Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 9) ( betrayal- part- 2)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : ragini n avni tries to convince swara about Vikram’s bad intention


Swara’s pov

Okay so sanskar has ditched me.. I lost my everything… I don’t think life makes me suffer more than this… But no.. I was wrong… It was time to repay my own deeds… I hv paid for Insulting sanskar n now itz turn to pay for not trusting my lovedd ones… Ragini… Laksh… Avni… N even mom tried to. Make me understand but I was so stubborn to understand…

After party… Or u can say after get insulted.. Me n avni were going back to home.. Though I was broken inside… I was determined from outside

“swara are you fine “avni asks

I nodded…

We both knew it was a stupid answer to an obvious question… Hw could I feel after getting insulted…

We were waiting for avni’s driver to come n pick us up… Then the second round of betrayal starts… Vikram stops his car infront of us.. N forcefully tried to pull me in… Avni n I were struggling to get rid of him.. But then that bastard nihal… Hitted avni with his car.. N I scream my heart out “avniiiiii”

In the fraction of seconds avni was Lying between the pool of blood n I was in the car… There were rahul… Karan… And an unknown person… Probably driver… Then nihal too get in the car…

Soon they tied my mouth.. I want to scream but i can’t…

As soon as that pervert vikram starts to unzip my dress.. My body got paralysed… I was cursing myself for not trusting my own sister… For not trusting my two best friends… For not trusting my own mother… Ragini was right I am good for nothing… Only cz of me… Avni’s lyf is in danger… Cz of my own stupidity my dignity has been brutally murdered that too by the Devils in the disguise of friends…

I heard them saying that now I can’t full fill their materialistic wants.. So they were filling their lust… I felt like to kill them right away… But I was helpless.. N my helplessness is flowing in the form of tears from my eyes…

After playing with my body… After killing my soul and dignity they left me on road somewhere near jungle area..

I was in my senses… Yes I WAS.. But my body stopped supporting me… I was unable to move my hand even.. Then a hand.. Comes forward to help me.. He removes his blazer n covers me.. He took me to his car that’s what I remember….

After that when I open my eyes i found myself on bed.. Probably in his house..
He came n told me everything that how I fainted… Hw He took me to his home.. N all.. “I want to make a call” that’s what I can say from my mouth… But tears speaks more..

I called laksh n ask him to pick me up… Laksh came n took me to his place as all were living there… Our concrete building has been sealed…. I didn’t react to his saying… He told me about avni.. She was in coma…

Tears starts to brimm from my eyes… I was cursing myself… Can life be more dreadful than this.. Just few hours… Just few hours has snatched everything from me… My love.. My respect… My dignity… My best friend… Everything…

We reached at home… N I went to my room… Neither I say something nor anyone has asked me..

I didn’t step out of my room for two days…I hv changed my dress style also… That incident affects me to the core… Now I was wearing full sleeve churidaar with a hop neck.. Only visible part of my body was my face… I was afraid.. I have plastered a normal face… But only I knew how much pieces were hided behind that one mask… I want to tell everything to someone but to whom… With whom I can share all this.. Is now struggling for life cz of me..
I can’t understand what to do… I tried to end my life.. But I can’t.. I hvnt that much courage.. May be I hv to suffer more…
Finally ragini enterd my room.. She wants to talk to me.. But she doesn’t know how to starts… She was about to leave and my heart starts to sink.. I gathered some courage n spoke “RAGINI DI”

Her steps immediately turned towards me n she engulfed me in a bone crushing hug

“m sry di.. I didn’t trust you… Itz all cz of me” I broke down

“shhhh don’t say like this.. U hv done nothing.. Whatever happened with avni was an accident “she said while wiping my tears

” no di.. U r not getting me… That was not an accident… Nihal has done that…. I… I.. Was raped” my voice cracked towards the end

I explained the whole incident to her.. About sanskar… About Vikram… About nihal hitting avni…

“di u were right m good for nothing… I.. I am.. Impure now… I don’t want to live di… Itz hurting to breathe even ” I cried my heart out

“don’t u dare to say like this.. U r divine n will always be…. Never think that u r Impure… Impure is that blo*dy vikram… N ur di is and will always be with you.. Come swara.. We will see sanskar afterwards firstly we hv to lodge Complaint against those jerks… M nt gonna leave them ” ragini di sounds determined

For the first time I felt like I never knew this ragini.. Who loves me like hell… May be I never notice her love for me..

We reached police station
There officer taunts me” huh.. She has been raped.. Oh plz who doesn’t know about swara gadodia.. Now u guys are no more rich then u want money from vikram… Everyone knows her character ”

” I don’t want any character certificate for my sister from you “she stamped her hands at tabel

” what u want then” the officer asks her

“FIR… Can u file fir.. “she said calmly

” what if I don’t “officer said while smirking

” di lets go… I don’t want to face more humiliation “I said

” shut up swara… “she scolded me

” u hv to file a complaint against those bastards… Do u get me… “ragini di shouts

” neither I get u nor m gonna file ur complaint “that officer said

” u hv file their complaint ” a voice came..

I looked back n found avni’s dad there… He came here to file complaint as now avni isfine.. N she told him about the incident….

That officer finally agrees to Lodge our complaints…

Then the round of humiliating hearings n investigation has started… Sometimes I feel that the hearings were more painful then that incident…

Vikram.. rahul.. Karan.. nihal.. N their driver were sentenced to 15 yr imprisonment…

Atlast me n avni got justice after the painful struggle of a year…

Those perverts were now at their best suitable place…

I can’t get over that incident… I lost my charm… I lost my faith… Faith in love.. Faith in friendship… But I still have faith in humanity cz of that one helping hand… I want to thank that man but couldn’t find him… I became only a living being… I was just breathing…

I got to know that ragini loves me lyk hell n so do I.. We were no more swara n ragini we are SWARAGINI now…

Swara’s pov end

So guys u must be thinking why she suffered alot.. My answer is lyf is not a bed of roses sometimes it has throwns… N this part was bit fast… Cz from next episode the main track will start..

I can show all this in flashback but I want to show this like proper episodes… Cz in flashbacks I can not connect with the change in Swara’s character in upcoming episodes …

Credit to: Meher


  1. Dhara

    Fabulous u r correct life is bed of roses.. But I still pray to the God that in real this kind of incident should not happen to any girl. And if it happens her family and friends should always support that girl rather humiliating her here and there.

  2. Rachana

    Hey meher im commenting for the first time here i couldnt stop myself from writing this its too emotional yaar how can they be sooo brutal its good that swara got justice and sanky how can he play with her emotions yaaar please … Show swara as a strong girl and make sanky repent for his mistake

  3. Jiya

    Meher! Its totally unexpected. I mean swara is raped by her own cheap friends. Thank god now they are at their right place. Nd about that helping hand, i think its sanky and hope so that he will. Sad to see swara in such worst condition.
    Bt things are getting fixed now to some extent. I mean now swaragini are together.
    Waiting for nxt part.
    Sorry couldn’t comment at previous chappies as i have exams naa so!!!

  4. Swaragini Union was awesome… But I felt very bad for swara the way they behaved with her was ridiculous…. Now. Swara is totally broken…. Who was the man who helped swara?????

  5. tani

    Speechless. No words are
    coming in my mind.
    swara has gone through so much…how painful it must be. gang rape worst of all. those bastards should b hanged ..there is no 2nd chance for rapist…. poor swara…but happy finally swara and ragini became swaragini….n laksh n avni r true meaning of friendship….. sanskar is responsible for swara’s condition. pls update next part soon

    • Yup gang rape is just worst.. Rapist should be killed straight away without any mercy…

      Rahi baat sanskar ki.. So sanskar hvnt idea that something like this would happen to swara… Afterall he wants to break her emotionally

  6. Eva

    Bohuuuutt accha..tha..badi jethani ji…kal mera maths exam hay..best wishes dede..shayad accha…chala jayee..btw Tu maths mein kesi hai? 0 toh nei milta tha na tujhe?Oh bhul gayi Tu toh Nobita ki carbon copy hai..0 hii milta hoga??? btw Anjali jethani ji Congo physics mein fail na karne keliye..aur patidev Tera age kya hai batadena..agar 15 seh kaam huya toh divorce dedungi..age matters u see…sasuma…gandi baat …ap meri sautan dhundki taiyari kar rahe ho…sasurji..meij chotti hu toh pampered toh hogihi na? Aur meri nanando…Riya kesi hai? Aur Uma Teri toh mein shadi karake rahungi….aur sanskar jethji..apse kya best wishes mangu…apko toh khud hii best wishes ki zarurat hai..loog ek nehi samhal pate aur app do do samhalrahe hai…..

    ..so mere parivaar walo..all the best bolo mujhe..agar fail kiya toh sacchi iss pati Ko divorce dedungi…chali jaungi..

    • Mugdha

      Chotii bahurani…mujhe ek aur bahu chahiye..ab deklo..mere do bete hai par agar 4 bahuye huyi toh kaisa hoga?Accha na?Ek par ek free free free…

      • Sree

        All the best wifey. Tum fail kabhi nahi hogi aakir tum Laksh Maheswari ki patni ho. Tum toh Eva ho jo Kabhi nahi haregi. BTW mujhe kyun divorce dena chathi ho. Maine kya kiya????
        Rahi meri age ki baat mein 16 hun. Aur tumhari sautan mein nahi mom dundrahi hai. Mom apko jo karna hai kijiye . Kyun ki main apke baat nahi taal saktha hun. Wifey anewali sautan ko lekar jo bhi jagada karna ho mom se karle na . I will not be responsible fir anything???. Bhai mujhe bachane keliye ajana.?

    • Eva

      Tu shadi karke dikha toh zara teri tange tordungi…..tujhe maar maar ke baatsurat banadungi taki koi ladki tujhe puche bhi na…tu sacchi mein Laksh hii hai..Laksh Maheshwari hahi spineless…Ragini ne bilkul sahi kaha tha…rahi baat mammy ji ki..toh mammiji sautan laogi toh police meh complain karke puree parivaar ko jail mein daal dungi…child marriage aur apka bada beta..jo do do wives leke ghumraha hai…aur ab ap chote bete ko bhi vesa hi banarahi ho…agar apko ek aur bahu chahiye toh app Sanskar jethji ki ek aur shadi karado….i’m sure ki woh kuch nehi kahenge….sautan vs sautan vs sautan…apka char bahuye miljayengi aur mein sautanless bhi rahungi,…..nanandji thank u…aur patidev tujhe bhi thank u….agar exam accha gaya toh thik hai agar bura huya toh samajlungi ki best wishes man seh nehi diye….

      • Eva

        Sab Teri Tara nehi hote mere eklaute pati ka bhai..mera pati serf merahi hai..aur Tera bhai tujse zada samajdar hai..woh janta hai ki doh biwiya rakna lucky nehi hota hai..oyee Lucky Bucky kisi aur li Tara dekna bhi maat..yaad kar pehle dinhi mene tujhe kaha tha ki mujhe sautan nehi chahiye..sach kehrahi hu..agar Tu dusri shadi karega toh mein bhi karungi…tere liye sautan laungi..(sorry don’t know the male version for sautan)mammiji kuch kaho na..apko yeh dono bete sacchiii mein good for nothing hai..?

      • Sree

        Meri achi patniji mujhe sautan nahi chahiye. Aur mein tumhare liye bhi sautan nahi launga. Dont worry. I am veryyy happy with u.??
        Bhai aur mom ap toh meri hasti khelti zindagi ko todna kyun chate hai?? Eva ke ittne warning ke baad agar maine shadi ki toh i am sure i will be killed?? so mein ek ke sath bohot kush hun.
        Bhai tu ladka hai. Laungi nahi launga bol.?? chahiye toh tu apne liye aur ek dundle mujhe nahi chahiye?

      • Eva

        Mera pyara sa pati..kitna accha hai tu…Mummyji kya ladka dhunda hai apne mere liye..Sree best pati ka award tujhe hii jana chahiye…mere Laksh ko…sikh hethji sikh…shadi pe shadi kiye jaraha hai woh..patidev apne bhai ko samjhao…aur jethji sudharjao…

    • All the best biwi ki devrani(eva)…tum xm do..ayr yaha hum tumhare sautan dhundte hai…dmt worry….bohot sundar,sushil,pyari sautan dhundenge tumhare liye…tab jake mere bhai ko bhi mere jaisa good luck ki jarurat hogi 😀

      • bhai tu just bol de ki tujhe kysa biwi chahiye??mai aur mom milke tere liye ekdam aperfect biwi laungi….kyu mummy ji???Aj se apki aur meri bride dhundne ki mission chalu hote hai

      • Mugdha

        Hey people….mummyji here….Sanku mein soch rahiru ki terihi ek aur shadi karadu…mere bete bahu(EVAKSH) ek dusre ke saath kafi khush hai..tu do samhal raha hai ek aur samhal lena…mujhe matlab hai toh serf iss baat seh ki meri chaar bahuein ho…kya farq parta hai ki kiski biwi hai…(Laksh ki dusri shadi phir kabhi karaungi)

    • O hello.. Achhi thi m maths me.. Always 90+ n even 10th n 12th m b % 90+ thi.. . Smjhi.. N oye kl to sunday hai… Sunday ko kiska exam hota hai.. .

      Chhutki tu b kya yaad rahegi.. Le all the best…

      • Eva

        Bangladesh mein sunday bhi working day hai…we have holidays on friday and saturday only…
        Patidev…i love u…..tum bohot acche pati ho….oyee jeth ke bacche sikh apne bhai seh kuch….tu jake kar shadi..mein toh kehtihu ki tu 1000 shadia karle….par mere pati ki taraf dekna bhi maat..woh teri tara nehi hai…

      • Mugdha

        Eva..as far as I know BD timing and India’s timing differs by half an hour..so I guess its 12 at your place..so sweet heart wishing u a very very happy birthday…god bless u.

        Lots of love??

  7. Aliya

    i jst cried whl reading ths bt it’s not pssbl for me 2 imagine swara in tht cndtn… never ever?

  8. biwi….aur kitna rulaogi mujhe??Raped!!!! i actually had tears while swara told “ragini di”.It was really a very emotional and painful episode.How a girl might feel after falling from sky directly to the ground!Something like that happened to swara.Usko aur maat tadpa…pati ki baat man le biwi

  9. Lohitha

    Feeling sadddddd for swara in both of ur ff’s and the way u convey the feelings of characters is awesome

  10. Dharsha

    Very heart touching at the end…it’s always justice which wins at the end but how long???in real life….very disheartened by that fact……

    PS. Scared of my results….????

    • Actually 1 year is very less time.. In real life struggle for justice is next to endless

      Dont worry ur result will b osm

  11. Nice supeb episode you rock meher just loved it today episode happy that they become swaragini now eating for swasan part

  12. priya

    nice episode.. feeling sorry for swara …yes u r right life isnt a bed of roses it has thorns …good keep going

  13. Sree

    What was that?? I know what was that but still that was Something beyond what i has thought. I never thought that she would suffer this much. Poor Swara. But di its good cuz u have shown what this world is and its the truth. Feeling very bad for Swara. BTW i am eager to know who helped her. Post next soon .

  14. Superb babhi, kya likti he aap.Mujhe shayeri aati nehi, phir bhi try kar leti.But nehi karungi bcz meri bro ke liye bhi kuch bachake rakku taki vo bhi apne wife ko suna de.

    • Mugdha

      Bol de beta….shayari..kyuki tere dono bhai kisi kaam ke nehi hai…unhe thik seh baat karnahi nehi ata..apne ap ko ladki samajke ‘Karsaktihu’ kehte hai..toh shayari toh dur ki baat hai…

      • Eva

        Mammiji rocks patidev shocks….mammiji bilkul sahi kaha apne…toh apne iss hopeless bete ki dusri shadi ka plan chod do na plz…..i can’t share my husband with anyone….pehle karke dekha tha sab taunt marte hai…meri ex sautan meher ne mujhe Sanskar ki bacchi kaha…issiliye iss bar mein risk nehi lungi….

      • Lucky bro don’t worry, mein apki saath hu.Mummy ki baato ko bura mat maniye.Mein apki saath kese chor sakti hu, after all rakhi jo bandhi hein.Lucky bro please bachale teri wife se.Eva babhi meri shadi karne ki kasam kayi hein.Sanky broooo ap kaha ho???

      • share karna bohot accha adat hai biwi ki devrani….share karne se punya milti hai…tu bhi apni pati ko share kar…tujhe punya milega

      • Eva

        Oyee mere eklaute pati ke bhaimmsunn kaan kholke..aagar zada bak bak karega na toh Teri biwio seh shikayat kardungi..phir dono tujhe acchese samjhayengi….Anjali jethani ki Meher jethani ki..kaha ho app dono? Apni eklauti devrani ki madat karo..???

    • Oo devrani ji I just said k bachhe se pyar… Sanskar ki bachhi aapko riya nanand ji ne kaha tha.. Well leave that n tell me kaisi sautan chahti hai aap

      • Sree

        Meri sis mein yahan hun. Eva ittni jaldi kya hai. Abhi toh meri behen 18 hui hai. Leave her na??

      • Eva

        Oyee…tu khud hi 16 hain aur shadi karke betha hai..aya bada baat karne..mein toh teri behen ko vidah karke rahungi…jethji agar apni biwiya dhundne seh phursat mile toh apni bene keliye bhi ek accha sa dulha dhundlo…

    • Mugdha

      Tere liye ek rishta aya hai beta…..janna chahati hai kista?RAJAT ka..karegi useh shadi?

  15. shan

    its awesome meher…..but i hope that man was not sanskar nd its adhiraj…..i dont want that man to be sanskar…..pls…..

    • Shree

      Me toooo agree with u dear.. That man should never be Sanskar.. He does not deserve to be the saviour of swara.. Let it be adhiraj as shan said..

  16. Neha

    Thats dreadfull nothing can be more worst or dreadfull than this for a girl i was actually afraid with this coming next …..i have always believed one thing if u can’t believe ur family then u should not believe anyone i’m sorry i’m not disrespecting anyone here but that’s what i think no matter how bad relation swara shared with her sister she should have given her a chance but …..
    Yeah swara is changed now reason for her this condition Sanskar ……..and those cheapsters murderers 5ppl …..cheee …….
    But who was that helper ???….sanskar sorry but here i so hate u …..
    Swaragini :-)only this is best ….the best ever support .. .1year of struggle sahi kahan our law harasses a girl being raped more those bastards do it once but this law and society go innumerous

    • I desperately agree with you… If u can’t believe ur family u can’t trust no one…..
      Yup she should listen to anyone just for once…
      I hv already said that u will hate sanskar here… But now u will feel pity on him..

      Yup.. Our society can’t let a girl over such incident

  17. sanya

    Can you plzzzzz will IT be swasan ff bec aus i love swasan Alot plzzzzz zz
    This epi was very nice i think swara Deserve this but poor swara
    When will sanskar Come back ?

    • It will be swasan..

      m sry if I get u wrong but no one desdeserves to be raped… It killing a soul.. Itz just a brutal murder

  18. Pooja

    Whenever i read about rape case in any ff its always remind me NIRBHAYA rape case by the way ur ff is awsome di

  19. Kavya

    Awesome meher!!!? This chappy was really emotional bcoz of the things tht happened with swara? but honestly somewhere this betrayal was necessary for a change. I’m veryyyyy sad right now??but I’m happy tht now they’re Swaragini??

  20. Gowri

    Nyc episode loved it.feeling really bad fr swara.no words to express my feelings…I am still in a shock… Nice episode meher di asusual…….

  21. Jyotii

    Awwww it was damn emotional???
    But the best part was SWARAGINI!?
    Swara’s life is screwed up in just one night?
    Nothing can be more dreadful for a girl than this!!
    She lost her almost everything!!???
    But as u have already said that we ll hate Sanskar here but I can never!!!??
    Sachhhi varunholic!!???
    I know Sanskar is on wrong path toh kya hua!! He ll change soon!!??
    My Sanskar!!! Ooppss Our!! Or else uh ll kill me????

  22. Jwala

    Very painful.. please make adhiraj as swara’s saviour.. and i don’t want swasan in this.. but it is your choice.. but in your ff , i will ship my Adhira ( Adhiraj and swara= Adhira) i want Adhira .. please give some scenes atleast.. and sanskar let him be happy with his so called gf kavita..

  23. Haai(sree)

    literally my eyes were moist after reading swara’s pov
    Waiting 2 knw who s d helping hand of swara

  24. musku

    Meher …u r always making all cry…what is this….u know tomorrow I have my exam …I thought…. I will tell u that I will read it on Monday …but when I opened it …I was not able to scroll down to comment box…..swara is suffering a lot….now I hate sanskar to the core….now u have to make him suffer also….now I wanna see how u will justify his character….I can’t see swara in so much pain….
    N now I will talk to u on monday

    • Aree kis cheez ka exam.. Btw all the best…
      Don’t worry I willingness try my level best to justify his character..

  25. Nita

    mehru…. baby…. it was too gud….. so emotional….. but a bit rushed…. the way u convey everything, every emotion n every other titbit, in that this was just too fast….. but yeah very well written…..i think this betrayal n tragedy was necessary for swara…. to change her for good…. n finally its swaragini…. n ya who was the one that helped swara???? were was laksh for an year??? her parents???

    • I rushed it cz i wanna start my main track now… N nopes this wasn’t at all necessary for her.. A small lesson would be enough for her…

      U will soon get to know about that guy n all… Hv patience

  26. xyz

    Very nice did u see a comment on 27th May…a gal called Ana is saying bad about Sanskaar…just see it..

  27. ria

    its really amazing mehr. and it’s really painful rape is the worst thing that can happen to a girl it kills that person altogether. i am really excited now how story will progress from now onwords how will swara be able to trust someone again how will she love again that to sanskar it seems next to impossble. in your first part it was sanskar who was broken and in this part it is swara. in first part it was easy to mend him because it was just a betrayal of love but this time it looks like impossible because its too deep this time

  28. Aami

    ya allah what an episode…… fully emotional??? betrayl??? sistrly bond…??? humanity..??? i dont know wht to say……. just above thn words u do it outsatndng………
    meher first i think y u alwys write tragedies but aftr reading the whole episode i am speechless……..
    n thnkx to give justice to swara n avni….. hope thier frndhp has no prblm…. dobt make thm separate n thnkx for SWARAGINI….
    luv u lotz……. ????

      • Aami

        ya dear i know u write cute love storis too…. bcoz i was a regular readr of ur ff a smile tht has stolen my heart… whtn supr cute epilogue was it hve….

  29. ksh

    Hey!… Meyer….dis was an too emotional part yaar…was it adhiraj who helped her?.I HV dis doubt….eagerly waiting for ur next part…..pls…update it fast…

  30. Wow, at last sanky bro ki darshan mil gayi.Jya da kuch nuhi baas apke chand ke tukre, apple of eyes jese dono wives ko kahiye meri shadi ke bare me na soche.Mein abhi choti hu.And lucky bro thanks for the support.

  31. Anjali

    aa gayi sabse sadi bahu…

    Sautan ji…. Bhaag lo…..

    My devar and devrani are in my side 🙂 😀 😀

    Nanad ji… Am soo sorry…. 🙁 🙁 Katti mat ho!!! Plssss *kaan pakadkar sorry*

    PATIDEV!!! <3 <3 <3 Kaise ho aap??? Missed me??? USs sautan ke paas mat jaao….

    Mummyji, Papaji!!! Pranaam… 🙂 🙂

    Kal chuttttiiiiii h….. So I will be ol mostly 😀 😀 😀

    PS : I still havent started reading the chapter meher… Just wanted to talk to u all 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Eva

      Ohoo.Anjali jethani ji..i’m not in your side…jo pehle meri nanand Uma ko ghar seh nikalega mein useh hi support karungi….aur ha Meher jethani ji app bhi sunnlo..agar meri sautan lanee ki baat bhi ki toh sacchi kehrahi hu Anjali jethani ji ke saath agaungi…and tujhe ghar seh tata bye bye kar dungi…

      • Anjali

        I didn’t ignore her…. I didn’t see the comments properly… Sorry bol rahi hoon!!!

        Koi sautan vautan nhi aayegi tumhare liye… I will make sure that no one comes between u and devar ji…..

        MAaf kar do mujhe!!!

        NANAD JI!!!! Aap bhi mujhe maaf kar dijiye!! 🙁

    • Aww, mein apse katti nehi hu.After all, you are my badi babhi.Aur badi babhi maa ki saman hoti hein.And Eva babhi meri pehle riya di hein, unki shadi ke bare mein socho.Vo badi hein, mein choti hu.So,elders first’.

    • Eva m with u nanand ji ko vida karne I will help you…
      Sautan ji. M sabse badi bahu.. Sanskar’s first wife…
      Devar ji isn’t my side my chhutki I mean chhutka


      • Guys, I hope u haven’t forgotten me.. If u have then pls rewind ur memory… ???.. Ny1 online… Badi mushkil se phone mila hai.. Thank god all slept,,. I hope or pray that SHANAYA doesn’t read the message warna toh I am gone.. Waise how are u all??? Missed me…. I missed u all so much.. Meher I didn’t read ur chappy just commenting in hurry.. Can’t tell how much I was missing u all.. Koi hai .. Tell fast ok.. Because if someone sees me with phone then I’ll be stabbed to death

      • bisha

        Sabko mera ashirwad!

        Main Umako kyun nikalu? Meri pyari si bitiya rani hai. Uma tum ji bhar k jee lo apni zindagi. Time ane par sab kuch hoga. Agar phir bhi bola nanikalne ko to mai dunga sab k kan k niche ek ek chanta!! Aur meri dono bade bahuyein! Lado mat. Tum dono bohut achhi dil ki sachhi ho. Aur merabeta dono ko equally pyar karta hai.

        Choti bahurani, teri janamdin haina aj? Pehle HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Aur gift rat ko. Agar date galat hui hai to bata dena.

        Mere Sanskar aur Laksh ko apne papa k taraf se bahuuut sara pyaar aur ashirwad. Apni patnion ka theek se khayal rakhna.

        Aur Patni ji…!! Love you!♥♥ 😉 😀

      • bisha

        @Riya bitiya! Friendship bana pati uske pehle hi in logon to tumhe mera beti bana di! 😀 .

        Kaisi ho? Aur phone se abhi dur raho! Nahi to mar padegi. Rest lo.
        O Riya ki Mammi (to Mugdha not her actual mom), thik se khayal rakho apni beti ka. Phone abhi phenk do. Use thik ho jane par m use ek bada walamehnga waka phone dunga! Ab rest lo bitiya.

        Now being actual Bisha, hello Riya! U should actually stay away from phone now. Take rest and comw back in ur full form. Till then, wanna b my friend? Okay If not friend, then sissy or di? Taje care. Bye

    • @riya nanand ji u better stay away from phone… ?

      N I hope u met ur new sister n other family members as oye family is now a big one?

      • No I didn’t meet anyone meher.. I just wanted to message happy birthday to kiddo.. Eva if u have seen this message then lots of good wishes from u … And See I am taking such a big risk so forgive me for the mess that had been created.. Meher convey my message to kiddo.. Ok then I need to leave.. Buhbye

  32. MM( Menaz)

    Feel very bad for swara & I think she will come with some boom & some Master plan.

  33. Serena

    Mar dala
    Mar dala
    Hehe sorry for late comment….
    Actually yesterday I was not able to read so sorry….and jaldi se aaj ka part update karo….n ya its not request..

  34. bisha

    Hey! That wwas really a superb chapter. It pained to see Swara in such a condition. But she fought and now she is understanding everything. She n Ragini are Swaragini now. Hapoy for them. And happy for you too bitiya. Meri bahurani to bahut talented hai. Jiti raho bitiya!♥♥

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.