Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 40)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : SwaSan consummation.



Sun rays shone the room, the two love birds were sleeping peacefully, Swara woke up and smiled remembering last night’s incidents, she looked at clock, half past 9, she hit her forehead with her palm and tried to get up but, Sanskar pulled her again and rolled over her in half sleep.

“Sanskar leave me, it’s too late, I need to prepare breakfast, Sparsh must be troubling maa a lot” struggling to release herself, she said

“No, I won’t, you are mine” he tightens his grip over her.

“Sanskar, my love, please leave me. I know, I am yours but please lemme go na” she said, kissing him on cheek

He refused and nuzzles his face in neck, ” You have no idea how much I love you”

“I know how much you love me, but please let me go” she pleads him and tried to push him but, before she could release herself they heard a knock on door, with sweet voice.

“Mumma! You are still sleeping” Sparsh said

SwaSan immediately got up listing to him.

“Coming sparsh!” She shouts, while tucking the comforter under her arms, as she tried to get up, he again pulled her and she landed on his bare, toned chest.

“Sanskar!!” She rolled her eyes on him.

“What?” He gave her a casual look

She started drawing circles in his chest, he closed his eyes.

“Lemme go na, please” she said with a puppy face.

“Okay, you can go but I have one condition” he smriks

“What?” She asked

“You will not wear any sute or saree on trip, you have to wear jeans and other dresses which I have already bought for you. Agree?” He put the condition Infront of her.

“But, Sparsh will be with us, don’t you think it will be little odd for his mumma to wear such clothes?” She said dubiously

“Look who is saying this, you use to say that you will never touch saree and now you are not leaving that, wow!” He said, while pretends to be shocking

“Sanskar,b-but ( she saw his face, as he was staring her and she gave up) okay, fine. I will” she said

“That’s like my girl. Now go” he said and pecked her lips.


Only 2 hours left for SwaSanSpa to leave. Swara entered the room and got shocked seeing the mess created by the papa and beta.

They have unpacked the suitcase and their clothes were scattered all over the floor, while Sparsh was roaming around in only shorts… She shouted

“Sparsh!! Sanskar!!! What the hell you both are doing? We have to leave in 2hours and you guyz have unpacked the suitcase!!!”

SanSpa stood straight with a puppy face.

“Swara we… I mean Sparsh was searching something, sachhi not me! I’m innocent” Sanskar said with an innocent face.

“I know how innocent you are!!” She said with an obvious look on her face

“Yes, mumma, papa is lieing, I will tell what he did” Sparsh said coming towards Swara

Swara took him in her lap and he continued innocently “Mumma papa took my clothes out of the bag”

“Sanskar why you did that?” She asked him

“O mumma ke chamche, Swara he has taken all my clothes out” Sanskar said

“Sanskar have some shame, you are putting blame on a 5 year old kid” she said in disbelief, whereas Sparsh was having a naughty smile on his face

“Swara trust me, I was just checking,if I have kept your inhaler or not and for that only I have opened the suitcase and took his two tee shirts out, then I went into washroom and in the meantime Sparsh has unpacked the whole thing” Sanskar explained the incident to her

Swara looked at Sparsh who has changed his naughty smile into an innocent one.

“Sanskar look at his face, how innocent he is, stop blaming my son, you have unpacked this first noe you will pack this, till then mamma and Sparsh will have brownie” she ordered Sanskar,lifting sparsh in her arms

“I also want!” Sanskar said with a puppy face

“Finish work soon then!” She said and left

Soon after finishing work,poor Sanskar and naughty sparsh along with swara left for airport.

At airport Swara was shocked as Sanskar has booked a charter plane. All sat in plane, but Swara wants to know the reason why he booked chartered plane

“Sanskar we were supposed to go from a normal plane na? Then why all this?” She asked him, with curiosity

“Swara I want to spend more n more time with my wifey and soN” he said, swara was not satisfied with his answer but still she let that topic go.

“I’m sorry Swara, what I’m going to do, you must get hurt with that , so please forgive me” he thought.


The plane landed at airport, As Swara was going into the airport from runway, she sees the familiar surrounding, and the moment came when she read the board “MUMBAI AIRPORT” she stopped walking, Sanskar’s can see the horrified look on her face. He understood the reason, he hugged her sideways and whispers in her ear “I’m sorry for this Swara,”

“Why you did this Sanskar? This city has given me worst memories, it has snatched everything from me” she said with tears peeping from the corners of her eyes.

After finishing the formalities SwaSanSpa came out, and swara starting protesting

“Sanskar please, let’s go back, I don’t want to go on any trip. Please, we were supposed to go to Goa na, then why you brought me here, that too without my knowledge, how could you Sanskar” she cried controlling her voice so that,sparsh won’t notice that, whereas he was buzy in adoring the new surroundings ecstatically.

“Swara, you can’t fall weak now! You have overcame all your fears, you came a long way, now this one more thing, please, for me” he said holding her tight.

“B-but, I hate this city, it’s has snatched everything from me, my family, my friends, my love, m-m.y. d.i.g.n.i.t.y…” She cried

“Swara please, I promise you will get best memories here this time, trust me” he said wiping her tears.

She was about to answer when Sparsh sae her sobbing.

“Mumma? What happened? Why are you crying? Did Papa scold you?” He asked in his concerned, innocent voice.

She immediately wiped her tears and lifts him up ” No, actually something went into mumma’s eyes “she said with a fake smile.

Sparsh kissed her eyes “now fine?”

She nods, Sanskar encircle his arm protectively around her delicate shoulders, firmly.

They hired a cab and reached to laksh’s house, as Sanskar has already told laksh about all this, and laksh made his caretaker to clean the house, for their stay.

Journey was long and tiring for Sparsh so swara make him sleep. Swara was lost somewhere in her past, when she felt a rough hand around her waist and her lips curled up into a smile, she turned and rested her head on his chest.

“You are very strong Swara, I’m proud of you” he said

“Only, because of you Sanskar, never leave my side” she said

“Never” he accepted

“Achha, now go and take bath you must be tired na, then will give you lunch” she said

He nods and proceed towards the bathroom with a naughty smile.

Swara was ordering lunch, when Sanskar called her…


She ran into the room and knocked the door, as as soon as she knock the door Sanskar pulled her in and she startled, at first she felt shy seeing him bare chest.

“What the hell is this!” She shouted

“Don’t worry it will turn into heaven” saying this, he placed his lips on hers, and kept pushing her slowly untill, her back met the wall and his hands reached the shower.

He broke the kiss and asked” so how was the trailer?”

“You are shameless, lemme go Sparsh may wake anytime” she said with tinted cheeks

“What shameless? You are my legally wedded wife, Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari” he said, blocking her in his embrace

He Started planting wet kisses on her neck and back. They were completely lost in their romance in bathroom for very long time.

In the meantime Sparsh woke up and scanned the whole house but he didn’t find either Swara or Sanskar and got scared. He keeps calling her.

“Mumma! Where are you?”

Swara heard his scared voice and listening to that, Swara was about to answer him, when Sankar closed her mouth “have you gone mad? Iss Tarah jaogi sparsh ke samne?”

She realised that he was correct, she can’t came out in her present condition. So taking the charge, sanskar answered him

“Sparsh mumma has gone to market, she will come back soon, you go downstairs, papa will come after finishing the bath, okay?”

Sparsh felt relieved on hearing Sanskar’s voice
“Papa you are bathing?” He asked

“Yes beta” he replied

“Then open the door na, I want to have bath with you, please” sparsh knocked the door hardly

Here swasan gulped in fear? listening to Sparsh’s demand.

“Look what your son is demanding!” He said to Swara in irritated tone.

“It’s all Your fault, who told you romance Here!!” Swara said angrily

“Oo please! Your son always spoil my romance, sare mood ki band Baja deta hai ye ladka, he won’t let his sister come in world” he said

“You have lost it!! Kaha ki baat kaha le ja rahe ho!!! Now stop your non sense and get out” she said strictly

“Huhh!!” Sanskar gave her an angry glare, immediately he wore the bathrobe and came out.

“Sorry beta, we will have bath tmrw, okay? Now come” he said and lifts him up and moved out giving Swara proper time to change.

SanSpa were waiting for Swara, Sparsh was gazing the door, when swara descend the stairs…

“Papa you said mumma has gone to market, then how come she came from upstairs?” Sparsh asked innocently, embarrassing SwaSan

“Sparsh, let’s have lunch! Then we will go out” Swara diverts the topic

“Yayyy!! We will go out!!!” He Said excitedly

Both felt relieved.


Swara was getting ready in jeans and shirts, as per Sanskar’s instructions. Sanskar entered the room and gets awestruck, she was looking simply beautiful in black jeans and pink shirt, he hugged her from back and rested his chin on her shoulder,

“Hmm… so, someone has decided to kill me with her looks” with his this comment, she blushed

He applied a little vermilion on her forehead, making sure that everyone can see that she is his’s.

“Now, Lets go Swara!” he said

“Sanskar, wait.” He stopped and asked her in jesture “vo… Tomorrow is Sparsh’s birthday, and when we are here, I want him to cherish this birthday, it will be very special for him as for the first time he will celebrate his birthday with his mumma and Papa, plus I want to gift him best thing which he wants, and I don’t know what he wants, help me” she continued with nervousness.

“He just wants us to celebrate his day with us, and why you are asking this as if you don’t know him, you know him better than me” saying this he kissed her on forehead

Sparsh was witnessing his forehead kiss and he pouts ” papa, everytime you kiss mumma only, you don’t love me”

Swara and Sanskar gets embarrassed, again.

“Papa loves you too” Sanskar said and kissed him all over his face, Sparsh smiles wholeheartedly


Sanskar took both of them to beach,
Swara folded her jeans up so as Sanskar. They hold Sparsh’s either hand and the trio walk in the shallow water, the sea water caused tickling on their feet, Sparsh was enjoying this new experience.

Suddenly Sanskar left his hand and splashes water on them, Swara shout in Happiness and then the mother-son duo splashes water on him… Making him completely drench.

Swara ran away holding sparsh’s hand after splashing water on him, Swara and Sparsh were teasing him and he was adoring their happiness…

“Mumma sand castle!!!” Sparsh jumps in excitement

“Let’s gooo!!!” Saying this she hold Sparsh’s small hand and ran, ignoring Sanskar and his saying

“Swara!!! It’s enough for today, your clothes are already soaked, you will get asthama attack!! Swara!!! Sparsh!!!” He kept on calling them but they were adamant not to listen him, at last he gave up and joined them in making sand castle.

“Papa we all will live in this castle” sparsh said

“Don’t you think it will be very big for us?”Sanskar asked

“No,papa. You,me, mumma, dadu, dadi and bua will have one-one room” he said smilingly

“Look, even in sand castle he is giving us seperate rooms, told you na he won’t let his sister come” he murmurs

“Sanskar will kill you, if you again blame my son” saying this, she pinched him

“Aawwooch” he winces

“What happened papa?” Sparsh asked

“Nothing beta, just an ant bited me”he said glaring Swara

“Sparsh, don’t you feel hungry now?” Swara diverted the topic

“Yessss, mumma” sparsh said innocently

“Then come, I will make you eat missal paw” she Said

“Miss… Miss.. Kya?” Sparsh looked at her in confusion

“Missal paw, come will buy for you” she said and took SanSpa to the nearby food stall on beach

Swara was feeding sparsh with her hands as sparsh can’t have that himself, while Sanskar was buzy in adoring them.

After having food, All of them came back completely exhausted, Sparsh was fast asleep in swara’s lap. She placed him on bed and SwaSan slept on his either sides…


@varsova police station(Mumbai)

“So you have taken permission to take him on parol, may I know why?” Police inspector asked

A tall man in grey jeans and yellow shirt said “I have some work with him, plus I have completed all the formalities so I can take him out for a month, right?”

“Hmm.. you can. Go and bring Vikram, here” the officer orderd his junior

“Sir which Vikram?” The junior asked

“Vikram, Vikram Singhania, that Swara gadodia rape case’s culprit” the officer said, and the junior left.

“Sir please sign here” the officer asked the man to sign, he followed his saying

“Hmm… Your name??” He asked

“Adiraj, Adiraj Singhania” he said

Soon Vikram came and both left.

@singhania villa

Vikaram changed his clothes and came downstairs, and hugged Adiraj tightly…

“Howz you bade bhaiya?”

To be continued…


As you all know that, my writings has turned boring now, so I have asked my friend to continue this ff, if she agrees cool, otherwise I will end this within 5 episode.

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