Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 29)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : emotional talks n union.


“Guyz if u r done with your hugging then please go n see sparsh”adiraj said

Both release the hug n ran in ap’s room

“Sparsh”swara said

As soon as he saw her he ran to her n cried

“Sshhh don’t cry mumma is here Na. With sparsh only” she said

Sparsh didn’t stop crying.

“Champ come here” sanskar lifts him up

“Mumma u won’t go na” he ask innocently while sobbing

“No beta mumma won’t go”sanskar said n wipes his tears

“Sparsh is angry with you both.”he said n jump off from sanskar n sat on bed with a cute angry pout

Swasan understood that it’s his fake anger. Both sat on his either side.

“Hmmm sanskar so sparsh is angry with us”swara said

“Ya swara now I think we should cancel the plan for ice cream”sanskar said

Listening to ice cream sparsh’s face lit up but he didn’t react.

“Hm. We thought to have butterscotch ice cream with sparsh but when sparsh is angry then only me n you can have that na”swara said

“Hmm. Then let’s go na. When sparsh’s anger will be cool down we will take him too”sanskar said

Swasan act to go out when they heard a cute voice

“Mumma! Papa! You both should make me agree . Itz bad to eat icecream without me” sparsh said while putting his hand on waist

“U wait champ! I will make you agree now” sanskar said n starts tickling

Sparsh laugh wholeheartedly. Everyone was adoring the cute trio.

“Finally my kiddo’s mercy has ended” laksh said

“Ya but mine will get started” adiraj said in nervousness

“Why?”laksh ask

“I have to go to meet avni’s parents tmrw”he said

Laksh burst out laughing.

“Laksh!”adiraj gave him glare

Before he could say anything his phone rang “ya ragini!..(pause) what!! (Pause)…. Don’t worry m coming.!! ”

“Is everything fine laksh?”adiraj ask

“Yar I have to go! Will catch you later!! ” laksh said n ran in hurry

Meanwhile SwaSanSpa

“Areee who said m angry..!! I want ice cream!! “Sparsh shouts

“Okay! Okay! Let’s go “Sanskar said

SwaSpa looked at each other n shouts”ice cream!! Yippee!!”

@ice cream parlor

Sanskar was giving angry look to swaSpa continuously, but they don’t pay heed to his staring

Sanskar had his one icecream whereas SwaSpa were eating continuously.

“Mumma look at that ice cream it also looks yummy”sparsh said

“Hmm. U r right! Waiter one black forest choko chip please!”swara ordered

“Stop it guyz u hv already eaten 6 ice creams. Swara you should not eat more icecream it will affect your health n sparsh u, u will catch cold so stop it..”he said to them

“Waiter no need for more icecream! Give the bill” sanskar said

SwaSpa looked at each other n shouts “we want icecream!!!”

“Enough! U both are not supposed to eat any icecream now” he shouts

“We hate you papa”SwaSpa shouts in unison

“No means no!”he said strictly

“Huh!! ” SwaSpa pouts

Soon swasan realises that they r in public place n were behaving like kid and every one was staring at them only.

“Umm.. vo sanskar me n sparsh r going out u come fast”swara left in embarrassment

He nods n pay the bill.


Swara was making sparsh sleep. When ap came

“Swara sanskar give sparsh to me he will sleep with us today! Come sparsh”ap said n sparsh ran to her

“But ma he will trouble you! N over that how could you manage to bear his late night tantrum”swara said

“Ya ma he won’t let you sleep”sanskar said

“Beta itz very important moment for u both! I don’t want u to let it go waste”ap said n blessed both

Soon ap left n silence took charge .

Sanskar took blanket n was about to sleep on couch when swara spoke”Sanskaar”

“Hmm” he replied

“Vo.. umm.y-you can sleep. H.e.r.e “she hesitantly spoke

“What!! No. I mean won’t you feel uncomfortable?” He ask

She smiles n said “I trust you.. n ur back must be screaming to get relax.. afterall you are sleeping on couch since 3months”

He smile n sat on bed. resting his back on headboard.
Swara placed her head on his chest and spoke”my life is always unpredictable!”

He wraps his arm around her waist and she continued

“U know I never thought to be happy again. I tried alot to even end my life.(sanskar looks at her shockingly) hmm.. I tried to kill myself 3 times but I failed. I had no reason to live” she cried

“Swara ! I know u hv suppressed ur feelings in ur heart but now you can share everything with me. N remember one thing! Suicide is not a solution for any problem. It won’t finish the old problem but instead it will add new ones”sanskar said

“Sanskar I was feeling guilty, for destroying di’s life. Di has done alot for me, lucky has done alot for me. I can’t repay them” she said

“Jaan it’s life not maths. U need not to prove RHS equal to LHS.”he said

She continue to sob

“Swara stop it. Enough of ur crying! I won’t talk to you if you cry”saying this he starts to get up

“No please! M sorry! I won’t cry! Please don’t leave me”she said n immediately wipes her tears like a child

He smiles at her innocence and kissed her forehead

” How could I never noticed your innocence yaar! I just love you! ” He said

“I love you too” she said

“Uff now leave this. Forget whatever had happened now let’s begin new journey”he said



Swara was helping her two little kids in getting ready

“Swara where is my wallet “sanskar ask

“In right drawer sanskar”swara shouts from kitchen

“Swara where is my belt” he shouts

“Behind the door sanskar” she again shouts

Sparsh was seeing sanskar shouting from long..and finally he too immetate him

“Mumma where is my tee shirt”sparsh shouts

Sanskar looked at him in disbelief”champ u r wearing ur tee shirt!” He said

Sparsh giggles and remove his tee shirt and throw that out from balcony and sanskar was seeing him with wide open mouth

“Mumma!!! Where is my tee shirt” he again shouts

Swara marched in room in irritation

“I have made you wear ur tee (she stops n looked at sparsh with mouth touching to ground) where is ur tee shirt!!” She shouts

“Where is his tee shirt sanskar!!!” Swara asked him angrily

“Vo he threw that off the balcony”he mumers .

“What!! Sparsh!!!! ” Swara shouts

She took out his other tee shirt from almeera and tries to make him wear, but little maheshwari was in playing mood.

“I don’t want to wear that”he said n ran out

Swara was about to run behind him but sanskar stopped him.

“Swara wait! Don’t run! You come downstairs slowly and till then I will catch him”he said

She nods

“Swara slowly okay? No need to hurry” he again instructs

She went downstairs and just sat on sofa n was watching live Tom n Jerry ie. Sanskar and sparsh.

“Sparsh please! Itx enough! Papa is tired now”sanskar said

“No papa I wanna play more! ” Sparsh said while jumping

“Swara how u manage with him!”sanskar said

“When I can manage with his father! I can manage with him also” she said

Sparsh was running around the sofa swara stood up n came Infront of sparsh n hold him.

“Now enough of ur playing”she said n makes him wear the tee shirt.

As soon as she make him wear he ran.
Swara was about to go but sanskar hold her”aree why are you in this hurry!!”

“Sanskar leave me. “She tried to release herself

“If I throw my shirt off ,then will you make me wear that the way you make him wear”sanskar said naughtily

“Happ!!” She Beats him playfully

“Ahem ahem ! U guyz again started publicly”adiraj said while coming in

“Shut up u vintage car”swara said

“Okay okay! Cool down my bullet train. I need your help”adiraj Said

“Oh ho.. adiraj the great needs my help Haan.!”she winks

“Swara! Umm.. vo.. Avni.. I mean.. I want to..umm.. I want to..”he hesitates

“Speak up yaar”sanskar ask

“I want to talk to Avni’s parents regarding our relationship”he said

“Yipppeee !!! Finally i can attend a marriage!!!” She jumps in excitement

Sanskar and adiraj looks at her with happiness in eyes..

“Swara stop jumping. Don’t stress yourself” sanskar said strictly

“Adiraj look at your best friend he always scold me as if m 90+”she said with a pout

“Excuse me! U r Not 90 but your lungs are! Doctor has told me about your health. So stop complaining like sparsh”sanskar said

“Haww! M complaining like sparsh!! U old man” she said

“Old man?! Are you even in your senses !! Girls die to get a glimpse of me. They drool over me.” Sanskar said proudly

“Huh! I will kill them if they drool over my hubby.. u r only mine. I can’t loose you now” she said with moist eyed

Adiraj saw environment turns emotional so he changes the topic

“Guyzz focus on me!!!” Adiraj shouts

“Oh ha.. I forgot about you.. “she giggles

“Swara first go n bring something for me to eat”adiraj said

“Yes boss!!”she said n left

“Sanskar never ever hurt her again” adiraj said

“Never dude! The day I will hurt her again will be last day of my life”sanskar said

“Finally you suceed in bringing the happiness in her life” adiraj smiles

To be continued…

Precap: engagement!

Guyz for sparsh’s role u can have look at kid on cover

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