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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : swasan’s emotional talks.




Sparsh has already left to adiraj’s place with ap n dp, but his dad Mr lazy head wasn’t even ready to get up and he was doing this intentionally to irritate swara.

“Mr sanskar maheshwari! If you don’t get up this time I will go and bring your new love Babu here.. you have 1 min to get up”she said and crossed her arms against chest

Listening to Babu’s name sanskar recalls his last kissing encounter with him, he gulps in fear and pops out of bed shouting

“No! No! No! Not babu please!!”

Swara looked at his horrified face and chuckles

“Why are you smiling Mrs sanskar maheshwari” he frowned and moved towards her

“Here are your clothes go and get ready. Sparsh is super excited for going, so , he has already left with mom n dad”she said and gave him his clothes

“Atlest give me a morning kiss yaar.” He said with cute face

“And why should I give you a kiss? Give me only one reason”she said

“It’s okay if you don’t want to kiss me!! I can do that”saying this he immediately give her a peck on lips

He then goes towards her ear and whispers “happy 6 months anniversary Mrs maheshwari”

“6 months!!” She looked at him in shock

He nods

“It’s been 6 months to our marriage.!!” She said to herself and in less than a min her whole journey of these months came Infront of her eyes.

Her trance has been broken by sanskar

“Don’t recall those days which gives you pain swara. Now the future has happiness in store for you”he said

“Only because of you and sparsh” she said

He pulls her in a hug n said “you have filled Colors in our lives, you are best mother, best wife and best person, inspite of my betrayal you loved me and my son” he said

“Our son!” She said and move towards the gate of room

She stopped and said”by the way happy 6 months anniversary Mr maheshwari”

Sanskar smriks and went in bathroom soon swara can hear Sanskar’s scream “aahhhh !!! Swaraaa !!! Aawwoo!! ”

Swara immediately ran towards the bathroom and knock the door “sanskar? What happened? Are you alright?'”

Suddenly she felt a pull. Sanskar pulled her into bathroom and she landed on his toned chest. She closed her eyes seeing his bare body.

“Finally caught you” he said and pins her on wall

“Sanskar what are you doing? Leave me. We are getting late” she said n tried to release herself

“Nopes! Not now. M fulfilling your wish only”saying this he on the shower

“Sanskarrr !!!” She shouts

“Sshhh!! I can’t bring real rain for you so can you adjust with artificial one?” He ask

“Rain!!” She widens her eyes

“Yes Jaan! You only want romance in rain.”he said

His words took swara in flashback


SwaSan were seeing a movie in theatre and swara has rested her head on his shoulder. In film the scene was romantic date in rain.

“Sanskar one day we will also plan our date in rain. I would love to romance with you in rain”she said


She hugs him tightly

“Thank-you! Thank-you! So much”she said

He parts the hug and grabbed her lips.

((In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein
Pakiza Se Riste Hain
Koi Kalma Mohabat Ka
Dohrate Farishte Hain
Khamosh Si Hai Zameen Hairaan Sa Falak Hai
Ek Noor Hi Noor Sa Ab Aasman Talak Hai
Nagmein Hi Nagmein Hai Jagti Soti Fizaon Mein
Husn Hai Sari Adaon Mein
Ishq Hai Jaise Hawaon Mein ))

He lifts her up and came out, and gently placed her on bed. She starts breathing heavily. He came above her. She closed her eyes in fear. Before she could say anything sanskar kissed her forehead and said

“Get ready! Sparsh must have troubled everyone”

She opened her eyes in shock and nods


@Singhania house

SwaSan reached.

Swara saw adiraj doing the arrangements himself and she shouts
“Have you gone nuts vintage car!! Today is your sangeet and you , yourself are doing these arrangements”

“Aww my bullet train , now when I have no one to do this I have to do it on my own na” adiraj said with a smile concealing his pain

Swara hugs him tightly

“M here Na! Never say this.”she said

“M also a part of this family”sanskar said and join the duo in hug

“Now you take rest and leave all this on me”swara said and push adiraj forcibly in room


4hours later

Swara has decorated the mansion beautifully. She was taking care of each n everything,afterall this programme is for the two most important people of her life.

“Swara you haven’t eaten anything! It’s nearly evening now stop this n have food”sanskar said strictly

She looked at watch “half past 2”

“Oh god! Sparsh hasn’t eaten his lunch. He must be playing with Babu. How careless I am. Sanskar please bring some Pedigree from car for Babu na till then I will make sparsh eat his lunch” saying this she grabbed the plate from sanskar’s hand and went towards sparsh.

“Sparsh have your lunch! It’s late now”swara said

“No mumma!! M not hungry”sparsh said

“I don’t wanna listen anything it’s late n you have to have this”she said strictly

“Hehehe.. catch me mumma” sparsh said and ran

“Sparshhh!!!! Stop right there!! Sparshhh!!!” Swara shouts and ran behind sparsh

Then only Sanskar came n saw swara running behind sparsh. He had Pedigree in his hand and Babu recognized his food..

“Swara !!! You should not run!!! Swara!!!” Sanskar shouts and ran behind them

Here Babu who was just an inch away from his Pedigree saw his food going away from him as sanskar has started running! So Babu decides to follows him

So the sequence of running was… Sparsh then swara then sanskar and last but not the least Babu.

Everyone was going rofl seeing that cute family of four.

RagLak who were standing at door were seeing the scenario shockingly

“Ye kya hai laksh?”ragini whispers

“I think they are playing run n chase “laksh said

“It’s okay, but Babu? Is he also playing that” ragini ask

“It seems!” Laksh said

And both burst out laughing.

Swara who has heard her di’s laugh immediately turned towards her giving plate to ap. Here dp caught sparsh and ap make him eat.. but poor sanskar’s leg slipped and he fell on floor with the Pedigree scattered all over the ground.
Babu came and eat some pieces of Pedigree then he starts to lick sorry kiss sanskar showing his love for him.

“DIiiiiiii !!! Howz you and my chotu?”she ask hugging her

“Both are perfect! You can greet me also kiddo” laksh shows fake anger

Here swara was completely bzy in talking to RagLak and Sanskar shouts

“Aree yaar!! Someone please take this dog off me”

Sparsh saw swara and she singnals him to take babu away.

“Di why are you standing!!! Come and sit!!(ragini was about to sit) No! No! Don’t sit. Come with me And take rest in room it’s still hours for function to be start”she said and drags ragini in room

“Now don’t you dare to get up!! If you want anything call me!. Okay?” She said strictly

Ragini nods helplessly and laksh was suppressing his smile

“Why the hell you are laughing like a monkey”ragini Said in irritation

“Ragu think for a while! When swara is commanding you like this only in your 4th month think how she will pamper you at time of delivery”laksh said

Listing to this ragini gulps in fear

“Ohh God !! No!! Laksh please save me. That time she won’t even let me get up from bed.” she pleads

“Don’t worry ragu I have a plan.. will tell you when time will come”laksh said

“Plan ?? What plan??” Ragini asked in confusion

“Have patience! Or else I should say take rest” laksh laughs towards the end

Ragini have him a death glare


Everything was completely ready for the ceremony and swara was helping adiraj in getting ready. Swara was confused ,she has selected two sherwanis but can’t decide the final one.

“Swara!! Please tell me which I should wear!! M tired now” adiraj said as he was holding the sherwanis in his either hands

“Shut up! If you have taken me on shopping this wouldn’t have happened”she said angrily

“Atlest don’t scold me today. Today is my sangeet”adiraj pouts

“Huh!! Wear this one!” Swara finally choosed a navy blue sherwani for him

“And me mumma!!” A sweet voice came from back

“Wear this black and red sparsh. Come I will make you wear” swara said

She was making him wear clothes when sanskar came and whispers in her ear huskily making her Shiver.

“If you are done with son,then his papa is also in quee ”

“Sanskar!!” She rolled her eyes on him

“Swara look! ” Adiraj came after wearing the sherwani

“Perfect! Only one thing is missing” She said

Adiraj looks at her in confusion

“This broach” she said and pins a Diamond broach on his sherwani and settles his hair with hand

“Now you are looking hot!” She said

“Haan Haan! He is hot and I am room temperature!!” Sanskar immediately spoke in between

“Ohh hoo!! Something is burning.. or I should say someone is burning in jealousy” adiraj winks and put his hand on swara’s should

“Ha ha.. I am jealous.. I have no shame in accepting this!! She is my wife” Sanskar said n pulls swara towards himself

Adiraj chuckles and swara blushes.

“I am going to see the arrangements” saying this she escapes


“Swara go n get ready”ap said

“Mom now I have to see more arrangements.. I will get ready afterwards” she said.

“But beta ceremony will get started within half n hour.. so go n get ready” ap said

“Ya swara aunty is right” ragini said

“Di why you come here?? You want anything??” Swara ask in concern

“Swara! Let ragini walk it’s good for her health. Don’t restrict her only to bed” ap said and puts hand on swara’s head

Swara nods n left.


Swara was sitting on bed gathering courage to wear her dress as it was lehngha with backless blouse having Doris at back.

“So you are hesitating in wearing this?” Sanskar ask sitting beside her

She nods cutely

“Hmm.. okay. Don’t wear this” he said

Swara widens her eyes as for the first time he is supporting her instead of making her understand.

“What! Why are you staring at me. Ah i know you are little chubby for this kind of lehngha so, no issues” sanskar said teasingly

“You called me fat!” She shouts

“Nopes. I called you chubby! I know that’s the only reason for denying such Beautiful dress. You know I have seen Sameera today she was wearing backless dress!! Aahh! She was so h.o.t . I know it’s not your cup of tea so go n wear something which conceals you chubby chubby figure” he said teasingly and left with a winning smile

Here swara’s jealousy and anger reached at top.

She got ready wearing that and was cursing sanskar

“Sameera was looking hot! Huhh!! My foot. What he said m fat.. No no not fat! Chubby!! Huh.. my foot!! ”

Sanskar came in room locking that he hugged her from back and rest his chin on her shoulder

“So now someone is jealous”he Said

“Huh!! M not jealous”she said and hit him slightly from elbow

“Aawwoo!! Swara!!! It’s hurting!!” He said

“Huh! Call that Sameera !!” She said n left angrily

“Wow sanskar!! Now go and calm your lioness down!!”he thought and ran behind her

The ceremony was going on full swing designer was applying mehndi on Avni’s hand but adiraj was admant not to apply that. Somehow sanskar get hold of him and swara applied mehndi on his hand.

“Uurrghh!! I hate you bullet train!!” Adiraj said with fake anger

“Hahaha.. it’s okay!! Vintage car” swara said with a broad smile..

Sanskar and adiraj were adoring her wholehearted smile.

As soon as Swara saw sanskar staring at her she gave him attitude look n left
Soon she can hear someone singing

((Dhak dhak dhak dhak – 2
Make some noise,
Dhak dhak dhak dhak –
Lets scream
Common common now,
Break with the beat down,
Say common common now,
Sing it along soniye..))

As soon as she turned she saw sanskar coming from back like hero and singing

((Dhak dhak dhak mera dil dha dke
Dhak dhak dhak dhak –
Tere bina tere bina, dil naa lage,


Dhak dhak dhak dhak –
Hoye dhak dhak dhak mera dil dhadke
Tere bina tere bina, dil naa lage,
Jab jab dekhu tera mukhda haseen,
Ankhiyon mein milne ke khwab saje,
Tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,


Ho soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye
soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye – ))


((kehte hai pyaar kise aaj humko yeh batala de –
Matlab pyaar ka deewane zara samjha de,))


((rakhdo kadam tum apne jahan par,
jaan wahi hum de denge,
itni ijazat rab mujhe de de,
sajda mein ishq ka kar lu..))

She was having tears to see tge protective side of sanskar.

Adiraj starts to sing to lighten the environment AND Ofcouse to tease avni.

((Haan tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,
soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye
soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye))

Avni saw her parents and gets tears only with the thought of leaving them, she sang

((chod ke mein apno ko, tere saath kaise jau,
dhak dhak dhak dhak
Ho chod ke mein apno ko, tere saath kaise jau,
ajnabee rishto ko soch soch mein ghabrau,

**Adiraj came and wrap his hand around her shoulders protectively**

hogi kami mehsoos naa inki,
itna khayal mein rakhunga,
keh naa saka jo baat zaban se,
aankhon se meri padh le..
Ho tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,))

Everyone continue to sing together

((soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye
soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye – ))

“So now you have forgiven me ??” Sanskar ask with full confidence

Swara was taking a basket of flowers she took a few flowers and hit Sanskar with them

“Go to your hot Sameera” she said angrily

“Ohh God!! Now what!! M idiot”sanskar curses himself


some ladies were talking to ap.

“Where is Your daughter in law ap ji” a lady ask

“There she is!” Ap said pointing towards swara who was wiping sparsh’s face with her dupatta as he had spread chocolate on his whole face.

“Ohh!! She is ur new daughter in law!! ” That lady acknowledges

“Look na how affectionately she is taking care of sparsh. He isn’t her own son but still she is taking care of him like real mother”another lady said

“Hmm.. true.. ap ji u r so lucky to get a daughter in law like her.. she is indeed a gem. Which beautifies your family” some other lady said

“I agree my swara is Kohinoor diamond” ap said proudly


Swara was adoring the environment.

“So you are liking this ceremony”sanskar ask

“Tumhe Kya? Jao apni hot Sameera ke pass” she said angrily

“Jaan m sorry. I was just kidding. Trust me”he said

“No no. M fat na. No no not fat m chubby and Sameera is hot then go to her” she said angrily

“Achha Baba.. I am sorry na. I thought to tease you just the way you tease me by calling adiraj hot”sanskar said with puppy face

She melts seeing his face “maaf Kia Jao” she said

“Jao Kya! Tum aur pass aao” he said and pulls her closer

“Sanskar!! “She rolled her eyes on him

“Do you like this ceremony?”he ask

“Yup! Now m regretting not to attend di n lucky’s mehndi ceremony. You know I love mehndi and you know on marriage di wore chooda and kalire I was loving that. Somewhere I too want to wear that on my wedding but I knew it that I can’t get married and when I got married I missed chance to enjoy. Well it’s fine it’s my destiny “she said with a tinch of sadness

**Chooda is a set of red/ maroon and white/off-white bangles and kalire is a dangling addition which has to be worn on hands. It’s mainly a part of Punjabi tradition.**

“Come na swara if you love mehndi then come n apply that “sanskar said to cheer her up

“No Sanskar I can’t. If I apply mehndi I can’t do anything and over that I need to take care of sparsh so I can’t.. it’s fine na..”she said and left with a upset face as she wants to apply mehndi

Sanskar think something and went to sparsh and whispers something in his ear and both give hifi

Sparsh ran towards laksh and said something to him and a broad smile appeared on laksh’s face. he went n took the Mike

“So ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please!! (Everyone looks at him) Thank-you!! So now a very special person wants to say something to another special person Infront of you all so here we go”

He said and passed Mike to little sparsh

“Hello mumma! I want to say thank-you to you for being my mumma. When you were not my mumma my friends use to tease me by saying that you don’t have mumma.(sobs) but now I have my own mumma! Not one I have two two mummas. God loves me most and I love you most mumma.”Sparsh said with innocent cry

SwaSan and others too had tears in their eyes listing to the innocent confession of sparsh. Swara came ahead and opened her arms. Sparsh pick a small box from laksh’s hand and gave him Mike n ran into her arms.

She hugged him tightly.

“This is for you! You are the world’s best mumma” he said and gave her a trophy.

She was crying with happiness seeing that smal trophy the most priceless trophy for her. that gift took away all her sadness away.

“And you are world’s best son”swara said and kissed his forehead

Sanskar came ahead and wraps the two gems of his life in his warm embrace.

Sanskar whispers to sparsh” champ you were saying me that you wanna give gift to your mumma then go to laksh mausa ji and ask him Mike and say whatever you want to .your mumma will be so happy”

Sparsh said to laksh ” mausa ji I want Mike I want to give my mumma world’s best mumma trophy”


Ceremony has been ended successfully. Now swara has wrapped up everything and she was hell tired. Ap saw her tiring face. When she was carrying sleeping sparsh to the room.

“Swara! “Ap said

“Yes mom” swara ask..

“Beta make him sleep in my room” ap said

“Nahi mom, I will manage he won’t let you sleep”swara said

“Beta you need proper rest. Look at yourself you are so tired. Make him sleep in my room he is my grandson. Mujhe koi pareshani nahi hogi. Theek hai?”ap said

Swara nods n does the same.

As soon as swara landed on her bed she fall asleep cz of hectic day.

Ap took some warm oil for swara. When she met Sanskar

“Mom? What are you doing here?”he ask

“Nothing beta I came here to give her hot oil.but she has already slept so I am just going to massage her foot she will feel better and when she will wake up she will feel completely fresh” ap said

“Mom but how could you massage her foot!”sanskar ask

“Kyu? Swara Meri beti nahi hai kya? A mother can do this.”ap said smilingly

“Are mom I mean u too must be tired you go n I will take care of her”sanskar said and sent her forcibly

When she left. Sanskar massage her foot with warm oil. A relaxing smile appeared on swara’s face in sleep and Sanskar felt satisfied seeing that.
After massage , he dip a towel in hot water and then wipes her foot so that she won’t slip in morning after getting up.

“So now here is the time for surprise Mrs. Sanskar maheshwari”he thought and took out a mehndi keep

He then applied mehndi on her hands.

“Hmm.. I know it’s not too good but it’s not bad either. Baki swara will tell me after getting up” he thought and sleep.

To be continued…

Precap: swara shouts in anger and cry “stay away from me sanskar!! I Said stay away.!! You are also same!! You too just want to satisfy your hunger..!!! I said Outttt !! Jaooo!!!!”

A/N – So guyz as you all know a new ff has started with same name (and ‘different spelling’) so you won’t find any difficulty in recognising my ffs m adding my name in the title as my friends suggested me. Hope it’s reduces problem. If not then I will think to change the title.

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