Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 33)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : Babu’s entry


It’s been nearly a month since when Babu has became a maheshwari and a new one sided love story is starting between Babu and sanskar.. I hope you all know who loves whom?

Swara sparsh and Babu were in swasan’s room.. what swara. Was doing Babu n sparsh was seeing her carefully and finally sparsh spoke..

“What are you doing mumma!! ”

“Shhh.. lemme try this..”she said

Babu n sparsh gave eachother “finee!!” Look

Sanskar came n got shocked to see sparsh he was looking like a roll of saree it’s like swara has done a fail attempt to make him wear saree

“What are you doing swara??” He ask

“Practicing to drape saree” she said

“Papa mumma is doing nothing she is just rolling me into this cloth”sparsh said

“Hahaha that I can see.. stop it swara..” sanskar remvoes that saree from him

“You go champ (he looks at Babu who was seeing him lustfully *only according to sanskar*) and take him also”he said

Sparsh took Babu and ran..

“Soo.. why are you trying to drape saree??” He put his arms on her shoulder and ask

“U know na tmrw is Pooja at di’s place (he nods) so di wants me to wear saree.. n I have never even bought saree so I was practicing that on sparsh so that I can wear that tmrw” she said cutely

“Hmmm.. so this is a problem.. okay so if u want I can help u in wearing that”he said

“Really!!! U know how to drape saree!!??” She spoke with shiney eyes

He nods

“But how?”she frowned

“Actually once Kavita’s hand got fractured and she always wear saree so I helped her and then I learned how to drape saree.. u know all these girly things I know only cz of Kavita..”he said

“U Loved her alot na?”she ask

“Alot.. but now I love u more than anything”he said and kissed her forehead



Swara has tried alot to wake sanskar up he was admant not to wake up

“Sanskar this is fourth time I am waking you up.. cm’on don’t be so lazy.. even sparsh has got up”she said in irritation

“Ahhh?! Don’t shout swara.. ask sparsh to come here n slepp with me”sanskar said in sleepy voice

“Sanskar m warning you.. get up!!” She shouts

Sanskar took another pillow and cover his ear

“Fine!!!”swara stamps her foot in anger..

Soon she re-entered the room n this time with Babu
“Babu go and wake your love”she said to Babu and leave him on bed and left.

Soon sanskar can feel soft lips.. umm no .. not lips a soft tongue.. over his face.. in no time that tongue makes his face vet and he got up abruptly.. and shouts seeing Babu licking his face..


Here swara who was serving breakfast to everyone give hifi to sparsh

“What happened to him why he is shouting”dp ask

“Dad my soldier has accomplished his mission.. Kyu sparsh..”she winks

“Yes mamma.. but now the enemy army will attack on us”sparsh said

“We will see that don’t worry”swara said

“Aaahhhhhh!!!!! Swaraaaaa!!!! Sparshhhhhhh !!! Someone help me !!!!” He continue to shout

“Mumma I think we should save the opponent”sparsh said

“Hmm.. agree.. u have breakfast and lemme check the war area “saying this swara left

Swara burst out laughing seeing Babu Licking no no not licking.. Babu kissing sanskar in his face..

“Swara take this Stalker away from me or else I won’t let him live here.. ” sanskar said angrily

Swara took Babu and said”well done Babu”

Sanskar was seeing her in disbelief

“I have told you to wake up ..now pay for it”she said with a winning smile..

“You just wait” Sanskar said n pulls her n she landed on his chest..

“So you were saying something??”he said and tightens his grip on her waist

“Sanskar leave me.. if someone..” he didn’t let her complete n put his finger on her lips..
.”sshhh!! No one will come..”

He just completed this sentence and sparsh came in.. and spoke..”mumma what are you doing on papa”

Innocent kid????

“Nothing beta.. vo some dirt went into papa’s eye so mumma was blowing air.. u tell me do you want anything”swara immediately covers

“Ha vo.. ragini Massi has Called and ask us to come “sparsh said

“Achha.. sparsh you go to dadi she will get you ready”swara said and sparsh left

Swasan sighs and swara Beats sanskar

“I told you behave yourself but you… Uurrrgghhh.”

“Aawwoo swara sorry..”he said

“You should be..”she said angrily

Soon sanskar went to bath.. when he came back he got shocked to see swara sitting on bed wearing underskirt, blouse and his shirt over that and having a saree in her hand

“Swara? What’s this?” He ask

“You told me na you will help me wearing this… Soooooooooo” she stretch so alot

“Are you sure?? I mean ya I said.. but u r sure na??” He hesitate

She didn’t say anything, she forwarded the saree instead.. he too smiles and took the saree ..

He lifts the shirt a little and spoke..”hold it”

She being obedient child does the same

((Tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara))

He tuck the saree in n she felt butterflies.. but she wasn’t uncomfortable..

((O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai))

He was making pletes and she was just staring at him..

((O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara))

He done the pletes and tuck them in.. she closed her eyes this time.. he adore her smile

“Half is done now remove this shirt and put this part on your shoulder..okay?”he said

She nods.. he turned towards opposite direction and she did what he said

“Done” she said with a smile

He gets awestruck seeing her.. though shr wasn’t ready but was looking like an angel..

((O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara))

He streach the ‘pallu’ and pinned that on her shoulder

((Kahin kisi bhi gali me jaaun main
Teri khushboo se takraaun main
Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
Woh khwaab tu…
Tera mera milna dastoor hai
Tere hone se mujhme noor hai
Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
Mehtaab tu…))

After the saree he notice her empty neck and the mangalsutra on the dressing table. He took steps towards that and pick that up

((O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai))

He make her wear that.. both were involved in the moment.. forgetting about everything..

((O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tere bin ab toh
Na jeena gawara))

He moved towards her and held her firmly by waist..her breathing turns shallow..He slowly lean towards her..

((Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Yeh jaan le))

He stops in between.. the remaining distance between them was covered by swara.. soon her soft lips met her rough lips..

((O karam Khudaya hai
Tera pyar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara))

Both broke the kiss and she hide herself in his embrace due to shyness.. he tightens the hug…

((O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main behta musafir
Tu thehra kinara))


@kapoor villa

As soon as she enter the villa and saw ragini she ran to hug her.. here avni , adiraj and laksh signals something to each other and avni came in between and hugs swara..

“Aww where were you swara.. u know I was missing you badly”avni said

“Ha avni will talk to you first let me meet di” swara said while struggling to release herself

As soon as she succeed in doing so.. adiraj hugs her..

“My bullet train.. is looking so good in saree”he said

“Adiraj leave me n let me meet di or else I will kill you”she said

Adiraj left her

Now she was going towards ragini in full speed this time laksh came in between and she pushed him.. and laksh went into adiraj’s arms..

Here she hugs ragini..

“Di u know No one is allowing me to meet you..”she said with a pout..

Meanwhile laksh was still in adiraj’s arms.. and sanskar came n spoke

“Ahem!! Ahem!! Are u sure u both are man.. I mean.. “he winks

Laksh got up and said

“Vese I have doubt on adiraj!!”laksh said seriously

The very next moment SanLak face firing of pillow

“How dare you to say something like this about adiraj”avni said

“Yeyy avni!! Cm’on?? Or maaro avni..!! Yeyy!!” Adiraj was encouraging her

Meanwhile swaragini

“Hwz my chotu di”she said n put hand on her belly

“Haan.. now u only ask about chotu na.. di ki Kon puchega”ragini shows fake anger

“Nhi di I love you.. I was about to ask “she said n kissed her cheek
Sparsh come n spoke
“Kiss me also Mumma”

Swara kissed him on cheek

“Swara whenever I see him.. I never felt like he isn’t ur son”ragini Said seeing sparsh

“Nhi di.. what if I didn’t give birth to him.
Sparsh gave me new life.. he bring light in my dark life.. I just love him.. n di.. please never say like that.. sparsh is my son”swara said


Soon the hawan started.. sparsh was playing with anything which he found.. and some ladies were gossiping about swara … As the hawan proceeds the smoke from hawan kund makes it difficult for swara to breathe… She left without saying anything to anyone n went in her room..

Sanskar came after receiving phone call n found swara nowhere

“Where is mumma sparsh?” He ask

“She went upstairs”sparsh said

Sanskar realised that she can’t breathe in smoky environment. He hurriedly went up n search swara..

He found her in her room..

She was sitting on bed struggling to breathe.. he immediately took her in his embrace..

“S.a.n…s.k..a.r.. I.. I.. c..an..’t b..re..a.t..h..e”she manages to say

“Don’t worry swara u will be fine.. just a minute”he said and took out inhaler from his pocket..and after inhaling that she becomes calm..

“Feeling better??” He ask

She nods..

“Never do this again.. please.. I will die.. I can’t see u like that …”he said n engulf her in bone crushing hug

“Sanskar m fine.. it’s just the smoke was too much”she said

“Promise me u will tell me whenever you feel unwell..ek Baar pyar kho Chuka hoon phir nhi khona chahta ( I hv lost my love once.. I don’t want to loose it again)” he said

“What happened to you sanskar why are you saying like this”she ask

“Pata nhi.. bas Mann hua to kah Diya”he said

Swara gave a peck on his lips and said “now nothing will happen.. let’s go.. my bodyguard must have troubled everyone”

Swasan left.. by the time they reach everyone was having lunch..

Sanskar sat along with others to have and swara started her exercise.. ie. making sparsh eat..

He was running and bump into a lady and in this process the whole food fell on that lady’s saree n she shouts “u ill-mannered kid!!! No one has taught you how to behave!!!!”

“M sorry Mrs Verma!!”swara apologize

“U should teach him how to behave.. “mra Verma said

“How come she teach him right things she she herself don’t know how to behave.. don’t you u this famous ill-mannered girl swara gadodia” a lady Said

“Hmm.. you are correct and vese bhi he isn’t her own kid.. ” another lady said

“Enough!! My son bump into you it doesn’t mean u got license to taunt Me or my son.. u all know na how ill-mannered I am.. so don’t force me to behave badly with you.. sparsh is my son.. Mark this” swara roars

“When you yourself will give birth to your own baby then we will see how much this kid will be urs.. u r his step mother n truth can’t be denied” lady said

“Don’t worry m not like you all for me sparsh will remain my own kid.. and.. you all need not to worry about my son me n my husband are enough to worry About him.. and if still you all want to worry about him.. then door is there”she showed them exit

Those ladies left throwing their hands in anger

Soon all the guest left..

“M sorry di.. I spoiled your Pooja na”she said

Ragini hugs her n spoke”m proud of you”

“Thank-you sanskar!! Thank-you so much.. you made my swara what I want her to be.. I can’t thank you in words” ragini Said with teary eyes

“Ragini I did nothing.. all the credit goes to sparsh n swara”he said



Sanskar was driving and sparsh was sitting in swara’s lap..

“Mumma.. what’s step mother.. why that aunty was calling you stepmother” he ask innocent

Swara’s color faded.. she can’t answer him.. n what would she answer him..

“Beta did adiraj chachu gave you chocolate” sanskar divert his topic

He nods no vigorously

“Then check in my pocket”he said

Sparsh took chocolate from his pocket and ate that


SwaSan were sleeping.. and swara saw a bad dream that someone is taking sparsh away from her..and sparsh was shouting”no u r Not my mumma… I hate you . I hate you”.. she woke up in shock..


She then looked at little sparsh sleeping peacefully.. she cares his hair with lots of love and slept hugging him

Sanskar woke up n saw her sleeping hugging him..


Swara was seeing sparsh playing in garden with Babu from her room’s window.. sanskar came and hugged her from back.. she was still lost.. he put his chin in her shoulder..

“Where are you lost swara”he ask

“Kavita!”she spoke

“Huh??” He gave her confused look

“We should tell him about Kavita.. we have to”she said

“Are you crazy.. what’s the need of telling him about Kavita?”he ask

“Sanskar sparsh is young now.. we can make him understand easily.. if he came to know about this from anywhere else he would break.. he may hate me.. no.. no.. nom. I cant let my son hate me”she said

“Okay!! Okay!! Fine we will.. don’t worry”he said

“Sanskar I need Kavita’s pic with sparsh”she ask

Sanskar nods..

Sparsh came back after playing..

“Sparsh come here”sanskar calls him

“Yes Papa” he said

Sanskar took him n make him sit on bed.. in-between him n swara..

“Beta look at this pic.. do u know who this baby is?”swra ask showing him his n Kavita’s pic

“No mumma who is he??”he ask

“He is you champ.. when u were born u were this much small”Sanskar said

“Sachhi papa.. I was this much small !!!”sparsh said in amazement

“N do you know who is lady is??”sanskar ask

He nods no

“He..(sighs) he is ur mumma”swara said

“Mumma? But u r my mumma? I don’t know this aunty!! U r only my mumma”he cried

Swara took him in his embrace and spoke ” betq I am also ur mumma.. u were asking me who is stepmother na?”

He nods yes with tears

“Then listen carefully… There are two types of mummas one whom God has selected for you n other whom you select for yourself..”she said

She wipes his tears

“This is Kavita mumma.. ur real mumma whom God has chosen to be ur mumma.. and m ur mumma.. and you have chosen me to be yr mumma . understood?”she continues

“But how come I have two mumma?? Everyone has only one mumma na??”he ask innocently

“Achha tell me.. if God has given one gift to your friend and two gifts to you.. then tell me.. whom God loves more?”she ask

‘me”sparsh said

“Then… God loves you more that’s the reason he has gifted you two mothers.. one Kavita mumma n second me”she said n kissed him on forehead

“U are my mumma na!!”he ask

She nods..

“Where is Kavita mumma?”he ask

“Kavita mumma is in sky.. with God.. and she is seeing you from there, she is protecting you from there n loving you from there…”she said

sparsh immediately get up from bed

“Where are you going sparsh??”swara ask

“For saying Thank-you to God.. he has gifted me two mumma na!!”he said n ran

“U did it swara”Sanskar said

She smiles and hugs him..

To be continued

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    1. Meher

      Thank-you for liking new couple?

      Hahhaahha don’t worry consummation will be soon.. but.. but.. after adiraj’s wedding…

      Don’t worry I will soon show. Their romance but Kya Kru… I am too bad in writing romance

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  3. Meher I like ur both ff specially yeh dooriyan keep it up

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    Sanskar blessed to have Swara as his wife..
    luv it soo much Meher.. ty

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      Thank-you so much dear..

      Indeed he is blessed to have swara..

      Luv you

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