Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 41)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : SwaSan reached to Mumbai, adiraj and vikaram revealed to be brothers.


Next morning

Sparsh was still sleeping peacefully, and his parents were busy in decorating the whole house for his birthday. This birthday would indeed be special for little sparsh as for the first time he would celebrate his birthday with his parents…

“Sanskar, keep your eyes at this pasta, I will be back in 2 minutes” saying this Swara left.

Sanskar was gazing the pasta carefully but his phone rang and he lost his focus…

Swara came in and shouted at him.

“Sanskar!! What the hell!! I told you to stire pasta and you are busy in your phone, oh god it’s 8 already Sparsh can wake at any point and till now we haven’t blown the balloon and even his gifts are unpacked, and you can’t even check a pas-”

To shut her blabbering he placed his lips on hers, pulling her into a deep, hungry kiss, not wanting the kiss to end. Finally after breaking the kiss he spoke…

“This pasta is not burnt, and Sparsh won’t get up before 9, I bet, now you go and pack his gifts, whilst I am blowing the balloons. Any doubt?” He asked with a naughty grin

She nods no.

“Good” he said and moved towards the gate of kitchen, Swara was about to ask something when Sanskar stopped and continued… ” Cake was ready so I have already put that into refrigerator, you just need to write name on it” he said and left a smiling Swara.

After an hour

SwaSan had decorated the whole room with balloons and different types of cartoon stickers, with one side many gifts wrapped in cute wrapping paper had been kept. Sanskar was ready with a chocolate, Mickey mouse shaped cake with his name written on it. Swara moved ahead and woke him up…

“Sparsh! Get up beta, look what we bought for you.” She said, caressing his hair.

He sat on bed and rubbed his sleepy eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes, his Happiness had no boundaries, he started to jump on bed, clapping…

“Yeh sab mere liye?” He asked innocently

She nods and kissed his forehead “happy birthday beta!”

With this he starting jumping…

“Yayyy!!!! Yayyyy!!! My birthday!!!”

SwaSan adored their son’s happiness, sanskar opened his arms to call him,

“Hey! Birthday boy! Come to papa.”

He jumped into sanskar’s arms.

“Happy birthday champ!” Sanskar wished him kissing on cheek.

“Yayyyy!!!! Now I will tell my all friends who teased me by saying that my parents don’t love me that’s why they never celebrated my birthday, I will tell them I have best mumma, papa” sparsh said a big thing in his innocence.

Hearing this Swara recalled how she never celebrated her birthday with her parents, and somewhere this was the only reason she wanted Sparsh’s birthday to be best.

“Chalo, don’t you wanna cut cake?” Swara asked with teary eyes

SwaSan gave a plastic knife to sparsh and he was about to cut that in excitement when swara stopped him…

“No! Not now Sparsh!”

Sanskar and sparsh gave her a confused look, she smiled and placed a candel of 5 on cake and lighted that and continued

“Sparsh now make a wish and blow the candel then cut the cake. Okay?”

“Mumma should I make the wish in mind or loud?” He asked innocently

“Loud” she smiled

“Bhagwan ji, I want a small baby, please give me that” he wished with closed eyes and blew the candel.

“Look Sparsh ki wish, so let’s work hard to fulfill his wish” sanskar whispers to swara making her blush

She hits him playfully and Sparsh makes her eat cake.

“O Mumma ke chamche, cake bhi phle Mumma ko?” Sanskar pouts

“Sparsh, look someone is burning in jelousy” she said, taking sparsh in lap

“Haha, papa is jealous!!” Saying this swaSpa laughed

“I’m not jealous” sanskar pouts

SwaSpa again laughed seeing his expressions.

“O hello! Stop laughing, if you don’t stop laughing Sparsh then I won’t take you waterpark today.” Sanskar said, proudly.

Sparsh immediately got up from Swara’s lap and asked sanskar to lift him up, he did that.

“I love you papa, vo I was supporting Mumma so that she won’t feel bad, otherwise I’m in your team” Sparsh said.

Sanskar gave a winning smile to Swara, who was standing with a wide open mouth.

“Okay, then if Sparsh is in papa’s team then I will eat all the pasta and kheer all alone and I will return Sparsh’s new toys to shopkeeper” Swara said.

Listening to this Sparsh jumped off sanskar’s arms and climb up on the bed and signals swara to bend a little, she did that and he kissed her cheek.

“Mumma, I am in your team but please don’t return my toys and I want that pasta” he said with a puppy face

SwaSan busted out laughing listening to his talks.

“Oh god Swara, He Is exactly Dramebaaz like you. Tumhara beta nahi hai fir bhi tumhare jaisa hai” Sanskar said laughing, without realising what he said and how it would had hurt Swara.

“Sanskar, get your son ready and bring him down for breakfast” She said with cracking tone and left in hurry so that Sparsh couldn’t see her tears.

“What happened to her?” Sanskar though in mind, when reality stricked him.

“Shoot!! What I said!! It must have hurt her alot, that’s why she left. You are an idiot sanskar!!” He curses himself mentally

Here Swara was feeling extremely bad, she knew sanskar said that unknowingly, but still those words Peirced her heart.

Meanwhile sanskar asked sparsh to unpack his gifts so that he could talk to her. He reached kitchen and saw Swara serving breakfast while wiping her tears.

He hugged her from back and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I said that unknowingly.”

She released herself.

“But mujhe Bura Laga hai, I can’t help it” she said chokingly.

He wiped her tears and kissed her forehead and then her teary eyes.

“I’m really sorry, saprah is only your son. You are his Mumma, Sparsh ki Mumma” he said

“Sanskar, Sparsh means a lot to me. He had given me reason to smile, he was sunshine in my dark life. It was Sparsh with whom I smiled wholeheartedly after years, I know I’m not his biological mother and this truth can’t be changed but I love him with my whole heart. He will be my priority in every point of life. Sparsh ke aur tumhare liye apni Jaan bhi Deni padi Kabi to mai peeche nahi hatungi, ye wada hai mera” she said and as she said that again he pulled her into a kiss, his hands travelled up and down on her back, she immediately pulled herself away when she heard Sparsh’s footsteps.

“Sanskar wait!” She called him

“What?” He asked.

She wiped her lipstick off his lips with her hand.

“Mumma!!! Pastaa!!!” Sparsh shouts

“Haan, come here” she called him for Breakfast


SwaSanSpa reached the waterpark and Sparsh was so excited to see the rides.

“Mumma I wanna go on that ride” sparsh said pointing towards a big slide

“Let’s see, which rides are safe for you” sanskar said

After analysing sanskar choosed a merry go round with artificial rain, and sent Sparsh there.

Sparsh waves hand to them and swaSan to waves their hands. Swara rested her head on his shoulder, while adoring the happy sparsh.

“Missing your family?” He asked

“hmm.. I had never celebrated my birthday with my family, I promise I would never let Sparsh face what I had faced in childhood.” She said with determination

“You are best mom, indeed.” He said proudly.

“Sanskar, I want a favour from you.” She spoke hesitantly.

“Swara? Why are you asking like this? Tell me what you want?” He said

“Sanskar, when our house, I mean gadodia mansion had been sealed we had to left out belongings there, I want to go there, there was a photo album which my so called parents never allowed me to see-” she stopped and sanskar continued…

“You think you might have your real parents’ pics and memories in that album. Right?”

She nods

“We will go there today after finishing his trip” he said.

Soon it was evening and the trio deçided to go back. At the exit of waterpark SwaSpa saw something and then at eachother, and shouted in unison…

“Ice cream!!!!!”

“Noooooo!!!!” Sanskar said strictly.

“Stop us if you can!!!” Saying this, swara held Sparsh’s hand and ran towards the ice cream stall.

Both bought the icecream and as always sparsh has messed his face with icecream, she asked for hankey from sanskar and wiped Sparsh’s face with that. The trio was enjoying their icecream treat without knowing that two eyes were following them.m

Sparsh was fast asleep as usual in swara’s lap and sanskar was driving towards the gadodia mansion. Suddenly swara stopped him.

“Sanskar stop!”

“What happened?” He immediately applied breaks and asked.

“Look that car! Sparsh was asking me for that toy, I will go and buy that. Just two minutes okay?” She asked

He nods, she stepped out with sleeping sparsh towards the shop, meanwhile Sanskar saw something and went out to bought that.



Swara was standing in front of the house which had all the bitter memories of her life, the place where she never wanted to come again, but she had came back, maybe her past was calling her.

“Swara, are you sure you wanna go there?” Sanskar confirms

She nods,

“Let’s go then!” He said and held her hand firmly.

“You stay here, I will go in” she said

“But Swara? Look at this bungalow, I can’t let you go in, alone.” He denied her.

“Sanskar, I have seen more darkness, don’t worry will be back in 15 minutes, and look na Sparsh is sleeping we can’t take him in, so it’s better that you stay here” she said with confidence

“Then you stay here, I will bring that album” he said

“Sanskar, you don’t know anything about this villa, I know. So just 15 minutes and I will be back, promise” she said.

After lots of arguments he allowed her to go inside the mansion. The mansion was a haunted one now, as she was going into the mansion her past started revolving in front of her eyes, the past which had haunted her for years but now she was adamant not to let her past haunt her.

She went in the store room and searched the album, with lots of struggle she found 3 albums and took them but as she turned back her biggest fear was in front of her eyes.

“V-vik-vikram” she murmured

“Yes, Swara baby! Missed me? ” He said wickedly

She was again numb, tears were flowing from her eyes.

“Y-you were i-in j-j-jail?” She tried to speak something

“I was baby, but what you think tum mujhe jail bhijwaogi aur mai chup chap baithunga? You had mistaken Swara, my biggest mistake was to leave you alive, I should have killed you.” He said angrily.

Here Sanskar was panicking as neither he could leave Sparsh alone in cab nor he could take him in and swara was taking time, he tried her phone but she didn’t lift that.

Meanwhile adiraj was passing by when he saw Vikram’s car parked near gadodia villa.

“Vikram’s car? What he must be doing here? I have told him not step out, agar kisi ne dekh Lia use to pareshani ho jyegi” adiraj Said to himself and rushed towards the villa after parking his car

Here Vikram tried to dominate Swara.

“So, let’s enjoy again? What say? It would be fun!” Saying this he started moving towards her.

“Don’t you! I-I’m warning you” she said with fake confidence.

“Aww poor Swara, Darr gai? Don’t worry this time I will kill you, so that you don’t need to face any humiliation.” He said and continued to move towards her.

She pushed him hard and ran towards the exit when she collided with Sanskar who had sleeping sparsh in his arms.

“You found?” He asked but when he noticed her expressions he got worried

“What happened Swara? Why are you sweating like this?” He asked in concern.

“Sa-sansk-ar… Ya..Yahi.. hai vo….” She can’t continue as she got asthama attack, tears were rolling down her eyes, she was breathing heavily and sweating profusely.

She was loosing her balance and sanskar could not held her but someone else supported her, it was adiraj.

“Swara? Are you fine?” He asked in concern.

Sanskar could not understand how adiraj reached there.

“Sanskar, her inhaler?” He asked.

Sanskar nodded and took her inhaler from his pocket, she was calm, they took her out and drove straight to laksh’s home.


Swara was still shivering in fear, adiraj and Sanskar were sitting on her either side to console her, she narrated the whole incident to them. Adiraj’s face became pale listening to her.

“Swara, that must be your hallucination, Vikram is in jail.” Adiraj said

“Nahi adiraj, he is out. He was in front of me, he said he will kill me” she said

“How this could be possible Swara?” Sanskar asked

“I don’t know but he was in front of me, with his evil smile.” She said in fear

“Swara you are thinking too much, that’s your imagination only, he is in jail” adiraj Said rudely

Swasan got shocked as adiraj never talked rudely with anyone.

“Sorry, and please don’t talk to me like this.” Swara said with tears.

“Hey dude, chill don’t be rude to her, she is scared already” sanskar said to adiraj

“Um… Ya… I’m sorry but trust me swara, that was just you hallucination nothing else, you trust me na?” Adiraj asked

“More than anything, I trust you blindly because I know you will never break my trust, and never talk to me like that” she said

“Never, sweetheart” adiraj Said pulling her into a side hug.

“Vese Adiraj what are you doing here, In Mumbai?” Sanskar asked

“V-vo I had a medical conference here” he said sweating profusely.

“Oh and how you reached gadodia mansion?” Sanskar Again asked

Adiraj was blank he had nothing to answer.

“Adiraj?” Sanskar waves hand in front of him.

“Huh? Haan. Vo I was going from Street so when I saw you going inside the mansion, I thought to follow you” adiraj fumbles

“Really? I mean sure na? Koi or baat nahi hai?” Sanskar frowned.

“Obviously yaar, and now I should leave , take care swara, take care sanskar, if you need me call me I am in Mumbai for a week” saying this adiraj left.

Sanskar was not satisfied with his answers, for the first time he was doubting his chuddy-buddy, but he had a reason to doubt him.


Singhania villa

Adiraj was slapping Vikram hardly.

“How dare you to miss behave with Swara, again” adiraj shouted

“I can’t stop myself seeing her, she was so tempting, bade bhaiya” vikaram said lustfully and Again received a tight punch from adiraj

“Be in your limits, jis kaam ke liye tumhe bahar nikala hai, us par Dhyan do” adiraj Said angrily

“Calm down, bade Bhaiya” vikaram said, shamelessly

“I didn’t take you out on paraol for miss behaving with swara again!! You have no idea how troublesome sanskar could be for you!” Adiraj shouted

“Bade bhaiya, stop worrying about me, nothing will happen to me.” Vikram said casually

“Look Vikram, I have taken a huge risk after releasing you from jail, for god’s sake don’t increase my problems! And don’t you dare to step out of this house or else you will see my worst side” adiraj warned Vikram

“Bade bhaiya, vo-” Vikram stopped in between as she saw a man with bloodshot eyes standing at door and a pair of hurt eyes.

Adiraj turned and found Sanskar and Swara standing there.

“Swara, Sanskar” adiraj murmured.

“Kyu Kia ye adiraj? Kyu?” Swara spoke chokingly.

“Swara I can explain everything.” Adiraj fumbles

“Trust me dude, you can’t.” Sanskar said furiously

To be continued


so, how swasan reached Singhania villa?

What is adiraj’s real intentions?

Is adiraj betraying everyone?

To know more keep reading and supporting!

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