Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 43)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : Adiraj’s past. Ragini’s delivery. Sanskar unwell.



Two months had passed and SwaSan were just a few days away from celebrating their first very first wedding anniversary. Swara had started her own interior designing studio, ofcourse because Sanskar had persuaded her.

It was a beautiful morning, Annapurna was busy in preparing Breakfast, uttra was getting ready for going to her office. Dp was sipping tea while reading newspaper.

Here Sanskar was struggling to wake the two sleepy heads up ie. Swara and Sparsh.

“Swara, get up! Look at time its 9. Wake up yaar.” He said, shaking her slightly.

She pulled the comforter up and simply ignored his talks. Sanskar then moved towards Sparsh, who was sleeping hugging Swara tightly.

“Beta, get up. Look it’s too late. Don’t you want to get up and play with papa.” He said

“No, papa. It’s too cold. I wanna sleep more.” Sparsh said, cuddling onto Swara.

Sanskar slammed his hand against his head. Suddenly he got an idea and shouted…

“No mom! Swara isn’t getting up! She is saying that you can do all works on your own, She won’t help you in making any sweet.”

Listening to this Swara got up with a jerk and said… “No mom I’m coming in 5 minutes.”

Grabbing the opportunity Sanskar pecked her lips… “Good morning Mrs maheshwari”

“You are so bad Sanskar. I wanted to sleep.” She said in crying tone.

“Don’t you think you have became too lazy? You just wanted to sleep everytime, moreover you have made your chamcha lazy like you.” He said pointing towards sleeping Sparsh

“Huh, shut up.” She said angrily and moved towards the cupboard to take her clothes out.

She opened the cupboard and took her clothes out, she moved towards the bathroom but Sanskar started flirting with her.

“Where are you going beautiful.” He said running his fingers on her face.

” Get lost, Sanskar. I’m in no mood. You have already spolied my sleep. Now please spare me, vese tomorrow is chotu’s naming ceremony and for that I have to go to market. So you better not mess with me.” She said angrily.

Sanskar was shocked, yes he had been noticing her strange behaviour since few days but this time it was unpredictable. She was angry on him just because he had woken her up from sleep, whereas earlier she use to wake everyone up.

She came out and saw Sanskar sitting with a sad, puppy face. She realised that she behaved badly with him and thought to apologise.

“I’m sorry Sanskar” she said, sitting beside him and hugging him sideways.

He parted the hug and moved away towards the window, she immediately hugged him from back.

“I’m sorry, I was irritated because I was feeling tired and wanted to sleep more, but you woke me up. Promise I won’t behave like this again, please talk to me, Sanskar.” She said.

Suddenly he felt his back wet and realised that Swara was crying. He immediately cupped her face and wiped her tears away.

“Sshhh! Don’t cry. Why are you crying? I was just teasing you Shona.” He said.

“Sachhi? You aren’t angry na?” She asked.

“Haan! I’m not angry, and if you want to sleep then sleep. If you would have told me that you are tired I would never woke you up.” He said kissing her forehead.

“No, I’m fine. I don’t know why I feel tired everytime, but now I will go and pack your lunch so that you can go to office and afterwards me and Sparsh will go on shopping.” She said.


Swara had packed his lunch when he called her… “Swaraaa !!! My lunch!!!”

“2 minutes Sanskar.” She shouted.

Sanskar moved into kitchen, hugging her from back while caressing her belly under saree.

“I think, I have to stop wearing sarees, because my hubby can’t control his hands.” She said, releasing herself.

“Do you know how unromantic you are?” Sanskar pouted.

“Whatever.” She said with attitude.

Sanskar took his lunch and moved out with a pouted face, Swara smiled seeing his cute antics and immediately gave a peck on his cheek making him smile.

Soon Sanskar left for office and Swara went on shopping with Sparsh for buying gifts for Ragini’s new born.


Swara entered into a toy shop and took Sparsh’s advice.

“Mumma, let’s buy this. Chotu will love it.” Sparsh said smilingly, showing her a latest version of a video game.

“Hmm… Chotu will love this or you will love this, you naughty boy.” Swara pulled his cheeks.

“Let’s do one thing, you choose toys for yourself and I will choose toys for chotu.” She said.

“Okay, Mumma.” He smiled broadly.

Swara took tons of small soft toys for her chotu whereas Sparsh had taken almost all type of toys present in store.

“Sparsh, did you leave any toy?” She asked in shock.

“Yes mumma there is one Mickey mouse but I can’t reach that.” He said sadly.

“You want that?” She asked.

He nods yes vigorously.

“Then show me where that is I will take that.” She said.

Sparsh held her hand and took her towards the toy which had been kept on the top shelf. She Stretched herself up to pick that and took the toy for him, but in this whole process she felt slight pain in her back, which she obviously ignored.

“Thank-you Mumma!!!” He said smilingly.

Swara smiled satisfactorily. Whenever she saw Sparsh smiling, she felt blessed that she could give him the love which he deserved.

While driving back to the Maheshwari Mansion her back pain increased.
After reaching home she immediately landed on the bed, in no time she went into deep slumber.

4 PM

Sanskar had a severe headache and he decided to take a break. He came back to Maheshwari mansion and rushed into room.

“Swara, can you–” he stopped in between when, he saw her sleeping peacefully.

His lips curled up into a smile, he covered her properly and planted a lingering kiss on her forehead.

While going out he felt dizzy and bumped into the side table, resulting in the breakage of the vase, this broke Swara’s sleep.

“Sanskar? You’ve came?” She asked.

“Haan, vo–” before he could complete he stumbled.

She immediately rushed towards him and supported him.

“Sanskar, are you fine? What happened? Come here and sit” she made him sit.

“Nothing Swara, just headache.” He said casually.

“Sanskar, it’s been two months since you are continuously having headaches and blackouts. It’s not a good sign.” She said, worriedly.

“You are thinking unnecessarily, it’s just normal headache.” He said calmly.

“Don’t you think you are being too much flippant in this matter? Listen Mr. Sanskar Durgaprasad Maheshwari, you are coming to doctor with me Tomorrow and it’s final, I’m not gonna listen any of your stupid excuse, I don’t care if you have any meeting or anything else. Got it?” She said sternly.

He nods innocently.

Seeing his innocent look she couldn’t resist without giving him a sweet kiss.

“Now you take rest and lemme bring tea for you.” She said and left.



Swara was getting Sparsh ready for the ceremony, but he was adamant not to wear any sweater and was running in whole room.

“Sparsh! It’s enough. Mumma Can’t run behind you like this, Mumma isn’t well. So, please wear this sweater and don’t trouble me.” Swara Said in irritation.

“No Mumma! I don’t like this sweater, it looks like girly.” Sparsh said.

“Sparsh! It isn’t girly, now stop running.” She said angrily.

“It’s is Mumma, you don’t know that pink and red are girly Colors.” Sparsh said.

She stopped running as she felt pain in her stomach. Sparsh too stopped running seeing Swara sweating profusely. He ran and fetched a glass of water to Swara…

“Mumma.” He spoke with tears.

She took the glass a drank that.

“Thank-you” she said with tears of happiness peeping through the corner of her eyes, seeing her little son’s care towards her.

“I will wear this sweater and will be a good boy.” He said innocently and took that and in no time wore that, as he thought that she got hurt because of him.

She took him in her lap asked ” you will always love Mumma like this na?”

“Yes, always! I love Mumma soooooooooo much” he said while streaching his hands.

“Swara, Sparsh! Let’s go” sanskar called them out.

SwaSpa looked at each other and shouted back…”Coming!!”

In car as always Sparsh was sitting in Swara’s lap and playing with her mangalsutra.

“So, someone is wearing girly color.”Sanskar teased Sparsh.

“Mumma, look na papa always tease me by saying this.” Sparsh complained to Swara.

“Sanskar, it’s very bad. There is nothing like girly color, Only because of you it took me too much time for making him wear this sweater.” She said to him angrily.

Sanskar gave her a puppy look.

“Sparsh, don’t worry! Tomorrow I will make your papa wear pink shirt.” She said cutely to him.

“Oh god! Save me from these two devils, Mumma and her chamcha.” He said overdramaticly.

SwaSpa chuckled seeing this.


Sparsh in no time ran into the villa to meet the little prince. While parking the car Sanskar again faced blackouts.

“Sanskar, we will go to doctor now only.” Swara said worriedly.

“Swara, I’m fine plus Sparsh will cry if he won’t see us.” Sanskar again avoided the topic.

“He won’t cry because there are di, Laksh, Adiraj. You just come here and lemme drive, no more arguments.” She said sternly and finally he gave up.


“Doctor, it isn’t anything serious na? I mean there is nothing to worry right?” She asked with fake confidence.

“hmm… we need to perform few tests and scans of Sanskar to figure out the exact reason behind these blackouts. Till then I can’t say anything.” The lady Doctor said.

Sanskar saw Swara who was on the verge of crying but somehow controlling her tears. He squeezed her hand to reassure her.

“Go and get these tests done, will see you with reports.” Doctor continued and SwaSan left her cabin.

“Come Sanskar, this way first let’s get your blood tests done.” She said and dragged him towards the path lab.

~10 minutes later~

The scenario of path lab was…

Sanskar shouting loudly, while Swara was holding his one arm and the ward boy holding his other hand, with his legs tied to the chair.

“Swara, look I told you na, I don’t like syringes, why are you doing this with me.” Sanskar said with fear.

“Just shut up! Sanskar itna to Sparsh bhi nahi darta, have some shame, you have troubled everyone a lot here. You better corporate with the doctor.” She scolded him angrily.

The doctor inserted the empty syringe into his hand and he shouted loudly.


He kept on shouting without realising that everything was over long back, Swara was just staring him with I-WILL-KILL-YOU look.

“Excuse me sir, you can stop shouting now.” The nurse said to him.

Sanskar opened his eyes and saw a furious Swara, and smiled sheepishly.

“Hehehe, let’s go Swara.” He said politely.

Swara saw him with bloodshot eyes. After that they went for some scans.

“Let’s go Swara, doctor said I will get reports after 2 days.” Sanskar said and both moved towards the exit but before that she felt her stomach again ditching her, its been nearly a week since when her stomach was not supporting her, she needed to throw up so she rushed into the hospital washroom, while Sanskar was just standing outside waiting for her. She came back with a tired face.

“What happened Swara?” He asked, taking her in his embrace.

“Nothing Sanskar, let’s go.” She said and walked out without giving him any chance to speak as she had hided about her health issues from him as she believes it was normal food poisoning and moreover she didn’t want to disturb Sanskar.



SwaSan were late when they reached the naming ceremony was going on…

“You can choose any name starting with letter A or N” the persist said.

“Pandit ji, can’t we wait more? Actually my sister– before Ragini could complete Swara spoke ” letter N di”

RagLak smiled and whispered something into Sparsh’s ear after that he announced the name…

“My chotu’s name will be Naman.”

Everyone clapped, Sanskar kept Swara far from the ‘hawan kund’ because of her breathing problem.

After program…

“Swara, where you were disappeared?” Avni asked.

“Nothing Avni, we went to complete some important work.” Swara said.

“Swara, now it’s your turn.” Laksh said.

“My turn ? For what?” She looked at him in confusion.

“For giving us a little baby.” Adiraj said.

Swara turned crimson listening to this and hugged Sanskar in shyness.

“No seriously Swara you have no idea how Adiraj is already planning about your and Sanskar’s kid.” Avni said.

“Haha Avni, Laksh is no less than him, while buying toys for Naman, Laksh bought few toys for Sparsh and Swara’s imaginary child.” Ragini said with a chuckle

Swara was just turning into various shades of Red.

“Ha to? Her second child will call us mamu na, so it will be exciting.” Adiraj said.

“Exactly, Sparsh calls us chachu and mausaji, but we won’t let her second child to call us this.” Laksh said with determination.

“Swara, what’s your take on this?” Sanskar asked her.

She released herself and left making excuse ” Sparsh, must be troubling Sujata aunty, I will go and see him.”

Everyone laughs at her.

“Guys very bad, why you always tease her with this topic?” Sanskar scolded them.

“Because we love to see her blushing and smiling. We had missed her these expressions a lot.”laksh said.

To be continued…

Precap: wedding

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