Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 4) (at fault)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : swara jump off running car… Sumi n shekhar left for Kolkata


Swara’s pov

It was night.. Suddenly my sleep got disturbed.. Some noise was coming from ragini’s room.. I peep in her room.. For my shock she was crying holding our childhood pic… Probably our one n only pic… Tears welled in my eyes.. I just want to engulf her in a bone crushing hug… But no.. Why should I care for her… She never cared for me… So I left… I sat on bed n recall that incident cz of which she taunts me daily…

Ok I agree that was my plan to come back… But as I said I can’t help it when m in anger… 5 years back.. When mom n dad bought me back… Or rather I force them to take me back… But I am still paying for that one step…
Avni my best friend.. I met her when we both were 5…We both were only Indian in that hostel of Singapore… She was also staying with me n luckily she was my roommate… We both were in hostel but there was huge difference in our lives.. Avni’s parents n grand parents use to talk to her daily.. At least for couple of hours… We were not supposed to talk on phone after 8 but Avni’s papa took a special permission only to talk her at 9… Cz he came late from office he was an ias officer .. Ahh leave this..
Ya so.. After our 10th Exams Avni’s parents shifted to India..

Now I want to come back at any cost.. I can’t live without her… I pleaded mom n dad alot but all in vain.. They were not ready to take me back.. Then one day I had a heating argument with them.. N I took the drastic step…

I was very angry.. I was fuming with anger so I convert my feelings into literal action… I set fire to my room… Yes I did that.. But in the whole scenario I got stuck in the room…

Soon I felt like choaking.. Somehow the warden n security guard took me out n admitted me to hospital.. After that incident the skul resticates me… N specially mention on my certificate that I can’t get admitted to any other hostel.. Cz itz risky.. Lol.. I don’t care.. N bingo mom n dad hv to take me back.. But cz of that incident I got allergy from these smoke n all.. Basically co2 got filled in my lungs n made them week… But whatever I came back.. Is the only thing which matters to me…

After coming back as I was week.. Mom n dad started to pay attention to me.. N that ragini starts to get jealous of me…

Urrrghh my head.. I mean mere thinking about that girl my head starts to pain..

*** Swara’s pov end ***


Poor swara!!!! Now itz time for ragini


***ragini’s pov***

I cried… Cried n cried… It hurts to see my little sister like this.. But I can’t do anything.. She is uncontrollable… I still remember when we were young n mom n dad use to pay attention to her only.. They keep on scolding me..

“ragini she is younger to u.. U shld know how to behave”

This was their pen dialogue.. I use to listen this dialogue atleast twice every hour…

Ok I agree I am elder to her but only a year… If that time she was 4 I was 5… I wasn’t ‘big’ enough but no.. Cz of her I was categorized as big… Still I use to luv her alot.. Afterall she was my lill sissy…

I still remember that day when mom n dad decides to send her to hostel.. I was sad as well as happy.. Cz now I can hv their full attention but also sad cz swara was going away..

And yes It worked… Mom n dad starts to pay attention to me.. But that swara can’t tolerate my happiness… That was my first solo stage performance… I was in 11th standard…

Mom n dad were about to watch my performance for the first time… This wasn’t my first performance but mom n dad never had tym for that.. N this tym too they were coming to my skul as they were the chief guest…

Yes they were coming cz they were guest not for their own daughter… But still I was happy atlest they will see me performing.. But swara had done that fire scene n mom n dad left…

Then she came back n destroyed my life.. She snatched mom n dad’s attention from

From me she even snach my boyfriend… That girl made him her best friend… N laksh too care for her more than he care for me…

She says that I always spend my b’day with mom n dad…
Agreed! But she doesn’t even know that mom n dad use to wish me in late night… Sometimes they wish me next day.. If this is b’day Celebration then indeed I hv CELEBRATED my each n every b’day with them…

She can’t understand what it feels when ur parents are physically present here but not mentally… I still remember my 12th b’day
I was waiting for dad to come downstairs so that I can cut cake but dad didn’t come… Yes he didn’t…

My friends were making fun of me

“look ragini’s papa doesn’t come.. For cake cutting ”

” I think her dad doesn’t love her at all”

These were the piercing comments which I faced.. It was so embarrassing n humiliating for me… She can’t understand…

I don’t know when exactly I fall asleep thinking about that…

It was morning… I came downstairs and saw attention seeking playing her tactics…

“swara beta just one bite.. That’s it.. ” sujata aunty tried to feed her

” no aunty m full” she said..
Urrrghh bl**dy attention seeker… Soon aunty left… Swara n laksh alone..

I fetch a chair for myself for sitting beside laksh.. Swara was sitting on other side…. Basically he was sitting in between us…

As soon as i sat.. Swara stand up n was about to left… But lucky held her hand

“not today swara” he said
I was wondering what he wants to do.. He pull her n make her sit.. I thought I shld leave cz I can’t tolerate her…. So I was about to stand up but he said “not now ragini… Don’t go”

I quietly follow his order.. He sat infront of us n held our hand in his either hand.. N say”swara ragini.. U both are my life.. U both means alot to me.. Do u guys hv an idea how it feels to see u both fighting… No.. U both are selfish… Just tell me one thing… Do you guys ever think about me.. ”

I bow down my head as I know he was right…

” m giving you.. A month to patch up.. If u guys can’t patch up then… Get ready for worst consequences… “he said with determination

” what will you do”swara ask

“I will cut all my ties with you both”he said n he left..

Me n swara were shocked…

****ragini’s pov end ****

So guys now tell me.. Who is at fault… Swara!!!??? Ragini!!??? Or their parents???!!!

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Their parents
    Nice update

    1. Thnku… For reading n for ur opinion ???

  2. actually no one is at fault and also everyone is at fault …irony of the situation being that they have everything and still they have nothing… I guess that’s how life has become now…
    I can totally understand swara..
    u really struck a chord today meher .. really beautiful writing..
    loved it and love u..
    ( sorry got way too emotional )

    1. I totally agree with you… That’s y I hv written that this tym itz all about harsh reality… In nuclear family… If both parents are working children suffers alot…

      Thnk god.. Inspite of living in nuclear family with working parents I hvnt faced such situations.. Bt I hv seen others facing this

      1. you are really an awesome person meher.. and I would love ur views on humrahi..

    2. I hvnt read that.. But whenever I saw itz segment I want to read that…

  3. Awesome

  4. I think the fault is both swara n raginis and their parents too.

  5. parents!

  6. Obviously their parents…both of the girls felt jealous of each other because of them…swara was spoilt but ragini should give attention to her as she was her sister..So it was kind of they both were at fault too..they always thought about themselves..not the other one.

    1. Soon u will say that itz not their fault either…. ??

      Itz only cz of attention.. They both craves for attention of their parents ?

      1. Just make everything allright between two sisters..i can’t see them ignoring each other 🙁

    2. Sure I will utilize before that Swara’s lyf would turn upside down

  7. Obviously their parent. I cant see them like this . Its truly disgusting to see such parents di. Poor swaragini . Though being rich they r poor cuz they r badly in need of love. I very eager to see hoe this one month is going to patch them . Ok di thats all cuz agar iss mein hi comment kar thi rahi toh yeh dooriyan pad hi nahi paungi. Love u di 😉

    1. Dear parents kbi Galt nhi hote.. U will soon get to know what I mean.. .

      Yup lets see path up hota hai ya nahi ??

      Na na I hv full confidence on ur chattering stills ?????

      1. Its true di parents galat nahi hote. I think blaming anyone would be wrong cuz parents need children to be happy and children need parents love. Waiting to see ur nxt ep di. I am very happy that u have confidence in my chattering hehhe. Even my friends say this cuz i never stop 😉

    2. That’s why u r my chhutki.. . I too never stop blabbering ?????

      1. Then same pinch di.love u

      2. One more same pinch cuz even i am a single child. 😉

  8. Of course their parents….. They don’t deserve children at all….. Anyway….. Continue soon……

    1. Don’t worry.. Hoga.. Sab theek hoga ?

  9. such a touching chapter… their parents r totally responsible fr all dese things… dey r just running aftr money & a lavish lifestyl..

    1. But don’t forget they worked hard for their children ?

  10. Nyc episode

  11. It’s lovely nd their parents r at fault

  12. Yup parents. Now u r scaring me as we both r working n we leave our daughter to day care as our parents can’t come here to take care of her. N in today’s world it is difficult to survive on 1 salary specially to meet kids n society’s requirements rather than ours.

    1. It actually depends on parents.. Even I hv working parents n over that m only child but I never felt.. Alone… Cz i always hv some family time.. N my mum is super cool.. I can share everything from her…

      Yup itz difficult to survive on one salary… U must be a cool mum ?

  13. gud epi..:)

  14. Obvio parents di sometimes some parents forget their children infront of their so called status and society.I feel pity for those parents who are gifted sweet children by god but never cared. Otherwise amazing chapter Di.

    1. Yup itz also true… But it happens rarely ??

      1. Yup that’s also true but m veryyyy happy coz I got most wonderful parents in the world…??? though they are busy but still whenever we get time no one can say that we r sane people because of our mad masti.????????

      2. Or Di r u sure sanky iss season tak pahunch jaayega?????????

    2. Me too got the best mom.. She is super duper cool.. She knows about my friends… My friends’s bfs their gfs…

      LOL.. Whenever my friends visit me they push me in kitchen for preparing snacks n they starts chatting with mumma… Poor me ??

    3. I think paunch jyega????

  15. awesome… obviously parents….

  16. Mugdha 1? its definitely the parents fault…and we can’t say actually that swaragini had no fault in this..even its their fault too…jao katti..nehi baat karti tumse..Sanskar ko Abhi bhi nehi layi tum…Sabskar abhi bhi traffic jam meh phasa huya hai kya? India ke jams aise hai????

    1. Jo Eva devi ne kaha sab satya ???

      Aa ra tha tyre puncher ho gya.. Bt pakka 6th episode m aa jayega…

      Pinky promise ????

      1. Eva devi satya ke alaza kuch nehi kehti..i don’t believe this ki Sanskar eisi khatara gari aur khatara tyre ke saath chalta hai..u go and pick him up and bring him here asap…

      2. You two r so funny!!Sorry for commenting in between but i couldn’t stop myself from doing this

    2. Jo aagya (order) Eva devi ???

      I will drop him in 6th episode ????

      1. 6th? Samajgayi..tumhari gari ka bhi haal sanskar ki gari ki tarah hi hai..aur dosh traffic jam ko dehrahi ho..?

    3. Na na meri activa new hai…

      Sri 2 saal purani hai ????

      N I m jhoot nahi bolti… Sachhi… ??????

    4. Thnku chaitali ab m hoon he esi.. Bachpan se talented… But kabhi ghamand nahi kia ????

      1. Haha…mein bhi talented hu..aur mein bhi ghamand nehi karti….tumhari 2 saal pehle liyi huyi nayi gari seh hii lao na Sanskar ko….

    5. Sry ni le k aa sakti.. Gadi ko hospital bhejna padega… ??? bechari ka accident ho gaya

      1. Gari hospital pohochgaya usmeh betha insan nehi pohocha? Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho phir? Tum and tumhari gari..get well soon and bring Sanskar warns bech doh ush gari ko jo hamare Sanskar ko laane mein unsuccessful rahi..??

  17. Obviously their parents are at fault
    What a shock from laksh to those 2

    1. Yup 440 volts ka jhatka

  18. Parents fault.

  19. Sometimes I feel it’s the only fault of parents OK they earned for their children but money isn’t everything what will u do when you have lots of money but no one to spend on…. Swara and ragini I don’t know but siblings they are someone if parents are not with you. You can survive with eo love…. But here everything is just too messed I hope laksh ultimatum will do something….. N meher ? gandi ladki abhi tak snuku ko nahi layi… Tyre puncture kar diya I’ll puncture ur nose ??

    1. I my case I don’t know about sibling or siblings bonding that’s the reason I never write about ‘swaragini’…

      Their lives are totally messed up…

      Sanku 6th episode m ayega pakka… N meri nose 1.5 year pehle puncher ho gai thi… M not interested in that agai… ???

      1. U got punctured ur nose already!! Why?? Didn’t you like it? ?….meher let me tell you u won’t look good without ur nose ??

    2. Actually not punchered.. It got a cut.. With that kite flying thread.. . ????

      1. Aww but still you’re laughing mentioning it and I’m laughing imagining u lol……. U have activa I’ve Jupiter send me the address of sanky I’ll bring him… Wo meri back seat pe bethega… Lol ? what say ??

    3. I was also laughing when that happened.. N nurse was like koi chup karo yr iss ladki ko ????

      No way sanky sirf mere peeche baithega… ?

  20. Its awesome.. fabulous.. beyond

  21. well i think their parents r at fault…. but there is miss understanding also….. swaragini both feel that the other the other is getting more attention….. yes their parents r earning for them but in this race they have gone too far n now the relations have been broken…..
    very well presented Meher….. very emotional episode…..

    1. Yup they hv forgotten about their family…. Now their daughters are on the verge of break down… But still Swara’s condition is worse as she has no one.. Where as ragini has laksh.. N she has stayed away from her family for yes..

      M glad that you lyk it ???

  22. According to me it’s parents because I face swaras situation everyday of my life

    1. But don’t be swara… Baby… ?

      Parents never differentiate by choice itz by chance…

  23. All four of them are at fault…

    Heyy Meher! I just found time to read all four epis… Amazing… Superb!! The way you brought out the reality in everything <3 <3 <3
    I remember the first few wpis of kuch iss tarah 1 and when i see this now… You've improved sooo much <3 <3 LOVED IT!!

    Now coming to ur question…

    I personally feel that all 4 are at fault… But the maximum fault is of the parents.. then Swara and Ragini..
    I say this… because my cousins used to be like them too…. Whenever I visited.. I felt like Laksh.. 🙁 🙁
    Their parents were too busy… And these 2 hated each other.. It grew soo bad.. But then when the younger one turned 13 and the elder 15.. They opened up their true feelings and finally sorted them out.. Idk how.. Idk when.. But when i visited the next time.. They had such a great bonding… that I swear i thought the world had turned upside down.
    Well… what i'm trying to say is… Instead of just thinking and thinking and expecting something from parents… They should have spoken to each other…. when they were young itself and sorted it out.. That's my opinion at least…

    LOL… Reading this makes me feel happy I'm an only child 😉 🙂

    1. Yup I too feel that I hv improved… Kuch iss tarah 1 was a random decision to write… It was actually by mistake….

      Yup according to me every one has contributed some to this… Situation… Misunderstandings grow only cz of communication gap.. If u talk nothing will remain unsolved…

      Same pinch m also only child… ?????

  24. oviously their parents………………..awesome……

  25. In my point of view, all four.BTW superb chapter.You are one child of your parents, cool.I have two bro’s and a sister.I am younger, that’s why, vo meri sarr pe hamesha tandav macha te hein (It’s my. bad luck or good luck.nehi pata, lol).But yeah,they love me like hell.They are very protective about me.

    1. Yup I too think all are at fault…

      Itz NYC that they are protective about u… Mai to cousin m b sabse badi hoon ???????

      1. Abdul hafiz(uma).

        Opps, so sad cutie pie.By the way, mein cousins me b sabse young hu, hehe.

  26. I think no one’s at fault..it’s all because of situations and circumstances. But still their parents should’ve bonded with them.
    I know how it feels when you’re neglected by your parents. As a child, me n my elder sister used to stay alone at home but thankfully we had each other, we know what we mean to each other. Well now my parents do have time for us bt thanks to them, I got to know how much my sister loves me.
    Okay, I got emotional. Sorry 😛
    I was supposed to praise you for the episode but got carried away. Anyways…episode was awesome and I do hope you clear the mu btwn both Swara and Ragini.
    Keep writing! 🙂

    1. U know what.. That was a perfect answer… Yes everyone is at fault yet everyone is innocent….

      Itz osm that u n ur sister shares an osm bond… Bless you both…

      Yup I will..

  27. Their parents are at more fault then swara and ragini….. Plz update soon….

    1. Thnku n I will try to update soon

  28. Poor swaragini
    Nice episode

  29. Hey wow very nice can u give the link of ur previous ff other than kuch is tarah 1

  30. Mugdha ….kaisi h…Aur sab badiya…Aur kya chal rha h life mai….
    Hiiiiiiiii*puppy dog eyes*
    I know u must be angry on me….n hona b chahiye …Maine itne dino take comment ni kiya…m chooollllyyy….actually was busy…with something….will tell u tomorrow….suspence…OK…
    N I just read all ch of KIT2…n have also commented on all ch ….plzzzz do read….n reply alsi
    N now pakka mai an Mr India…I mean aise disappear ni houngi…bata ke houngi….
    N yaar sanky kaha h….I know ye tera plan h…humare sanky ko humse alag karke ….akele uske sath time spend kar rhi h na…konse puncher ko.thik hone me 6 epi …I mean 6 days late h….huh???….mujhe bata kha pe h mai lekke atti hu…metro jati h waha…tu bata bas 1 ghante me laungi bina teri activa k????
    Tune kahi mere sanky ko kidnap to nhi kiya na…..
    N ye swara ke mom dad kya h…yaar I mean ….patani what I mean…ajeeb log h…how can they treat both swara n ragini like this…are y sure swaragini are their real child not adopted one…I mean yaar who treats their daughters like this…
    M very angry with shemish…
    N laksh is the only sensible here….how he handles these 2 devils…I hope laksh ultimatum… Brings swaragini close…
    Bas an mai thak gyi bak bak karte karte????

    1. Omg kuchh jyada hi bada ho gya ….bear with me

    2. Mai to hamesha se gazab hoon…
      Mai kl he tujhe yaad kar rahi thi.. Dekh tu aa gai ????

      Wait tera cmnt 12:50 ka mtlb 21st may @12:50 am.. Ab ye kl ka kya mtlb hai.. ?????

      U better k bta k jye.. Koi bak bak k liye ni milta mujh masoom ko.. ?

      Yup itz my plan ?? sanku sry or sirf mera hai… Only mine.. ??

      Mai q btau vi kaha hai… ? kidnap ni kia bs chupa k rakha hua hai… ??
      Swara k mom dad insaan hai.. U know humans??

      Hope so laksh kuch kar paye.. Bechara puri gharwaali or aadhi gharwaali k beech m fas gya hai…

      Oh god tu thak gayi.. . Chal jhoothi ??????

      1. Dekh humhare dil se dil ka connection…..tumne bulaya Aur him chale aye….?????
        Jyada udi to mat…joke rha??
        Tujhe Aur bak back ke liye ni milta…chal chal….limit me fekna chahiye….itna samne wala digest kar sake
        N masoom…yeah !yeah! Ab bas ye hi reh gya tha sunne ke liye mukku n masoom….patani log kha kha se galat femi paal lete h….huh???
        Aur sanky pe kab se tera copyright h re???? Mere sanky ko kuchh kiya na to dekh liyo…akele me uska advantage mat leo…..mugdha ki bachhi…
        N thanks for telling ni swara ke mom dad humans h….till now I was thinking they are zombies…??
        Hawwwww mai jhoti….tu to mujhse badi jhoti…jah mai ni baat karti…???
        Mai toh fir se thak gyi…

    3. Mne kbi fenka ?? sachhi mne ni fenka ?

      N ha n maasoom hoon.. Tujhe nhi pta kitni innocent hoon mai.. Galat fhmi ka ni pta bt mne kutte billi rabbit pale the… ???unke break m bta sakti hoon

      Sanky pe hamesha se mera copy right gai bs tujhe nhi pta..

      Dekha I knew it tujhe ni pta hoga k vo humans hsi thi to bta dia… N tu thak gai tu….

      Ye padne se pehle mere phn ki battery q ni chali gai.. Ghoor kalyug

      1. Mugdha sachhi me tune dogs cats n rabbits pale h….wow…
        Oye suspence over…aaj mera result aa gya…kuchh hosh h apko…
        Fikar hi nhi h …apni sissy ki
        Yaha meri jaan nikli padi this…
        I got 87%
        Do u even remember

    4. Jo chhoti thi tb cat thi.. Then white rat… Then last 2 saal pehle rabbit.. N 1 saal se kutte ???

      O hello mujhe kya pta k tu 12 m thi.. Mera result to last year aa gya tha.. Huh… Chal jaldi jaldi party de merko… Mere b ese he the bs zara se zada…

      1. That’s what I m saying u don’t care about ur sissy???
        Le party enjoy kar…
        Is bar ice – cream melt hone se pehle kha leo…ok???
        N tere liye sab kuchh pure vegetarian h….btw i m also pure vegetarian…
        N when are u going to join wattpad…
        N result aaj aaya h ye baat puri delhi ko patta h….bas tujhe hi nhi pata…huh….
        Mujh se to koi pyaar hi ni kkarta??

    5. O hello mujhe pta tha result ayega aaj.. Bs ye nhi pta tha k tera b ayega.. Amma ????

      Ice cream ki dukaan h kya.. Kuch or khila.. Vese kis stream se thi tu… ??

      1. Science medical…actually these result really doesn’t matter for me …what matters is my entrance result…
        Mujhe toh papa be warning di thi …ki boards ke chakkar me entrance mat kharab Kareo… San ke papa kehte h boards ke liye pado…mere papa kehte h boards k liye mat pado….
        Weird na….
        U r in which college…u r from commerce na

    6. God bless your patients then… ???

      Yup m from commerce.. N college jdm

  31. Hello Meher….
    Ya….I thought to say a lot but only I could say only sorry for not commenting in previous 2 chappies….it’s coz I was not at home…..
    And I am crying a lot seeing both of their condition….dunno but my tears are not stopping…..
    Awesome update but am late…..
    I couldn’t speak up more……….

    1. U know i would also missing you… N don’t be sry….

      Sry to make u cry… ?

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