanskar, have you lost it! Do you realise what you have said to him! How could you?” She said angrily in disbelief.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t control my anger. I was so scared when I saw you loosing your balance.” He said with guilt.

“Sanskar, everything is justified, but the thing which you said to him was not acceptable.(sighs) let it be. I’m going to see him.” Saying this she left.


Swara reached upstairs, and saw Sparsh crying bitterly While hiding his face in pillow. She leaned towards him and caressed his hair.

“Sparsh, look here!” She said.

Sparsh Didn’t lift his head and kept on crying. She make him sit with much difficulty. Sparsh’s face has turned red because of crying.

“Oh god! Itte bade bade aasu?” She said while wiping his tears.

“Come here, sit in mumma’s lap.” Swara said while guiding him to sit in her lap while facing her.

Sparsh hugged her tightly and cried bitterly and she let him cry. After a while when he was better. She spoke.

“Now stop crying beta. Good boys don’t cry. Right?” She said while wiping his tears.

“Mumma, I didn’t do that intentionally. I didn’t want to push you. Sachhi.” He said with hickups.

“Do I said that you did that intentionally?” She asked.

“No, but papa scolded me a lot na. He even slapped me. I won’t talk to him now.” Sparsh said

“Ese nahi Bolte. You know na papa loves you alot, mistake was yours na, when he told you not to play on stairs the why you kept on playing there?” She asked softly.

Sparsh had no answer.

“Achha leave this and tell me if you are doing any mistake, then who will correct them?” She asked.

“Mumma, papa.” He spoke

“Pakka? Only Mumma papa? Can’t our neighbours scold you for your mistakes?” She confirmed.

“No, only Mumma, Papa, daadu, dadi, Bua, maamu, chachu, Chachi, mausi, mausaji, and Mami can do this.” He said innocently while counting them on fingers.

She smile a little seeing his innocence.

“So, you believe that if Papa has slapped you or scolded you it’s only for your betterment?” She asked.

He nodded.

“Then, papa can scold you na?” She asked.

“He can, but ask him not to slap. It hurts a lot.” He said innocently.

Swara smiled and hugged him. Suddenly he broke the hug and put a hand on her belly and looked at her face and belly alternatively with amazement.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Something is happening here Mumma, sachhi.” He said with amazed looks.

Swara laughed at his innocence.

“Hahhaahha, nothing is happening here. Your baby sister is saying that she wants to eat icecream with her bhaiya.” She said.

“Wow! Ice-cream, yes! I want that.” He said excitedly.

“So, let’s go and take treat from papa. What say?” She said while making him stand.

“Yessss!!!” He said with a grin.

Both came out and saw a tensed Sanskar in corridor.

“Sparsh, I’m sorry beta, papa should not slap you. Papa is very bad. Please forgive papa.” He asked, holding his ears.

“No papa, don’t say sorry! I love you.” Sparsh said, hugging him.

“Sanskar, Sparsh said he wants ice-cream.” Swara told him.

“Sparsh or you?” He frowned.

“Actually, she.” Swara Said pointing towards her stomach.

“I knew it ” Sanskar chuckled and the trio left for a small ice cream party, unaware of the actual dreadful upcoming.


The trio were enjoying the ice cream, Sanskar has parked the car at the other side of road. He came back to take his wallet, when he saw Sparsh, trying to cross the road all alone. Whilst Swara turned around she saw Sparsh picking up a ball which stopped at middle of road. A car was about to hit him but Swara pulled him back and both fell on road. Sanskar was numb seeing his Swara in between pool of blood while crying in pain…

To be continued…

Precap – Epilogue

So here is the last part, epilogue is on the way.

Hope all the readers will comment on this last part and share how they felt about this ff.

I’m looking forward to read your views.

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