Kuch Iss Tarhaa (episode 4)


Well sorry sorry sorry for such delay. it has been decays that i have continued writing. soo sorry people must have forgotten my ff. but i hope the links will provide you with some help. so plzzz forgive me. Sorry again.

Day 3

Lights, Camera aaaaannndddd Action! The screen snapped.
The director has given a one day’s rest to the crew and has asked Ragini for a date(as per his mother) but actually for a dinner to discuss some important work.
The director is seen sitting on a chair before his dining table and is busy doing some “useless” work in his phone. Suddenly his mother Sujata Prasad Maheshwari comes and sits next to his son.
Sp: Sanskaar betaaa…
Sanskar:(busily) yes maa.
Sp: I have heard that you are going for a date with the new heroine of your film, tonight?
Sanskar: sooo?? Nd mom, its not a date its just dinner.
Sp: ya ya, Jo bhi. So beta, is this heroine pretty? Is she beautiful? Sushil hai? How are her ethics?? She’s nice na?
Sanskar: sorry maa, but i don’t have any idea about Ragini.
Sp:(thinking) wow, Ragini. What a lovely name. (speaking to Sanskar) what are you saying? You have been working with her for the past 3 days.

Sanskar:(irritated) maa, will you be able to judge a person just by working with her for 3days. Don’t you remember last time i took 2years to realize my X gf’s real motives.
(W.N- spoiled brat??)
Sp: rey vo ladki to churail Thi, churail. (rey, that girl was a witch). But what do you think or feel about Ragini?
Sanskar:(irritated) oho! maa…(suddenly realizing) hey, wait wait wait. Are you planning about my and her alliance?
Sujata sweetly nods with a broad smile on her face.
Sanskar:(irritated) mom please, not again.
Sujata: but beta, look at you. You have conquered fame and money. Moreover you are 26years old now, if you marry at the age of thirty then my grandchildren wont call you father but grandpa.
Sanskar: mom please. Let me enjoy my life as a bachelor. Marriage and all are some girly stuff. I wont marry anybody right now.
With this Sanskar leaves from there before Sujata could continue with her argument.
Sujata: (after Sanskar has left) wait na. Soon il find a perfect girl for you.

Sanskar comes back to his room and again starts disturbing somebody by sending continuous friend requests on Fb. After sometimes he looks at the person’s grumpy faced Fb dp and smiles.

At the evening…
Ragini (who’s wearing a heavy worked, silver colour anarkali) is seen coming out of there Hyundai Amaze followed by her bg. She wore a black high neck top,with her black leather jacket and black jeans with black boots. Ragini entered the house with swara who busied herself in anticipating the antique stuffs kept around. Suddenly they found a woman greeting them.
Ragini: ummm…excuse me. Can you please call Sanskar g.
Sujata: you are that Ragini.
Ragini:(confused) umm…yess.
Sujata:(pleased with Ragini’s beauty) o, please take a seat. I am his mum.
Ragini: o, namastey aunty.
Sujata: its okay (looking at swara who’s looking or rather scanning everything like a robot) who’s she?
Ragini: actually she’s my bodyguard.
Sujata: o acha…koi baat nehi.
Suddenly they find Sanskar coming out fully dressed for the meeting.
Sanskar and Ragini exchange smiles.
Sanskar: then shall we leave?
Ragini:(shyly) yes. Sure.
Both of them start leaving and Sanskar suddenly finds Swara standing on the stairs.
Sanskar:(confused) what is she doing here?
Ragini: umm, vo, vo…
Swara:(irritated) what does a bodyguard do? She doesn’t dance around right. I am here to do my job.
Sanskar:(whispering into her ears) then you better carry out your job well.
Swara gives him a confused look while winks at her and walks ahead.

To be continued… (only if you all like it)

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