Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 7) ( swaragini?! )

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : sanskar’s entry… Kavsan making out.. and Swara’s bf reviled


Other’s pov

Here sanskar put Swara’s call down and a man enters his room

“u r doing wrong sanskar ” he said

” I know what m doing… I don’t need your suggestion ” sanskar said

” dude.. U r playing with her emotions ” that man said

” I am playing only with her emotions not with her body… Adiraj ” sanskar said calmly

” disgusting sanskar… N ya why would u need to play with her… Her body cz u r doing that with kavita” Adiraj said

“I love Kavita.. Understand… I luv her she is my life.. N as soon as her parents come to India I will ask her hand for marriage ” sanskar said

” do u think kavita will marry u after knowing that u r playing with an innocent’s emotions ” Adiraj frowned

” she knows this “he said in cold tone.

” correction.. She knows that u hv a plan to teach ur “friend” a lesson that money is not everything… She doesn’t know that u r playing as her bf” Adiraj asserts

“she knows that much which is necessary for her to know.. ” sanskar avoids

” sanskar tell me who is that girl..”Adiraj ask

“none of ur business ” sanskar refuses

{Adiraj doesn’t know the name of girl… }

” sanskar before doing this remember u too hv a sister… If someone does this with uttra then will u spare him” Adiraj said

“Adiraj you” before sanskar could complete they heard a voice “Adiraj you are backk… Yippee” voice said

“kavita… Hwz u.. U know i missed you alot” Adiraj hugs kavita

“I too missed u… Bt wait.. This band-aid… Hw u got hurt “she noticed a band-aid on his head

” aree yr… Don’t ask.. Ek ameer baap ki bigdi hui beti mill gai thi (I met a spoilt daughter of rich father) she just threw a jewelry case on my head that too twice… She was damn impulsive ” Adiraj explain

” ohh god.. Such spoilt girl who was she.. Hv u lodged FIR!? ” kavita ask

” who doesn’t know her yr.. She was swara gadodia… Younger daughter of shekhar gadodia… She was beauty without brains ” Adiraj said

” everyone isn’t like my kavita na.. Beauty with brains ” sanskar added

” ahem ahem.. Buttering haan.. ” kavita says

” achha guys m leaving now.. N ya sanskar do think about my words “Adiraj left


@kapoor villa

” no way m nt gonna talk to her “ragini said firmly

” u hv too ragu” laksh force her

“she is ur best friend na then why don’t you tell her about that vikram “ragini resists

” she is ur sister ragini.. U can explain her things better… U r a girl.. U can understand her emotions but I can’t.. “laksh said

” laksh that girl has nothing to do with emotions… U just go n tell her about all the cases on vikram “ragini said

” if u wanna tell her then go n tell cz m nt gonna say anything.. N itz final ” laksh declares

Laksh left ragini in utter delima… Sujata enters And ragini asks her

“aunty tell me one thing.. If I want to tell a bitter truth to someone then how can I tell”

“beta.. Hv trust in yourself and tell the person calmly seeing straight into his or her eyes”sujata said

“will it work… I mean what if that person doesn’t believe me” ragini enquired

“beta… Try ur level best… Rest left on the almighty… HE is there to help us… Now go n talk with swara ” sujata smiles

” how you know this ” ragini was shocked

” I know cz i am a mother… I can sense your restlessness… Ur worry about swara and her friends… I hv listened ur n laksh’s talk… Beta go n save her ” sujata says

” thank you aunty… Thank you so much… Luv u ” she kissed her cheek and ran

” are hv coffee atlest” sujata shouts

But ragini has left…

She went straight to gadodia villa she took a deep breath and enters Swara’s room

” swara I wanna talk to you ” ragini said while knocking on the door

” you wanna talk ohh god… Are u sure.. No I mean don’t you wanna taunt me” swara taunts her

“itz important… Can I ” ragini controls anger

” bol jo bolna hai( say what u want to) swara said

Ragini went in and sat on Swara’s bed beside her …

“look swara… I know u don’t love me… Nor do I… But u should know the meaning of true friends.. ” ragini said calmly

” if u want to give a lecture then sry m nt interested in that ” swara gets up from bed

She was going but ragini held her hand

” vikram was ogling On you… He is not a NYC guy… There are already lots of cases on him.. Cases of molestation.. Rape.. N what not… Plz stay away from him “ragini said with concern

” what the hell ” swara releases her hand with a jerk..

“look i know you will not belive me… Bt swara he isn’t a NYC guy… Being… Being ur sis(stops in between) being a girl… M telling u this” ragini added

“get out now… Before I loose my cool… Get lost from here… M mature enough to understand what’s good and what’s bad… I know u r jelous of me… That I hv so many friends… But u don’t hv na… ” swara shouts

” if you r mature enough then tell me how u got scratches on ur neck n hands… U r just an idiot… Good for nothing… N m nt jelous of you… I was saying that for ur betterment only… But u never loose a chance to create scene ” ragini looses her cool

” if I create a scene then why are you trying to talk to me.. I know my friends they are my true friends not like you and my so called family. ” swara roars

” terse baat karna he bekar hai… Just wait of time.. Idiot… Don’t come to me when ur ‘true friends’ cheat on you” ragini said

“why would I come to you… Now plz spare me” swara sounds uninterested

Ragini came out and call avni ” avni I want your help… Can you please talk to swara”

“ragini di is everything alright” avni ask

“no.. Nothing is fine.. Avni vo…. Actually… Vo… ” “ragini fumbles alot

” di tell me what happened… U r scaring me now ” avni sounds tensed

” avni vo vikram… “she explains everything

” what!!! Oh god.. Di u don’t worry I will talk to her in a day or two… As soon as i will come back I will talk to her… Itz not suitable to talk right now ” avni assures her

” thnku avni… Only u can put some sense in that idiot’s mind” ragini thanked her and cuts the call


2 days later

Swaragini were in their respective rooms when they hear some not they came out n saw.. Shekhar and sumi fighting

“they are supposed to come 2 days later na… So why they came Now ” swara thought

” mom dad u come soon… U know i missed you both alot” swara hugs them

“ha beta we hv come soon… Cz ur mumma has destroyed everything “shekhar said while hugging.

” mom I wanna talk to u plz.. Can u.. Itz about swara ” ragini wispers in sumi’s ear

” ragini m nt interested in listening to ur complaints about swara… Vese b ur dad has already pissed me… U guys are grown up now u can solve ur matters on ur own” sumi said

“excuse me… I have pissed u… N who has destroyed the whole presentation… Cz of whom we lost the tender “shekhar comments

” cz of u we lost the tender.. ” sumi said

” oh plz that was ur mistake “shekhar said

They engaged in argument and swaragini were just listening to their fight… Then avni came n sumi n shekhar composed themselves

” avniiii ” swara ran n engulf her in a bone crushing hug

“aree swara let me breathe… ” avni said playfully

” ohh hoo.. Come.. Lets go to our room I hv lots n lots of things to tell you “swara drags her to the room

Avni signals ragini which is unnoticed by swara

@swara’s room

” avni u know i missed you so much n sply on my b’day… U know we all enjoyed alot but I missed you.. N ya do you know nihal’s dadi is hospitalised… N” before She can complete avni interrupts
“wait wait… Nihal’s dadi… Hospitalised!!! R u kidding me swara ” avni ask on shocked

Swara nods no…

” ahh those perverts again took the advantage of Swara’s innocence… Damn nihals’ dadi has passed away 2 months back.. But I think she doesn’t know about that” avni thinks..

“avni where u Lost ” she shake her little

” vo… Nowhere tell me one thing swara… Vikram was also there? ” avni came back to senses

” Yup.. Infact he is such a NYC guy… He drop me at home.. Cz i was full out.. U know na.. ” she giggles

“swara itz not funny… Why you drink beyond your limit… That too when I was not with you” avni scolds her.

“why are you saying like this… I know u were not there but nihal.. Vikram… Ruhi… Nimisha were there na.. So.. Why to worry they are also our friends ” swara said with puppy face

” swara vikram is not a nice guy.. Plz stay away from him.. N that nihal Ruhi n Nimisha… All are just talking advantage of ur innocence… ” Avni said calmly

“what!!! Wait!! That ragini has brainwashed you na.. I know that girl can’t tolerate anything ” swara fumes

” swara ragini di has done nothing… Vikram is a pervert.. Trust me swara.. I hv seen him ogling on you… Plz swara trust me” avni tries to convince

“plz avni m not a kid… I know what’s good n what’s bad I don’t need either your or ur ragini di’s special advice…. U must be tired na.. Go n take some rest… Will see u soon..” swara says

“swara we are saying all this for ur betterment only” avni again tries

“oh plz.. That ragini thinks for my betterment… No way… She hates me so do I… Avni plz go from here.. I don’t wanna talk to you on this topic “swara says

“ok swara but plz try to understand vikram has bad eye on you… ” she said at last

“I don’t want to understand anything… U may leave now ” swara refuses to talk further

Avni left… Swara bolt the door b threw things here n there… She was burning in anger

“ahh that ragini so Mean.. That cheap girl… I hate her.. Just hate her…” swara shouts

Her phone rang
**Bae calling **

“hwz my jaan” he ask

“very bad… “she said

” what happened swara… U fought “he ask

” ya with avni that too cz of that idiot ragini “she explains everything

” ohh… Itz kk.. Don’t worry… By the way m coming tomorrow ” he said

” sachhi… Wow.. I love you… Luv u.. Luv u.. So much… U r best… “she was on cloud nine

” hahaha.. Luv u too N I hv a surprise for you… So get ready ” he said and cuts the call..

Here Swara’s anger flew listening to this… And sanskar has a devilish smile on his face….


Sry guys for not posting… N I think this episode is long enough to compensate… ????

And ya in next two episodes you will see first major twist of the story which will lead to swaragini…..

Credit to: Meher


  1. serena

    Really amazing chappy???? …..waiting for twist eagerly????…and don’t u dare to take leave for this long again and its a WARNING??????

  2. Sakshi

    How can sanskar do this with swara.
    All are cheaters in swara life,they all want money from her.How cheap
    Hope swara knows everything before its too late.And sanskar should also be punished badly for playing with her emotions.
    Plzz unite swaragini soon and plzz all those people who are playing with her.Punish them very badly,i want to see them suffering all whether it is sanskar and her so called friends.
    plzz update nxt part asap
    Take care

    • Don’t worry dear he will pay for this that too for long…
      This happens when ur relation with ur family is not good….
      Tysm baby

  3. soujanya

    sanskar how can he play with swaras emotion….btw awesome epi……swara need to know about sanskar evil plan….

  4. really swara has no sens to undrstand about their clevr frendz nd mostly about dt jerk vikram… nice rag ,finally she took a step towards swara… hope next chaptr will be more exiting..

  5. Dharsha

    ???swara … wake up
    Dunno y sanky is like this……???
    Waiting for swara and ragini to be swaragini……..???

    And u haven’t seen my replies to ur reply I think but it’s okay…….
    And about jokes…..bolo na

  6. Haai(sree)

    I’m feeling pity 4 swara
    All were using swara’s innocence in wrong manner Plz Unite swaragini

  7. Iam not liking kavsan….. disgusting …..but swalak and raglak are also good…….but swasan …..
    meher please do something for swasan……

  8. Nita

    are yaar when will this swara realise that her frnds r cheating her…. ok she doesnt trust ragini but she should atleast listen to. her bestie yaar…. n waiting for swaragini….

  9. Shalmali Kamble

    Why all r playing with swara’s innocence?? Even sanskaar??? Sooo sad!! What is d reason behind sanky’s behaviour towards swara?? Reveal it soon sissy…

  10. Jwala

    make adhiraj fall for swara.. and sanskar jealous.. please meher.. it would be great.. if you don’t like the idea I’m sorry..

    • Don’t be sorry… Suggestions are always welcome.. N actually I like this idea… I never think of this.. Bt m gonna use this.. . ??

  11. tani

    I hate sanskar for dis act…n m not liking his intimacy wid kavita also. he should b punished….m feeling sad for swara.. update next part soon

  12. Sree

    I was waiting to for this. The ep was awesome. I am eagerly waiting to see what happens nxt. What is Sanskar trying to do????? Cant understand anything. I am very confused about his actions. Well i loved Ragini’s concern but swara doesnt even listen. But waiting to see their patch up di. Love u 🙂

    • Hv patience chhutki… Yup rags do care about swara…. In next u will get to know about sanskar’s intention
      Luv u loads

    • Welcome back devrani ji….
      I hope sasu ma is reading this.. If u r reading this then reply… Cz this time… We will play
      Jethani vs devrani


      • Mugdha

        Heinn???? Yeh kab huya? Sautan se sidha jethani devrani? Fine…abb yeh bhi batado kon kiski wife hai…

    • Mai sansku ki… ☺☺
      Eva laksh ki…. ??
      Riya is our nanand ??
      Anjali k pass choice hai… Vo meri autan ya nanand kuch bhi ban sakti hai ????

      • Eva

        Hayyyy…jethani ji Anjali is extremely happy being Mrs Anjali Sanskar Maheshwari….Anjali jethaniji if u r reading this then speak up..u r happy right?

      • musku

        Oh my god yaha pe toh pure maheshwari khandan ni bajayi ja rhi h…..???
        Sorry to interfere but mugdha …who is sasuma ….apke bete n bahus to bohot smart h ….but apke taklu pati dp ji ka kya….???

    • Yeayyyy our new family n my new sautan… ????

      And sasu ma m younger than ur Eva bahu she herself told me… So no one will scold me… ?????yippee

      • Eva

        Oyeee..i told u that u look younger to me…that does not mean that u r younger to me
        .u r my jethani Ji..remember that..and sasuma…even i have the same question..papaji kaha hai??

    • Devrani ji ese mat bolo sasu ma marenge pakad ke…
      Vese sasur ji kaha hai ye mujhe bhi janna hai ??

      N u copy branch wali…
      MAHESHWARI khandaan ki bajayi nhi ja ri… Upgrade kia ja ra hai ???

  13. Shipra

    Di it is superb. But atleast Swara listen to avni. She is your best friend. Di Please update daily.. I cant wait…..

  14. neha

    sanskar for the very first time I’m disliking him why is he playing with swara and her feelings more than swasan i want swaragini first …….plzz swaralisten to raginiand avni before it gets too late meher i hope you aren’t planning something very dreadful for her…….all her friends are blo*dy cheaters in disguise of friends ……all this bcoz of parents ignorant behaviour what a mum doesn’t have time for giving this much knowledge to her daughter……..u better upload daily meher……

    • Yippee I succed in portraying him like this… Yup firstly it will be swaragini then swasan…

      I am actually planning something veryvery dreadful for her… Cz she should also pay for not believing ragini avni.. N many more…

      I will ????

  15. shan

    after reading this i just want to kill sanskar…..i hate this sanskar…..if he wants to teach her a lesson then he can use many other ways but playing with her emotions i hate him…..

  16. Shreya

    Hey meher..! Sorry for being inactive all these days.. Read all the episodes right away ..! Fabulous dea.. Marvelous job..!

  17. musku

    Mugdha….this is not fair ….yaar….I mean sanskar loves kavita truely….chiii year….I mean my ear will bleed listening to their lovey -dovey talk….ughhh!!!!tum mujhe pe aisa 3° torture karke konse janam ka badla le rahi h ….n swara share everything with sanky then also us gadhe ko uski
    innocence nhi dikhti….uhhhh itna gussa mujhe sanky pe kabhi ni aaya….u were right I hate this sanky…mujhe sanky pe gussa isliye ni aa rha q ki vo swara ko cheat kar rha h…par isliye jyada as rha q ki vo us cavity se pyaar karta h…I mean seriously…us cavity se….n omg swaras blind trust on her cheap friends…now I m feeling like this sanskar doesn’t deserve swara…she is innocent ,naive…n he knows how much she values him …n how much she craves for love ….he is playing with herher emotions…I m.feeling very bad for swara ….MBBQ plzzz at least kuchh toh achha kar swara ni life me…

    • Not fair kya… He luvs kavita to koi kya kare…. ?

      Isi janam ka badla hai ye ??

      Yeahh I succed in portraying him like this… But don’t worry jaise he use jhatkaaa milega he will change…

      Afterall itz swasan in the end….

      • musku

        Abey oye….Maine tera kya bigada h Jo badla le rhi….han???
        Mujhe pehle se hi pata that tu sadist h ….sabko rula k maza aata…
        Hitler part2????
        Le tere liye ek our title????

    • M nt hitler n teri galti hai.. Yeh dooriyan m fun hai… Sab teri tarah aarop he nhi lgate

      Copy branch wali ????

  18. Kavya

    Yay!!! Finally some swasan scenes maybe not of love? but something is nice from nothing so it’s good? I’m happy tht I’ll get to see swaragini also I love their bond in the serial?? nd ragini’s concern towards swara is sooo cute? I also want a big sis like her but I don’t have any big sis??my bad.

    Anyways awesome chappy meher loved it??

  19. bisha

    Oye! Kaisi ho? Tumlog Maheshwari khandan ki aisi ki taisi kar doge. Fir Swara ko aake detective banke bachana parega. Aur fir Sanskar uske sath hi bhag jayega!! 🙂 😉 😛

    Tu to likhne me mahir hai. Tujhe mai kya bolu! Aur Mugdha Sasuma, in dono natkhat bahuo ki Sasur ji kahan gaye? Bhailog. Maf kardena agar meri poking of nose se ruth gaye to. Love ya loads! Bye!♥ lekin ek bat to hai, tumlog pyar bhi bohut jyada karte ho 😉

    • Meher

      Hum log bachpan se he gazab hai… ??
      Hum log na maheshwari khandan ko sudhar rhe hai… N swara ku itni himmat mere pati ko le k jye ???

      Kuch to bol he de… Sasuma ab to bta he do… Sb yai puch rahe hai.. ????

      Yup bhut zada.. N unme tu b to hai… ???

      • Eva

        Yipppiiiiiii..mujhe mere sasurji milgaye…Bisha…u r our sasurji from now on…abb Sanskar aur Laksh ko hii dhundna padega..???

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