Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 5) (Swara’s birthday)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : Swara’s hostel life… Reason for ragini’s taunts.. N laksh’s ultimatum to both


Swara’s pov

Finally the day… I mean night has come.. Itz my b’day… Yipee… As soon as the clock hits 12.. I start to gaze my phone… In hope that mom n dad c
Will call me.. And yippee my phone rang as soon as i look at the screen my happiness faded away
*avni calling *

It was not the first time when I was expecting them to call n anyone else called me but still I want them to wish me.. Well itz ok.. M habitual of this.. I lift her call n her first sentence.. I mean first shouting was

“haaapppyyyyy bbiirrttthhddaayyyy sshhoonnaaaaaa”

“ok ok thnku.. I know today is my b’day but I don’t want hearing as a gift… ” I said while controlling my laughter

” u r sachhi so mean swara… I sacrifice my beauty sleep n u r saying like this… ” she said with a fake anger

” ok ok.. Stop ur drama.. N tell me when will u come.. To see me.. “I asked her

” can’t say yr… But I will try to come by nxt week” she said

“Ok bye… Good night ” I said

We hung up n yeah… I was on the verge of crying… As for the first time avni can’t be with me… But atlest my Bae is coming… N m satisfied with his coming..

Soon my phone again rang…
This tym it shows

*Bae calling*

” happy Birthday jaan” he said

“thank u.. N when will u Reach ” I asked with full excitement

” sorry jaan.. I can’t come.. Actually mum is bit ill n I can’t leave her” he said in sad tone..

Now this all thing was enough to break me down… Tears crossed the boundaries of my eyes n starts to flow…
I compose myself n said “ok… Bye” n I hung up

Only I know how much difficult those two words were for me to say… I was missing avni.. Sujata aunty. Lucky More than I miss my mom dad… Whole night I kept on crying… I don’t know when I fall asleep on bare floor…

Itz morning I woke up n first thing I did was to check my phone… I found some.. 248 whatsapp messages… 597 fb msgs… But I was craving for only one wish… Wish from my parents… I get ready.. N hide my dark circles N puffiness of eyes with makeup..

As soon as i open the door it was all dark.. N I was like.. What the hell.. Itz morning n not even a single ray of sun has entered the villa hwz this possible…

I came down n *boom*

**Happy Birthday shona**

Was written on Wall then sujata aunty…rp uncle Laksh…. N idiot ragini came.. N wish me…

I was shocked as well as happy

“happy Birthday Beta ” sujata aunty said

Followed by laksh n rp uncle

I hugged laksh tightly as after yesterday’s incident he was not talking to me… He cares my hair till I calm down… Then sujata aunty feed me with halwa prepared by her…

That halwa was even better than any expensive sweetdish… I think that’s what it called “mother’s Touch…

“happy Birthday “ragini said with a fake smile..

I too passed her a fake smile..

” aree ragu hug swara ” laksh said

” no way “we said in unison Chlo atlest here our choice is similar

” don’t forget my condition .. I won’t take even a second in doing that” laksh said with determination

“today is my b’day I don’t wanna spoil that” I said

“exactly m also not Interested in hugging this attention seeker ” she said

” I am not an attention seeker… Got this ” I said n pour the whole jug of water on her…

” swaraaa ” laksh shouts

” say sorry to ragini ” he said

” no I will not” I said with determination

“leave it lucky… This girl is illmannered” ragini taunts

“did I talk to you.. No… Then keep quiet ” laksh said to her

Yeahh m dancing in happiness.. But somewhere I was praying that they don’t break up… I don’t want laksh to suffer…

Then my gang… Nihal.. Rahul.. Arjun.. Ruhi.. Namisha.. Naman… Vikram.. Ria n all came..

” swara u got a new car n u didn’t even tell us… Very bad” ruhi said

“what new car…”I ask in shock

All nodded n took me out there I saw a brand new audi in black color… Ok I got it… Itz my b’day gift… But where is my b’day wish…

Ahh… Leave.. We all left to party hard..

We had our lunch n I pay the bill.. As it was my treat… We spent some 17k on food…

Then all present their gifts to me… After that nihal got a call probably from home n he immediately tries to leave “swara m going will see u soon” he said

“wait nihal… You looked tensed. What’s the matter ” I asked him in feeble voice

” nothing swara ” he wispers

” guys I forgot my phone in… So u All go ahead… I will join you soon.. N nihal can u accompany me ” I asked him

When everyone left I asked him” what happen tell me truth ”

” vo swara.. I hv to go to home.. My dadi is at hospital n I hv to pay bills so… ” he said hesitantly

” what ur dadi is in hospital “I was shocked

” but I don’t hv that much money to pay bills.. Now… “he said with a low voice

” so what I hv money tell me how much u want ” I offer help

” no swara I can’t ” he resist
” are tell me.. M your friend na.. ” I force him

” only 60k” he said

“just wait.. ” I called driver n asked him to give cash to nihal n I left..

In evening we went to a pub.. N I can’t stop myself when I saw those shots… I drink them upto my limit

Swara’s pov end

Other’s pov

Swara was fully out… She was not even in her senses n her so called friends were taking advantage of that.. Cz this time avni wasn’t with swara…

“swara I want to buy that ring.. Can u lend me some money ” nimisha said

” yeahh… Take how much u want” she said n passed her purse to her…

After that all uses her credit card n spent some 5 lakh…

Swara was trembling badly then vikram held her from waist…

“ahh leave me.. ” swara resist.. She can feel that this touch was Not good

“m just helping you” he said while checking her out

She completely losses herself n vikram starts to take advantage of that..

They were going back.. Swara was in semi conscious state n vikram was driving…
“swara can I belt ur seat” he asked with a smirk

“hmmM” she replies in semi conscious state

Here he goes closer to her… He explore outline of her perfectly curved body with his hands.. Swara keeps on resisting in that state too but all in vain.. He was kissing her neck… He was about to kiss her on lips but Swara’s phone rang… It was laksh..

“shona when will you reach” laksh asked

“lucky vikram here.. Actually she is full out.. N m taking her home” vikram said n cut the call…

“today u were lucky… But baby m not gonna leave you “he thought

He takes swara in… His one hand was supporting her left hand n other was on her waist… Ragini senses something is not good in him … She immediately ran towards them n take swara in her embrace…

” now u can leave “she said straightly to vikram

” aree let me help her” vikram said..

Ragini gave him an angry glare n he left…

“are swara” laksh look at swaragini

“come n take this idiot in” ragini said

Laksh takes hold of swara n smiles..


Phew done… So Sry guys for not posting tmrw…

N in next episode sanskar will come.. Puncture has been fixed now ????

Credit to: Meher

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  1. awesome yaar!!! it was so good

    1. Thnku so much arohi

  2. blo*dy golddiggers… I hate ppl lyk dat..and bastard Vikram..
    I have a small request.. Plz make a long chappy… And Expecting a grand entry 4 Sanskar… Mere yaar..yeh meri aakhri wish samjho..

    1. Yup good diggers… Sanskar’s entry would be a shock to you…
      Actually I thought I was writing long chappy.. That’s why.. But I will give u longggggg chappy tmrw…

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    1. That’s what it called fake friends..
      . I hope sanskar’s entry will give you shock…
      Tysm so much dear

  7. Di did is soooooo bad aapke kehne pr I wrote my part that to big wala but aap sanskaar ko nhi laaye???? OK coming to part as always it was awesome. And Di just give me the address of that mechanic who can’t even fix a puncture I will rip his head off????

    1. First post that part then I will give a shocking entry to sanskar

    2. Haaaaw u r threatening this masum baccha???poor me????

      1. Yup I HD threatened u n look it worked

  8. Hello Meher!! Bhool to nahi gayi!! Tell ya something? I LOVED ThE EPI. Signs of Swaragini not Swara n Ragini were at the hints today. Shitty Vikram. I know Nihal also took advantage na?

    And yeh! Answer to the last epi, none is at fault. The circumstances n today’s nuclear family system is at fault. Swaragini dunno that their parents do care for them. And their parents dunno how much their children crave for them. Its harsh reality too. Awesome job done girl. I wish they listen to the emotions hidden inside the deep chambers of their heart and tgey cn bcum a happy family once again. Even Ragini n Swara care ffor each other just they dont realize it. Laksh n his family is the crucial string of connecting them. Especially laksh. Do your job bro. πŸ˜‰

    A very beautifulchapter. Thank u so much for presenting the harsh realities. Keep it up. Love you sooo muchβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    1. Omg meri itni himmat tujhe bhool jau…
      Yup itz starting of swaragini…
      Yeah everyone is responsible for the presentation situation… N laksh is only thread joining swara n ragini…
      Dont worry dear they will soon realise this…

      Thanks so much for reading dear ??

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    1. Yup finally
      .. He is coming

  11. awesome. it’s my first time reading ur ff it is too good. waiting for sanskar’s entry

    1. Thnku so much dear…
      M glad that you lyk it

  12. Uff..this so called friends…enemies are better than them.

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