Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 37)


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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : sangeet ceremony of adiraj and avni.


He opened the door with duplicate key and rush in. The scenario shocked him. The room was a mess now and swara has Locked herself in bathroom sanskar immediately called someone and when he open the bathroom the land beneath his feet slips.

Swara was lying unconscious under shower and her wrist was bleeding. He immediately lift her and put her down on bed gently and tie a hankey around her bleeding wrist. He was confused, swara’s behavior, her actions, her words everything was so confusing.
He called ap and she changed her clothes so that she won’t fall ill in wet clothes. Nearly after an hour laksh came to mm with a doctor. She bandages her wrist and her shoulder injury.

“It seems something Peirced her shoulder badly” doc said

“Doc, cut isn’t deep na? I mean if needed then I can admit her in hospital but nothing should happen to her” Sanskar said. The heaviness in his voice was an evident proof ,which was showing his love for her.

“No. It’s not needed. Luckily she didn’t slit her vain may be her grip of other hand was weak” doc said and left

Sanskar sighs and thanked God for her sprain in wrist.

“Sanskar ye sab? I mean how ? What happened to her” laksh ask

“Don’t know laksh. She just went out of control” sanskar said and sat beside swara. He further explains what swara did and said. Sanskar can see tension building up in his face.

“No. Not again” laksh murmurs with a horrified face.

“Laksh?” Sanskar frowned

“Sanskar something big has happened with swara! Something serious.” Laksh said

” That I can understand that something has happened with her but point is what!” Sanskar said while rubbing her hand in between his palms

“Sanskar swra use to behave like this five years back. When that incident happened with her, after that we sent her for counselling and adiraj’s efforts made her sound. I think this time also he can help us out” laksh said

“But laksh how come I call him now! Today he got married. It won’t be good idea to call him” sanskar said

“I agree! But tmrw he will leave for honeymoon then how come he will see swara” laksh said

” For now she is unconscious. Let’s see how she behaves in morning you should go now. Ragini must be waiting for you and Thank-you for coming in my one call”sanskar said

“Stop it yaar, I can do anything for my kiddo and if you want I can take sparsh home cz if she again behaves like that it won’t be good for sparsh”laksh said

“Hmm.. you are right but for now he is sleeping I will send him to your home tmrw” sanskar said

Laksh nods and left.

“I know whatever you said to me you didn’t mean that, but still swara your words Peirced my heart, I know I did wrong to you but my intentions were never wrong in that way. Honestly I never thought I will fall in love with you, with a girl whom I hated most since my childhood, but I lost my heart to you. I still remember you always use to say that I never express my love for you not only you but Kavita use to say same, now I am trying to be more expressive only for you. I love you. I don’t know what happened to you in those 3 hours but if you have taken such drastic step it must be something big, but this is not a way out. Death isn’t a solution swara. It gives endless pain to your loved ones. Okay. Now enough of talking take rest” he said and kissed her forehead



Swara woke up with a jerk and saw sanskar sleeping on her thigh. She pushed him away resulting in his sleep to break

“How are you swara?” He tried to cup her face but she shove his hands

“I have warned you to stay away from me na”she said and again throw things on him

Swara threw her phone on him, he caught her phone n unknowingly he press the speed-dial. It was Avni’s number.

Here avni was sleeping in adiraj’s embrace cuddling more onto his chest. Her phone rang.

“Kya avni! Your phone is disturbing us” adiraj Said

“Who can call me at this point? Lemme check” saying this she picked her phone

“Lo ur bullet train is calling me” avni said and lifts the call as soon as she over hear swasan’s talk she got shocked.

“Swara!!” She said in a tensed tone

“What happened to her ” adiraj too got concerned

Avni put phone on speaker and both heard.

“Swara please!! Calm down” sanskar said

“Sanskar peeche hato.. nahi to Mai apni Jaan le lungi.. “she said and grabbed the knife kept nearby.

“No. No. Please no!! Keep that knife down swara. Swara if sparsh will see you this way he will get scared please swara , listen to me n tell me Kya hua, I will sort everything” he said

“Shut up! Just shut up! I know it’s all your plan!! ” She said

Here adiraj and avni got tensed listening to them.

“Avni let’s go! “Adiraj said

Avni nods and both rush towards MM

Soon they reached MM and swara hugged avni tightly.

“Take me from here avni. This man also wants my body” she said while crying

“Ha swara I will first you sit here please” avni said to her and signal Sanskar to go out, in the meantime adiraj mixed a medicine in a glass of water and gave that to avni.

“Have this swara you will feel better after that we will go”avni said and swara drank water in a go

“Let’s go” swara said

Both avni n swara starts to move towards the exit of MM , before reaching there swara fell unconscious due to medicine and adiraj held her on time.


“Why didn’t you call me at night, you have no idea how it may affect her” adiraj Said

“M sorry yaar but you got married, last night only how could I call you”sanskar said

“What you did to swara! If my friend again fall into the street of darkness. I won’t spare you” avni shout at him

“Avni I don’t know what should I say but trust me I don’t know what happened to swara, how to explain that, I never touch her in that way , I am not like that” sanskar said

“Avni stop it! We know this.. earlier also she use to say such things and behaves violently. Don’t you remember when she was scared of me even. So please calm down only swara can tell us what happened to her.” Adiraj said

“How come she will tell ?” Sanskar ask

“The medicine which I have given to her will calm her mind down, she just need sometime and she herself will tell” adiraj Said

“Adiraj nothing will happen to her na. I can’t see her in this vulnerable state” sanskar ask in concern

“Nothing will happen to her but” adiraj Said hesitantly

“But what adiraj? Tell me but what!!! ” He ask angrily

“Its Just let’s hope swara ke saath fir kuch, N.a. h.u.a. h.o” adiraj spoke and Sanskar held his collar

“How dare you to say something like that, haaan. You consider her as your life and you are saying this about her” sanskar to angrily and tightens his grip on his collar, making him strangle

Adiraj somehow released himself “sanskar m just telling the possibilities and more or less my doubt is correct, cz now she isn’t that swara who use to get scared of people so if she has taken such drastic step it must be something Very big” adiraj Said in tension

“Adiraj swara is gaining her senses”avni called him

Both went in and saw swara trying to open her eyes as soon as she open her eyes adiraj can see fear in her eyes, that fear which use to prevail in her eyes 5years back.

“Sanskar, avni, please. I want sometime with her” adiraj Said

Both nods and left, adiraj closed the door and talk with swara.

Time Was passing.. 1 hour… 3 hours… 5… Hours… 6 hours …
Finally after long 6 n half hours adiraj opened the door and said to sanskar “go and hug her tight”

“WHAT?” Sanskar looked at him in confusion

“Do as I said”adiraj Said patting his back

Sanskar does the same. He ran n hugged her tightly, she started crying pathetically in his arms “m sorry sanskar, I don’t know what I said but I didn’t mean any word trust me” she said while sobbing

“Sshhh! It’s okay, just calm down.”he said and cares her hair

“Swara now tell everyone what happened with you” adiraj Said

Sanskar can see again fear covering her face so he decided to let that topic go “it’s okay swara, I don’t want to know anything let it be you are fine now n its enough for me”

“Nahi sanskar, y-you should know w-what happened with me” she said gathering courage

“Are you sure?” he confirms

She nods positively

“Then go for it” he said and hold her hand firmly


After knowing the truth swara was driving aimlessly on road. She stopped her car at a deserted place and was crying hard when someone called her

“Aww! Poor swara baby! Need someone’s shoulder to cry upon”

“Shut up Shaurya!! I’m not interested in your cheap talks” she said in anger

” But I’m interested in you” he said wickedly

“Get out of my sight before I kill you” she said and was about to start the car but before that Shaurya has snatched out the keys as the window of car was open.

“Do you really think I will leave you. I didn’t forget your slap Mrs. Swara sanskar maheshwari, I have to settle score with you”he said and opened the car’s door n pulled her out

“Awoch! Just leave my hand I said!” She shouts

“Not today! You have to pay for your that slap.” He said and pulled her dupatta off

“What you think? I will beg you to leave me? No way Mr Goenka. I’m not that old coward swara anymore, you will see my worst side if you dared to touch me” she roars

“Don’t worry I will make you that swara again” he smrik and slap her hard, so hard that she fell on road

She tried her best to stop him n resist but all in vain he press her shoulders against the road and in that process a stone Peirced her shoulder.

“Aaahhh!! Shaurya leave me!!” She said n try to push him back

Shaurya was in his devil mode fully he was touching her everywhere, she was resisting but all in vain. He started to kiss her wildly to satisfy his hunger, he was kissing her belly when she somehow reached to a stone nearby and hitted his head with that.

“Aahhh!! You bl**dy bi**h, how dare you” he fumes in anger

She grabbed the opportunity and drove drove back to MM.

Although she fought back, but her mind again played the scenario of 5 years back, a part of her mind overcame her whole mind. When sanskar slides her blouse to first aid it, her mind said that he was also trying to misbehave with her.


Sanskar clenched his fist in anger.

“Today I will kill that bast**d, how dare he to touch you. He has to pay for it.” Sanskar gritted his teeth and left fuming in anger swara tried to stop him but he wasn’t ready to listen

“Sanskar please!! Don’t go there!! Sanskar!!! Listen to me !!” She shouts

“Adiraj please stop him, please, he will do something wrong” she pleads

Adiraj nods n left after him.

“Sanskar stop ! Gusse se kaam le Kar Kuch nahi hoga” adiraj Said

“How dare he! How dare he to touch swara, today I will see how he will satisfy his hunger” he said and jerked adiraj and straight drove to Goenka mension


“SHAURYA GOENKA!!! ” Sanskar shouts

Shaurya came out from his room with a big bandage on his head.

”ohh to aapko bhi kuch kehna hai?” Shaurya said

Before sanskar could say anything he again continued “vese lemme tell you, you wife is so damn good, ahh I must she is so hot, her curves are perfect. She must be very good in bed? Right? Atlest give me a chance to experie..” as soon as he said that sanskar who was boiling in anger, hitted him with a rod

“How dare you to touch my swara” he roars and punched him in stomach

Within a few punches Shaurya was on floor.. sanskar step onto his hand and crush it, where as Shaurya was wincing in pain


“With this hand you dared to touch her, I will break your hands today” sanskar said and was about to him his again when someone stopped him, it was swara.

“Sanskar don’t get your hands dirty by beating this man” she said and took him

“Don’t worry swara! One day you will be in my bed! It’s my promise, us thappad ka jawab to dekad he rahunga, n you sanskar you just wait how I will destroy you again!” He continue to shouts and lowers his pitch at last word, when it becomes unbearable for swara, she took the rod from floor and hitted him

“Stop your nonsense otherwise, i will kill you” she said


“M sorry swara! I can’t save you this time also,”Sanskar said with guilt

She stretched herself up and kissed him on forehead “you did! Only cz of you this time I was able to fight back n to save my dignity”

“You are really strong, “he said,

“Sanskar! I know I’m strong but right now m starving it’s evening n I didn’t have anything since last evening” she said rubbing her tummy, exaggerating her hungr

“Let’s go” he said


Swasan and AdiNi were talking together in room. When sparsh came in

“Mumma” he spoke with fear

“Ha beta” swara opened her arms for him

He gave her a get-well-soon card and kissed her on cheek

“Now are you fine mumma?” He ask

“What happened to me beta?” She ask

” Vo, dadi said you were unwell that’s why you were shouting last night, you know mumma I was so scared seeing you That way” he said in his childish concerned tone.

“Ya beta mumma is fine n I’m sorry. Mumma ke Karan aap dar Gaye isilye” she said holding her ear

“It’s okay mumma, I love you, achha bye I have to play with Babu” he said and ran

Meanwhile adiraj was continusally cutting his call..

Priya saw the caller id *Priya calling*

(Hope you remember Priya Sen)

“Adiraj why are you cutting her calls ? Who is Priya?” She ask

“Nothing avni, she is just a patient” adiraj lie

“Lift her call na it must be something important” avni said

“Ya! I will”adiraj Said

“M sorry adiraj, avni(both turned towards her). Today you both were supposed to go to your honeymoon but I spoiled everything”she said

“Oye, bullet train stop this nonsense?” Adiraj said

“Exactly swara we can go afterwards, it’s not a big deal” avni said

Again adiraj’s phone rang and this time he lifted that.

“Ya Priya!”

“Adiraj, there is a business man, I just got to know that he is involved in Kavita’s n kartik’s case. If possible can you please meet me now?”

“Ya, CCD within 30mins”


30 mins later

“So tell me Priya ” adiraj ask

“Adiraj I wanna tell you somethings which you should know,” she said

“Like?” He frowned

“Actually, Kavita… Kavita was an undercover police officer, she and kartik were on a special secret mission , and only three people knew about that Kavita, kartik and commissioner(then) sir” she said.

“It’s wonderful na, then let’s go and we will ask commissioner about the details of that case” adiraj Said with a hope

“Adiraj! (Sighs) that commissioner has died 4 years back in an accident, but there is one business man, on whom they were keeping eye, he was doing something illegal if we would be able to find him, we will get most of our answers” Priya said

“Tell me something, so that I can help you” adiraj ask

“I have no clue!” She gave up

“Cm’on Yar how can I help you now, if you don’t have any clue” adiraj ask

“If I would have known anything , I would search kartik myself!!! I won’t be searching my own husband for 4 bl**dy years like a mad woman” she yells

“I’m sorry!! I did’t mean that” adiraj apologized

“Ahh it’s okay, n m sorry too.” She said.



“Laksh please !! I don’t know anything I just want to meet swara now!” Ragini said

“Ragu! My baby, please try to understand, we can’t go now you are not well na. Please try to understand I will call swara n ask her to come here” lakhs said helplessly

“No! You are not gonna call her! If you will call her she will prepare herself, n I want to see whether she is okay or not. So, we are going to MM now n its final” ragini said

“We aren’t going there. You get that” laksh said strictly as he knew swaea won’t be fine

“Okay, then I will go by myself.” She said, grabbed her phone n purse n head towards the gate.

“Jao jaha Jana hai” laksh said.. soon he realised what he said and immediately ran behind her to stop but before he could reach, ragini has left in car that too without driver.

“Man! How could I let her go alone in this condition, you are idiot laksh!! Use Kuch ho Gaya to? Nai nai, I shouldn’t go behind her” he curses himself and went behind her.

Suddenly laksh notice that ragini’s car was going Zig-Zag he got more worried.

“What happened to her? Why she is driving this way?” He thought

Here ragini was feeling dizzy, she couldn’t control the car, she was trying her level best but couldn’t control, her vision was getting blur and bang! She collided her car with a tree and laksh’s heart skipped a beat…

To be continued….

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