Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 36)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : sangeet ceremony of adiraj and avni.



Swara woke up and find something on her hands soon she realised that her hands were filled with mehndi, then her sight sifted towards the other side of bed where sanskar was sleeping after observing everything she understood that sanskar has applied Mehndi on her hands. She immediately kissed him on cheek resulting in a big smile on sanskar’s face.

“So do you like this”he ask in sleepy tone

“I love this. Thank-you so much sanskar” she said with teary eyes

As soon as he sense the heaviness in her voice he got up n ask.
“Hey! Why are you crying? If I have ruined these designs then tell me freely you don’t need to lie”

“Nahi sanskar. Nothing like that. It’s just that I never thought that someone will do such cute thing for me that too you who is very less expressive”she said

“Yeah I know but now I think I should change myself and be more n more expressive cz you deserve this” saying this he kissed on the top of her head.

“I love you”she said

“Luv you too but now go and wash your hands so that I can see how dark you mehndi is” he said excitedly

She smiles and left.


Swara was cleaning ap’s room as sparsh has spread his all Toys in her room. As soon as swara put one toy in box naughty sparsh take out other toys.

“Sparshhhhhhh!! Stop it! Lemme collect ur toys then I will place that in our room n you can play there don’t mess dadi’s room” she said

“Who will wait till then mumma. I wanna play now” he said stamping his legs on floor

“Enough sparsh!! You need to wait. ” She said strictly

” Swara don’t scold him, let him play here. You should go to adiraj’s house now it’s pretty late” ap said while taking sparsh in her lap

“Ma look at ur room u n dad can’t even rest here if u want, he has messed up this room completely” she said

“Beta sparsh ye nahi karega to Tum ya mai krnge?” Dp ask

” Dad but!” She resist

” Its fine beta you go we have no problem with this mess” ap said

Swara agreed and left with sanskar


Meanwhile at adiraj’s place

Ragini was having a photo frame in her hands and tears in her eyes.
“I’m scared when swara will come to about this truth, how will she react? She will break. she has lots of dreams but everything will be finished. Kahi esa na ho meri behn fir toot jaye laksh” ragini said in tension

“Ragini we have concealed this thing from swara till now, but she has right to know everything, right to know about those people whom she considered as her parents for 20 long years, she has right to know about her birth parents” laksh said

Adiraj kneel down Infront of ragini and said “Bhabhi I don’t know what I should say but laksh is right. You should tell swara this and don’t worry she won’t break, Just trust me. Jab tak sanskar hai swara fir nahi tootegi” he said confidently

Laksh wraps a hand around her shoulders and said “hope so”

“You guyz are not getting me. Tell me what should I tell swara and most importantly how? Should I go to her and tell her that I’m sorry swara all those dreams which you have seen, all those days when you want to know about your real parents, when you want to experience their love, this can’t happen now! Cz those blo*dy fake parents or our so called chacha chachi has killed our parents for the sake of gadodia empire and sorry for not telling you this for 6 long months” ragini said in anger

“Ragini calm down its not good for you and the baby. We…(before he could complete his eyes catch the view of gate where swara was standing and probably has listened all their talks.)

“S-Swara. ” ragini fumbles

” Di!! ” She said with a shocked face

“Kiddo we can explain this” laksh said in nervousness

“You have to explain this to me laksh” she said angrily

“Swara calm down” sanskar said

“How can I calm down sanskar? How dare he! How dare you laksh !!( Everyone gulps in fear) how dare you to make my di cry” she said angrily

As soon as all heard her they breathed a relief.

“Aree it’s not my fault! It’s your di’s fault” laksh handles the matter

“Really?” She frowned

“Han.. I.. umm.. Haan I ask her to have her Medecins but she denied and started crying” laksh lie

“Haw! Di very bad!! U should take ur Medecins properly. no carelessness in this matter” she said strictly

“Hmm… Vo actually swara it’s not my fault your chotu has made my emotions out of control, I can’t help it” ragini said with a puppy face

“Di stop blaming my chotu!! Esa Kuch nahi hai” she said

Before ragini could say anything sanskar spoke “aree nahi swara! Ragini is saying correct. It happens during pregnancy, you have no idea how Kavita tourchered me during sparsh”

There was a pin drop silence after that.
Laksh broke the silence “don’t worry sanskar our swara will tourcher you even more. Kyu swara” he winks towards swara

“Di!!” She blush and hide herself in ragini’s embrace due to shyness

“Areeee areee leave this… And adiraj you tell me all set to get hooked” sanskar controls the situation

“What to do yaar .. I have to do this now.. there is no way back” adiraj Said with fake tears

“Bhai! Think again.. we both are married so you better see our conditions and then decide” laksh said teasingly

“What do you mean by this!!” Swaragini said in unison

“Nothing” SanLak said and all laugh out loud

“Ohh God I forgot abt the decoration. Wait lemme go and check that”saying this she left immediately


Swara has engrossed herself in the preparations and as result she had completed all the preparations before time.

“Swara come with me” sanskar said

“No sanskar, not now please. I have tons of work to do” she said and resume her work

“I said come with me.. if u don’t come with me then I will lift you up then don’t complain me” sanskar said

“Don’t behave like sparsh sanskar” she said while doing her work

The very next moment swara was in sanskar’s arms.

“Sanskar leave me !! Everyone is starting at us !! Please!!” She struggle to release herself

“I have warned you now keep you mouth shut!” He said strictly and put swara on bed

“Aree what are you doing??” She ask in confusion

“Sshhh!!! Keep quiet”he said

“Huh!!” She makes faces

Sanskar feed her lunch and then her Medecins!

“Never skip this and Haan go and get ready” he said

She nods.. he stood up to go and swara went behind him to close the door.. but unfortunately her leg twisted and she fell on floor “aaaawwooo!!”

“Swara!!” Sanskar immediately ran and get her up

“Are you fine!??” He ask with concern

She nods no and cries ” my wrist”

“Wait! Sit here and I will bring ointment” he said n left


Sanskar was applying ointment on her her wrist and she was crying

“I don’t think it’s serious! It’s seems just a sprain but for precaution you should consult a doctor , if you want you can go Now” adiraj Said

Before sanskar could reply swara said
“Nai nai!! Not today!! Today is your wedding and I’m not gonna miss any second”

Sanskar starts to tie crape bandage on her wrist when she again spoke ” don’t do this sanskar!! It will hide my mehndi and over that I can’t wear bangles” she said with puppy face

Everyone gave swara what-the-hell look.

” U r unbelievable!!” Sanskar threw his hands in anger n left


Everyone was getting ready but for swara it was difficult to even tie a Dori cz of her wrist. She tried alot to tie but all in vain. Suddenly Sanskar entered the room n she turned towards the gate immediately. Her back was Infront of mirror and that open Dori was clearly seen in mirror. Sanskar notice that and smriks “so you can’t get ready?”

“W-who said so?? I’m almost ready” she said in nervousness

“Ya so u r gonna go with untie blouse?” He smiles naughtily

“I-i .. v-voo…” She fumbles

“May I?” He ask huskily in her ear

She closed her eyes and nods yes.

He turned her face towards the mirror and as soon as his hands touched her bare back. She shivered

((Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon))

He cares her back with his rough hands. She breath heavily, he tie the Dori.

((Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho…))

He placed a lingering kiss on her bare back making her blush.”ssannsskkarr!!”she managed to say. He lifts his head up and both had a eyelock through mirror.

((Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Meri nigaahein hain
Teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar))

She lowers her eyes. He wraps his hands around her belly and kissed her ear.

((Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhen padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon))

A voice broke their ‘WE’ time

“Swara!! Come!! Muhurat ka samay ho gya hai”

“Coming di!!” Swara shouts


Here avni and adiraj were following rituals. Swara put her head on sanskar’s shoulder

“Cz of me you can’t enjoy the most memorable day of your life” she said

“Actually your are right I can’t enjoy that day cz my wife was bzy in talking care of my son n scolding me for keeping cough syrup” he said

She Hits him playfully

” I too want these rituals to happen like this, well, Nevermind” she said and focus on marriage

Sanskar can sense her dead dreams of marriage in her eyes.


After marriage everyone was having dinner. RagLak were in a room as ragini was feeling uneasy in crowd.

“Have food ragu” laksh said

Ragini was bzy in starting a photo frame. Photo frame of her birth parents.

“Ragu!” Laksh put a hand on her shoulder

“Laksh I want to tell swara truth.. I can’t hide this more.. I have hided this for 6 months now I can’t.. I will soon tell her that.. our parents are no more.. our fake parents or so called chacha chachi has killed them” ragini said

The very next moment they head sound of falling utensils. They saw swara standing at door in complete shock and having unshed tears in her eyes.

“Shona I will tell you everything”ragini said

Swara doesn’t let her speak any further and ran out of the house.


Everyone tried to stop her but she grabbed the car keys and left.

“Ragini don’t worry I will take care of her.. laksh you take care of ragini.. trust me nothing will happen to her” sanskar reassures her and left.


Sanskar has searched swara for nearly 3 hours n finally found her walking aimlessly on road.

“Swara what’s this Haan! Come with me!” Sanskar said and make her sit in car she was still numb

“Where is your car Swara?” He ask.

No response from her. It seems she is in any other world. while driving back to MM sanskar informed RagLak about swara being sound n safe.

@swasan’s room

“Swara everything will be fine. We will talk about this first go n change” he said and put a hand on her shoulder suddenly he felt his hand wet when he saw his hand he found it wet in blood. He panicked seeing blood.

“You got hurt!! How?? Show me!! I will apply antiseptic” he said and slides her blouse a little from her shoulder to see her injury

This was it, swara broke her silence and shouts in anger and cry “stay away from me sanskar!! I Said stay away.!! You are also same!! You too just want to satisfy your hunger..!!! I said Outttt !! Jaooo!!!!”

“What happened to you swara? What are you saying??” He can’t understand

“What happened to me?? You monster you are asking this to me!!! You also want my body na!! You don’t love me !! You again pretend to love me!! You will leave me again” she shouts

Listening her voice ap ,dp n sparsh too came at their room

“Swara calm down n tell me what happened? Why are you saying like this??” He ask calmly

Swara was out of control she pushed him back with full force.. and starts throwing things on him.

“Stay away from me!! Or else I will kill you monster!! ” She shouts while crying

Little sparsh hugged ap tightly seeing his mother’s condition. Sanskar came out. And sparsh hugged him.

“Papa what happened to mumma” he ask innocently

” Nothing beta, your mumma is Little tired n I didn’t let her rest. So she is angry on me. I will make her sound you go with dadi n sleep” Sanskar said

Sparsh nods and Sanskar handed him to dp

“Ma you take sparsh downstairs and try to make him sleep. I will see what happened to her.” Sanskar said

“Take care sanskar n tell us if u need us” dp said

He nods and When he went back he saw swara has closed the door. He opened the door with duplicate key and rush in. The scenario shocked him. The room was a mess now and swara has Locked herself in bathroom sanskar immediately called someone and when he open the bathroom the land beneath his feet slips.

To be continued.

Precap: accident

So what happened to swara suddenly? Why Sanskar got shocked? Whose accident is gonna happen?? Whom he has called??

To know these answers stay tuned for next chappy..
M so sorry guyz for not replying in previous chapter.. when I tried to reply i saw that reply box has disappeared.. I will reply you all in this for sure.. luv ya?

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