Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 27)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : sparsh in danger. Swara risked her life to save sparsh. Sanskar’s confession.

Ragini was having tears of happiness in her eyes.. whereas laksh has worry in his eyes

Swara wants to say something but she stopped seeing ragini having tears of happiness in her eyes she thought”itz right time. Yes today I have chance I can prove di n laksh that m happy.. so that they can move on n finally focus on their own lives.. I know itz sanskar’s another plan to hurt me.. but it would be helpful for me”

She reciprocate the hug and said “I love you too”

“Swara I would have died today.. never try to do this” sanskar said out of concern

“Laksh let’s go.. let them spend time together”ragini whispers and drags him out

“Ragini but”laksh wants to say something, but before that ragini hugs him n said ” today m so Happy. Finally my swara got love of her life. U know now my Sissy won’t suffer. M so Happy.. everything is perfect now”

laksh stopped seeing her happiness.

Here swara parts the hug n spoke”m sorry sanskar”

“Don’t be sorry swara.. but NEXT time don’t u dare to risk ur life” he said n kissed her forehead

“No m saying sorry for hugging you n saying I love u.. actually di was so happy so I thought it will help her in moving ahead..” she said with tears

“What are you saying??” he can’t understand

“Why are you doing this” she ask with tears

“What do yo mean by this??” He ask in confusion

“Sanskar trust me I have done nothing.. no.. w-wait I must have done something but what.. sanskar tell me what I have done.. I will rectify that but please don’t do this to me” she pleads while crying

“Swara what are you saying?? What mistake?? ” He cups her face

She shove his hands “sanskar please.. don’t do this to me.. I know you you don’t love me.. then why are you saying this.. trust me.. I hv done nothing.. but don’t play with my feelings this time I will die” she cried bitterly

Sanskar felt like killing himself..

“Swara I really love you.. yes I agree I use to hate you alot.. but when that hate changes into love I don’t know.. now m loving you more than my life” he said

“Sanskar please.. m begging you.. this time I can’t live.. now i don’t have any power to take another betrayal..”she cried

Sanskar was shocked to hear that.. he never thought that his one big mistake could affect swara to the core



RagLak n SwaSan came to mm n ragini made swara sit comfortably on bed..

Sparsh ran n hugged swara tightly and cried

“Beta mumma is fine don’t cry” swara makes him calm

“Sorry mumma u got hurt cz of me na”he said innocently

“No beta mumma didn’t get hurt. Sachhi. “She said n lifts him in her arms

” Sachhi?” He confirms

“Muchhi” she said n kissed his cheek

Meanwhile laksh drags sanskar out

“What the hell u did sanskar!” Laksh roars

“What I did??” Sanskar ask

“Why you said that you love her dammit!! ” He said angrily

“Cz I love her”sanskar said with determination

Laksh takes a deep breath and spoke “look sanskar I know that you love her.. I can see that in ur eyes.. but there is right time for everything.. she is already in the fear that Kavita might came back anytime and her utopia would get shattered.. u should not have confessed ur love ” laksh said

Sanskar too thought that laksh is saying correct ..

“Now what” sanskar ask

“Only adiraj can help us..” laksh said

“But he is out of town” sanskar said

“Yeah, but he will come in a week n I hv already told him everything.. “laksh said

“Laksh. Please trust me. I love swara. Don’t separate me n swara” sanskar said with tears

“Don’t worry Yar.. I won’t.”laksh assures him


Finally adiraj came back.

SanLak went to his place to meet him.

“What happened to your hand” sanskar ask

“Ahh nothing!! Just little accident”he said

After little chit chat they all finally came on topic.

“Adiraj please do something. I don’t want to lose swara”sanskar said

“But swara can’t accept him until she has has fear in mind that Kavita may come back anytime”laksh said

“Her fear is baseless Kavita won’t come back” adiraj said with heavy heart

“Why!!!” sanLak can’t understand

“Cz Kavita is no more.” Adiraj manages to say

Sanskar was hell shocked to listen this.

“The day u had been hitted with car. Kavita had been murdered.. I went to Kolkata to know about her only”adiraj said

“Who killed her” laksh ask

“Don’t know.. I just know that she had been killed 4years back n since that day her brother kartik is missing”he spoke

Sanskar didn’t utter any word n left.

“Where are you going sanskar?”laksh ask

Sanskar didn’t reply him n keeps on moving

“Laksh let him go. He needs time. I will talk to him afterwards. I know where he will go”adiraj said

“U r truly an angel in swasan’s life”laksh said

“Dude! M doing what any friend should do.. now u dont worry. I will sort everything in their lives” adiraj reassures him


Sanskar was walking aimlessly and blankly on road. Time which he spent with Kavita was going through his eyes.

The moment he fell for her


Sanskar was coming back from Paris n at airport he saw her.. sanskar fell in love with her kind heart

“I don’t know what to do. If I don’t reach India on time, my hubby will marry other girl” a girl was crying

“Take this. My flight is in an hour u can reach sooner n don’t worry everything will be fine. It’s my number. M also coming to India call me if u need anything”Kavita passed her ticket to her and she left

“But u said u will loose an opportunity to work with best firm there if u dont reach on time” that girl said

“I will find another opportunity. You go n teach that bastard a good lesson”Kavita said

He recall the day he proposed her


Sanskar was standing in middle of road on Kavita’s car’s roof and was shouting

” I love you!!! I love you Kavita !! ”

He then jump off the car n kneel down “will you marry me??” He ask while opening a ring box

Kavita nods n hugs him


He recalls how he went crazy when she told him about her pregnancy.


Both were roaming in park. Holding each other’s Hand tightly.. when Kavita gathered courage n told him .

“Wait !! No what!! Oh god!!! Are you serious!!! ” He can’t understand how to react

She lowers her eyes due to shyness. She opened her eyes when she heard a thud n She looked at unconscious sanskar Infront of her.

Sanskar fainted listening to this news


He recalls when Kavita decided to go to her brother’s place with little sparsh


“Yaar is it important to go” he said with a pout

“Sanskar itz been so long since I met bhai. Please Na let me go” she said with puppy face

“U wanna go so u can . Why are you taking sparsh!! I can’t live without you both”he behaves childishly

“Sanskar sparsh needs me.. “Kavita said

“I also need you” he said with cute anger.

“I will call you every hour n will disturb you!! Is it okay!? ” She ask

“Video calling?” He said without changing his expression

She nods yes and he hugs her.


Itz nearly dusk and finally his memories stopped and he broke.

“Why this all happens with me!!! Why!!! ” He screams his lungs out

“I agree I did sin by hurting an innocent soul but my son did nothing. First you snatched his biological mother from him n now u are ready to snatch his real mother from him” he cries

“Sanskar no one is snatching sparsh’s mother from him” adiraj said while coming towards him

“How come you know that I will be here” sanskar ask blankly

“Bro.. m ur chuddy buddy. I know u since when you don’t even know how to wear clothes”adiraj said

Sanskar hugs him

“Sanskar trust me no one will snatch ur swara ” he said

“Adiraj I never thought life could be more complicated than this.”he said hopelessly

“Dude.. life can be more complex than this. Look at swara’s life. I have seen her pain. Her sadness. Her breakdown ,still she is giving Love to everyone. Sanskar I know you must be broken but u need to have faith . Everything will be fine” adiraj reassures

“How to have faith. I can’t understand how to react. Kavita died.i use to curse her. I use to curse a dead person. Kavita was no more n I didn’t even know that. I was falling in love with Swara , forgetting about Kavita. M spineless man n Swara is ready to leave me. Swara is giving Love to sparsh for which he was craving. My senses have stopped working now. ” Sanskar was confused in his sorrows

“Sanskar I don’t know why u r thinking this but itz natural. people moves on naturally. Time heals everything and Swara won’t go anywhere. She loves you. She loves sparsh. She just need time. I will make her understand” Adiraj consoles

“No adiraj. Itz my sorrow . I will handle this all alone. I don’t want to give any pain to her. She has suffered alot just cz of me . Now let her live . If she wants to leave me ,I have no problem. I will send sparsh with her. Vese bhi I don’t deserve a pious soul like her. ” Sanskar said with broken heart

“Why you want to send sparsh with her? Can you live without them?” He ask

“NO. I can’t. If sparsh will stay with swara it will Good for his future, n swara loves sparsh she smiles wholeheartedly when sparsh is with her. So both can lead happy life. Without a spineless man like me” he said

“No u aren’t n trust me ur Little family will remain as it is. Itx my promise sparsh needs both of his parents.”adiraj said with determination


Swara was patting sparsh’S back in order to make him sleep.

“Swara!!” Adiraj spoke

She turned her face towards the gate n saw adiraj standing there.. she immediately ran n hugged him “where were you.. you know I need you badly”

“Ohh hoo bullet train at least have some mercy on this innocent injured person”he said

She realised that his hand is injured” m sorry what happened to you?”

“Nothing much!! Just little accident.. you tell me about the whole blunder in ur life” he ask

“Everything is finished yaar.. itz enough I am fed up of everything.. I don’t wanna live anymore” she cried

“Sshh !! Don’t cry.. come with me.. I have solution to ur every problem” he consoles her

Swara put pillows on either side of sleeping sparsh and both went to terrece

“Hmm so, sanskar has fallen for you”he said

“No he doesn’t.. it’s his plan.. I must have done something wrong so he must be planning to teach me a lesson.. he can’t love me yaar” she said while sobbing

“Hmm.. n why you think so?”he ask

“Don’t know.. itz just that .. that.. m scared.. I don’t know how to explain but hwz it possible that the man who use to hate me is now loving me”swara said in fear

“Hmm.. but u also use to hate ragini Bhabhi.. but now u can do anything for her” he said

“Ya ,but di always loved me.. I was the one who use to hate her ” she revert

“I think in ur n sanskar’s relation also u were the one who use to love him.. n he use to hate you.. so when ur hatred for ragini Bhabhi can change into love why can’t sanskar’s hatred changes into love” he said

Swara was speechless.. again adiraj has defeated her baseless talks with logic.

“Okay. I agree he loves me but what about Kavita. She is his legal wife. I have full trust on my fate that if I will move ahead with him.. Kavita will come back n I can’t do anything”she said hopelessly

“Kavita is no more swara”adiraj explains her

Swara was numb.. tears were flowing through her eyes

“Still I don’t trust him” her brain again created hinderence

“If you don’t trust him why you went in party with him, why you wore that gown , why!! ” He asked firmly

She looked at him shockingly

“Don’t look at me this way, sanskar has told me everything.. swara itz just ur own illusion that u don’t trust him.. u trust sanskar more than anything.. ” he said

Swara got confused . Her brain said she doesn’t trust him on the contrary her heart said that she trust him.

“Take your time n decide. Tmrw laksh will come to take you back. If u choose to stay here.. first u need to answer . Why u want to spend life with a man whom u dont trust?.” He said n left the confused swara all alone..


Here sanskar was completely broken now. He never thought that Kavita is no more. The girl whom he curses for leaving sparsh alone is no more. She didn’t even left sparsh ,she left the world instead.

Now swara is not accepting his love. which is making everything more complex. He needs someone to tell how he is feeling, he needs a person who will accompany him to the end of his life. He needs swara.

Swara needs sanskar but both are thinking over board.

To be continued.

Precap: swara to leave MM

Firstly a Bigg sorry with puppy face for not replying n not posting. I won’t lie to you all the sole reason behind that was I was feeling lazy. ???
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Guyz I wanna know that if swaragini go off air then will you all still come to itz fan fic section?

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