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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : adiraj’s heart break. Swaragini unwell


“Hmm. Nothing to worry it’s just cz of ice cream”doc said with a smile

“Doc I have told her not to eat ice cream much but when this mother son dou starts doing something they are uncontrollable”Sanskar said

Swara looks at him with puppy face.

“Hahha.. it’s okay to enjoy Mrs maheshwari but u should not eat cold things.its not good for you “doc said

Meanwhile RagLak

“So my doubt was correct, continue these Medecins and come back after two weeks for checkup. Take rest and eat well”doc said

“Sure doctor. I will take care of her”laksh said and took ragini out.

Swasan n RagLak were at opposite sides of same corridor. Ragini was feeling dizzy she was about to fall but laksh supports her.

“Ragu!! Be careful!! Come n sit here”he make her sit.

Swasan crossed RagLak but swara can’t see ragini as she was sitting on bench and laksh was standing Infront of her facing back to swara..

“Sanskar come we have to go to avni’s home.. today I will make them agree anyhow”she said with determination

Sanskar can see the old stubborn swara in her. That swara who can do anything. That swara who does what she wants.

Swasan went to avni’s home. It’s nearly 8 at night when they both reached there.


“No swara! We can’t ! He is a nyc guy but we still can’t do this. We don’t know how strong his values are.. he can’t fullfill avni’s wishes”her dad said

“Uncle ! Trust me avni won’t get a better match than him.. I can prove this”she said

“Swara we don’t want any proves. Our decision is final”her mum said

“What if avni ran away from here ” swara raised her voice Little

Sanskar held her hand n signals her that she did wrong.

“Ah!M sorry aunty uncle but please try to understand adiraj is best.. atlest give him a chance.. please..(she hold her mother’s hand) please aunty.if u ever consider me as ur daughter please give adiraj a chance. Just think adiraj has stood by me in my hard times that too when he was unknown to me. So think how will he support avni.”she cried

Avni’s parents were forced to think about swara’s words. They have always considered swara as their own daughter. But still they were hesitant.

“Aunty uncle just come with me I want to show you something please” she pleads

“Mr n Mrs Oberoi please! If swara is saying this much please listen to her once. I hope u don’t want to regret on ur any decision later” sanskar said

Finally both agreed. Swara went to avni’s room n ask her parents to stay at door.

“Avni!”she spoke

Avni lifts her head. She saw swara with teary eyes.. and hugs her . Swara reciprocate the hug n makes her calm

“Avni don’t cry .I know what has happened. Don’t worry I won’t let u n adiraj to get sepreted. I have idea just run from here with adiraj”swara spoke

Avni’s parents were shocked to listen swara but sanskar reassures them.

“No. I won’t”avni denied

“What!! Why!! U guyz want to marry n ur parents are not allowing then what’s problem in this”she frowned

“Cz adiraj has said he will talk to dad n make him agree I know him. I trust him. Adiraj said I should not hurt my parents cz of him. So I won’t. I will do whatever he said.”avni said

“But what if adiraj can’t seek their concent..”swara ask

“No u know he will.. if he can’t then I will finish my life I don’t want a life without him. U know me swara I never want money n luxurious life. I just want love.andiraj can give me that. I won’t mind in doing any household work. I just hope pa n ma also understand this soon”avni said

Avni’s parents got shocked to listen this. Their daughter is trusting adiraj like anything, she is ready to finish her life.

Swara talked with avni for sometime n again come back to her parents.

“Look uncle avni is not running away just cz adiraj has said her not to.. now u can understand well that how is adiraj”swara said

“Swara it’s late you should go now”her mum said

Swasan left helplessly.



As soon as swara enters the house sparsh ran n hugged her tightly from her knees.

“Thank God beta u have came sparsh was crying badly only asking for you ur phone was unreachable”ap said

“Ya vo sorry mom”swara said and lifts sparsh in her arms

Swara make him lye on bed n covers him.. n slowly he fall asleep. He put his leg on swara n hugs her in sleep.

Swara was lost somewhere. Sanskar came n spoke”everything will be fine swara”

“Sanskar m feeling helpless. I don’t know how. But adiraj knows the magic of mending relations.. I wish I could do something. No I will do something. I have to” swara thought n fell asleep

@kapoor villa

“So when are you going to tell swara about this. M sure she will start dancing “laksh said with smile

“I will tell her as soon as I become stable. You know na after listening to this she will run head over heels to meet me. I don’t want her to see me this way”ragini Said

“U love swara alot na”he said

“Hmm.. afterall she is my lil Sissy. But laksh whatever you did for me n swara that I can’t describe in words. I can’t thank you. Only cz of you my swara is happy now” ragini Said with some unshed tears in eyes

“U have already given me the biggest happiness of my life”laksh said while putting his hand on her flat belly


when swara woke up she looked at clock it was showing half past 11 she get up from bed in hurry

“Oh god.. I will definitely file case against this doctor only cz of his medicines i got Late.. shoot i have to go to avni’s place again..”she panics and get ready

When she came downstairs she saw mm is getting decorated. She looks at that in confusion but then asked uttra about that.

“Uttra what’s this n where are every one?”she ask

“Bhabhi it’s for engagement”uttra spoke

“Engagement??”swara looked at her with disbelief

“Adiraj n Avni’s”sanskar spoke while bringing some packets in

“What!! How?? When?? I mean”she was confused

“Last night sanskar came to us n told us whatever had happened with adiraj n how Avni’s parents reacted”ap said

“Then me n Annapurna along with sanskar went to her home for asking their alliance again.. n make them agreed”dp continues.

“They should agree afterall it’s my son’s engagement”ap said

Swara ran n hugged her tightly

“Thank-you mom. Thank-you so much”she said

“O hello!! I have credit in this too”sanskar said

Ap Hits him playfully

“Ya. If u all will not help me I haven’t get my love. Thank-you so much aunty. Thank-you so much to all”adiraj said from door

As soon as she saw him she jump onto him and he twril her around.

“Oh god yipppeee!!!!! Finally adiraj n Avni’s is getting married!!!! I should get ready.. no I should select dress for u no I should” she panics

“Swara!! Calm down!! ” Sanskar and adiraj said in unison



The whole MM is decorated with flowers n lightning.

But the father son duo along with adiraj were troubling swàra alot.

“Sparshhh leave that!!!! Those are sanskar’s clothes”swara shouts

“Mumma!! I wanna wear this!”SPARSH said and run after taking sanskar’s clothes

“Sparsh wait!!! Give them to me.!! You will ruin it’s dry clean!! Sparshhh!!!”she shouts and run

Sanskar was helping adiraj in getting ready.

“Are yaar button this na!”adiraj said

“Wait na m trying to do”sanskar said while struggling to button adiraj’s sherwani

Sparsh enters the room n bumped into sanskar. Resulting in sanskar falling above adiraj on bed and giving a slight peak on his lips. Swara came to room n got shocked to see them in such state

“What the hell u both are doing”shee shouts

“Mumma!! Papa has given kissy to chachu on lips”sparsh said while jumping

Swara widens her eyes n rolls them on both..

“Swara trust me our intention wasn’t this”sanskar said with innocent face

“Ya that I can see”swara said while pointing towards their condition where sanskar was still on adiraj..

Both get up abruptly.

“Adiraj I haven’t expected this from you.. u r trying to cheat avni with my hubby. Oh god! Please save me. Chiii adiraj what were u doing.. i should have died before seeing this. Chalo beta sparsh ur papa has brought new mumma for you. Adiraj mumma. Bas ab yahi Sunna Baki rah gya hai ke Tum sanskar ke bachhe ki ma banne wale ho”swara said

“Nhi swara I was just (realised what she said) swara!!!”he said angrily

“What”she showed tongue to him

She was about to go but sanskar held her hand n pulls her near him.

“So I have bought a new mumma for sparsh”he said while pulling her closer..

“Ahem ahem guys!! Stop this!! U can’t romance Infront ttwo innocent kids”adiraj said

Swara giggles

“Achha sanskar here is ur sherwani.. and this is sparsh’s.. please get him ready”she said


After making sparsh n adiraj ready sanskar went to his room. He opened the door and saw swara having some dress in her hand.

“Swara”he spoek

She put that dress in almeera in Hurry

He came forward and ask “what are you hiding”

“N-nothing”she fumbles

He sided her and took that dress out it was a pink colored lehngha.

“It’s beautiful. U should wear this. N why are you wearing sute on engagement.”he ask

“I-i I am comfortable in this”she said

He pats her back a little and starts to leave but she spoke”Sanskar”

He smiles and came back

“Once u told me that you will support me in coming out of my past..(he nods and she sighs) sanskar i ,I want to live life like earlier.. I want to overcome my fear of clothes.. fear of people completely.. please help me”she said with tears

He took her in his warm n protecting embrace”I am with you! Okay? So go for it”

“U know this lehngha has given me by di n laksh to wear on their engagement but I didn’t even attend that” she said with guilt

“It’s fine swara.. let the past be past.. now get ready.. “he said n kissed her forehead

She nods n finally get ready in lehngha

@kapoor villa

“Ragini are u sure u can come to engagement.. I mean u r still not fine . Doctor has also told u to rest.. I don’t think we can go”laksh said

“It’s okay laksh. M fine.. vese b it’s a matter of a few hours”ragini Said

She was getting ready but she was weak ,she can’t get hold of anything and fell on bed luckily “aaahhh!!”

“Ragini!!” Laksh shouts and ran towards her.. “are you fine?”he ask..

She nods

“We aren’t going anywhere now! Just sit here and rest”laksh said and called sanskar that they can’t come.


Here ceremony has started and adiraj slides ring in avni’s finger.. n so does she..

Everyone clap n wishes the new couple

“Adiraj beta we are extremely very sorry.. ap ji has made us realised our mistakes.. we are very sorry” he dad said

“Uncle it’s OK.. u were perfectly correct at ur place”adiraj said

“Beta if u hv forgiven us then ca us as mom n dad..”her mom said..

Meanwhile sanskar took swara out.

“What are you doing”she ask..

“Shhhh! “He put a finger in her lips n slides a beautiful ring in her finger

“Sanskar ye?”she looked at him in confusion

“Haan.. actually our marriage was so abrupt that we didn’t even had engagement..so I thought to make this day special”he said

“But it’s cheating na!! What about me”she pouts

“I have other ring too”he said n passed her a small jewel box

She slides the ring in his finger.. he starts leaning towards her but before he could reach ,he has to get sepreted cz sparsh spoke

“Papa what are you doing”

(Innocent kid??)

“Trying to romance with ur mumma”he mumers

She Hits him playfully”nothing beta..U go n play with other kids”she said..


Now the function was over and swara decided to call ragini as she can’t come up for the engagement

“Hello di!”she spoke

“Swara beta.. ragini bitiya can’t talk to you now”the maid said

“Kyu kaki what happened”she ask

“Vo ragini bitiya has again fainted so laksh Baba has called doctor and doctor is checking her”maid said

Swara cut the call and ran to sanskar crying..

“Sanskar.. di.. sanskar vo.. Mai.. di.. she.. fainted.. let’s go”she fumbles..

“Swara! Swara! Relax! Tell me what happened to ragini”he ask

“She has fainted. I wanna see her. Please take me there” she said while sobbing

“Nothing will happen to her. Stop crying we are going to Kapoor villa okay?”he said


Swara ran directly to ragini ‘s room n saw her lying on bed.


RagLak turned towards the source of voice n got shocked to see swara..

“Swara what are you doing here”ragini ask

Laksh helps her in getting up.

“Vo she said u have fainted so she wanna see you”sanskar said

“Swara m fine”ragini Said

Swara hugs her tightly without wasting any moment n cried

“Shona calm down nothing happens to her”laksh said

“Then why she fainted” she ask after releasing the hug

“It’s common in pregnancy swara” laksh said.

“Ha to common in pregnancy doesn’t mean (reasises ) what!!! Di!!! You are !!!! Yippppppppeeeeeeee!!!!!! “She hugs her again

“Swara lemme breathe please”, ragini Said

“Ooops m sorry! Sorry chotu ur Massi is an idiot”she said while holding her ears sanskar adores her happiness

“Congrats laksh! ” He too congratulates them..

Swara sanskar and laksh were talking downstairs

“Why didn’t you tell this us earlier”swara ask

“Cz ragini wants to get fine first”laksh said.

“Ohhhhh”swara said..

Suddenly she saw something and shouts “DIiiiiiii?!!!!”

SanLak got shocked..

To be continued
Precap: sparsh’s guest becomes trouble for sanskar?

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