Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 26)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : change in swara.. conflict between her mind and brain.. shaurya bad mouthed about swara.. sanskar’s anger.

Swara came in and straight went to uttra’s room.

“Bhabhi u HV came.. did you enjoy party” uttra ask

She smiled bitterly and lifts sparsh from her bed.

“Bhabhi let him sleep here Na.. u n bhai must be tired.. ” uttra said

” No uttra u r preparing for ur exam n u will be distract cz of him.. “swara said n took sparsh with her..

She placed him on the bed and sat besides him.. she hold his small n soft hand..n kissed that with teary eyes..

“I love you so much sparsh.. u HV spread happiness in my life.. I don’t want to leave you.. I don’t want to leave sanskar .. i love you both.. u know beta I love ur papa alot but I can’t trust him wholeheartedly.. m scared.. my life again got messed up completely.. ” she cried

She pick her phone n looked at the lock screen.. it was her n adiraj’s pick..

“Where are you yaar.. come back soon.. I need you”she thought

Here sanskar was drinking continuously..

“Sir now it’s time to close the bar. U HV to go ” bar tender said

“W-what u said.!!! Hw dare you..!! M not going anywhere.. neither from here.. nor from swara’s life.. got it” sanskar said in drunken state n fell on bar tender

“Oh god!! Another majnu.. what to do with him” bar tender ask

“Throw him out on road.. when he will come in senses he will go to his home” another bar tender said

Both finally throw sanskar out. He was now walking on road with a bottle of bear in hand.. he was looking like a ragamuffin… He was on road n fell cz of a stone.. n that bottle broke

“U also left me.. Kavita has also left me.. n now my swara is ready to leave me.. wow..” sanskar said looking at that bottle with tears

He then saw a beggar nearby and went to him

“Tell me.. am i that much bad?”he ask

The beggar gave him confused look

“Tell me Na.. everyone is ready to leave me.. earlier Kavita n now swara.. I agree I was wrong bt now I love swara.. yes I do.. not only me sparsh also loves her” he said

Beggar now understood that he was completely out n was speaking his heart out.

“U must be thinking who is sparsh ,swara n Kavita … So let me tell u” saying this Sanskar wrap a arm around the beggar’s neck

“Kavita was my first love.. n sparsh is our son.. swara was the girl to whom I hated most n destroyed her completely.. then my first love left me n my 1 month old son.. swara again came in our lives like a fresh breeze n filled that with love.. she loves sparsh like hell.. I HV hurted that girl too much that now she only think about other’s.. u know she said she will leave me when Kavita will come.. but I love swara.. can’t she understand this”sanskar said n cries..

Slowly he slept on footpath


@kapoor villa

RagLak were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.

Laksh’s phone was continuously vibrating ..

“Laksh see Na.. who is disturbing us this early” ragini said while cuddling more ..

“Let it be Na.. i will call back later” laksh said n tightens his grip on her

“No laksh it could be important.. pick that” ragini orders

Laksh gave up n saw his phone *Sanskar calling*
He immediately lifts that
“Hello.. (pause) okay, m coming” laksh said

“Ragini m going.. will be back soon” laksh said while wearing his tee shirt

“But where are you going”ragini ask

“Vo my friend is in trouble.. I will come back soon” saying this laksh ran..

Here he reached the place where sanskar was lying on footpath.. he woke him up..

He woke up n found himself on footpath.. “damn!! Did I sleep here” he said

” What u did.. yaar.. u r smelling like .. urrghh.. as far as I know u didn’t drink then. N what about swara” laksh ask

“I had dropped her home.. n how u came to know about me” Sanskar ask

“Someone called me from ur phone.. but dude what happened.. u both were so Happy last night .. then?” Laksh ask

” I think we should move towards car then I will explain you” sanskar said


Sanskar explain everything.. laksh got worried as he never thought of this aspect..

“Damn!! I never thought of this..!! I HV to do something.. I can’t let her live in uncertainty.. I have to talk to adiraj”laksh thought

“I don’t know why but I am worried for swara .. I don’t feel anything for Kavita yaar.. sparsh loves swara so much.. he can’t live without her.. neither she can.. now how to adjust things..”sanskar bangs his hand on dashboard in frustration

“Don’t worry I will do something.. I can’t let my kiddo suffer cz of my decision”laksh said

“U won’t separate me from swara Na?”sanskar ask

“Let’s go .. swara must be waiting for you”laksh ignores his question and both drove to MM


Sanskar came in n saw swara sleeping holding sparsh’s hand.. she was still in that party gown.. her kajal n liner was smudged black tear marks were clearly visible on her fair cheeks

“It’s only cz of me that u cried swara..”he thought

He took his clothes and went to washroom.. after that he left to bring breakfast for swara.. when he came back he saw swara standing in front of mirror having unshed tears in her eyes..

“Why I feel like sparsh will go away from me” she said to herself

“Of course he will go away one day.. afterall he is not my son.. why God always done this to me.. whenever I thought that everything is going fine then only something bad happens.. please Kavita come back soon.. before it gets too late.. ” she cried

Sanskar was listening to her n cursing himself.. “damn everything was fine but that cheap shaurya has inserted this in her mind that my wife is Kavita.. n this Kavita.. where the hell she disappeared”

She left that small sindoor box away , without applying that “I HV to prepare myself” she thought and turns..

As soon as she turned she dashed into Sanskar.. he turned her face towards mirror n fill vermilion in her hair part..

“Trust me swara . I won’t betray you this time.. I know you still love me..” he said

“I don’t love you anymore Sanskar… N I HV already told you last night.. that whenever Kavita come back I will go away” she said

“I don’t want you to go anywhere yaar.. please trust me.. I am changed.. please i n sparsh can’t live without you.. n I don’t care what u said I know you still love me.. I can see that in ur eyes” Sanskar literally pleads

“Sanskar love n trust are two different things.. for once I can love you but I can’t trust.. neither you nor anyone else.. now. I don’t have power to suffer.. if anyone will break my trust now I can’t handle that.. I will di..”before she could complete sanskar put hand on her mouth..

“Bhai m taking sparsh to vansh’s birthday party .. n ya swara Bhabhi these are some papers lawyer has came n told that u HV asked for this”uttra said while entering their room

“Ya! Thank-you uttra” swara took papers..

Uttra left and swara opened that file n signed that n passed that to him “take this sanskar”

“What’s this swara??” He ask

“These are legal documents stating that I won’t claim alimony from you.. neither I will file anything against you.. our.. our marriage is just a contract.. n as soon as Kavita will come this agreement will be ended.. but ya it has one clause that u won’t stop me from meeting sparsh.. sign this” she manages to complete the last words n ran

Sanskar was unable to react.. within a few moments the most pious relationship of marriage turns into a contract.



“Adiraj I can go alone u need rest.. though that bullet didn’t get in ur body but still u r hurt..” Priya said

“No way Priya.. I will come with u I can’t risk ur life.. m coming n it’s final”adiraj said

Priya gave up n both left.. adiraj was having sling in his hand so he can’t drive..

Soon both reached to a remote area there they saw a man..

“Tell us where is Kavita n kartik”adiraj ask

That person took both of them to a basement and adiraj n Priya got shocked..

“Kavita” adiraj said with tears

“This.. I mean.. “Priya searches words

Before that man could reply someone shoot him from back n said “If u both want to live then leave right now!! Now u now about Kavita… N it’s enough nothing More is needed to be known”that man said

“No!! Tell me where is kartik.. n who did this to Kavita”Priya asserts

“Kartik is safe.. it’s enough for u to know.. but if u tried to poke ur nose again.. we will do that to him what we did to Kavita.. now leave” that man said n suddenly the room filled with smoke…

Both adiraj n Priya were unconscious.. when they woke up they found a chit in their hands “u r in hoogly”

“Adiraj let’s go back we will search kartik soon”priya said

“But priya”she interrupts
“We will come back.. definitely”



Sanskar was in washroom and His phone rang n swara lifts that up.. *uttra calling*

” Hello bhai” uttra said in worried tone

“What happened uttra why r u tensed”swara asked in weak tone

“Bhabhi vo.. I came with sparsh to his friends bday party.. n here everything catches fire due to shot circuit”uttra sobs

“What!!! Tell me ur address m coming right now” swara said

Uttra told her address n swara immediately came out.. “hey where are you going swara” sanskar said

“Sanskar vo sparsh” she explained everything

“What!!! Oh god!!'” sanskar too get tensed

@party venue

“Uttra where is sparsh” swara ask

“Bhabhi he is nowhere to be found”uttra sobs

Swara then searches everything her world turns upside down when she heard a fire fighter saying that a boy is still inside the party hall.

She then somehow entered the villa.. and screams”sparsh!!!!”

“Sparsh!!! Where are you.. mumma has came beta” she shouts

The whole hall was filled with smoke n fire
“mumma” she heard a feeble voice

And saw sparsh sitting under the table .she immediately ran n took him in her embrace sparsh was crying bitterly.. the smoke was making difficult for swara to breath.. but still she was adamant to save her son..

“Sshh mumma is here Na don’t cry”she said n lifts him.. she then covers him with a table cloth which has been kept on table .

Here sanskar was more tensed as swara was no where to be seen.. he has already called RagLak n others n everyone was searching for both of them..

Swara rush towards the exit.. The exit was blocked with fire.. sanskar saw swara inside fire n tried to go in.. laksh somehow stopped him.

Then he saw a fireman taking swaSpa out..

“R u nuts.. why the hell u went in”he shouts

“S-spa-rsh” she said..

Sanskar took sparsh from her hands.. by this time breathing became nearly impossible for swara…

“Swara r u fine” ragini ask

As she already knew about her breathing problem.

Swara nods yes n fainted. Ragini shouts “laksh!!! Sanskar!!!”

Both saw swara unconscious.
“Uttra take sparsh to home.. okay” sanskar said n passed him to her

Sparsh was scared so he wasn’t ready to leave him.

“Beta please for now go with bua..”Sanskar somehow sent him..


“Did she have any kind of breathing problem earlier also” Doctor asked

“Ya doc once she got stuck in fire n Doctor told us that co2 made her lungs weak” ragini told

“Hmm.. now it’s even worse.. well we have given oxygen to her.. n nothing to worry but ya now u should keep pump with u.. she may face breathing problem again”Doctor said

“Can we meet her” sanskar asked with tears

Doctor nods n without wasting anytime sanskar went into her room.. he saw swara lying on bed in half sitting position..

He immediately hugs her n said

“Never do this again swara.. I will die if something happens to you… Sparsh can’t live without you.. I can’t live without you.. I love you swara.. yes.. I really do.. n this time I mean it.. I love you” sanskar shout

RagLak were seeing all this..

Ragini was having tears of happiness in her eyes.. whereas laksh has worry in his eyes

To be continued…

Precap: heart break

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