Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 22)


Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : Shaurya’s true face unveiled… Swasan marriage


Swasan n sparsh were in one car… Sanskar was driving.. And swara was sitting with little sparsh sleeping in her lap.. There was Complete silence in the car…

“swara ” he said

” hmm”she replied

“thank you “he said

” n for what”she frowned

“for being best mother to my son”he said

“sanskar first thing is.. He is OUR son.. N secondly I should be thankful to u… U marry me even after knowing everything “swara said with tears

Before sanskar could reply, sparsh again started to cough… She immediately rubs his back..

” sanskar do you have any shawl or something.. He is feeling cold ” swara ask

” no but ya.. There is a cough syrup in back seat “he said

” r u nuts!!! U should not give cough syrups to kids.. It contains sleeping medicine.. Ohh god thank god I marry u or else I don’t know what would you do to sparsh n u should keep a shawl with u in car na.. When u hv a small kid” she scolds

Sanskar smiles n park the car aside.. N removes his blazer and give that to her..
She wraps sparsh in that..

Soon they have reached MM

” swara.. Give sparsh to me.. U will need to do many rituals “he said n take sparsh

She nods and handed him over to sanskar

After the rituals… It was time when raglak n adiraj – avni have to go… As they also came with swara..

“shona ur di will always be with you haan.. N tell me if this man hurt you again ” ragini said crying

” di.. Please.. I will be fine.. U take care ” swara said

” kiddo.. Don’t forget u hv another family too.. “laksh said n hugs her sideways

” kya lucky.. How can I forget u all ” she said

” sanskar I am trusting you.. Hope you won’t break my swara this time” avni said

“no way avni.. U can count on me this time “sanskar reassures

” see you tmrw swara bhabhi” adiraj winks

“chiii… It sounds so bad from ur mouth… U vintage car” she said n pouts

“okay so I will keep calling you bullet train.. N Take care haan”adiraj bids bye..

Swara takes sparsh from sanskar and she was about to enter sanskar’s room.. But she hesitates..

“from today onwards this room is also yours” sanskar said

She smiled slightly and make sparsh lye on bed..
Sanskar was unlocking his cupboard so that swara can put her clothes in.. She wants to ask something from him.. But don’t know how to ask.. She was about to tap his shoulder when he turns suddenly n bumped into swara.. She was about to fall but he saved her. He was lost in her eyes.. Where once was only arrogance is now filled with pain n selflessness

(( Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
O aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
Ek tuk tumhein dekhti hain
Jo baat kehna chaahe zubaan
Tumse vo ye kehti hain))

Swara broke the eye lock and sanskar made her stand..

“wanna ask something “he said

She nods no, then yes, then again no.. In nervousness.. He understands that and hold her shoulders.. And make her sit on bed” swara relax.. Come n sit”

He sat Infront of her and said
“I know things have turned awkward between us.. N itz all cz of me.. I know it’s next to impossible to trust me again… But u can trust sparsh’s father.. Or at least u can try to ”

Swara didn’t reply.. He stood up n was leaving when swara holds his hand and said” swara can’t trust you.. But sparsh’s mother can trust you ”

Sanskar smiled slightly and left.. He came back n found swara n sparsh sleeping… He took his pillow and slept on couch..



Sanskar came in his room at noon.. And saw swara standing near window.. And tears were brimming from her eyes.. He got worried.. And immediately ran towards her and put a hand on her shoulder “swara what happened”

“nothing “she said n wipes her tears

” sparsh ‘s mumma.. What happened?? ” he again ask

” vo.. Mom has said me to get ready for muh dikhai “she sobs

” haan so what’s the problem in this “he ask casually

” I-i don’t want to meet anyone.. U r not getting me… There must be lots of ladies.. N what if any of them ask me about my past ” she cries Harder

Then he recalls when adiraj told him about her phobias
“swara! Firstly stop crying.. And listen to me… NO ONE WILL ASK YOU ANYTHING… AND I WILL BE WITH YOU EVERYTIME… TRUST ME” he said n wipes her tears

Swara gets ready but still she was nervous… Ap calls her and take her downstairs..

Everyone praises swara.. Her beauty.. Her innocence

“wow ap ji.. Ur DIL is beautiful ” a lady said

“what is ur name beta” another lady ask

“s-sw-swara” she said in nervousness

“are beta u r getting nervous as if we hv caught u red handed ” other lady comments and everyone laughs

Sanskar was watching this from upstairs.. He was just opposite to swara so that she can see him..

” swara.. Umm swara gadodia??? Right?? ” a lady ask

Swara nervously nods yes..

” u r that swara na. Who was an alcoholic.. Late night parties.. Pubs.. Police case.. N ra..”she didn’t Complete her sentence

Swara got hurt with that.. And she cried quietly… Sanskar clenched his fist

“u r that swara gado…”before she could complete sanskar shouts
“maheshwari… Swara sanskar maheshwari… ”

” ap ji why u hv choosen such characterless and impure girl” that lady said

Ap can’t understand what they were saying.. As she n dp are still unaware of that dreadful night…

“what r u saying sulochana.. Impure.. ?? “ap gets confused

” aunty ji.. U r here to bless us… I don’t want any character certificate from u for my wife… If u can’t bless her.. Then please leave my house now.. I don’t want anyone like you “sanskar said

That lady get furious after getting insulted

” huh.. I know about ur wife .. I was also in Mumbai… She was very famous for her misdeeds.. Aree I hv heard that she was at Police station every next day.. When she lost her wealth she put blame on vikram.. So that she can get money.. I know how much she loves money.. “she could not Complete as sanskar stamps his hand on table.. In anger

” enough.. I said.. Who the hell are u to say this.. U r also a lady how could you speak like this for her.. Only cz of people like you our whole society got blamed… What u were saying she can do anything for money… Hmm… I guess u too can do anything for money.. Isn’t it “he shouts

” what do u mean by this “that lady said angrily

” mrs garg I hv heard something.. That one of ur female family member traps rich guys n marry them so that after divorce they can get Alimony ” sanskar said wickedly

” itz not true.. Her luck was hard that her both marriages were unsuccessful “lady said

” achha really.. But I know she can do anything for money “sanskar again said

” what rubbish u don’t even know her properly.. So how could you judge her “lady said

” that’s what the was trying to say.. U should not trust everything u heard.. U don’t know swara.. But I know her… She is the most pious soul I hv ever met.. U all hv seen my interview that I hv conspirred against gadodia n a girl do u know who is that girl” sanskar ask

Everyone nods no..

Sanskar hugs swara slightly from side n said.. “this girl.. Standing in front of u all.. I hv betrayed her.. She lost her wealth cz of me.. But still she agrees to marry me.. For the sake of my son.. My son who is no one to her.. But still she has risked her life for him.. Now tell me.. How many people can risk their lives for an unknown ”

Everyone has tears in their eyes..

” m sorry swara beta.. We should not judge a book by its cover.. U r the best girl I hv ever met.. U will forgive me na” that lady ask

She nods yes with tears

“never cry for people like me… Beta.. U know who u r.. Ur family knows who u r.. U will meet many people like me in future.. So be strong ur hubby is with u.. “lady wipes her tears

” m sry ap ji.. M sry sanskar Beta ” she apologizes n left.. Followed by everyone else..

Swara ran to her room n starts to cry.. Sanskar follow her and saw her crying miserably” swara ”

She immediately turns n hugged him tightly… Her feelings for sanskar overcame her mind..
” swara please stop crying ” he cares her hair to calm her
” thank you sanskar.. Thank you so much… U hv supported me Alot”she sobs..

“sshhh first stop crying if ur little bodyguard saw u crying he will eat me alive” he said

Then her bodyguard came out from washroom and put hands on his waist “papa.. U made my mumma cry ”

“swara if u don’t want to be a widow in just few hours of marriage then stop crying “he said in fear

Swara chuckled seeing the cute tactics of both father n son..
Ragini was watching all this.. As she was at the door step of their room.. She has tears of happiness in her eyes” I think laksh was right sanskar is perfect for swara ” she thought n left without meeting her

” papa tell me. Why u make my mumma cry “sparsh asked angrily with knitted eyebrows

” beta sachhi I didn’t do anything.. Ur mumma has water taps behind her eyes.. “sanskar said with fear

” achha ji.. Water taps..!! ” swara frowned forgetting about all the pain

Sanskar starts to tickle him.. He was laughing badly” hahahahahhaahahahha”

Swara saw that father son moments n smile…. Ap calls everyone for lunch

@dining table..

Sparsh was playing with food.. N swara was helping ap in bringing food from kitchen….

“Sparsh don’t play with food.. Hv that” swara said

“no.. I don’t like this broccoli “he pouts

” uff like father like son” she said

Sanskar recalls that he always use to hate broccoli

“mumma give me chocolate.. Umm or pizza” Sparsh said with watery expression

“achha ji..!! Come here” she calls him and make him sit in her lap.. And feed him ..

“mumma u r feeding me only that’s why m eating this.. ” he said

“ohh really!! “she ask

He nods n immediately start to run..” Sparsh.. Stop.. “swara shouts

” no catch me first “saying this he ran to his room

And swara was running behind him… Sanskar again feel some de ja vo moment.. Here swara n Sparsh were running like cat n rat..
Sparsh was standing on bed

” Sparsh now enough n finish ur lunch “swara said

He nods no vigorously.. Swara heard some laughing sounds n turns she saw.. Sanskaar was laughing seeing them.. ” why r u laughing like an idiot.. Help me.. In catching him” swara shouts

Sanskar nods n walk towards her but his leg got stuck in rug n he fell on bed along with swara…

He was over her.. Their closeness send shiver down to her spine.. Though he was her boyfriend but they were never been so close…

((Moh moh..
Moh moh ke dhaage

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna))

@kapoor villa

Ragini ran n hugs laksh tightly
“m so happy laksh ” saying this she kissed him on cheek

” N why are you soo happy “laksh ask.

” u were right sanskar is perfect for swara.. U know now I have hope that my sister can lead a normal life.. N its all because of you.. I just love you” she said n again kiss him

“itz great.. N u should go to mm daily “laksh winks

” huh!? Why?? “Ragini ask

“cz when u will go there u will be happy n will kiss me after coming back “he said with naughty smile

Ragini blushes” hatt.. Pagal” she said and left

To be continued…

Precap : sanskar comes to know about swara’s care

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  1. Nita D

    Wow Meher bhabhi…..once again n awesome episode….. Happy + sad moments…..n his muh dikhai wala part was nice….but the best was sanky’s widow wala dialouge…
    Yaar kavita ka sach…..????ab sabar nahi hota.

    I read YD yesterday but couldn’t comment…sry but i m commenting here only….i liked Swati’s change of heart….n her convincing swara for marriage….. N don’t know y, but when swara enters home n san-shlok both give her hand n she takes shloks hand that part i liked very much….

    1. Nita D

      Are one imp ques i forgot to ask…..is it u in your dp??

    2. Meher

      Kavita ka sach to sanskar k confession k baad mein ayega

      Aree yr don’t say sorry… Actually use scene k baad or b ek para tha but vo rah gaya.. Ab m next m adjust karungi ise…

      Not me but my eyes?

      1. Nita D

        Haan Matlab wo hi…..yeh nasheeli aakhein bhi Toh tumhari hi hai na…

    3. Meher

      Haanji bilkul meri he hai?

  2. Superb part..

    1. Meher

      Thanks dear

  3. U r hell bent in making me comment or wat?seriously if I hadn’t have net pack now I think l wouldn’t have comment today.
    By d way I’ve read this in morning itself but still…
    I may not b a regular commenter but ofcourse I’ll be a regular reader.
    don’t mind.
    U r alwys a fabulous writer for me may it b ff/os/ss or whatever it may be from d beginning.just loved dr

    1. Meher

      Awe thank you so much dear…

      Its fine.. U r reading regularly it is more important than regular commenting… ???

      Keep reading

      Luv u loads

  4. Teri kamaal ne dhammal macha rakhi hai..Thats SO CUTE N SWEET! :* :*

    Jyada bolungi to tu udne lagegi…to likhte raho. Aur humko kush karte raho. Bahurani, kal se chai me chini thoda kam dena. Itni sweet likhogi to mera sugar aur badh jayega! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    1. Meher

      Hehehe thank you…

      Ji papaji.. Pakka. I will reduce the amount of sugar.. N will give u karele ka juice twice ???

      1. Bisha

        Na baba!! Karele ka juice nahi chalega. Hum nahi khayenge. Agar papa k pyaari rehna chahti ho to ye mat karo bahurani.

        Aj ka chai badi accha banayi thi. Thanks! πŸ˜€

        Ek bat bolu? Ab teri mammiji hi gayab hai. wo mujhse bat tak nahi ki. Itni khafa hai? πŸ™

    2. Meher

      Mummy ji merse b baat ni karti… Sirf eva se karti hai

  5. When will you post yeh dooriyan

    1. Meher

      Hopefully tmrw

  6. Awesome episode dii & Eid Mubarak to u & ur family.

    1. Meher

      Eid Mubarak to you too sissy

  7. Sree

    Hey bhabhiji. R u in hangouts?????????

    1. Meher

      Yeah devar ji

      1. Sree

        Will u give me ur email id

  8. Asmaara khan

    Eid Mubarak to all my family. Finally I got a time to read ffs and meher abhi mai ny parha tumhari tabyat thk nahe the ap kesi ho and awesome episode

    1. Meher

      Eid mubarak to u too dear…

  9. Yaar pls upload the next one. Maar rahi hu wait karte karte

    1. Meher

      So sorry dear…

      But I may update tmrw ?

  10. Hey meher update the next part soon……….waiting eagerly for next part……….

  11. Jiya

    Aww! Sparsh is so cute??
    The way sanky supports swara is heart touching:)

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