Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 23)


Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : Swasan’s first day post marriage… Sanskar’s lesson to lady who spoke ill about swara


Its nearly a month to their marriage… Swara is now no more swara gadodia or swara maheshwari.. She is just sparsh’s mumma.. N she was happy only being his mumma… But still she was unable to gain her confidence which makes sanskar tensed..

“mumma m going with papa”sparsh shouts

Sanskar then lifts him up in his arms n starts to move towards swara…

“no ice cream okay? “swara said strictly..

” okay.. But u hv to give me kissy “sparsh said

” I will give you two kissy but no ice cream “swara said n lean towards him… .

But our naughty sparsh lowers his face n swara kissed sanskar’s cheek… Making both embarrassed..

” hahahaha… Mumma u can’t even kissy me properly.. U kissed papa.. ” he said in playing mood

Swasan were damn embarrassed cz of sparsh’s innocent prank…

” sparsh we will continue to play afterwards.. Let’s go now” sanskar somehow spoke..

Swara nods n sanSparsh left..

@kapoor villa

Ragini was talking with swara.. On phone n as soon as she cut the call she saw laksh sitting in front of her pouting his lips

“what’s this laksh “ragini ask

” vo u hv talked with swara na.. So now u must be happy.. N whenever u r happy u kiss me.So I thought to prepare myself for that”laksh said with an idiot smile

Seeing his expressions ragini burst out laughing

“ragu.. U r so mean na.. ” laksh shows fake anger

” aww you are soo cute ” ragini pulls his cheak n peak on his lips

Laksh was about to say something but his phone rang.. He lifts call…

After cutting call he said” ragini lets go to police station.. Finally ur fake parents are ready to confess things clearly ”

Ragini nods n both left..


Swara was rearranging sparsh’s toys and it was nearly night.. And sanskar didn’t come back..

” itz night.. N they hvnt reached home.. Uff.. Sanskaar is just like sparsh . “swara blabbers while working

” ahem.. Ahem.. Swara bhabhi “adiraj teases her

She turns around and saw him with an ear to ear smile.. She threw a ball on him in irritation
” stop irritating me yaar… M already tensed.. ”

” aww.. That happened to my swara bhabhi”adiraj continues

“yr itz nearly night n sanskar didn’t come with sparsh ” swara said in tension

” relax yaar… Sanskaar is a grown up man.. He is sparsh’s father.. Stop worrying about them”adiraj said

“o hello.. Sanskaar is just his father for name sake.. His actions are like sparsh’s younger brother “swara said

” really? “adhiraj looks at her with a question mark

” ha u know.. Sparsh is exactly xerox of sanskar… His each habit is as same as sanskar’s.. The way he use to make me Run behind him.. In the same way sparsh make me run… U know I never feel that m taking care of sparsh from few days only… Its like m taking his care since years.. Uff n when this father son duo plays with toys.. They make my room like war area.. And.. U know “swara was continously speaking.. She stopped speaking when she noticed that adhiraj was staring her continously

Adiraj was adoring her happiness which can be seen clearly on her face….

” what happened why r u staring at me “she ask

” u still love sanskar na?! ” he directly ask.

” no, what rubbish.. “she avoid eye contact

Adiraj took her hand in his n said ” I know you still love him.. Otherwise this happiness wouldn’t be on ur face.. Swara the more u suppress ur feelings for him the more stronger u will feel for him”

“don’t know Adiraj.. I-i.. I just can’t see him in pain.. U know sanskar was the first person to whom I love for his caring nature.. Not for his status n ironically he betrayed me by saying that I love his status “she said with tears

” swara.. I tried alot to stop him but I didn’t know that, that girl was you.. It was my responsibility to stop him in doing anything wrong but I failed.. I can’t save u” he said with guilt

” no.. u saved me adiraj… U know that day many people went from that road but no one helped me.. But u came forward to help me.. “she said n assures him

Adiraj hugs her tightly” u r my life swara (pause) bhabhi” he said in hug

Swara immediately broke the hug n hits him”youuu… I will kill you if u again call me bhabhi”

“aah!! Acha achha I promise I won’t.. U make me forget why I came here.. “he said

” oh haan.. Y u came here “she ask

” to tell u something, which u should know ” he said in serious tone

Swara give him confused look

” about sanskar’s past ” he said

Swara widens her eyes in shock” it means I still don’t know Complete things”

He nods no n told her everything in detail… Swara was numb listening to this “y r u telling this to me now” she said angrily

“cz this is the right time “he said

“the path where I am going, I don’t know if I will come back or not.. So before going I wanted to tell everything to u about sanskar.. I hv told u now its sanskar’s turn to know about ur care.. If I came back I hv all the answers about kavita”he thought

Before she could speak anything else she heard sparsh’s cry “mumma”

She saw sparsh in sanskar’s hand.. With a pale crying face.. She ran n took him from sanskar

“what happened to you sparsh ” swara ask

” mumma itz paining “he cries n hugs her even firmly

” beta it will be fine, just a few minutes more” sanskar said n rubs his back

“aree but what happened to him!!! “swara panics

” swara he has been injected..doctor said that sleeping will reduce his pain so, First u make him sleep then I will explain u everything “sanskar said

Swara make him lye on bed and he cries” mumma!!! ”

She somehow makes him sleep

“Now tell me what happened to him” she ask

“vo he asked me for peanuts.. N I bought them.. “sanskar said with guilt

” but beta sparsh is allergic to peanuts” ap said

“ya mom, but I didn’t know that.. N after that he said he is having stomach ache so I took him to doctor n he injected him “sanskar said

” how could you be so careless… U should have known about his allergies.. U r his father “swara shouts

“I would have known this.. If I have seen his childhood” he said with tears and left

Swara realized her mistake and went to sanskaar to apologize

Here sanskar was sitting beside sparsh kissing his little hands “sorry beta.. Ur papa is very bad.. U should not have a papa like me… I can’t be a good human, I can’t be a good father”

Swara was shocked to see his this emotional side.. She has always seen him either happy or angry.. Sanskaar is not very expressive in emotions.. She went n put her hand on his shoulder “sparsh has best papa in the world.. N M sorry sanskar”

He looked at her with tears

“ha sanskar… U r best.. Best human, best papa, best husband ” she said proudly

” how could you say like this swara.. I hv destroyed you.. Only cz of me my son is in pain” he said

“sanskar, u hv destroyed me but only u hv saved me.. Its not easy to accept ur mistakes and rectify them.. N rahi sparsh ki baat.. U r his super hero.. “she said

” u know swara when I came to know that m gonna be a father my happiness had no boundaries… I was out of this world.. N when he was born I hv decided each n every thing.. How I will play with him, how I make him learn walking.. I was so excited to listen papa from his mouth”his voice cracked

Swara too has tears in her eyes..

“but look na swara.. I not only missed his first step but his whole childhood “he cries

” sanskar.. Sparsh ‘s childhood is still left. What if u can’t teach him walking… U can teach him to walk on right path, path of honesty… U can listen his new words… Now u can mould sparsh in a good manner… U hv chance to make him a good human… Don’t feel sad.. “swara consoles him

Sanskar was just seeing swara with tears…

” I use to hate this girl from the bottom of my heart.. I never thought that this girl could change drastically… Earlier I hate even her voice… Now m loving her each n every word what’s happening to me ” sanskar thought


@police station

Fake shekhar starts to accept his deeds” my name is vinay and she is maithili(fake sumi) my wife ”

“what enmity u had with shekhar gadodia” police officer ask

“shekhar gadodia was my forster brother.. We all were settled in Singapore from generations.. My dad’s business was flourishing all over the world.. And he handed all that to shekhar.. Even though I was his real son he gave everything to shekhar ” he said

“why u snatched my parents from me” ragini cries in anger

“after dad’s death.. Shekhar n sumi decided to settle down in India.. As they wanted their daughters to be rooted with culture.. That time ragini u were 2 n swara was 1.. The day we landed here we killed both of them n take their identities… As no one in India has ever seen shekhar n sumi.. We instigate u n swara against each other cz we knew if u both would come together then our secret could be revealed ” maithili continues

” u r so cheap.. U both should not be called as humans even” ragini cries

“but why didn’t anyone doubt u.. N moreover what about sumi ma’s n baba’s relatives?? “laksh ask

” sumi was orphan.. N we too hvnt any relative as our family had died in plane crash..” he said

“god won’t forgive u.. U both would get hell” ragini cries



sanskar was sitting beside sparsh when swara came with coffee . He stand n sat on floor taking support of bed

“ur coffee “swara passed a cup

” thanks “he said

He took its sip n said” u still remember my taste”

“I hv not forgotten ur taste sanskar ” she said while arranging pillows on bed’s either side

” swara y r u doing all this “he ask

” cz I love you “she said in flow and sat beside him

He looked at her in shock” i-i mean I love sparsh n u r his father so I hv some responsibilities towards u also” she covers

“swara u r best.. U know.. U r most pious soul, u hv most innocent heart, n I had broken that Heart ” he said with guilt

” sanskar, stop talking about past.. Umm.. Haa lets do one thing… Promise me that u will never ever arise the topic of our past ” she said

” I will but at one condition.. U too hv to come out of ur past “he said looking into her eyes

” promise me swara.. That we won’t let our past affect our future.. “he said holding her hand tightly

She immediately hugs him tightly… Forgetting everything… He reciprocate the hug even tighter…


Swasan were sleeping in that sitting position.. Swara has rested her head on sanskar’s shoulder.. And sanskar has his head on her’s

His sleep got disturbed by vibration of his phone he lifts that… It was from adhiraj..

“sanskar please come out I wanna talk to you.. N don’t tell swara about this ”

” hmm.. M coming ”

*call ends*

Sanskar slowly put her head on bed… He was about to kiss her forehead but stops” what the hell u were about to do sanskar… Uff… Whats happening with me “sanskar got confused and left


Adiraj told sanskar everything about swara… Her care for him.. Her fear in accepting her love for him… Everything..

” sanskar, she doesn’t want u to know this.. But I still tell this to you.. Now what u wanna do is upto you… N m leaving the city for a week I would be unavailable ” he said n left in hurry

@avni’s home

Adiraj came to bids bye to her..

” avni.. Take care of urself.. Haan.. Don’t be angry unnecessarily… “he said n kissed her forehead

Avni hugs him… Soon he left his shirt wet.. He lifts her face n saw her crying.. He immediately cups her face… Why are you crying avni”

“I don’t know.. I feel like.. Like.. Something bad will happen with us” she said while sobbing

“nothing will happen… Don’t cry.. N ya don’t forget.. When I will come back we will finalize date for our engagement.. Then I won’t leave you even for a sec”he said

Avni blushes “take care of urself” she said

“I love you “he said n hugs her

” I love you too.. U r best person in my life.. I can’t imagine my life without you ” she said

“I too can’t Imagine my life without you.. But I don’t know how long my life will be” he thought


As soon as sanskar came back to senses after understanding what Adiraj told him.. He immediately ran to the room.. N saw swara taking her clothes out.. He hugs her from back.. Making her numb… ” I hate you swara.. I hate you ” sanskar said

Swara was shocked n confused with his actions.. Her eyes filled with tears listening to his words…

To be continued…

Precep : picnic

Guys need ur help.. Tell me whether m going unnecessarily fast or the speed is normal… Cz I can’t understand ..

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  1. Divyanshri

    awsome meher di…….u r going normal for me. .r u planning to kill adhiraj…….

    1. Meher

      Nopes dear nothing will happen to him

  2. awesome dear…and please post daily…ur ff is awesome..

    1. Meher

      Thanks dear..

      Will try to be regular

  3. Dhara

    Awesome dear. Speed is fine. no need to worry 🙂

    1. Meher

      Thank you di

  4. pls dont kill adhiraj

    1. Meher

      Definitely not

  5. Anisha

    You are going OK…..
    And it’s superb like always ?
    But post regularly pls

    1. Meher

      Thanks dear

      Will try to be regular

  6. ya pls post daily…wat happen to adiraj,y he is in tnsn???someone want to kill him or wat…nice update…now love will blossom between swasan

    1. Meher

      Dear love has already been blossomed btwn the two…

      Will try to be regular

  7. Balaji

    dnt kill adiraj

    1. Meher

      Never dear

  8. awesome.. please dont show anythg happen to adiraj. nthg happen to him..and why sanskar said swara i hate you… it means because swara didnt say about hw she took care of him.. please show adiraj fit and fine..

    1. Meher

      Nothing will happen to adiraj…

      N what sanskar meant by hate u… Will be disclosed in next

  9. little princess

    Meher…. Yet again another wonderful chappy…loved it to the core…loved our little sparsh’s innocent prank…then adiraj’s teasing n swara’s confession that she still remembers his taste bcoz she loves him..eventhough she said it in a flow,whatever she said was true n was from her heart…
    I was feeling so sad when sparsh cried…he was calling swara only..this shows that he accepted her as his own mother n no one can replace it..i wad feeling bad for sanskar…he was so sad n guilty…anyway swara consoled him n made him understand that he has another chance for making sparsh a good human…the way she said that sanskar is best human,best father n best husband proudly was so nice…swasan small small cute n sweet moments as well as avni n adiraj’s moments were adorable… Raglak scenes were funny…
    Glad that adiraj told sanskar the truth regarding swara’s care n love towards him…never thought such sudden reaction of sanskar but it was good..even thought sanskar’s words were shocking for swara,the rest of his words what he is gonna say swara will make her surprised as well as happy…sanskar also started falling for her.. But he is not realising it..let him realise that he is in love with her…sanskar n sparsh is making swara come out of her dark past..can see alot of changes in her…
    Dear…dont kill adiraj.. Ur this chappy was giving the hint that something bad is gonna happen..his thoughts were showing that he himself going into a danger for his frnds sake..plz dont let anything happen to adiraj.. He was swara’s great support during her bad times…swara is adiraj’s life ..if something happens to him then it may effect swara as he is someone so precious in her n sanskar’s life….he is another reason for their togetherness other than sparsh..
    I thnk u r gonna unfold the mystery regarding kavitha…waiting to know that..is there any hand of shaurya in it..
    U r not going so fast..so dont worry.. Itz normal..but u just try to give some more swara n sparsh bond…also swara,sanskar n sparsh bond.. I mean some funny as well as admirable moments..
    U r in right pace..go ahead dear…i hope that u will update regularly from now onwards…waiting for ur each n every episodes… Keep on updating it as soon as possible.. Love u so muchh…take care

    1. Meher

      Yup she said that from heart… She still loves him… Afterall he is her first love…

      Yes swaSpa are together with heart… Both means alot to each other… Sanskaar badly missed his son’s childhood.. Koi ni ye dream m swasan k bachhe se puri krwa dungi ???

      Yup rest of the words would shock her n don’t worry he will realise his love soon..

      Glad that you can see change in her..

      Yeah he will suffer but m not gonna kill him… He is best character of my ff… Only character after laksh who was unishaded…

      Yeah I will but slowly.. N in next u will get to see mainly swasanSpa…

      Thanks dear…

      Love You loads

  10. Awsome meher…
    Story is going gud..no need to speed it up..or slow it down…
    Continue soon.. 🙂

    1. Meher

      Thank you so much dear

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  12. Pooja26

    another amazing part dear…….

    for me its in normal sppeed…….

    u go on lyk dis only.. 😉 😉

    loved it !!!

    ya love u also…… ;); ) 😉

    post asap……..

    1. Meher

      Thanks dear

      Love You loads

  13. MOU

    u always nailed it to be perfect…plz don’t kill adhiraj

    1. Meher

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      Nothing will happen to adiraj

  14. Nice epi

  15. Its as usual awesome dear..but pls dnt kill adiraj..update nxt part soon

    1. Meher

      Thank you

      Nopes I I won’t kill him..

      Will post asalasap

  16. Hey sissy.. amazing episode..

    R u really planning to kill adiraj?? Plz dont na.. He was the one who supported swasan in their toughest time.. I like his character.. Afterall its ur wish.. 🙂

    Btw sry.. 🙁 I was not able to cmnt on ur previous part.. bt u knw my situation.. ryt?? so dnt be angry..

    & one more thing.. I hv posted IWL part 7 & 8 and today will post 9th..

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    And last one- Wish u a very very very happy birthday in advance.. 16th july ko hain na?? Tere liye special episode of IWL from me on 16 th july.. Dont forget to read.. Love u..

    1. Meher

      Hey sissy…

      Nopes I won’t kill him he is my favorite character in the ff

      N y would I be angry pagal…

      I will read all in a go..

      Yup yeh dooriyan b mera he h.. My favourite ff

      Yippee!!!!! I will definitely read that ?

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      Thank you so much dear

      I won’t kill adiraj…

      Hv patience suspense will be revealed

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      Don’t worry adiraj would be safe

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    Nice prank by sparsh…nice chappy…loved it..hell with fake sumi and shekhar!

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    Well I updated YR and missed the hazel eyed pagli who used to comment first. 🙁 . Keep writing. Love ya!!♥♥

    1. Meher

      Thank you baby!!

      U know my WiFi router was out n just a few hours ago it started working again… First thing I did was to bookmark YR I will read n comment that tmrw… ????

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