Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 25) (party)


Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : swasanspa moments

Swasan came back.. And swara put sparsh on bed..

“sanskar please stay with him till I come back “swara ask

” hmn”he said

When swara came back she saw sanskar sleeping beside sparsh… She smiled and covers both of them with comforter.. She took a pillow and was going when she felt a grip on her dupatta.. She turns n saw little sparsh holding her dupatta in sleep.. She tried alot but she can’t take that off his grip.. She doesn’t apply force as it may disturb his sleep

“hmm.. So my baby won’t let me sleep tonight.. “she thought n sat beside him.. She slowly fall asleep there as the day was hectic for her..


Swasan were sleeping with sparsh in between them.. Swara turns towards sparsh n put her hand on his tummy.. Soon sanskar also turns in sleep n put his hand on sparsh over swara’s…



Adiraj was in police station along with a girl

“howz this possible.. He had been kept here for a whole week… Please check again.. It was a complaint of domestic violence “adiraj said

” look mr adiraj.. We hv no record of sanskar maheshwari… N there is no law which says to arrest person on first complain of domestic violence.. After first Complaint an officer has been posted at the victim’s home n if again some violence happens then we can arrest them “officer explains

” sir that time there was a police officer here his name was kartik Roy.. Can you tell me something about him”that girl with adiraj ask

“sorry mam there was no officer with this name”officer said

Adiraj n that girl left

“damn!! How to find them.. Where the hell these brother – sister went” adiraj bangs his fist on Wall in anger

“adiraj calm down.. We will find them soon” that girl said

“priya how to relax.. I have to find her at any cost “adiraj said

” adiraj.. Please.. If u will loose ur cool like this then how come we find them” priya consoles

“I think u r right” adiraj agrees n both proceed towards the taxi

Then someone dashed into adiraj, his face was covered with shawl and that person gave a paper to adiraj..

Adiraj open that and read that out ” if u want to live then go away or else u both will face the same result as Kavita Roy maheshwari and kartik roy”

“adiraj m scared… I don’t feel good.. I mean what happened to them ” priya said

“that’s what we hv to find… I will find her n kartik at any cost.. If it cost my life then also” adiraj said with determination



Swara woke up n saw her hand under sanskaar’s hand.. She smiled a little and left
@dining table

Everyone was waiting for breakfast and sanskar n sparsh were playing with a smiley ball for time pass..

“bhai where is my fashion magazine “uttra ask

“how would I know” sanskar denies flatly

“exactly uttra why would sanskaar take ur fashion magazine “ap support him

” mom u don’t know anything.. Since when bhabhi has came na bhai has started to read fashion magazine.. Correct bhai” uttra gave him a naughty smile

“sanskar you.. Read fashion magazine ” ap got shocked

Uttra was about to say something but sanskar saw swara coming n he changes the topic” uttra go n check my study u will get ur book”

“but bhai.. Vo.. Magaz.. “sanskar imterepts

” I said go na. Go otherwise.. Termites will eat ur book.. Goo!! “sanskar forcefully send her

Swara gave him weird look..

Here uttra was talking her magazine when some files n books fell… She pic them up.. N read them out those were some case studies n all about some phobias

“why bhai is reading such things… Hmm lemme ask him” uttra said to herself n went downstairs

“mumma I want orange juice ” sparsh demand

” beta u hv asked for mosmi juice n mumma has prepared that n now u r asking for orange juice.. U should not disturb mumma like this “sanskar makes him understand

” sanskar please… Sparsh I will give you orange juice just two minutes okay” saying this swara immediately left

“beta look.. Its not good na. U can drink orange juice tmrw na when u already hv mosmi juice today.. “sanskar explain him

{mosmi = sweet lemon}

By the time uttra came n ask” bhai why r u reading about phobia?? ”

“vo.. Umm.. Nothing just time pass” sanskar covers

“u r reading about which phobia beta”dp ask

“dad there was some.. Agro
. ” uttra was about to complete when sanskar saw swara coming.. He immediately put that smiley ball in uttra’s mouth.
” uttra have this na”he said

“sanskar what r u doing “swara ask

” shh.. U don’t know her swara.. Uttra never eat fruit so m feeding her ” saying this he again press that ball in her mouth

” but sanskar u r feeding her ball not fruit ” ap said

Sanskar realises n immediately take that ball from her mouth… And put an orange in her mouth that too whole with peal…

Uttra fumes in anger n sanskar says sorry in sign language and she left…

After breakfast everyone were busy in their own works

“mom where is swara. N sparsh “sanskar ask

” ha beta vo swara has went to sparsh’s friend’s house.. Don’t worry she just went in next wing ” ap said

Sanskar feels happy that finally her fear of facing people is reducing…

He then calls laksh

On call

” laksh r u coming to Mr yash’s party” sanskar ask

“no sanskar.. Ragini is denying ” laksh said

“put phone on speaker “sanskar said

” done sanskar now ragini can hear U ” laksh said

“ragini don’t u wanna meet swara “sanskar ask

” yeah I want.. But what’s the connection of party here” ragini ask

“okay so I will told swara that ur sister is not coming to party to join you ” sanskar said

” okay… (realises what she said)… Wait!! Party!! Swara!!! Really!!! “ragini got shocked

” yes sali sahiba… Ur sister is coming to the party “sanskar said

” thank you sanskar… Thank you so much… its been 5 years since she last went to party n that party snatched my swara from me… U know she didn’t even attend my marriage.. She locked herself in a room.. She didn’t come out for a whole week” ragini said with tears

“m sorry ragini.. Its cz of me only “sanskar said with guilt

” no sanskar.. Please now don’t feel guilty “laksh said

” achha ragini I need ur help”sanskar said

“ya say na” ragini ask

“I want a gown for swara n u know her choice so can you please “sanskar ask

” sanskar I don’t think she will wear gown.. Actually she had faced many taunts after that incident regarding her western dresses so.. She Completely switch her style “raining said

” I know about that very well ragini u don’t worry.. U just send me a gown.. Then we will see you in party”sanskar said

*call ends *



adiraj n priya were going somewhere.. N adiraj was driving

“adiraj I think someone is following us ” priya said

” I too think same.. Lets see what happens next “adiraj said

Soon a car hits his car from back.. Adiraj somehow controls

“priya.. M taking car towards cliff… Jump off on count 3… Okay”adiraj said

Priya nods.. He turn he car towards cliff… N on count 3 both jump off the car.. N the car fell off the cliff

“are you fine Priya ” he ask

” hmm n u” she ask

He nods n both proceed towards the jungle area…



“sparsh go n give this to mumma n ask her to wear this” sanskar said

“okay papa.. “sparsh took the packet and ran

” mumma” sparsh said extra sweetly

“hmm.. This much sweetness.. What u want “she ask

” I want you to wear this dress “sparsh forward the pack

” okay.. Bas only this wish” she said

He nods yes n ran away.. She opened that packet n found a beautiful black gown with golden work on it..
The upper half of gown was filled with golden sequence n the the skirt area was plain.. It was very elegant sleeveless gown..

Seeing that dress she recalls those taunts

“its her mistake.. Can’t you see how much short clothes she wear ”

” huh.. Late night pubs.. N parties.. Girls should not go out at night ”

” such girls just love money nothing else ”

” girls shouldn’t be given too much freedom ”

She starts to cry miserably.. Suddenly she felt a hand around her shoulders.. She looked up n saw sanskar

“no swara.. Don’t cry for those illogical n insensible comments.. Such people only know how to hurt nothing else” he said

“but they were right sanskar… U know me very well.. How I was.. I just love money n status.. Feelings were not in my dictionary.. U too know I always use to go to late night parties.. ” she said

” swara.. These thoughts are just ridiculous.. This is just ill mentality of some people.. Clothes n lifestyle doesn’t affect.. Trust me.. N wear this” sanskar said

“but if someone again.. “before she could complete sanskar put a finger on her lips.. ” sshhh.. No one will say anything to you.. N if anyone says anything then.. Use ur wepon”sanskar said

“weapon?! Which weapon ” she ask innocently

” these”he showed her a pair of black pencil heels

Seeing that both burst out laughing….

“Now get ready mrs maheshwari… N ya remember I will be with you at every single step”he said n left

She got ready wearing that gown n make her hair in a high bun..

She looks at her mangalsutra on the dressing table n her heart n brain starts to argue
“he is talking so much care of me.. I mean alot to him “her heart says

” don’t forget he had shown his this care 5 years back too.. What u got in return.. Betrayal ” her brain said

” this time things are different… M his wife now.. I can see change in him ” her heart says..

” again u r wrong.. His first n legal wife is kavita.. She is just missing from 4 years.. She is his first love.. His son’s mother.. He will throw u out if kavita came back”her brain said

“no sparsh is My son.. M his mother.. “her heart said

” fact can’t be denied.. U r no one to sparsh or sanskar.. U r just a caretaker with a brand name of wife.. First love is always first.. If kavita came back.. U will be thrown out like a used tissue “her brain said

” yes.. M no one to them.. Prepare urself swara.. The day kavita came u will be thrown out.. I just hope before kavita came.. Laksh n di take their marriage ahead.. N after that I will go away for ever.. “she prepare herself for the worst

She was having some unshed tears in her eyes when sanskar came in n got mesmerised seeing her beauty.. He came behind her.. N takes the mangalsutra and make her wear that.. Then a pinch of vermillion on her forehead..
He put his head on her shoulder and whispers “u r beautiful.. But ur beauty will be increased if…” after this he undo her bun..

“I love ur free hair “he said
She lowers her gaze due to shyness… His one hand was on her waist n other was bzy in tucking her hair behind her ear…

She manages to look in his eyes through mirror.. N both hv eye lock

Suddenly she recalls the recent agrue between her brain n heart where brain won, n immediately jerk his hand off her waist…
“we are getting late”she said n left..

“what happened to her “sanskar thought


The hosts were welcoming the guests and someone was pacing to n fro…

” ragu please stop roaming here n there” laksh said

“laksh m so worried I don’t know whether she will come or not” ragini said in tension

“she will come ragu.. Sanskaar will come with swara ” laksh said confidently

Then swasan came.. N ragini saw them.. Ragini hugs laksh immediately.. She was crying laksh too has tears in his eyes

” ragu.. Please don’t cry.. Swara won’t like to see ur tears”laksh said

“laksh these are tears of happiness.. M so happy to see my little swara this way.. Now m sure ur decision about sanskar was right” ragini said

Then mr n mrs yash.. Welcomes swasan

“hello Mr n mrs maheshwari and thank you for coming.. Glad to see you.. N congratulations for ur marriage” mr yash said

“thank you Mr yash “sanskar thanked them

” u r very beautiful mrs maheshwari.. “mrs. Yash said

Swara wants to say thank you but seeing so many people around her she gets nervous.. Sanskaar understands that n entangled his fingers with hers tightly … See looks at that and spoke” thank you mrs yash.. U r looking stunning in this saree”

Swasan proceeds towards the party..

Ragini immediately hugs her n kissed her cheek “my baby looks so cute in this dress.. Love you shona”

“ha di, I too love you.. But let me breathe “swara said

“ragini leave her.. She is my one n only wife” sanskar said

“ha yar as if.. I hv 7-8 wives na.”laksh said sarcastically

Everyone laughs..

“hello Mrs maheshwari.. Hw r u..”a lady ask

” u r looking so much beautiful” another lady said

“u guys marry in so much hurry.. U don’t even invite us” someone spoke

“laksh, these ladies has trapped my swara she must be scared “ragini whispers

“don’t worry ragu” laksh reassures

“u r looking gorgeous in this gown bt y u hv applied this.. Vermillion.. Its not suiting with ur dress” a lady ask

Swara can’t reply.. Then sanskar came a wrap a hand around her waist and spoke “actually mrs gupta.. I want everyone to know that she is my wife.. She won’t look like married without this na.. So I myself applied this sindoor on her forehead”

Swara feels blessed with his sayings n turns crimson

“ohh hoo possessive hubby haan” mrs sharma said

“what to do mrs sharma.. When u hv so beautiful wife u should be possessive na”sanskar said n tightens his grip on her waist

Swara slowly open up in the party n started mixing well with the people there.. N sanskar doesn’t left her hand even for a second

@parking area

Sanskar was taking car out when he saw shaurya going towards swara.. He immediately ran

“hey swara.. Hwz u.. N ur married life “shaurya ask

Swara gets tensed seeing him, then she saw sanskar behind him.. She gather confidence n revert” that’s none of your business Mr goenka.. ”

” aww u won’t tell me.. Ah it is okay.. Tell me Hwz ur first night ” shaurya said wickedly

Sanskar clenched his fist in anger.. But he let swara handel him.. She was feeling disgusting with his question n didn’t reply

” tell me na baby.. Where he touched you”he again spoke

Sanskar was about to hit shaurya cz of his cheap talks.. But before that he got a heating gift from swara “u know what shaurya.. I pity people like you.. U just love body… Bt my sanskar loves soul.. So u better get lost.”she said

” ya.. Why would he touch u.. Afterall he doesn’t love you… His love is kavita.. N I can assure you the day she will come.. Ur name will be removed from his life”shaurya said

Sanskar kicks him from back.. N he fell on road.. He again lifts him from collar n said “if you again dare to talk to my wife like this.. I will remove ur name from this world ”

“huh.. Earlier cz of my words u hv married her.. If u hv courage now then go n celebrate ur first night with her “he said

Sanskar punched him In face” u know whenever I thought you can’t stoop more low.. U proved me wrong everytime ”

Sanskar continues to punch him.. Shaurya was half dead, when swara stopped him” sanskar leave him.. Let’s go ”

Sanskar left n both proceed towards the car..

“swara u hv done a huge mistake by marrying him.. He will leave you one day… U don’t deserve to be loved.. U r just a machine to be used.. Earlier ur friends used ur money n ur body.. Now its sanskar’s turn.. “shaurya continues

Sanskar drove his car towards shaurya in rage as if he Will Hit him now” sanskar please leave it.. “she said

But sanskar was adamant.. He increase the speed. Swara closed her eyes in fear n sanskar immediately applies break just before shaurya” this time I hv stopped the car.. Next time I won’t.. So u better mind ur tongue.. N think twice before even taking my wife’s name ” sanskar warns him

“huh.. U just wait swara.. U r no one to them, sanskar will again betray u.. Just wait for kavita”shaurya shouts


“swara please don’t pay heed to his words I won’t betray u” sanskar reassures

“sanskar whether I will think about his words or not the fact will remain constant that he was right.. Kavita is ur first n legal wife.. She is just missing.. The day she will come she will have the right on everything.. On this mangalsutra, on this sindoor, on sparsh”she said I’m chocaking voice

Sanskar don’t know what to say.. Somewhere swara was right.. But this time sanskar is thinking about swara rather than kavita.. As he has moved on but couldn’t realize

“sanskar I just want a promise from u”she ask in cracked voice

He put a hand on hers.. “ofcourse swara I will”

She take her hand back n said”promise me u will let me meet sparsh whenever I want.. U.. U n kavita will not stop me from meeting our.. I mean ur son.. I just want to meet sparsh.. I will go away n I won’t demand anything.. Bt please allow me to meet him. ” she said with tears

Sanskar felt like someone has stabbed a knife in his heart… He drop swara at mm

“where r u going ” she ask..

He didn’t reply n drove Away… He was driving rashly n stopped Infront of a bar..



Adiraj n priya were going in jungle when someone starts firing

” priya.. Run” adiraj hold her hand starts to run

“aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! “adiraj screams

” adiraj!!! “priya got shocked

To be continued…

Precap: little sparsh in danger

Guys I am assuring u that swasan won’t get separated.. N thanks for suggestions.. Actually I want confession in this episode as today is special day for me.. So I want to write a special episode… But yeah it would be abrupt.. So I will make him confess after kavita’s truth..

Kartik Roy (kavita’s elder brother) played by karan kundra

Priya Sen (who is she will be revealed soon) played by kratika kamra

Adiraj, kavita n sanskar were best friends moreover adiraj n sanskar were childhood friends

N I don’t know when I can reply u.. This WiFi is still not working n there is network crisis in my home ? hope will reply u all soon.. N no yeh dooriyan today as I was bzy in bday shopping… Chalo now wish me achhe se.. I want big big, good good bday wishes ? yeah I know m self obsessed ????

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