Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 32)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : adiraj’s engagement with avni.
Sanskar’s special engagement with swara… Swara come to know about ragini’s pregnancy


Suddenly she saw something and shouts “DIiiiiiii?!!!!”

SanLak got shocked..

Even ragini who has just stepped out of her room got shocked..

“What happened kiddo why are you shouting”laksh ask

Swara ignores him n ran upstairs.. ragini was standing in shock.. SanLak went behind him

“Di..why.. u… Get up from…. Bed”she said while catching breath

Sanskar rubs her back.. “u r impossible swara”

“Huh.. leave me.. n di u come n take rest.. you should not stress yourself “she said and took ragini in..

She make her lye on bed..

“Swara m fine!! “Ragini said

“Sshhh!! U keep quiet.. my chotu needs rest.. n don’t u dare to step out of room.. actually u don’t even need to get up from your bed .. actually I am thinking to stay here till your delivery… No.. no.. I can’t sparsh also needs me na…umm so di if u need anything just call me.. n vese bhi I will come here regularly to keep a check on you.. haan.. don’t skip meals and medicine and…(she turned towards laksh who was trying to suppress his smile along with sanskar) you lucky.. don’t you dare to trouble my di.. take care of her and.. don’t fight with her.. ” she said strictly

“Yes mam!!” Laksh said

“Good!!”she Pats his back..

“Sanskar you please take her before she eat my brains.. “ragini Said

Swara pouts..

“Hahaha ragini.. don’t worry m taking her.. and take care”sanskar said and drags swara out



Sparsh has already slept with ap n dp.. Sanskar was also sleeping.. but swara was seeing her pic with RagLak… Which was taken on their first wedding anniversary.. she was not uttering anything but tears were flowing from her eyes.. suddenly sanskar’s sleep got disturbed and he saw her crying..

“Swara.. why are you crying…. “He ask

She didn’t stop crying..

“Swara.. swara!! Look here.. why are you crying..”he got up n wipes her tears

“M so happy sanskar..!! Sooo sooo sooo happy.. di’s child sanskar.. I will be Massi… My di’s child sanskar” she said

“Ha.. Swara.. it’s good news.. then Why are you crying.. Haan”he ask softly

“Cz m feeling guilty.. if I would have left di n laksh before.. then they will experience this happiness earlier”she said with guilt

“Swara u r simply talking nonsense.. “he said

“Nhi sanskar I have told you Na.. the day I will get out from her life she will be happy and look that happened..”she said

“No u r wrong swara.. actually your and ragini’s happiness are interlinked.. look now you are happy so as she..”he said and kissed her forehead



Sparsh was still sleeping in ap’s room.. and swara was in kitchen

She enters the room to call him for breakfast n he pulls her aside and bolt the door

“What are you doing sanskar??”she shouts

“I Have done nothing till now”he said naughtily

“Uurrrgghhh… I came here leaving all my works just to call you and you!!!!!”she get irritated

He slides his hands towards her waist and held her firmly in his grip.. making her numb

((Dekha hazaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch aap mein baat aisi hai))

She closed her eyes in nervousness..

Some hair strans were on swara’s face.. so sanskar blow air gently on her face to make them aside..

“Did I ever tell you that you look gorgeous when u blush”he said

She nods no

“Andd.. did I tell you.. that m falling in love more n more with you”he said and glued her to his chest

Swara turns crimson

“Swara open your eyes”he whispers in her ear

She nods no

“If u don’t open ur eyes then what will happen next you will be responsible for that”he said with a naughty smile

Swara gulps in fear and slowly opened her eyes.. he lean towards her. She again closed her eyes in nervousness. Soon she can feel his warm breath on her face. She clutched his shirt tightly.

“May I”he ask

She understood his intentions but neither she can agree nor she can deny..

((Lekar ijazat ab aap se
Saansein ye aati jaati hain
Dhoondhe se milte nahi hain hum
Bas aap hi aap baaki hain))

She starts to clutch his shirt more tightly. He understood that she isn’t comfortable so he left her.

“M sorry.. “he said and starts to go

“Sanskar!!” She said

He turned and ask her in jesture.. she ran n hugged him..

“M truely blessed to have you.. m blessed to have a soul mate who can understand even my silence… And m sorry.. i-i I need time.. to come out..”she said

He cups her face and kissed her forehead

“M with you swara! I will give you time.. I will support you.. I will take you out from your past completely.. trust me”he said with determination

“I trust you more than anything”she said

((Pal bhar na doori sahein aap se
Betaabiyan yeh kuch aur hain
Hum door hoke bhi paas hain
Nazdeekiyan yeh kuch aur hain

Dekha hazaro dafaa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai))

Both were bzy in hugging when they heard a voice.

“Mummaaaaa… M hungry”

Both parts the hug n sanskar spoke..

“Lo ur little body guard has woken up.. ”

“Coming sparshhh” she shouts and left



sparsh came home after playing and he was hiding something..

“Sparsh what are you hiding?”swara ask

“Nothing mumma!!”sparsh covers

“Sparshhh! Show me “she said strictly

Sparsh forwarded his hands and has a small puppy in his hands

“Mumma he is my guest”sparsh said innocently

“Awww he is sooo cute”swara took that puppy from him

“Mumma he can stay here with us na I found him Drenching in rain”he said with pleading expression

Swara too melts seeing the cuteness of two puppies.. sry sry.. cuteness of one puppy and sparsh?

“Ummm…. Lemme think”she teases sparsh

“Please Na mummmaa… Look his eyes are just like urs n nose is just like papa’s”he pleads

She looks at him in disbelief what he has just said was little hard to digest?Suddenly she remembers that sanskar doesn’t like dogs..

“Okay.. he can.. but it will be our secret.. and your papa should not know about him”swara instructs

Whole day the mother son duo gets bzy in playing with the new little puppy..
As the time passes and sanskar’s home returning time Was coming near.. swara’s worry was increasing

“Don’t worry Mumma papa won’t say anything”sparsh said

“Beta u don’t know ur papa doesn’t like dogs.. actually he doesn’t like any animal which shed hair”she said

Sanskar came back home.. and swara makes that puppy sleep in a small basket with lots of soft things. And put that basket in sanskar’s study..as now he rarely visit his study

“So hwz the day sanskar.. want coffee.? U must be tired” she ask

“Umm.. ya but before that please ask Kaka to clean my study I have to work there”he said

“No..no.. u can’t..”she immediately said

Sanskar got shocked..”and why so?”he ask

“Cz Babu is sleeping there”sparsh said while jumping

“Babu?? Who is Babu??”he ask

“Babu is pup..”before he can complete swara covers sparsh’s mouth with her hand and said “ya vo.. he saw a cockroach there and named him Babu?”

“He gave a name to a cockroach” sanskar ask in disbelief

“Ya.. now. Let that cockroach rest there na.. u can work in our room also so.. let him spend there time together privately with his family”Swara herself doesn’t know what she has said

“Swara , I think I should call adiraj.. u r Not looking well.. u need psychiatrist”sanskar said and left

Swara sighs..

“Sparsh.. don’t forget that’s our secret”she said and sparsh nods..

Sanskar was working in his room with some file.. suddenly on file fell on floor… He was still unaware about Babu … Babu entered in his room n starts to chew his fallen file..

Swara came in with coffee and got shocked to see Babu chewing his file.. she immediately went in n tries to divert sanskar’s attention

“Lo have coffee sanskar”she said

“Put it on table..”he said while working

“Sanskar got up and wash ur face”she said

“I have washed my face swara”he said

“Nhi nhi .. go n wash ur face again”she said n pushed him in washroom

She immediately pick Babu up n put his file on table.. and ran with Babu..

Sanskar came back n saw the file which Babu has chewed ..
“Why this file is disfigured and wet?? Ahh leave sparsh bhi na..it must be him.”


Whole family was having dinner.. and Swara has given Babu Pedigree… Everyone knows about Babu except sanskar .. sanskar was having his dinner suddenly he felt something warm n wet on his foot..

“Sparsh focus on your food… Don’t disturb me”he said

“Papa m Not doing anything”he said

“Achha then who is teasing me” he ask

Swara slightly peeps under the table and gulps in fear as Babu was licking sanskar’s leg.. swara whispers in sparsh’s ear about Babu.. and sparsh went under the table n. Get hold of Babu..

Sparsh was sitting under table with Babu..

“Where is sparsh?? He was here na?”sanskar ask

“Sanskar how much you will eat.. stop it and come..”swara said

“Swara daily Tum mujhe thoos thoos ke khilati thi and today you are saying me not to eat.. now I must call adiraj”he said

“U can call him now go n sleep”swara drags him from dining table n pushed him into room..


Swara was finishing her work in kitchen when she heard Sanskar’s screem.. everyone rush to his room and saw..

Babu standing on sanskar’s chest.. n trying to lick him on face.. Sanskar was holding a pillow Infront of his face to save his dinity from babu?

“Who bring this puppy here”he shouts

“He is my guest papa”sparsh said proudly

“Aaaaa someone take him off me … Aaaa please!!!!” He shouts

Swara went in n took Babu from him..

“Go n put him out right now swara”he said

“Sanskar look at the time.. it’s 11 in night.. where he will go.. look at this small n innocent life.. please Na…”she pleads

“No means no.. u know that I don’t like animals who shed hair n still”he roars

“Sanskar he is going nowhere he is my son’s guest so he will stay here with us forever”she declares

Sanskar immediately shouts “nooooooo no guest lives forever?” He frowned

“Papa.. Babu?” sparsh said and jumps on sanskar

Sanskar look at 3 innocent faces.. swara’s, sparsh’s n Babu’s

“Fine! But keepp him away from me..”he said

SwaSpa nods..

“And you… Stay away from me.. m not interested in you.. so u better keep urself away from me”he said to Babu..

To be continued…

Precept: kisses ? swasan tells sparsh about Kavita

Okay I know m extremely late.. don’t beat me as this time reason is not that I was lazy.. actually m doing internship… And it becomes quite difficult to do internship along with regular college that too when your college gifts you assignment n tests everyday..??

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