Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 42)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : SwaSan reached to Mumbai, adiraj and vikaram revealed to be brothers.


Adiraj turned and found Sanskar and Swara standing there.

“Swara, Sanskar” adiraj murmured.

“Kyu Kia ye adiraj? Kyu?” Swara spoke chokingly.

“Swara I can explain everything.” Adiraj fumbles

“Trust me dude, you can’t.” Sanskar said furiously

Sanskar moved towards Adiraj but before that he saw Vikram who was again checking out Swara lustfully.
(Ye nahi sudhrega ?)

Sanskar’s blood boiled seeing him starting at her shamelessly, he grabbed his collar and punched him in face.

“How dare you to touch her!” Sanskar said, twisting his hand back.

“Aahhh!! leave me.” Vikram said wincing in pain.

Sanskar irgnored his words and continue to beat him blue and black, Adiraj was gathering courage to tell Swara everything. He took baby steps towards her.

Soon police came and stopped Sanskar.

“Inspector aap?” Sanskar asked in confusion. “It’s good you have came please take him, this man missbehaved with my wife.” He added

“We came here to take him back only, Dr. Adiraj has completed the formalities for cancellation of his parole” inspector said and put shackles on his hand.

“Bade baiyya? Ye kya Kia? Now I won’t tell you anything, you have betrayed me! ” Vikram shouted

“You deserve this, you are not human Vikram, I thought to take your help so that I could find truth easily but I was mistaken, now I’m ashamed that I signed parole for you.” Adiraj said with guilt looking at shocked and shattered Swara.

Inspector took Vikram, and Adiraj moved towards Swara, he was about to put his hand on her shoulder but before that Sanskar pulled him back and started beating him, he was punching him, kicking him, he had shown no mercy on Adiraj. Whereas Adiraj was just receiving the beatings, Sanskar forgot that he was beating his bestfriend not any criminal, Adiraj tried to speak something in between but Sanskar gave him no chance. Swara was numb, the moment she realised what was happening she saw Adiraj with blood stains in his face and Sanskar beating him brutally.

She rushed towards Sanskar and stopped him.

“Pagal ho Gaye ho!!! Maar daloge use!!!” She shouted

“Haaannn!!! I will kill this man, he betrayed us, he betrayed me, he betrayed you, he never told me that his brother is still alive, he never told me that the one who played with your dignity was his brother!!!!’ Sanskar shouted

“I can explain everything, trust me.” Adiraj said with guilt.

“Sanskar, please calm down.” She said, patting his shoulder

“first aid box?” She continued to ask from adiraj

Adiraj and Sanskar looked at her in amusement.

“First aid box, Adiraj!” She Again asked sternly.

Adiraj pointed towards the cupboard, she went and took first aid box, she made Adiraj sit on sofa and dipped cotton in antiseptic liquid and Cleaned his wounds, he winced in pain.

She cleaned his wounds, and held Sanskar’s hand and both proceeded towards the exit, Adiraj called them…

“Swara, Sanskar please. One minute, atlest listen to my side “he pleaded

“Adiraj, ye sab dekhne ke Baad kuch or sun nahi paungi. I don’t have courage now.” She said with tears.

“Swara, you always said that you have full faith in me, please for the sake of that faith, listen to me once. I promise if I can’t give you satisfactory answer then you are free to go.” Adiraj said emotionally.

Swara look at Sanskar who was fuming in anger and then she spoke… “Okay!”

“Thank-you” adiraj thanked her.


“I signed Vikram’s parole because he knows about kartik, he had a deal with me that if I will sign his parole then only he will tell me where is Kartik” adiraj started to explain

“Kartik? Wait a min, Kartik is missing right? Then why you are searching him and moreover how is Vikram connected to this?” Sanskar asked

“Kartik’s wife Priya and I are searching Kartik since a year, we got to know that Kavita was an undercover agent and she along with Kartik was on a special mission and only because of that she had been killed and kartik is missing. We further got to know that one business man was responsible for this, in this whole thing I came to know that Vikram was that business man’s partner. I came here and rest you know” adiraj ended and looked at the shocking faces of swasan

“Why didn’t you tell me that Vikram is your brother?” She asked chokingly with a broken heart.

“I was scared of loosing you and Avni, I had already lost my family, I didn’t want to loose you two. Somewhere, I was a coward, I thought that I can hide this truth from you two. Swara, trust me I don’t have any courage to face your and Avni’s hatered” Adiraj said with tears.

“But how he got saved from that fatal accident, in which you lost your family?” Sanskar frowned.

Adiraj smiled, painfully…

“He was the mastermind of that accident, I was the prey but destiny made my family victim.” Adiraj said, and started narrating the whole scenario


10 years ago
Adiraj (19) Vikram (18)

“Bhaiiiii come naaa!! We are getting late because of you.” A girl of 13 said, with a cute pout

“Coming vaghmi! Two minutes” adiraj shouted

She waited for exactly 2 minutes and Again shouted…
“Adiraj bhaiiiii!!!!”

“Oh hoo! Stop shouting or else you will make everyone deaf here.” Adiraj said closing her mouth with his hand.

Vaghmi licked his hand, and Adiraj gave her ‘disgusting’ look

“Chiii!! Maa, look what your daughter did! I’m sure she was a dog in previous birth” adiraj Said, Hugging his mother.

“Vaghmi! Very bad.” Their mother gave her a stern look.

“Aree! Kalyani, why are you scolding my daughter, this monkey was at fault, don’t scold my princess.” Their father said to their mother, hugging vaghmi sideways.

Vaghmi teased him by showing tongue.

“Vaghmi ki bachhi!!! Tu to gai aaj!!!” Saying this adiraj started to run behind her.

Their parents were adoring the bonding between their two children, but at the same time they were feeling sad as their other son(Vikram) had no affection towards the family.

Adiraj got the hold of vaghmi’s ponytail, he pulled that…

“Awwoo!! Dad, look what bhai is doing!!” Vaghmi shouted.

“Adiraj, vaghmi, enough! We are getting late for movie” their mother said

Both nods and proceed towards the exit. They stood Infront of their father’s car…

“Oh no! The tyre is punchered” vaghmi pouts.

“No issues, we can go in my car.” Adiraj said, and passed they keys to his dad.

Everyone sat in except Adiraj, he was about to sit in but he got a call from college and had to rush there.

“Maa, papa, you all go, I will join you before the interval.” Adiraj said.

Vaghmi’s face became sad listening to this…

“I will join you soon, bandariya” adiraj Said teasingly to lighten her mood.

“I’m not bandariya ” vaghmi pouted

“You are!” Adiraj said pulling her nose

“Ahhaannn!” Vaghmi stamps her leg in anger

“Okay, then we are leaving and join us soon.” His father said.

~15 minutes later~

Vaghmi had called adiraj as she was feeling extremely bored without him…

“Bhai, come na. I’m missing you” she said sadly

“Vaghu, its only 15 minutes since you left and you started missing me?” Adiraj asked smilingly.

“Haan, I love you sooo much bhai.” She said.

“Hahaha… Even I love you vaghu, don’t worry I will join–” before he could complete his sentence he heard a loud noise, something like a bomb blast.

“Vaghu???? Vaghuuuuu????Hello vaghmi? Kya hua!!! Vaghmi bol!!!”

He kept on panicking, then he realised that the call had already been disconnected long back.

Suddenly a fear overcame his heart.
He was panicking about what to do, when he got a call from police station stating that, his car caught fire and he lost his family. Within a few minutes, a happy family was no more. Adiraj lost his sister, his mother, his father, he had lost his family.

Adiraj was shattered with this, he was all alone, he never thought in his worst nightmare that he had to perform the funeral of his family. He thought that this news might change Vikram and he might get his only family member, his brother as a support, but Vikram was unaffected.

It’s been a month to that incident, police had closed the case by declaring it an accident. One day he got a call and his world took a 360° turn. The caller told him that Vikram had planted a bomb in his car to kill him, but unfortunately his parents and little sister became the victim. Adiraj’s blood boiled listening to this, he decided to confront Vikram…

“Why the hell you did that!!!” Adiraj shouted

“Because I wanted you dead! I hate you bade bhaiya! I wanted to kill you so that I could get hold of more property, you were the only hurdel in that. You always stopped dad in giving me my share.” Vikram said

Adiraj grabbed his collar and said sadly ” you stoop this much low just for property! I know that you are greedy, but this much greed? Really? I’m ashamed Vikram.” Adiraj said with disgust look

“I will make sure that you will get punishment for your deeds, I promise.” Adiraj said sternly.

“You can not prove anything bade bhaiya! ” Vikram smriks

Adiraj left… He tried alot to prove him guilty but he failed police never got any proof against him, Vikram even killed the man who had called adiraj.

*Flashback ends*

“I was left alone in this whole world. It pained Swara, whenever, I came back home no one was waiting for me. Whenever, I fell ill I had no one to take care of me. I had no one to share my happiness, to share my sorrows. I had no one…” Adiraj broke down crying saying this.

Swara, immediately hugged him listening to his pain.

“When you and Avni came in my life I got a hope that I may get my family back, and the fact that Vikram is my brother kept on haunting me. I was scared to loose you two, I’m scared to loose my family again” he cried.

“Itta Kuch Saha tumhe akele. I thought I had suffered alot, but I was wrong you had suffered alot” swara said, tightening the hug

“Swara, please forgive me, but don’t leave me, I can’t afford to loose my family once again, after years of loneliness I got a family and I have no courage to loose it again” Adiraj pleaded

“Never” this was her monosyllabic answer to him

Sanskar put a hand on his shoulder to support him.

“Sorry dude! I was wrong sorry for not understanding you, you are our family, my chuddy-buddy” sanskar said

Adiraj released the hug and thanked both of them for understanding.

“It’s paining alot na?” She asked innocently with teary eyes, seeing his wounds.

Adiraj nods no with tears and Swara blasted on Sanskar…

“It’s only because of you!! You just started beating him like anything!! You should give him a chance to explain himself but no!!! Sanskar Maheshwari never listen to anyone!! You idiot!!” She shouted at him.

Adiraj smiled seeing her scolding him. Sanskar scratches his head and smiled idotically.

“Sorry!” He said with a puppy face.

“Swara, let it be don’t scold him.” Adiraj said taking sanskar’s side.

“Tum bol rahe ho to mai rehne deti hoon, or else he will be finished today!!” Swara said.

“Swara, I think we should leave. Sparsh is all alone at home. If he got up then he will trouble Reena aunty a lot.” Sanskar said.

“Hmm… I agree, Adiraj pack your bags and you are coming with us. I’m not leaving you here alone.” Swara declared

“Swara? I’m fine here. No issues!” Adiraj resisted.

“Look Dr. Adiraj Singhania! We are staying in Mumbai for a week and you are joining us in our extended trip. ( Adiraj tried to say something but she cut him in between) No ifs and buts! Understood?” She said

Adiraj nods…

During the whole trip Swara tried her leavel best for making Adiraj happy and she suceeded. Adiraj after years experienced the joy of being with a family.


One week later

SwaSan had returned back to their home and Swara had instructed Adiraj and Sanskar not to raise the topic of Vikram in front of Avni.

“Bhabhi, it’s just awesome! I loved this dress.” Uttra said happily.

“Look Sanskar, I told you na Uttara will love this.” Swara said proudly.

“Ya! Ya! Ya! I got it that you know her choice better.” Sanskar said.

Here Sparsh was buzy in telling his grandparents about his trip.

“Dadi, you know there was a veerryyyyyy big beach. There was soooo much water!! And you know we went to a park there. There were tons of rides.” Sparsh said happily, sitting in his grandfather’s lap.

“Ma, can I go to Kapoor villa? Actually I want to give gifts to di and Laksh today.” Swara asked.

“Swara, take rest today. You can go there tomorrow.” Sanskar suggested

“Nahi Sanskar, I’m not feeling good I want to meet di once, so I want to go today only.” Swara insisted

“Okay, then come will drop you. I have some work in office I will complete that then will pick you up after coming back.” Sanskar said

Swara nods and left.


Swara entered the villa happily but the sight she saw made her numb. She saw Ragini trembling badly, she threw the bags and rushed to save her. She supported Ragini but that time she had lost her senses.

“Di!! Di!!! Wake up di!!” She tried to wake her up by patting her cheeks but all in vain.

“Sujata aunty!!! Laksh!!! Koi hai??” She screamed but no one came as Ragini was all alone.

“How could they leave di all alone in this condition.” She cried.

Listening to her voice the guard came and asked ” what happened Swara beta? And Ragini bitiya?”

“Dada, where is aunty?” She asked sobbing

“Beta, badi Malkin has went to medical shop for bringing Ragini bitiya’s Medecins.” The guard said.

Swara panicked, she dialed Laksh’s number but it was unreachable, then she called Sanskar and explained everything to him.

Sanskar came and both took Ragini hospital.


Laksh had reached and was pacing to and fro, whereas Swara was crying bitterly and Sanskar was trying to console her.

“Swara, stop crying nothing will happen to Ragini.” Sanskar said, hugging her sideways

“Sanskar, sure na? Di will be alright na?” She asked in-between sobs.

“Nothing, now stop crying. If Ragini will see you in this way then she won’t feel good. Right?” He said wiping her tears.

She nods cutely.

Suddenly her lips curled up into a broad smile, when she heard a soft cacophony of a baby’s cry.

“Sanskar, did you hear that!!” Swara asked excitedly.

He nods. Soon a doctor came out.

“Congratulations Mr. Kapoor, it’s a baby boy for you. Your wife is perfectly fine you can meet her once we shift her into normal ward.” Doctor said and left.

As soon as doctor left Swara jumped onto Laksh…

“Yippee!!! Congrats lucky. You are a proud father now.” She said

“Haan kiddo. Congrats to you to, your chotu has arrived.” Laksh said with tears of happiness.

~two hours later~

Ragini had been shifted to general ward. Laksh was entering the ward and Swara was behind him but Sanskar pulled her arm to stop her, in the mean time laksh went into the ward.

“Sanskar, what are you doing? Leave me, I wanna meet di and my chotu.” She said with irritation

“Swara, you should not meet Ragini now, we will come back in evening.” Sanskar said.

“Why Sanskar? Stop irritating me! I wanna meet di and I will meet her right now!” She said and moved towards the ward, Sanskar again held her arm to stop her.

“Swara, this is very special moment for both of them. Don’t you think we should give them privacy? Let them enjoy this blessing, this ecstatic feeling of parenthood.” Sanskar said to her.

She too thought that he was saying correct, so she choose to went Maheshwar mansion back.

Sanskar was driving car and Swara was speaking non stop, showing her happiness.

“Wow Sanskar, now when Its a boy I will buy more toys and dresses for my chotu” she said with gleaming eyes

Sanskar smiles seeing her excitement.

“And you know, Sparsh will be so excited to know that he got a little brother.” She said,

Sanskar was listening to her, but suddenly her voice started to fade, his vision started to blur, his control on stairing wheel lossen. The car started to move Zig-Zag, Swara saw a car coming from opposite direction, she immediately moved staring wheel.


Her voice made him came back into reality and he applied breaks.

“Are you fine? What happened?” She asked in concern.

“Nothing, just not feeling well.” He said.

She took water bottle from back seat and he drank that.

“Let’s go to doctor” Swara said.

“Swara, I’m fine. Nothing to worry. Trust me, if I feel I need to go to doctor, I will definitely go. Okay?” He said.

She unwillingly nods yes.

“But now I will drive the rest way.” She said

“Your wish, my command, your highness.” He said in a flirty way.

“You won’t change, flirt Kahi ke!” She smiled and drove back to maheshwari mansion.

To be continued….

Precap: naming ceremony and leap

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