Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 3) (random decision)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : swara having argument with Adiraj… SwaLak fight


Swara’s pov

We were coming back from that acting class… i mean party there was a deadly silence in the car then dad broke the silence

“swara ragini we both are going to kolkata for a business trip … we will come back in a week”

“i hope u both can manage all things on ur own.. without any silly fights” mom continued

“but dad mom.. there is my b’day after two days… hw can u go like this” i was upset

“so what tera b’day har saal ata hai..(so what u hv ur bday every year) now u want that for ur stupid b’day mom n dad hold their works” idiot ragini taunts me

“beta we will wish u through video calling.. n over that i hv ordered a surprise gift for u ” dad said with a smile

“i don’t want any gift dad… i want to celeberate my bday with u both” i said in crying tone

“stop seeking attention by shedding these crocodile tears..” ragini again taunts me

now enough.. i was fuming in anger… i just slap her hard.. then dad n mom starts to scold me

“stop it swra behave urself… she is elder to u.. hw dare u to slap her” mom scolds me

“exacty swara.. u r becoming more n more illmannered..” dad continoues

“u all hv problem with me na… then i will solve all ur problems today” i said that and open the gate of my side n jump off the running car…then i just remember some screams.. Soon everything turns black.. when i open my eyes i was on hospital bed.. and my head n arm was paining like hell.. ahh!! i was repenting on my random decision to jump.. but i can’t help it… whenever i am in anger i don’t think of future result
then the room opened and laksh enter “kiddo what was that..”
i turn my face as i don’t want to talk with him…

“m asking u smthng swara… tell me !!! are you insane !! kuch ho jata toh ” he said.. i can clearly see the fear in his eyes..

“now u are happy na… now everyone is paying attention to u .. bl**dy attention seeker..”ragini taunts

“m nt an attention seeker.. smjhi tu ” i shouted

” oh really.. then whatever u hv done in hostel..what was that.. those tricks to seek attention… that conspiracy to come back” she continued

“laksh take her out… or else i will kill her” i contorl my anger

“ragini stop this.. can’t u see she is injured” laksh supports me

“laksh this girl is my ‘sister’ i kno her.. n her cheap tactics for seeking attention” ragini said

” i dont want any attention.. get out from here ” i shout

laksh take her out and we came back home… it was nearly morning…

i was praying that mom n dad postpone their trip as now their daughter is injured…but i was wrong.. they left for kolkata… they again left me… i thought that this bday would be my 20th b’day.. but i hv not celeberated even 4 b’days with them,, where as that ragini celeberated her each n every b’day with mom n dad… yeahh i am jelous of her..
i closed my eyes and recalls the HAPPY moments which i hv with my FAMILY .. then i open my eyes n laughs.. as i hv no such memories… i was feeling bored so i decide to call him.. my bf

“hello jaan” i said

“hello my princess.. what happened u are sounding low”

“i want u .. plz come back” i cried

“hey what happened swara.. why are you crying..”

“i luv u.. ” i again cried

“i luv u too baby.. but stop crying and tell me exactly what happend.. ragini ne kuch kaha”

“i just hate her.. she is so mean.. everyone is so mean.. no one luvs me” i explained that car incident to him

“are u out of ur mind !! what if something will happen to you.. i will never ever talk with u if u ever tried to take such drastic step” he scolds me..

i was feeling better with his scoldings … i just luv those people wh scolds me.. it gives me a feeling of love..
i was all alone in that concrete building.. then sujata aunty came as laksh had told her about my stupidity… first thing i did was engulfing her in a bone crushing hug…

“swra.. u hv done wrong..” aunty said
i put my head down as i knew i was wrong

“beta.. If sharmishtha ji n shekhar ji will not be here on ur b’day so what… me n rp uncle will celeberate ur b’day with u..” aunty said while wiping my tears..

i put my head in her lap.. n she cares my head till i fall asleep.. i feel lyk my all worries n tensions.. flew away.. when sujata aunty came…

i woke up in evening as soon as i woke up sujata aunty enter my room with soup… i wonder hw she knows that i will be hungry.. cz i hv to ask for food.. for water,.. for everything .. but sujata aunty has some cosmic connection with me… she feed me from her hands… then at night when she was going i held her hand and said “aunty plz ruk jao” i was on the verge of crying

she turned to me n kissed my forehead then she called someone… i was praying that she agrees to say..

“laksh i will stay with swara tonight plz ask ginni to send my clothes here” aunty said on call

i was on cloud nine.. that aunty agreed to stay here .. that too ek baar kehne pe… my mom n dad never does this.. atleat not for me…

****swara’s pov end****

to be continued..

Ahh I know guys u all are waiting for sanskar’s entry.. But m Nt in mood to bring him.. ? Soon attest not till Swara’s b’day… But u all will hate him.. So itz better to keep him away ?

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Meher don’t u dare make my sanky bad ….I mean mai tumhe literally tere ghar we kidnap kar lungi…
    N yaar ye ragini kya creep h …i mean uski har baat pe bas ek rxn hota h…chii…i mean kaisi sister h ….puri family weirdo h….but swara she is suffering so much .I mean she tried to kill herself ….bcz of all the hatred n agony ….n I hate this ragini…huh….mera bas chale to I will throw her out of moving car n then say ….now enjoy ur bfs attention….cheap….n muje toh swara ka bf bohot caring lag rha h…

    Ye sare gifts bhej rahi hu….
    Coz m sorry for my late comment….
    I hope tujhe achhe lage ge…..
    Ice- cream jaldi khale warna melt ho jaegi…

    1. I will make him bad.. N tu kuch ni kar payegi ???????

      Let’s see k kitta caring hai uska bf…

      And itne gifts km hai.. Or bhj .. ????Ittihad late hai n bs itne gift.. Kanjoooooooos

      Melt to ho gai.. New bhj… N meri pasand ki bhj… ??

      1. Chal chal tere to bhao (value) jyada hi bad re h….
        Mai ni bhejti Aur…?????
        Mai kanjoos to tu makhi choos….??????
        Ha ha mai toh yahan tera order lene k liye hi hu….
        Waiter samjha h na???
        Ussi ko fridge me dubara set kar ke kha le….mai ni bhehti dubara….???????

    2. Mai q chooso makkhi m pure vegetarian…
      Waiter ni waitress smjha hai ????
      Hawaii M q karu dubara set khud kr… Huh… Aaaalsiii?

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