Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 24) (mission swara)


Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap :swara come to know about sanskar’s past… Adiraj told sanskar about swara’s care for him.. Adiraj’s suspicious behavior


He hugs her from back.. Making her numb… ” I hate you swara.. I hate you ” sanskar said

Swara was shocked n confused with his actions.. Her eyes filled with tears listening to his words…

“I hate you for being selfless… I hate for loving me unnecessarily… I hate you for giving me care which I don’t deserve…” he continues

Swara felt her shoulder wet.. She apart herself and saw sanskar crying… She can’t see him crying… She hugs him and said “please don’t cry sanskaar… I can’t see u this way.. Please”

“why do u still love me.. I don’t deserve ur love swara “he said

” sanskar somethings are beyond our control.. ” she said n left

” but somethings are in our control.. Swara today cry as much as you can… After that every happiness in this world would belong to you.. I promise you I will make simle… Yes I will.. Mission smiling swara on.. ” he thought with determination


a man was talking on phone

“oh.. So adiraj Singhania wants to search about kavita… Hmm.. Let him come here n I promise he won’t go back alive” that man said

“don’t underestimate him.. ” person on other side said

“don’t worry.. M not idiot like ur son.. Kavita got to know everything cz of ur son’s stupidity… ” person said

“whatever you wanna do.. Do that n make sure adiraj can’t find any information about kavita ” person from other side said..


Swara woke up n found her room empty neither sanskar nor sparsh was there..

She get ready n came downstairs… She saw ap n dp tensed.. Then uttra came running n spoke” mom.. There is one resturant in South ex.. That must be open this time ”

” ha then beta please order something for us.. Or else we won’t get anything to eat ” ap said

” are mom why to order food let me prepare something na” swara said

“beta ur son n hubby are not allowing anyone to enter into the kitchen… They are saying that they will prepare breakfast today” ap said in tension

“what!! “swara got shocked

She immediately enters the kitchen.. Ans saw both father n son in same dress with white apron n chef hat..
Sparsh was sitting on kitchen counter.. And sanskar was reading recipe from his phone…

” beta look at this.. Is this much brown enough? ” sanskar showed him a bowl

” no papa.. Its not enough.. Add more brown “sparsh said

Sanskar took a jar n pour almost half in that.. Swara was watching that with confused, shocked n angry look..

” wait!!! “she shouts

Sanskar n sparsh looked at swara n ignore her…

” tell me beta now is it enough!! “sanskar ask

” yukkk.. Papa it is bitter “sparsh makes weird faces

Swara storms in n snatch the bowl.. From sanskar

“what the hell u both are trying to do… N what is this “she ask angrily

” we want to make cup cakes for u n recipe says add brown sugar “sanskar said innocently

” so!! N what is this.. It looks something like sugar?? “swara shouts

” we are making brown sugar mumma” sparsh said proudly

“brown what!! U r MAKING brown sugar!!! N how are you making that “she stares at sanskar

” simple we have added coffee in sugar.. To make that brown “sanskar said proudly

” u idiot!! U nonsense!! U exceptional case.. Brown sugar doesn’t mean that it looks brown .. U idiot u can use white sugar.. u both r impossible… Now get out ” swara said in irritation

” no swara today we will make breakfast for U ” sanskar said

” get out I said.. Both of u.. I will make cupcakes.. Outt”she shouts

Sanskar signals something to sparsh which is unnoticed by swara, sparsh immediately starts to cry loudly.. And swara got worried

“what happened beta… Why are you crying “she ask

” cz I can’t make cup cake for u” saying this he cries louder

Swara immediately take him in her embrace “beta don’t cry.. I will make cupcakes with you bt first let me prepare breakfast”

“sachhi!! “he ask

She nods..

After breakfast… Sparsh and sanskar were following swara like puppy..

” what!! “she ask

” cupcakes “sanSpa shout with a big smile

She gave them irritating look n the trio starts to prepare that..


Swara make sparsh sit on kitchen counter n said “don’t touch anything.. Okay”

He nods n swasan starts to prepare cupcake.. Swara was mixing batter n sanskar was just gazing her.. Swara left bowl n tries to take a jar down.. But she can’t reach.. Sanskaar came behind her n put the jar down… His hand touched swara’s.. She can feel his warm breath on her neck.. making her numb..

((Kaise bataaun tujhe
ki dil mera kya keh raha
rahein na faasle ye
jo hain apne darmiyan))

He turns her facing him..
She lowers her eyes due to shyness.. He saw some refined flour on her cheak.. He wipes that with his hand.. Turning her breathing shallow..

((Tere kareeb main ho sakoon
De de tu apni razaa
Paas bithaaoon ye zulf sanwaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish
ye sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe..))

He continue to adore her beauty.. Some hair strans were making his vision unclear.. He tuck them behind her ear and was leaning towards her…

((Tujh se mohabbat hui,
Hai meri hai bas ye khata
Tujh se main door rahoon
Yeh mujh ko gawara kahaan
Main tere saath mein hi rahoon
Chhodoon ye saara jahaan
Teri adaon mein doob loon
Doob loon main tujh hi mein
Ho jaun tere itne kareeb
Ki main dikhoon ab tujh hi mein))

Both came back to senses when sparsh spoke.. “mumma papa what are u doing..?!”

Innocent kid ??

“vo.. Sparsh come with me ur mumma can prepare rest alone “saying this sanskar escapes

” what the hell I was about to do.. What will she think of me” sanskar curses himself

“what he was about to do.. Sanskaar please don’t come near me.. What If u again betray me… this time I can’t live ” she gets worried

@ evening

Sanskar signals something to sparsh which was unnoticed by swara.. He immediately ran to her

” mumma let’s go out “he said

” sparsh ask ur papa to take u out.. He will take u wherever you want to go “swara said

” mumma I want to go India gate.. N u too hv to come”sparsh orders

“beta u always go with papa.. Then what happened today “swara ask

” everyone goes with their mumma papa.. But my mumma doesn’t love me ” saying this he cries louder

” aree swara y r u making him cry.. Sparsh don’t cry ur mumma will come”sanskar said

Sparsh saw swara with his dark brown big eyes… And she unwillingly went to change.. “India gate.. Its been 5 years since I last went to such crowded place.. But I can’t see sparsh crying.. But there will be so many people What to do..” she cries

That time sanskar enters the room and kneel down infront on her.. He cups her face n said “don’t cry swara.. U only said to me na that we won’t let our past come in our future.. Then why are you fearing now.. Just try for once, take one step n I will support you.. U will find me everytime with you.. Trust me bt first step needed to be urs” he said and left

Sanskar was waiting for swara to come.. He thought whether she will come or not
But then he saw swara decening stairs. A smile appeared on his face..

Sparsh sat in her lap.. But swara was nervous.. Sparsh was playing with her hands.. Sanskaar can understand her nervousness “m sorry swara.. I know u r very much scared.. But u hv to face ur fear to overcome that… U must take one step rest will be my responsibility” he thought

Swara n sparsh were waiting for sanskar to come after parking their car then a goon starts to misbehave with swara “looking hot”

She ignores him n hold sparsh’s hand n start moving away…

” ohh hoo.. I must u hv power to kill anyone with ur eyes “he continues to follow her and stopped her by holding her hand

” leave my mumma” little sparsh take stand for swara

“p-please… P-please.. Leave.. Me ” swara said while crying

” mumma don’t cry m with u na.. “saying this sparsh starts to hit him with hands

That goon was about to hit sparsh but swara hides him behind her n slapped that goon tightly

“how dare you to touch my baby” she shouts

“how dare you slap me” goon said angrily

She again slapped him more harder “like this… N next time think twice before doing this.. Now get lost before I will kill you”

That goon ran away.. Two people were seeing all this in shock with open mouth

“did u see that ” one of them said to other

” ha ragu I saw that.. She.. She was just like.. ” he said

” like our old swara laksh.. ” ragini said

Ragini hugs him tightly
” omg!! Omg!! Her actions.. Her anger.. Her confidence.. Was like my old swara… I can’t believe this ” she said

” I too can’t believe this ragu.. Oh god I was missing her this shade so much ” laksh said

Then someone put his arms on raglak’s shoulders
” now be habitual of her this shade.. It is just a trailer.. I will maker her new swara.. Its sanskar maheshwari’s promise to u both” he said

“thank you so much sanskar for calling us.. If u won’t call us then we won’t be able to see her this way”ragini said

“it is my duty ragini.. “he said

” but that goon.. We should file a complaint ” laksh said

“vo.. Haha he wasn’t a goon that was my PA cum friend karan.. ” sanskar said

“what!!” raglak got shocked

“yeah it was my n sparsh’s plan.. I knew it that swara can tolerate anything but she can’t tolerate anything against sparsh.. That day too she act confident in my home when NGO was taking him.. So me sparsh n karan plan this”sanskar said

“u n karan r fine but sparsh?? “ragini ask

” yup.. He was also with us.. Only he can convince swara to come here.” sanskar said

Raglak were going when he stops laksh… Ragini was in car n laksh was talking to sanskar

“laksh.. I know.. I hv no right to interfere in ur personal matter But ” sanskar hesitates

” sanskar feel free to talk.. U r doing so much for swara n.. “sanskar interpts

“she is my wife n whatever m doing is my responsibility for my swara.. N Laksh when swara is moving in her life.. I think we all should move ahead.. Me, avni, adiraj… U n ragini” he said

“I think someone has already fallen.. “laksh said

” huh?? “sanskar gave him confused look

” Achha m going.. Byee”laksh Said n escapes

Then sanskar went towards swara.. And she blasts “where the hell u went.. Who left his son n wife this way.. U don’t care for us na.. U know someone tries to misbehave with me.. He was about to hurt our sparsh n u.. U don’t love us na..” she turns emotional towards the end

He hugs her “no swara I love u.. I love you both”

No one was ready to apart.. But sparsh spoke “mumma.. Papa.. Hug me also.. U both r bzy in hugging forgetting about me” he pouts

Both were embarrassed and trio shares cute family hug..

Swasan were walking and swara was nervous.. Sanskaar hold her hand and entangled his fingers with hers.. Swara smiled at his this gesture.. N soon she open up in that crowed area.. Forgetting about her fear of people .. She was running… She was laughing.. She was smiling

“my two babies look so much adorable while smiling… I will do anything for ur smiles “sanskar said while seeing swara n sparsh playing…

” swara!! Sparsh!! Come lets go its 9″sanskar shouts

SwaSpa looks at each other and said in unison “no!!! We want to play” saying this again both starts their run n chase

Sanskar somehow drags both of them to the car..

He was driving but the mother son duo was angry with him

“why r u both angry”he ask

“cz u won’t let us play “both said in unison

” look at time itz to 10 already.. Now also u wanna play “he ask

Both nods yes vigorously
He smiles

” u know after years I hv enjoyed this much sanskar. I hv lost all the hopes to be happy again.. Thank you for this favour “she said

” o hello.. I won’t take u anywhere if u talk like this.. U r my responsibility now.. N don’t u dare to say thank “he said

“achha swara.. I got invitation for a business party.. Would you like to join me.. Everyone wants to meet mrs maheshwari” he ask

Her face become pale.. Listening to party “t-there must be many people na” she ask

“yes there must be.. But u need to focus only on me ” he winks

She again fall in delima…
“what to do ”

Her inner voice said” TRUST… TRUST Him n go”

“swara trust me u will love that please say yes na” sanskar said with puppy face

“u won’t leave me na”she ask

“never jaan.. (realises) I mean never swara.. I won’t leave you.. If I leave you then ur this little bodyguard would kill me” he said pointing towards sleeping sparsh

“okay, I will “she agrees..

To be continued…

I was so happy to see ur love towards adiraj… Guys don’t worry I won’t kill him.. He is my favorite character… N probably the best character even written by me…

Now tell me should I make sanskar realize n confess his love for swara in next or not..

I will reply to u all as soon as my WiFi starts working again…

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