Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 6) (sanskar’s entry)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : Swara’s birthday… Her friends taking advantage of her… Vikram tries to missbehave with swara… Ragini acts protective for swara


Other’s pov

Laksh took swara in and.. Make her lie on bed.. Then he removes her sandals.. He was about to remove her jewellery but he thought something and stopped…
Here ragini was peeping in the room… As soon as laksh left.. Ragini enters the room…. “this girl looks so innocent white sleeping… Bl**dy attention seeker” she thought

Then she removes her earrings .. N as soon as she removes her necklace she saw some scratch marks there.. “oh god.. These marks. I was right that vikram was ogling on her… But this idiot can’t understand” she thought

“leave me” swara blabber in unconsciousness

“tell me who held you… Swara” she slightly patts on her face n ask..

“swara tell me.. Who held u” she again ask

“vi.. Vik.. Vikrm”thats all she can blabber

Ragini was taken aback listening to this… She checked her hands n found some scratches there too…

“this idiot girl.. I should do something… But what ” she was in confusion

She left and told laksh about the whole incident

” damn!! Hw dare he ” he bang his fist on Wall

” laksh calm down now we hv to make her realize that he is not a good person “ragini said

Laksh smile seeing her.. Ragini realised What she said”i mean u should tell her.. Baki itz upto u.. M not gonna interfere in her matter.. I don’t care about her ” she covers

” my dear ragu… When u luv her why are you hiding “he said while hugging her from back

” I don’t love her… I just hate her.. That cheap attention seeker.. ” she realises herself and left..

” both are xerox copy of each other ” laksh smiles


Itz all dark a girl enters the room… N as soon as she entered the room a strong hand held her hand tightly and pulls her towards him…
She was about to say something but he covers her mouth” ssshhh today is my day baby” he said while opening the zip of her dress

(( Hua hai aaj pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hoon
Tumhe dekha toh jaana ye
Ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon
Ye jaan lekar ke jaa meri
Tumhe jeene main aaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon))

He slides her dress off shoulders and kissed them… He lifts her up and put her down on bed… Then he removes his shirt..

(( Zameen se aasmaan tak hum
Dhoondh aaye jahaan saara
Banaa paaya nahi ab tak
Khuda tumse koi pyaara
Baaton mein teri hain badmashiyan
Sab bewajah ki hain taarifiyaan
Main likh doon aasmaan par ye
Ke padh lega jahaan saara
Huaa na hoga ab koi
Yahan hum do sa dobara
Main duniya bhar ki taarifein
Tere sajde mein laaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon))

He comes above her.. N lock the girl with his passionate kiss.. As soon as they broke The kiss.. They got involved in the moment.. Making the moment special… They finally make out.. And slept in each other’s embrace..

In morning their sleep got disturbed by a call… Girl got a call..

“hello.. Ji mum.. “girl said

” we are coming to India next week so.. Plz ask servants to rearrange our rooms” girl’s mother said

“wow… Suree mom… Come back soon m missing you alot… Bye ” she hung up..

Then she wakes the guy up” oye hero… Get up”

He covers his face “don’t disturb me”

“uff sanskar utho na… Get up… I hv to go.. U know what” she said in excitement
“no I don’t know Kavita “he said n pulls her again… And engulf her in a warm hug

{so guys.. Here is our hero.. And his heroine ??}

” leave me na… Get up.. Now I said.. Or else I will not talk to you “kavita said while struggling

” urrrghh… Tell me” sanskar get up in irritation..

“my family is coming back… Yipee ” she said and hugged him tightly

” it means now.. Soon u will be a part of my family “he said while running his fingers on her bare back

” u r so naughty “she pushed him away and left


@gadodia villa

Swara woke up and her head was still paining… First thing she did was to check her phone and finally she got that one wish she was craving for her parents ‘s wish it was whatsapp of 11:56pm

“finally they hv wished me on time” she smiles sarcastically

She called Nancy on intercom n ask for coffee

Nancy was taking Taking coffee but ragini stops her
“wait Nancy.. Took this to Her ” she exchange coffee with lime water

” but mam swara mam has asked for coffee “Nancy said

” tell her that laksh has sent this “ragini said and left

Nancy follows her order and swara without even asking anything drank that as laksh has sent that…

She came downstairs and swara RagLak engaged in heating argument… She was shocked to see that as laksh is very much calm…

” ragini that’s enough ” he shouts

” what’s enough haan.. U r breaking up with me for that low class girl… U hv cheated me” ragini cried

“I hv done nothing ragini” laksh shouts

“what’s left to be done lucky.. ” ragini said in anger while crying

” trust me ragini… U r getting me wrong ” laksh tries to say something

” u r also a cheat… I hate u.. U too just wanna fill ur lust that’s it” ragini said

“ragini” laksh shouts and raises his hand to slap her suddenly someone pulled ragini sideways and laksh was shocked to see swara

“look I don’t know about u both… But lucky don’t get your hand dirty by slapping this idiot “swara said and left

Here laksh was having a smirk on his face… Then a girl came and said” sir now may I go… M getting late for my office”

Laksh nodded and gave her some cash and she left… Here ragini was standing with tears in utter confusion and shock

“m sry my baby.. It was my plan to make u feel jealous “he said while hugging her” and to show how swara care for you “he Thought

“I hate you.. U scared me lyk hell.. When i saw u romancing with that girl my heart stopped beating… U r my lyf lucky ” ragini said while sobbing

He realeses the hug and immediately cups her face.”m sry ragu.. But I promise you the day I will cheat on you will be last day of my life” he said while wiping her tears

“don’t say like that.. N did u talk with her “ragini asked

He nodded no

” then talk asap before itz too late”she said in worry


Here swara was getting bore she tried avni’s number but it was not reachable… Then she called her luv

“hello jaan” he said

“when will you come.. M missing you badly ” she said

” jaan ma is very ill.. As soon as she recover I will come to see u.. Don’t get dishearten “he said

” kya sanskar… Itz not fair yr.. Ok I know u can’t leave aunty but uttra will be there na.. But I don’t have anyone ” she said in crying tone

” jaan.. I promise I will come soon… Itz sanskar maheshwari’s promise.. I will come.. Till then don’t cry.. I can’t even imagine my princess with tears” sanskar said

“then come na.. U know i need u.. Either u come or I am coming to Kolkata” swra said

“princess trust me.. I will come asap.. Achha I hv to give medicine to mum.. Take care and don’t you dare to cry “sanskar said

” okay I will not.. Bye “swara hung up

As soon as she put the call down she saw nihal she thought to ask about his dadi

She moved towards him but before she could Reach a girl hugged him tightly.. N he took out a golden bracelet and makes her wear that swara fumes with anger she went n slap him hard she hold his collar n shouts “u fraud ur dadi was in hospital and today u are presenting gold bracelet to ur girl”

“swara look let me explain you ” he said and signals something to his girl unnoticed by swara

She immediately comes in between and said” listen his dadi is still in hospital.. Ok n he is not gifting me any gold bracelet… Itz mine.. I hv given this to him so that he can get this repaired got it”

“baby don’t shout at her she is my friend.. It was just a misunderstanding… Cool down ” nihal said

” baby how can she slap u.. Hann ” his girl said..

” itz ok na baby.. M facing financial crisis now.. So itz obvious to doubt me “nihal said in low voice

” m so sorry nihal.. It was all my fault n don’t u think that m doubting on u.. M impulsive u know na.. M sry “she said in guilt

” itz ok swara u r my friend.. Don’t feel guilty.. “nihal said

” sry again.. U guyz enjoy ” swara left

” oh god this is such a dumb girl nihal” his girlfriend laughs

“lol.. I know itz so easy to fool her.. “nihal too laughs..

To be continued…

To guyz tell me howz sanskar’s entry… Ok I know you must be confused about his character but u hv to wait to know the real shade of his character… But ya he is not a Casanova… Not a womanizer..

Credit to: Meher


  1. Sree

    Di i was already confused and now u r confusing me more. I cant even understand what this sanskar is. BTW the ep was very nice. Poor swara all r using her i mean her friends. I want to talk more but i am out of words with confusion. See u later di love u

  2. Haai(sree)

    I’m having a big doubt di! I can’t understand what s about sanskars character
    Soon asap car dis doubt

  3. Mugdha

    Thank u for Sanskar’s entrySanskar’s character is still a mystery..and tumhari underage sautan chali gayi….

    • Mai nhi Jane dungi… Vo ni hogi.. To sautan vs sautan nahi rahega… I will give divorce to him.. I luv my underage sautan ?????

      • Mugdha

        Eva if u r reading this then please reply…dear…u r my daughter in law…see Meher is even leaving Sanskar……if u both leave him then mere bete ka kya hoga?Nanand bhabi meh toh aisa chalta hii rehta hai..Riya doesn’t know all these….she was not here right?So please Eva bahurani come back…

  4. Serena

    Feeling really bad for swara and m really confused about sanskars character and that kavita …bechare sanskaar ki izzat lut li???

  5. yipppppeeee…. finally he came…
    nd ofcourse he came wid a bang..
    i am really excited fr the nxt updates……
    nd sanky is looking damn cute in d cover pic…..
    n nt to forget thanks fr d updates meher…….

  6. Yeeyyyyy…… At last sanky’s intro…… Ohh swara’s frnds are just disgusting…… Using her for their own benefits…… And sanky is multishaded……. Excited yaar continue soon……

  7. Omg sanskar is fooling swara….
    Tu mereko heart attack dilwayegi…
    Sanskar ko bura bana diya ???
    Ja mai tere se baat nhi karti…. pehle tune ragsan likha… phir abhi kavSan romance dikhaya n phir ye b dikhaya ki sanky cheating swara….
    I am.angry at u… tune bht galat kiya…. swasan kab se shuru hoga

    • Yr ese heart attack na le.. Vese b tu aage k chapters ni likh ri… ?
      Na na sanskar bura nhi hai.. Sachhi…
      Swasan hoga shuru. Hv patience…

  8. Aami

    oyeee meri meher bi bachi……. wht the hell u write with kavsan……. ??? is sanskar taking any revenge from swara…. our poor swara n sanskar tooooo ???
    n one more thing i wnat to remeber u…… i will surely kick u if u dint post it regularly…. i know ths is a virtual world….. but i will come in ur dream n kick u down form the beddd….. hihihi…. ?????

  9. sneha

    Shukr h…sanky ki entry to hui…bt aise…:/
    We hv nevr wantd it that way…but koi ni…hope se aage jaa k hme hmara acha vala sanky dekhne ko mile… 😉

  10. Shalmali Kamble

    Hii sissy.. I’m back finally.. Missed u & ur ff soooo much! Ur new season of Kuch iss tarah is fantastic.. I loved it.. & M damn confused abt Sanky’s character! Is he cheating Swara?? Or anything else?? Urghh!! Sissy!! U keeps so much suspense in ur stories.. Samnewala ka dimag soch soch ke phat jata hai.. bt still I luv suspenses.. 😉 bt clear this confusion asap.. wanna knw abt my sanky’s real face.. 😉

    • U r back is good but mere liye kya laai ???
      Don’t say kuch nhi laai.. I won’t talk to you then… ?

      N plz dimag ko phatne mat dio aage kaafi chappy hai ???

      • Shipra

        Meher di aapke aur Eva di Ke beech fight hui hai kya. Agar hui hai to patch up kar lo di. Nahi to I will Miss Sautan Vs Sautan. By the Way di Episode was nice. But I am confuse di. Sanskar is cheating Swara or Kavita?

      • Shipra

        Di what happend? Did you have fight with Eva di? Please Patch up both of You. Otherwise I will miss your fight.

      • Mugdha

        Meher bahu…Eva bahu’s friend told that Eva will be back on June…for Samjhota…till then she won’t be here to comment even..

      • Sasuma I agree let’s plan something… But not here… Either on fb or on hangouts.. Else it won’t be a secret ?

    • If u ziddi then m also ziddi m not gonna post any of my ff until you come back… And this is final…

      We all are feeling bad… N missing you badly…. Tere sath he to maza ata hai… I know u are hurt but plz Evu aaja??

      • Mugdha

        Meher…I have an idea…can’t we all write something about Rivanjali and post it here? I’m sure of we do that then she’ll come back…she can’t stay angry for long..we need to get this group back together..

      • Sasuma I agree let’s plan something… But not here… Either on fb or on hangouts.. Else it won’t be a secret

  11. Jwala

    sanskar hates swara.. so he is acting hei na? in intro you said sanskar hates a particular girl

  12. hii meher ur ff is superb yr
    but aaj ka episode read kr k confused ho gai sanskar kavita ka bf hai ya swara ka
    nd poor swara uske saare hi frnds kitne selfish hai!
    but awsm episode as always

    • That’s what I want to confuse you…

      N I won’t tell you anything but I hv said in intro that he is Kavita’s bf

  13. ria

    Thanks God Sanky has came. oh god i waited for his entry so much. But maher why he was with Kavita And whe he was lying to Swara that his mother is ill. if he is also cheating on her 🙁 I am so worried you know 🙁 :'(

    • ria

      I guess he hates Swara you told there is a girl whom he hates most i guess its Swara. Ohh god its so i don’t know what to say ohh god 🙁 please please post next part i am hell worried

  14. Dharsha

    My head is spinning now…….
    Oh…I think without even reading my comment in ur other ff…u r scolding me a lot not for sharing chocy…….
    But really my head….ahhh
    It’s not a shocking entry
    Bahut bada shocking entry…..
    Mera swara???….all are cheating her???…..even sanky???

    • Dharsha

      And ya…forgot to say a thing……
      U r vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery bad yaar but in a vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery good sense?????…..
      Just asking Joke sunau?
      But not at all saying the joke…..
      I think u r joking me by asking that???

    • U know even earth is spinning ?
      Dekha.. If u hv given chocolate to me.. Then this won’t happen…
      Mai suna bhi dungi.. I hv many jokes.. But u never said k suna… Meri kya galti ????????

  15. shan

    its awesome…..feeling bad for swara…..already her frnds are using her a lot nd now this sanskar tooo…..i do no what he s upto but pls dnt make my swara to suffer all d ffs only she s suffering…..hope u make it different…..

  16. Neha

    Finally sanky is here but kavsan…. Eww and is he cheating on swara I thought there is someone (her bf) to love her truely but seems like he is also using her…..and seriously disgusting what type of friends she has got all are using her innocence and taking advantage of her not so good relation with family…… I was having a doubt on nihal but ? maybe I’m over reacting but no and that cheap vikram….. I just hope laksh mend the relation btw swaragini and really confused with sanskar….. I just hope he doesn’t play with swara like others are doing….

    N meher badi chalu nikli tum I at starting told you that the bf is sanskar but what you did mentioned that he is bf of kavita…. U ??…..

    Plzz post next one asap I’m just wishing to learn that sanskar isn’t cheating her

    • Everyone takes the advantage when ur relation with ur family is not good… And over that they are aware of it…
      Yup laksh swaragini ko ek kar k he rahega…

      LOL. That was my plan to confuse you ???

  17. musku

    Mukkkkkkkkuuuuu….what is this year sanky n vo cavity making out…ughhhhh!!!
    U know I hate that cavity soooo muchhhh….I can’t see her with sanky…
    But awesome twist???u know I laughed like crazy when I came to know her bf is none other than sanky….sanky is such a play boy …haha…
    Chalo ye kuchh nya mila ….Casanova type sanky…for spoil brat swara
    U know I initially thought that her bf is sanky only n till know I was thinking the same but the moment I read sanky n cavity together i was clear that Bae cant be sanky n then u again ggave a shock….literally in predictable story ….like u miss bak bak queen ….haha????
    N today Ill read yeh dooriyaan n comment on all ch …n finally sanky ko chod diya tune han…advantage toh nhi liya na ????

    • Aree u already know na that they make out so q puch rahi hai…

      Wait wait mne bol dia h he is not a Casanova…

      LOL tu b ullu ban gayi ????

      N tere comment se nahi aaye… Yeh dooriyan pe.. N mai bak bak queen hoon to yu maha bak bak queen hai.. Kam thodi hai tu…

      • musku

        Kyunki Maine pada hi nhi
        ???woh kal mummy nani ke chali gyi mujhe akele chod kar ?
        Mai busy thi kal…vese b kal ek Aur parda fash kiya…haha on that fb page …did u see???
        N mujhe keh rhi h where were u ….mai to missing report karne wali thi!!!
        Oye agar sanky casanova nhi h to 2 ladkiya kyu ghuma rha h…bata bata
        Bolti kyu ni ..haan???
        N mai tujse kam kaise ho sakti hu…akhir koi takkar ka b toh hona chahiye

    • Pta hai mujhe badi chalu hai tu…
      Nhi to mne ni dekh.. Ruk ab dekhungi
      Mne to teri missing report kar bhi di thi pgl.. I was worried for you

      Vo bta dia to sara maza nhi khatam ho jyega… Badi chalu hai tu…

      Ohh plz tu or meri takkar ki

    • Isi liye to whattpad pe ane se darr lagta hai.. Chori bhut hoti hai waha ???

      Tu copy branch to khol le…

      Aur jhooth bolna kam kar de… Mata rani paap lagayengi

  18. Nita

    chalo finally sanky is here…. but i cannot understand anything… is he cheating swara???? n this swara is so dumb…..

    n what happened dear??? u both sautans had a fight???

  19. Gowri

    Swara is such an idiot that she can’t understand abt her so called frnds.happy that rangini and swara stand for each other.sooooooooooooooshocked to see sanskaar as swaras bf.exited for next episode:)very nyc episode.

  20. Awsm chappy.I am confused about sanky.Plz jaldi sanky ki mystery solve karo.Tum bi Eva ki tarah mystery queen ban gayi ho.Lagti hai sautan ki asar char gayi hein, lol.

  21. tani

    finally sanskar came…
    m really confused about sanskars
    character….wat he is doing wid swara, cheating or revenge…m not getting it yaar
    Feeling really bad for swara…
    her frnds are just
    disgusting…they r using her… pls update next part soon

  22. Sansker is swara’s boyfriend!!!???And kavita is sansker’s girlfriend!!Wah wah…itni din baad sansker ki entry hua…wo bhi is avtar me!!!Really…swara is very unlucky

  23. Anjali

    Haww… my bro is so confusing…. what’s going on in his mind????

    Jaldiiiiiii batoooo pleaseeeeee…..


    Swara ki friends… chi…. I hate ppl like them…pls don’t extend their thing for long…

    Hey and add me on fb…that is if u want to…??

    Love you bhabhi…???

    • Sry baby I can’t tell u what’s going on in his mind… Cz only ur bro know this.. ????

      No I won’t extend this.. But all this will lead to swaragini n swasan…

      Luv u too nanand ji ????

  24. Kavya

    Loved it? first I was angry with sanky cheating swara but when u told tht he’s not a womanizer so now I’m lil relieved please post the next ASAP can’t wait?

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