Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 8) ( betrayal)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : ragini n avni tries to convince swara about Vikram’s bad intention


Swara’s pov

It was morning n I was on cloud nine.. As my life sanskar is finally coming here…

I get ready n ran downstairs there I saw laksh I greeted with him…

“swara wanna talk… “he said in a serious tone

” laksh speak fast m bzy” I said as I was in hurry I want to meet avni asap and tell her about my sanskar

“swara stay away from vikram and your other friends they are just taking advantage of your innocence ” he said straight looking in my eyes

I turn towards ragini and said “try as hard as u can… I know my friends… And sply vikram I hv asked him about those cases.. Those were fake one.. Got it.. ”

“swara for a second I agree about Vikram but what about nihal his dadi has passed away two months back.. He lied to you” avni added while standing at entrance

“I know… This time itz his Bua dadi.. I don’t know why you all want me to stay away from my friends… But ragini I will never ever forgive you.. Itz sure” I said

“swara if ragini is saying something then.. Listen to her she is mature than you… ” mom said while going out

” mom plz.. U don’t need to interfere in my lyf.. Vese b who am I to you… Why would you care for me.. Sometimes I feel like am an unwanted child” I said in cracking tone

“no shona.. U r my Daughter and beta whatever we were doing is just cz we want to give a lavish life to you and ragini… But beta I love u alot ” mom said

” ohh suddenly I become your daughter.. Haan… when you left me in that hostel in unknown country that time I think I wasn’t your daughter na” I said

Then mom got a call and as usual she left but this time she was little tense

“swara trust us before itz too late… “ragini finally broke the silence

” it will not be late… Come avni ” I grabb her hand and drag her out..

We were in car then I said” avni I want you to meet someone special today ”

” whom ” she casually ask

” my boyfriend “he said in feeble voice

I know she will be angry on me as I didn’t tell her about this earlier…. She immediately applies break n shouts
” what!!!!! Since when you are in relationship… And with whom n why didn’t you tell me this ” she fire questions on me

” since 3 months.. You kno he is such a sweet guy.. And u too know him.. He was in hostel with us.. He was our senior sanskar maheshwari remember ” I said…

” wait that sanskar maheshwari whom u hv insulted infront of whole skul… Who had been suspended cz of u… Correct ” she said

” ya… That time I did not know that how sweet he was”i said with a tinch of guilt

“swara I don’t feel like this is safe.. I mean I found something suspicious “she said…

” ahh itz ur habbit to worry “I said

Then within few minutes we reached the mall… I was drooling over the New men’s collection… I pick few gifts for sanskar but avni was worried… I tried alot to change her mood but all in vain..
Then I thought something and shout “OMG!!”
I pointed that limited diamond watch…
And avni stares me as if she would eat me alive… yeahh my plan worked… She always scolds me to spend

“Ahh I know I hv some 30 watches so what… I don’t hv that..”I gave her a reason to buy that… But she was not ready to lower her gaze…

“ok fyn m not gonna buy that.. Happy now”

She immediately nods yes.. I mean what the hell yr..just a couple of minutes ago she was worried and now she is showing her finicky nature … I still wonder how she can be my bestie… But finally she is normal now… I can’t tolerate her worried face more..

“so what if I can’t but that myself my dad could ” I smirked

I called dad n ask him to buy that watch for me.. N as always he agreed..

” stop it swara u r spending unnecessarily ” avni tries to stop me

” baby… M swara gadodia… Nothing is unnecessary for me… ” I revert her..

” u r impossible swara” she comments on me

“whatever ” I ignore her

We reached my home… There was my mum.. Sitting with her friends or moreover socialites… they were tensed u found something suspicious but I ignore that… I plastered a fake ear to ear smile n hug my mum…

” y u call them here I don’t lyk them” I whispered in her ear

“I don’t want to know whether you lyk them or not.. Its important for us to socialize ” my mum replied me..

I keep that fake smile and left.. I entered my room n saw ragini there…

” hw dare you to enter my room in my absence ”

” shut ur mouth up.. M not interested in entering ur room.. Laksh has left his file here…. N vese b u will come to me when ur friends will betray u” ragini replied me..
Hmm she was angry with me cz i was not trusting her.. Ok stay angry m nt gonna trust u…

She just step out of my room n I bang the door…
I sat on bed.. N then I received sanskar’s message . “get ready by 9 I hv planned a party for you”

I immediately reply yes n left home to buy dress ofcourse I called avni too …

“swara u hv lots of dress y to buy new “avni again shows her finicky nature

” I just want to” I replied her as I hv no proper answer

Yeah I lied to her… I just want a reason to come out of that concrete building cz i was feeling restless don’t know why… But I was..

We finally bought 5 dresses n I came back.. N saw live action film in living room… No no.. Not on tv.. But mr n mrs gadodia were fighting…
I just ignore them n left.. As it is their daily routine… I wonder when Dad went out on trips how would they both survive without fighting…
Ragini has slept already as as she too doesn’t care about their fights.. We are habitual of this…
I and avni got ready and left for party..

There sanskar welcomed us.. I was so happy my happiness had no limit but I was unaware that what’s gonna happen next… I hugged him tightly and kissed him on cheak “I love you sanskar”

He broke the hug and I said “sanskar she is avni”

“wait swara first let me tell you something… Actually I want to announce something ” he said

I was thnking may be he is gonna propose me here

He clapps and gathers the Attention and said “guys listen this girl is swara gadodia… U all know her right..”
all said yes

“ya so this girl luvs me alot.. U know why.. Not because of my nature.. But because of my status “he said…

I was confused what he was saying n most importantly why..

” sanskar what are you saying… I luv u.. Not cz of ur status.. Trust me.. If u were not rich them also I will love u” I was on the verge of crying and avni was still shocked she can’t understand what’s happening

“no swara for u only status matters.. And now.. U r no more rich so… I am breaking up with you.. You and me are no more we.. “he said

” what.. Nooo… U cant do this to me.. Sanskar… I.. I am rich… Trust.. Me.. “I literally beg him

And soon environment becomes quite with a sound of slap.. Avni has slapped him… ” u r such a disgusting man.. M ashamed of myself that I can’t save my friend from u… N remember she is swara gadodia daughter of one of the richest business man in Mumbai” avni roars

“avni stop it.. What r u doing ” I tried to stop her.. But she kept on shouting at him

” enough… Now listen to me”he shouts

“u must hv seen some ladies at ur home swara this evening.. So let me tell u that those.. Went to tell ur mom n dad that u r no more rich… U guys are bankrupt
.. Ur 95%weatlh has been sealed… ” he added

I was shocked I never thought that the guy whom I luv most does this with me.. I gathered some courage and said” but u luv Me na.. ”

” no I never loved you… I want u to taste your own deeds.. The way u refuses my friendship saying that I don’t match to ur status.. I plot everything.. Yup this bankruptcy and breakup all was my plan.. Now live life like normal people princess “he said

I was unable to think.. I was unable to react I just remember that incident which he was talking about…
We were in hostel I was in 6th grade and he was in 9th grade he came to me n tries to be my friend… I not only refuse to his friendship but I insult him..as that time his dad was facing finance crisis and he was studying on scholarship…I complain that skul authorities about him… And he got suspended..

Ok… So within few hours my life got changed… My bf ditched me.. Actually played with my emotions… I become poor… And I think itz enough… To break me.. Or destiny has something else

Swara’s pov end

So guys here is the reason…
And yes..I am planning something dreadful for swara

Credit to: Meher

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    1. O hello devrani ji I was regular vo break tere chakkar m tha n tera b’day hai prso… Tu smjhi kya hai mujhe… N don’t worry I will…

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        Porso meri choti bahu ki birthday hai!! Tab to porso ko mai Faith post karunga-eva ko dedicate karke. Khush na abb? Aur tumlog sabko invite kardena. Badiii party karenge hum sab- Fb pe ya phir… Mere badi bahu aur mere posts par..thik hai? Ladke wale hindi likhna tough hai 😉 lol. Mai apne sare sadasyon se bahut pyar karta hu!! 🙂 😉 😀 bohut pyari family hai mera

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    lotz of love my dear meher….. ????

    1. Thank you….

      N yup I hv something for him also don’t worry now itz sanskar’s turn to suffer

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    Mummy mein abhi 18 years ki hu.So, damad abhi nehi milegi.Bal vivah karna paap hoti hein.

    1. Mein toh tujhe ghar seh nikal neki planning kar rahi hu…teri vidai ko karke rahungi..mene bal vivah kiya hai toh tujhe kese chod du?

      1. Babhi apko pyar ho gayi hein, iss liye apne shadi karli.But mujhe ab tak kohi nehi mila aur nahi pyar hua hein.So, shadi ki sawal hi nehi pehda hoti hein.

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    1. Yup he did absolutely wrong with her… No one has right to play with others emotions… In any case

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