Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 30)


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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : SwaSanSpa fun.


@Kapoor villa

Laksh enters the room with food.

“Ragu get up and have something” laksh said

Ragini open her eyes. Laksh put plate on side table and helped her in getting up and adjust pillow behind her back.

“Laksh I don’t want to have anything. I don’t feel like having anything”she said with a pale n dull face

“Ragu! U have to take medicine also na. Have this!” Laksh said

“Laksh please!”she resist

“If u don’t eat this then m calling swara and telling her that u r unwell” he said

“No please. Don’t call swara. I will have this.”ragini unwillingly had

“Ragini now take some rest and then we will go . Okay?”he said

“Hmmm”she agreed



Swara was shouting at sparsh and sanskar both were sitting on sofa with a puppy face

“What the hell u both did!!!! I asked you to get him ready so that adiraj can look good Infront of Avni’s parents n what u both did!! Adiraj is going to ask for alliance not in a bike racing”she shouts

**SanSpa make adiraj wear jeans n black jacket with shades and set hair in spikes**

“Swara these two na.. they will get my divorce done before marriage”adiraj said in nervousness

“Ofcouse they will!! Come I will tell u what to wear n you two too come with me” swara orders n trio followed her

Trio stand in a line. Swara first took faded jeans with black tee and sky blue blazer and handed that to adiraj.

Soon he came wearing that.. swara set his hair with her hands. She finally put a broach on his blazer

“Now perfect”she said

“Swara do U think they will agree?”he ask in nervousness

“Ofcouse they will” swasan said in unison

“Ah! No I mean don’t say to boost my confidence. Do u think they will agree to give their daughter to an orphan”he said with a sad tone

“You have a family !!you idiot!! Never say this!!” Swara said n hugs him

Adiraj smiled bitterly and went downstairs.

Swara recalls something and ran.

“Swara don’t run!!” Sanskar shouts but she left

Here adiraj was going towards his car. When swara ran n overtake him with a bowl in hand . Sanskar too came behind her. She was out of breath.

“Adiraj wait”she said while trying to catch some air

“Why u run bullet train!! First calm down!!”adiraj said in concern

“That’s what I said. But she never listen to me!! Doctor has..”before sanskar could complete swara spoke “ha ha I know doctor has said me not to run!”

“Have this ” swara feed adiraj with spoon

“U know Sujata aunty always feed laksh curd n sugar before he went anywhere for important work”swara continued

Adiraj got tears in his eyes seeing her love.

“Oye! Crying is my department Mr. !! All the best and come back with a good news.”swara said

“Do u want us to come with you”sanskar ask

“No. I will manage. You both spend some quality time together with ur son”adiraj said and left


@avni’s home

Adiraj greeted with her parents.

“Hmm.. so u love our daughter n wanna marry her” her father said

Adiraj nods confidently

“But adiraj do u think avni can live with you. I mean m sorry to say but u r orphan and avni is habitual of having joint family”her dad says.

Adiraj’s color faded listing to this..

“Dad please. I love him. So what if he is orphan. We can start family together” avni said

“Avni we are not talking to you!. Hmm so adiraj tell us how come you manage with her all alone.?over that how can u bear her branded expenses”her dad frowned

“Sir all I can say is I love avni. I can do anything for her. I will make sure that the tears which made their way to her eyes will be of happiness only.”adiraj said

“Adiraj these filmy talks won’t make any difference.!! My daughter lived with a family of 7 people n in ur home that isn’t a home actually!! Only u live there! How could we give our daughter to you”her mother said

“Mam. I want to marry avni so that ,that house will get converted into a home”adiraj asserts

“You are a nice guy beta, but m sorry we can’t accept this alliance. What our relatives will say when they will come to know that the groom himself came for asking the alliance. M sorry we can’t. “Her dad declares

“But dad I love him. He loves me alot”avni cries.

“Beta we know he is a nyc guy, just think what will happen after marriage. U have to do all the work by urself m sorry. We have brought you up as a princess we want a prince for you”her mum said

“So young man! All the best for your future”her dad shake hand with him n left

Adiraj was heartbroken. He clearly analysis that they won’t agree. Avni was crying he wanted to take her in his embrace to comfort her but he stopped himself and left.

He bang his fist on car in helplessness. Avni came to him n hugged him tightly

((Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai))

“I love you yaar.. take me away.. I just want to be with you. I will do everything, every work by myself, but I can’t live without you”she said while sobbing

“Aree yaar why are you crying. I haven’t died yet”adiraj said jokingly to hide his pain

“Shut up!! Never say that.. adiraj please let’s go.. let’s go away.. “she pleads

He cups her face n wipes her tears”avni never ever think to do that. U know me from 5years only but u r with ur family since birth. You are in this world just cz of ur parents . Never hurt ur parents they are very precious”he said

“I swear I will die without you”she said

Adiraj can see in her body language that she isn’t stable now. She is depressed and can do anything wrong.

“Aree you don’t need to do anything. Trust me. I will talk to ur dad again. He have to agree. Just give me some time”he said though he knee they won’t agree

“How much time”she asked innocently

“Umm..a week”he said

“Pakka na! U will marry me only na!! U will make my dad agree na!! Otherwise I will kill myself”she said

“Shhhh! Don’t cry. U know na I will do something”he said and kissed her forehead and left.

He was driving back to his house but the always happy go lucky adiraj is crying now.he is heartbroken

((Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..))

Adiraj recalls when he first meet avni n fell for her truthful eyes. Her loving soul.

Here avni was crying badly clutching adiraj’s first gift to her. The bracelet which he gave her while proposing.

((Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni))

Adiraj stopped his car and cries “why always me!! Why!! First I lost my family n now avni!!why!!!!! I never demanded anything I just want someone whom I can address as family. Swara is my life she n sanskar are like my family but they ARE LIKE my family they aren’t a family.”

((Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun sazaa humne hai paayi, Ranjhana ve
Phir se mujhe jeena, tujhpe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, Saajnaa ve
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai.)).

“I promise adiraj I will kill myself if I can’t get you. I don’t want a life without you. I don’t. U want me to be with my family na. I will, I count on you. I will wait for a week. I will”avni thought

((Gair sa hua khud se bhi, na koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
Kholun jo baahein, bas gham ye simat rahe hain
Aankhon ke aage lamhe ye kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan.

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni))


“Sanskar it’s evening n adiraj still don’t call me.. I think something is fishy.. let’s go to him”swara said

While putting clothes in almeera unaware of sanskar’s romantic intentions. He came behind her and hug her.

“Hmm.. looks like someone is worried for her best friend.. umm swara u r hot”he said as he can feel the rising temperature of her .

“Shut up! And Obviously na sanskar. Adiraj loves avni alot. N I know the pain of getting sepreted from ur love”she said and closed the almeera

“Let’s go na.. please”she insist

“Okay okay, we will”he said

Swara took a step n feels dizzy.. she was about to fall but sanskar hold her.

“Swara are you fine? God! U r burning in fever. I asked you not to eat too much ice cream I knew it. Wait! U must be feeling unwell from tmrw but u didn’t tell me na!”he shouts

“If I told you u will be angry on me na!”she said with puppy face

**She is still in his arms**

“Swara! Stop being careless!!! I won’t tolerate this”he said angrily

“U can scold me as much as you can but please let go to him first” she said

“No first we will go to doctor”Sanskar resist

“Sanskar please try to understand! Adiraj has done alot for me. I don’t know but m sure something has happened.. otherwise till now he has taken the whole world on his head in happiness”she said

Finally he agreed and both left for adiraj’s place.


@singhania house

Adiraj enters and first thing he saw was his family picture.

“Hey mom! Hey dad! U know today I went to ur DIL’s house for talking about our relation. You know what. They denied. They said I can’t marry her cz.. cz m orphan”he said with tears

He forgot about the door about car keys about everything he just sat on floor near the wall where his family picture was hanged.

He went into deep sleep. he saw his engagement with avni.

Avni was dressed in orange lehngha with open hair. Long diamond danglers in ears.
Adiraj was dressed in black and golden sherwani.

She slide engagement ring in his hand. Now it was his turn. As soon as he tried to take her hand she giggles and ran away.. “avni stop!!” He calls

But she disappeared.

The very next moment he got up n realised that it was a dream. He looked around at his place it was all mess.

“So Mr adiraj Singhania get up n clean up ur place. No one will shout on u for keeping the house messy”he said to himself and cleans the place.

SwaSan reached there.

“Adiraj what happened you didn’t call me”swara ask

“Hold on bullet train. What should I tell” he said without showing his pain

“What means!! Tell me when u both are getting engaged!!”she ask

“Umm.. we aren’t getting engaged”he said while controlling his pain with a smile

Swasan were taken aback

“What! What do u mean by this.? U went to ask for your alliance na?”sanskar ask

“They denied. They said avni can’t manage with me. She is habitual of living in a joint family n I technically have no family neither I can afford her branded expenses”adiraj said in a funny tone n broken heart

“Now what”swara ask

“Now what means? If not avni someone else. It won’t make any difference na. Vese bhi m going Singapore in two days and ya swara please support avni. I can see that she is extremely depressed afterall she loved me alot na”adiraj said with tears and a fake happy face

The next moment swara hugged him tightly and cried.

“Oye bullet train stop crying! Wait u r Not well!U r literally hot”he said to lighten the environment

He broke the hug n spoke

“Sanskar she is having fever. N u took her here instead of taking her to doctor”adiraj said

“Stop it adiraj!! Just stop it!! Stop ur acting.. I know u hv broken now. “Swara shouts

“Swara life didn’t give me anyone. With whom I can cry”he said

“Adiraj we are with you. We are your family right” sanskar said and put a hand on his shoulder

“Sanskar you are LIKE my family. It’s different. Well leave this and take swara to doctor”adiraj said

“But adiraj we can find a way out m sure Avni’s parents will agree”sanskar said

“Dude! I need some space. If I feel like talking I will disturb you both anytime.okay?”he said

Soon swasan left after consoling him which all went in vain


“Swara stop crying.”sanskar said

“Sanskar turn car towards avni’s place. I wanna talk to them.”she said

“Swara let’s go to doctor first”sanskar said

“Please sanskar. Please. M fine. I need to talk to them. I can’t get them separated. After sparsh adiraj is the sole reason for our union. Otherwise I will be living in that illusion only that u r plotting against me. I can’t see him in pain. I owe my life to him. “She said

“Swara we will go there only. I promise but please look ur fever is increasing”he said while putting hand on her forehead

“But”she resistes

He park the car aside and kissed her forehead

“We will sort everything but first u need to take care of urself. First let’s see doctor then I will straight drive to avni’s place. pakka. Just a matter of an hour please”he said

“Sanskar but vo”swara wasn’t ready to listen

“So sparsh ki mumma will not listen to me. So lemme call ragini n tell her. “He said n took his phone out

“No! No! Please no. I don’t want di to get worried. I agree. And I have a plan too” swara said with a smrik

“Ofcouse swara! Adiraj has shown this friendship now it’s our turn” sanskar said

To be continued...

Precap: swaragini hit and miss in hospital. Real engagementS

Sorry guyz for bringing this chutku sa twist. Now adiraj is my favorite character so I think this is episode is fair enough to give him maximum space.

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