Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 38)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : swara telling truth to sanskar about Shaurya misbehaving with her, sanskar in action. Ragini’s accident.


4 months later

@Kapoor Villa

The environment of Kapoor villa was quite. There was laksh with some tears in his eyes.

“Why you did this to me ragu? Why??” Laksh spoke seeing up.

“It’s not fair ragu, you left me here. Why??” He continued

“Oohh lucky, stop being over dramatic! And focus on chopping onions” a voice came from his back

“Kiddo! It’s not fair you both are tourchering this innocent man” laksh said with a pout

“Laksh look at your face please? I did nothing, it was di who wanted to eat onion Parantha! And when you were making one I just asked you to make another for me simple” swara said innocently

“You are such a drama queen, but really swara if ragini would have asked anything from me I would have done that also. That accident took my breath away, for some time I thought I have lost everything” laksh said, guilt can be seen in his eyes for the accident which took place 4 months back.

Swara put a hand on his shoulder “it’s okay lucky, di is fine, our chotu is fine. Stop blaming yourself. Now you just start counting the days.. soon my chotu will be in this world.” She said in excitement

“One second! Your chotu!! Oh please it will be my choti ( swara gave him a glare) urrhh I mean she will be my doll. It’s a girl I bet!” Laksh said

Swara put her hands on her waist and spoke narrowing her eyes ” He is my chotu!! Just get this Mr”

“No way! She is my doll” laksh cross his arms against his chest

SwaLak continued to fight on this topic.

Meanwhile Ragini and Sparsh.

Ragini was sitting on bed with sparsh.

“Masi when this baby will come out” sparsh asked with a sad face.

“Soon! But why are you looking sad?” Ragini asked with concern

“Cz my friends doesn’t let me play with their small sister, they said if I want a baby I should ask mumma papa to bring one for me. I asked mumma to bring a baby and she said you will bring a small baby so i can play with him, but I can’t take him home na he will stay here with you I want my own small baby” sparsh said while sobbing

Ragini took him in her embrace to soothe his crying ” shhh stop crying!! I will ask your mumma to bring a baby for you.okay? Now don’t cry and be a good boy”

“Sachhi?” He asked with red teary eyes and red nose

“Muchhi, now stop crying.” she said

He immediately wipes his tears with his small small hands.

“Achha sparsh tell me one thing! Do you like stories??” She asked to divert topic

He nods yes vigorously

” Does Your mumma narrates you bedtime stories?” Ragini asked

“Haan.. you know daily mamma and Papa tell stories to me. When I use to sleep with dadi she use to tell me stories of lord Krishna” sparsh said with happiness

“don’t you sleep with dadi now?” Ragini again enquied.

“Nopes.. since when mumma has came I didn’t sleep with dadi” sparsh told her.

“What’s cooking between you both?” Swara asked suspiciously

“Nothing swara!”ragini passed a tensed smile to her

“Sparsh come it’s time for your sleep!” She ordered him

“I don’t feel like sleeping mumma” sparsh said cutely..

“Nahi, no excuses then you will trouble me at night, you can’t keep awake till dinner also without getting nap in afternoon” she said making him lie in bed besides ragini

Soon sparsh fall asleep. After finishing her lunch ragini was finding an opportunity to talk with swara. She has already messeged laksh to stay downstairs with sanskar who has came to pick them up.

“Umm.. so swara, are you happy with sanskar?” Ragini asked randomly

“Di! Is it a question to ask?” She gave her an unbelievable look “it’s been almost a year to our marriage and m happy with him, he is so understanding, he loves me alot” swara said with a satisfactory smile on her face

“Swara don’t you think you should move ahead” ragini spoke hesitantly

“Mtlb?” She looked at her in confusion

Ragini took swara’s hand in her own hand and pressed them in between her warm hands “matlab ke don’t you think sparsh will need a small companion to play?( Swara withdrew her hands) swara don’t get me wrong I know I am taking overboard but, if you were that old swara I would have never said this to you, I know it will be difficult, it will be very difficult for you but you have a long way ahead. Don’t you think so?” Ragini said softly in a pure convincing tone

“Di please!. I’m happy and Rahi sparsh ki baat he has his friends to play he has Babu a-and he can play with your child also it just a baseless thought” swara act defensively

“Swara don’t you think sanskar deserves his happiness? I know I was against your relation but in all these months I have seen his care for you don’t you have any responsibility towards him?” Ragini asked straight looking into her eyes

“Di his love is something beyond all this I have understood this atleast in these 10 months.” Swara was admant not to agree

“Swara did you ever think that sanskar has lost his son’s initial four year! That period which is not less than a blessing for any parent, didn’t you see his eyes whenever he looked laksh taking care of me ? didn’t you see his desire to take care of you like that?” Ragini said

“Di it’s just rubbish.. I-i am getting late will see you soon” swara said and lifted sleeping sparsh in her arms and went out followed by ragini.

“Swara ruko!” Ragini tried to stop her

“Sanskar let’s go”she said

“What happened swara spend time with ragini na vese b sparsh is also sleeping” he said casually

“Sanskar I said let’s go. Will you please!” She said sternly

“What happened kiddo? Why are you in this hurry” laksh asked

“Swara please listen to me!” Ragini said while descending stairs.

Laksh ran to help her.

Without saying anything swara walk out of the villa.

On the drive towards MM swara was lost in ragini’s words. She knew she is ready to take her relation ahead but something was stopping her, a fear was stopping her. A fear that she may discriminate between Sparsh and her own child. She never in her dreams want sparsh to face what she has faced in childhood, she never want that kid to suffer who has given her reason to smile again.

Sanskar stopped the car at MM and swara moved out without uttering anything. She made him lie on bed.

“What happened swara? Why you did that? ” He asked

“I did nothing!” Swara said and moved toward the cupboard and started arranging clothes

“Esa Kya hua Jo Tum ragini ki baat Bina sune aa gai?”he said hugging her from back

“N-nothing !!” She fumbles

He put her hair at one side “liar!” He said kissing her nape, then he moved towRds her shoulder while planting lingering kisses, giving a tickling sensation to her.

“S-san-skaar stop it” swara said struggling.

“No first tell me what happened to you?” He continued to tease her until they heard a soft sleepy voice

“Wow my own son is the biggest enemy of my romance”sanskar said, swara Hits him playfully and moved towRds sparsh.


@kapoor villa

“Ragini have you lost it!! You have no right to tell swara when she should move on or when she should have her own child!!” Laksh said in a higher tone

“I have that right laksh! She is my sister and whenever I think I should intrude in her life I will”ragini said strongly..

“No ragini you can’t!! You can’t intrude in her life like this!! May be she is still not ready. How can you decide? You can’t decide anything just cz sparsh wants a small baby!! He himself is a kid!! You are grown up you should act mature!! And- ” Laksh shouts and stopped when he heard quite sobs

Ragini was sobbing quietly. He understood that he should not have shouted at her like this.he immediately cups her face and wipes her tears..

“I’m sorry ragu I shouldn’t have shouted like this but ragini it’s their personal matter we can’t tell them what to do and what not to do. Please try to understand this” he said lovingly

“I did what I thought was right and you too want her happiness na?” She ask in between sobs

“Ragu, yes I want her happiness but please try to understand.. ” He tried to make her understand

“No I won’t, I have already booked honeymoon trip for them n they have to go it’s final” ragini said with determination

“Okay fine.” Laksh finally gave up

She nods and hugged him.



Ap has taken sparsh in her room as he wanted to listen lord Krishna’s tale.
Swasan were all alone in the Room. Swara find this opportunity perfect to ask sanskar about his feelings.

Swara was sitting in sanskar’s embrace and both were gazing the sky which was shining in moonlight.



“Did you still regret for missing sparsh’s childhood??”

“Swara(sighs) I will always. I had so many dreams for my child’s starting days.. I wanted to enjoy that phase. I wanted to enjoy his starting days, but I missed that” he said with tears, swaea squeezed his hand tightly and he smiles with teary eyes.

“You know when Kavita was pregnant I use to pray that it should be a son” he said nostalgicly

“Huh? Racist!” She made faces

“Hahha.. nothing like that, actually I wanted a son as a first child and daughter as a second child, so that my son can help me in breaking bones of those guyz who will follow my daughter” he said laughingly with tears

“It means you wanted a girl child?” She asked

“Hmm.. you know I use to say that I want many kids, Kavita use to call me mad” he said and swara was just observing his face, his eyes ,which were reflecting his unfilled desire. Swara somewhere felt that ragini was right.

“Sanskar (he looked at her) sanskar do you w-want s-seco-nd c-ch-child? Do you want a child n.o.w?” She asked hesitantly

Sanskar was blank with her this sudden question. He wanted to answer her but couldn’t. He wanted to say yes! But at the same time he can’t force his desires on swara. Doesn’t matter how much she loves him, doesn’t matter how much he loves her. He just wanted to give her, her own space to live.so he took a wise decision to avoid her question.

“Swara it’s late. You should sleep now!” He avoids her question and slept on bed covering himself, but his this escape gave answers to her all questions.



“Swara, sanskar we both are going to banglore uttra met an accident and she broke her leg, so we will be staying there with her. I hope you both can manage” ap said

“Ha mom, I can you just go and if you need us anytime just call us ” swara reassures her

“Yes mom! And tell me howz uttra. Okay?” Sanskar said

“Sanskar take care of swara and sparsh. ” Dp said and both left



Swara was arranging his study when she found an old diary probably his personal diary. It’s was obvious seeing it’s condition that he hasn’t touched that for years. She kept that aside and after finishing her work she read that.


7 January 2011
“Today I will get married to love of my life, my Kavita. I just can’t wait to be with her.”

29 June 2011
“Woo hoooooo I’m gonna father!!! Yipppeee !!! I just can’t wait!! I want my baby to be boy.. then we will have a baby girl and we both will protect her.. I know, I know, I’m thinking too fast.. but my happiness has no boundaries today”

12 September 2011
” Today I saw my baby! He was so tiny, so small. I had tears in my eyes. Tears of happiness. Becoe father is a beautiful phase of any man’s life. I wish if mom and dad could be with me to share this happiness, but I’m paying for my deeds”

27 November 2011
“Today also Kavita woke me up at midnight. She wanted to have something spicey. It was difficult for me to get up in this chilling weather but when she is gonna giving me the biggest happiness of my life I can do atleast this much for her. Honestly I love to take care of her. Yeah sometimes her mood swings irritates me alot but I can’t even imagine what she is facing. Now she face difficulty in doing the daily chaoes.. but it’s just a matter of few weeks soon my baby will be in my arms..

Swara was having tears in her eyes she can feel his emotions from each and every word written in the diary. Before she could complete sanskar came so she kept diary safely and left.

“Where were you? Chalo serve me lunch m hell hungry” he said rubbing his stomach

“Just a min” she smiled and served him

Both were having dinner when RagLak entered.

“Di you!!! Come here and sit!!”she left her plate and make her sit.

“We have something for you both!” Ragini said passing an envelope to sanskar

Sanskar opened that and got shocked

“H.o.n.e.y.m.o.o.n. t.r.i.p!!” He said with a shocked face.. swara to got shocked..

To be continued

Precap: sparsh making swasan agree for going on honeymoon

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