Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 47) ( second last part)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : truth revealed. Swara critical.



Sparsh was crying bitterly in Sanskar’s arms and kept on calling Swara.

“Shhh! Beta, calm down. Don’t cry. Look no one is here.” Sanskar consoled him.

“No. Papa they will kill all of us, I want Mumma, where is she ? Call Mumma I want Mumma ” Sparsh said while sobbing.

“Oh god now from where I get Swara?” Sanskar thought in mind.

“Mummmaa!!!” Sparsh cried harder.

Listening to his crying Everyone rushed into the room and tried to make him calm.

“Beta, Mumma will come. Don’t cry.” Annapoorna said with tears peeping from her eyes.

“No! I want Mumma now!!” Saying this Sparsh started to throw his hands in frustration.

“Beta, be a good boy don’t cry. Mumma will come.” DP said wiping his tears.

“Dadu, I want only Mumma. I know they will take me if Mumma doesn’t come.” Sparsh said crying.

“Oh god! What happened?” A concerned voice came from back.

Sparsh, recognised that voice and hugged they lady from her knees tightly. She ruffled his hair and spoke.

“Bas! Stop crying. You are a good boy na?” She asked.

Sparsh nodded and forwarded his hands jesturing that lady to take him in arms. The lady without wasting any moment took him in her arms, although with difficulty.

Adiraj, came into the room and spoke.

“Not again Swara! Doctor has ristricted you from lifting anything heavy and you lift Sparsh again!”

“Sorry! But I can’t help it.” Swara said with a puppy face.

“Beta now come to papa, look your Mumma has came na. Now come to me she isn’t well na, she can’t lift you.” Sanskar said trying to take him from Swara. Sparsh was adamant not to leave her but somehow Sanskar took him in his arms, while Adiraj made her sit. Uttra fetched water for Swara, who had came from her regular check-up, along with Adiraj.

“Adiraj, what did doctor said? How is baby? She is fine na?” Sanskar asked.

“Haan Sanskar, Swara and baby both are fine but doctor has prohibited her from lifting anything heavy plus she has advised her to take maximum rest.” Adiraj said while handling her reports to Sanskar.

Here Swara made Sparsh sleep.

“Swara, if doctor said so, Why you lift Sparsh?” He asked angrily.

“Sanskar, as I said I can’t help it. He is getting these nightmares because of me only that incident affected my son to the core, you also know this no one can handle him except me.” Swara said ruffling her sleeping son’s hair.

“Beta, you weren’t at fault. That was supposed to happen, forget it like a bad chapter of life. We should be thankful that even after that you and your baby is fine. Otherwise those 24hours were worst hours for us.” Annapurna Said placing a hand on her head.

“But my baby has been affected too much with that, at such small age he started to get nightmares Because of that.” Swara said with a guilt.

“Beta, he is fine now. We all know this he rarely get any nightmare now.” Dp said looking at sleeping Sparsh.

“Achha Adiraj did doctor said something else?” Sanskar asked to change the topic.

“Hmm, doctor said her to take plenty of water, she is dehydrated and moreover her sugar levels were not good.” Adiraj chuckled with the last line, Sanskar glared him.

“Achha! Achha! Sorry. take care. ” He said placing a hand on her swollen belly and continued… “Bye baby girl. Mamu loves you.” Saying this adiraj left.

“Huh! Everyone wants a girl, but I want another boy just like Sparsh.” Swara said excitedly.

“Haan! Why not? So that you can have one more chamcha in your team.” Sanskar said in jelousy.

“Have some shame you are still jelous of my son.” Swara said hitting him playfully.

“Sanskar, now stop it. Swara, you take rest if you want anything then call me. okay?” Annapurna said.

Swara nodded and Sanskar helped her in sitting on bed with the help of bed post. Swara was adoring Sparsh when she felt a warm hand on her belly, her lips automatically curved up into a smile.

“My girl knows his father’s touch. Isn’t it?” Sanskar said to Swara, feeling the movement of his Baby.

“Ya, afterall Papa Maheshwari loves baby so much.” Swara said with smile.

“Vo toh hai.” Sanskar said pulling her in a side hug.

“Vese Swara, you better pray to God that this will be a girl, othwise I’m not going to leave you.” He smriks.

“But, that won’t happen na? Did you forget what doctor had told us?” She asked sadly.

“Hey! Doctor said that incase if you suffer miss–” he stopped in between.

“Doctor said, If I loose this baby chances for me to convince again would be negligible.” She continued sadly.

“Are, toh? Didn’t you hear hum do humare do? You me Sparsh and our this baby. Family completed!” Sanskar beamed.

“But you want a girl na, I know you have dreamt of a girl since when Sparsh has born.” She said seeing the sleeping Sparsh.

“How you know this?” He frowned.

Swara started to bite her lip in nervousness.

“Swara! I have asked you something!” Sanskar asked sternly.

“I’ve read your diary once.” She said in feeble tone.

“You did what!!!” Sanskar shouted.

“Sorry” she murmured.

“Don’t you know it’s bad manners to read someone’s personal diary?” He asked.

“I-i k-kn.o.w b-but m-mai… Ahhhh!!!” She flinched.

“What happened?” Sanskar asked placing his hand on her belly.

“Feel it yourself!” Swara retorted angrily.

Sanskar chuckled feeling the kicks of the baby.

“Sanskar, your baby troubles me a lot. He is so active that he kept on practicing kickboxing in my stomach.” Swara said in irritation.

“Hahahaha… Baby girl stop troubling your Mumma. She is looking tired.” Sanskar said placing both of his hands on either sides of her belly and miraculously the baby stopped kicking. Sanskar gave a winning look to her.

“It seems someone is joining me in my team and yes! You can read my personal diary.” He said with a broad smile.



Sparsh was normal now, he was playing with uttra, while Sanskar was helping Swara in descending stairs. Annapoorna was arranging dinner whilst Swara will come.

“Uff, these stairs are so long Sanskar.” Swara said tiringly.

“Just manage today, I will shift our belongings in the room downstairs tomorrow.” Sanskar said, making her sit on the chair.

Everyone started the dinner and Swara’s face lighted up seeing dinner.

“Oh god! Maa? Ye sab! Thank-you so much.” She said drooling over the sweetdish there.

“First have these veggies then I will give you your favourite gajar ka halwa.” Annapurna said passing her veggies.

“I don’t want to eat this.” She pouted.

Sanskar winked at Sparsh and he came to Swara putting his hands on his waist.

“Did I hear that you deny to eat veggies mumma?” Sparsh asked sternly.

“Umm… No… I didn’t say anything like that.” Swara smiled sheepishly.

“Then have this.” Sparsh said forwarding a spoon full of veggies to Swara.

“Sparsh, please. Mumma don’t like this.” Swara made faces.

“No excuses mumma, my little baby needs this. Baby can’t eat by itself so you have to eat on baby’s behalf, now be a good Mumma and have this.” Sparsh said forcing Swara to have that, while Sanskar was chuckling.

“I will see you afterwards Sanskar!” Swara said with a deathly glare.

Sanskar gulped in fear while Sparsh make Swara eat the veggies forcefully.


Swara has slept peacefully, with Sparsh lying besides her. He was arranging his files when Swara’s report slipped from his hands. He took that in his hands and started recalling the dreadful 24 hours before 2 months…


When the doctor came out Laksh asked about Swara as sanskar was not in state.

“Howz she doctor?” He asked.

“I’m sorry but–” doctor stopped in between…

“But what doctor?” Ragini asked.

“I’m sorry but she is very critical. Her case was already complicated. Plus I have already told you this that she isn’t able to bear any asthama attack now, moreover she is physically weak. So, let’s wait for 24 hours.” Doctor said.

“Why 24 hours?” Laksh asked.

“If her pregnancy survived these initial 24 hours then there are bright chances that, her pregnancy will survive, but if in any case she lost her baby she can’t conceive again and I have told this earlier also.” Doctor said and left.

Ragini was taken aback with this. Sanskar scrunched his eyes listening to the unwanted truth.

Time has stopped moving and there was no improvement in Swara’s condition. With each passing moment Sanskar’s heart was sinking deeper.

At a point he gave up but seeing his son’s hopeful face he kept on hoping something good.

-1 hour later-

“She is fine you all can meet her, but please only one or two at a time.” Nurse said and left.

Everyone sent Sanskar in first. There he saw Swara, lying in bed with IV attached to her hand.

“Swara” he spoke painfully.

She gave him a weak smile and asked ” Sparsh? Where is he?”

“He is fine. I’m sorry Swara, it’s only because of me. If I would have seen you messege earlier this wouldn’t have happened.” He said with guilt.

“Let it be Sanskar, please call Sparsh in.” She asked.

Sanskar nodded and brought a scared Sparsh into the ward. The moment he saw Swara sitting on bed, he hugged her.

” You are fine na beta?” Swara asked

” Yes mumma! You got very much hurt na?” He asked innocently seeing her wounds and bruises.

“No, not at all.” She said smilingly.

“Mumma you know, police uncle hit that bad uncle. He got very much hurt.” He said to Swara, explaining about how police shoot Shaurya when he was trying to elope.

Sanskar smiled seeing Swara and Sparsh happy, the two most important people of his life. He slowly moved out of the ward, holding himself responsible for the whole chaoes.

~a week later~

Swara’s pregnancy survived, undoubtedly with too much complications. Everyone was taking care of Swara keenly. She was observing Sanskar’s strange behaviour but couldn’t figure out the reason behind that.

One day she decided to confront the reason behind his strange behaviour and he opened this heart Infront of her.

“Sanskar, it’s enough I won’t listen to any of your stupid excuse, I want truth! I hope you know what is the meaning of truth!” Swara shouted.

“Swara, please. Calm down! Stress is not good for you.” He said trying to calm her down.

“No! I don’t know anything! Moreover why the hell you are worried about me? Did you feel that you have not even talked with me properly since when I got discharged.” She shouted at top of her lungs.

“There is nothing like that. It’s… It’s just that… I-i am busy in office works.” He fumbled.

“Really? Then just do the hell with your work. I’m going. I can’t stay with a husband for a name sake only, I can’t stay with a man who is least bothered to talk to me even.” She said taking her suitcase.

Sanskar, who was already drowning deep in guilt and frustration of not coming over that huge incident, snatched her suitcase from her hand in anger she startled.

“Swara! He supported her immediately.

“Look, once again you were about to get hit only because of me.” He said, cursing himself.

“Matlab? Sanskar, kya baat hai. Please tell me, it hurts to see you this way.” She said placing her hand gently on his face.

“I’m sorry!” He opened his heart.

“I’m really a bad husband, a bad father, a bad son and a bad–” before he could complete Swara placed her lips in his’s.

The pure kiss showing love, passion, care and trust. That wasn’t a hungry kiss but a longing one. The love which Swara wanted to feel for long, she was craving for.

“Never think like this. THAT WASN’T YOUR MISTAKE.” She said lovingly.

“I love you!” He said.

“I don’t love you.” She pouted.

“Hawww! Why so?” He asked.

“You have hided this much big thing from me.” She said.

“What should I do now?” He asked.

“Get me some sweets! ” She said excitedly. Sanskar slammed his hand against head and left for taking sweets for her.

~flashback ends~


Everyone was having breakfast when Sanskar thought to tease her again.

“Mom, I have finished these yukky veggies now can I have that sweet dish!” She asked innocently.

“Ask you homemade doctor.” Annapurna said pointing towards sparsh.

She looked at Sparsh with puppy eyes. Sparsh, looked at her plate then at her face, then again at her plate.

“Hmm, you can have whatever you want now Mumma” Sparsh said.

Swara excitedly forwarded her hand to take the bowl but Sanskar took the bowl before.

“Beta, look Mumma hadn’t drank the milk.” Sanskar said showing him the glass of milk.

“Mumma drink that too!” Sparah said sternly.

“Will drink that later! Promise. Pinky promise.” Swara said.

“No! Have this first.” Sanskar said sternly.

“I feel nauseous with that.” She made an excuse.

“Stop making excuses Swara, I know you don’t feel anything like that.” Sanskar said sternly.

“Huh! How come you know this, I’m pregnant not you.” She retorted.

“I know because you’re a big big nautanki.” Sanskar said.

“Huh! I wish you could get pregnant so that you can understand!” She said.

” Sorry, baby this can’t happen. So, what’s the benefit of getting sad over that. Drink milk first.” He said passing the glass of milk to her.

When she was busy in drinking the milk Sanskar has emptied her bowl by transferring the halwa into the serving dish and kept that under the table.

“Finished. Now give me that bowl.” Swara asked.

“Sorry, I have eaten that.” Sanskar said showing her the empty bowl.

“Tum Sara ka Sara kha Gaye?” She asked in shock.

He nods yes, while controlling his laughter.

“Tumhe Zara si bhi sharam nai Aayi? Bhukkad Kahi ke!! ” She hitted him with her hands.

“Let him eat that Swara, I have brought sweet for you!” A man said from the door of Maheshwari mansion.

“Kartik, come in na beta. Why are you standing there!” Annapurna called him in.

Kartik came and took blessings from all.

“Mamu, arnav and abeel (Abeer) nai aaye?” Sparsh asked.

“Abeer, Sparsh.” Swara corrected him.

“They have came, they are outside taking our gifts with your Mami, go and help them.” Kartik said

“Mumma, can I go?” He asked Swara.

She nodded and Sparsh ran out for helping Priya.

“This is for you.” Kartik said passing her the box full of laddoos.

“Thank-you.” She said and showed tongue to Sanskar.

Sanskar smiled seeing the childish antics of his wife.

Meanwhile, Sparsh came in with Priya and her twin sons who were an year older to him and the baccha party involved in playing.

Swara, felt dizzy and losses her balance, she was about to fall when kartik supported her.

“Sambhal kar Swara!” He said.

Swara, sat on chair and Sanskar asked in concern… “Is everything alright? Should I call Doctor?”

“I’m fine Sanskar!” She said.

“Swara, you should rest. Come I will take you to your room.” Kartik said making her stand.

“Hey!!! She is my wife!!! I will take her into room!!” Sanskar said childishly.

“Hahaha, go ahead then.” Kartik said.

Sanskar took Swara into the room and kartik recalled how he hated Swara at first and how furious he was when he got to know about Sanskar’s second marriage. Then after seeing Swara’s pure love for Sparsh, he melted. He slowly found his sister in her, and within the short period of two months both came closer.

Swara was more special for him it may be age factor or the care factor. Swara, being 10 year younger than him always was his kid. He use to fulfill her each and every demand. At first she was hesitant but lateron they started sharing a pure brother sister bond.

To be continued…

Precap: last part.

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