Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 20)

Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : swara’s roka… Swara n sparsh bonding


Swara has started smiling now.. Raglak somewhere thought itz cz of shaurya but no itz cz of a new bond… Which is blossoming between sparsh n swara.. Swara use to go to park daily just to meet sparsh and sparsh use to play with her instead of his friends…

“di m going bye”she said in hurry

“swara where are u going in this hurry “Ragini ask

” vo m going to have some fresh air.. Bye”she kissed her n ran

“laksh did u notice this change in swara? ” Ragini ask

” ya ragu n m soo happy to see shona like this.. I wish she keeps on smiling like this always.. “laksh said

” I can do anything for her one smile… I got my sister after 20 years.. “she said

Laksh hits her head playfully” u mean we can do anything for her smile ”

” I love you laksh “Ragini said

” I love you too ragu ” laksh hugs her


Here adiraj tries to convince Avni

” Avni I know you love swara.. But trust me she is my life.. Why would I think bad for her “adiraj said

” adiraj look.. I hv no issues with you but that man.. Sanskar I hate him.. U know how he had insulted swara.. Whatever happened with swara he is solely responsible for that ” Avni said

” r u even in ur sense… Just think before you speak… Avni sanskar had no Idea about vikram.. Trust me.. Avni I hv seen guilt in his eyes… Just like u r swara’s childhood friend and can understand her silence in the same way I can understand sanskar “he said

” adiraj but!! Whatever he has done is unforgettable “Avni said

” I agree.. What he did was disgusting but Avni everyone has right to rectify their mistakes.. Won’t u allow him to do so” adiraj said lovingly
“no adiraj.. What if he again conspire against swara ” Avni said with tears

Adiraj cups her face” do you trust me ”

She nods

” then trust him too.. M sure he won’t do anything like that again.. I take his guarantee.. If he ever do that again I will kill myself “he said

Avni immediately put her hand on his mouth” shh never say like this again.. I can’t trust him..But I will try”

“that’s like my Avni.. “he hugs her

” m sorry adiraj.. I overreacted on swara’s roka.. “she said

” itz okay yaar.. I know u care for swara alot” he kissed her forehead


Here swara sat on bench n wait for sparsh to come.. She unintentionally recall the incident which force her to take decision of marriage

****FLASHBACK ****

Swara was going to her room when she heard raglak’s conversation

“m sorry laksh ” Ragini said

” sorry but why”lakah said while taking out a pillow from almirah

” m not able to give you happiness which u deserve even after 2 years of marriage “Ragini said with guilt

” hey don’t you dare to think about that.. That was our decision so that we Can give proper time to swara.. She was, is n will be our priority forever “laksh said.

” I know laksh n I promise you the day swara move on in her life wholeheartedly.. I will take our relation to the next level.. “she said

” Ragini… Don’t even think about that.. We need to focus on swara only.. Cz now m scared itz been years n she still can’t move on ” he said in worry

” hmm.. I know but we will find a way out.. She just needs time.. “she said

Laksh took his pillow n comforter n sleep on mattress on floor and Ragini sleep on the bed


She came back to senses listening to sparsh’s voice” sweetie… ”

Seeing him her lips automatically turned into sweet curves she open her arms n sparsh ran to her.. She made him sit in her lap

” u know sweetie I hv something for you “he said with his naughty smile

” for me!! What !! “she ask with smile

” han.. U know dadi gave me chocolate n I hv saved half for u.. “he giggles

” chocolate wow.. U know I love chocolates.. But I don’t know how to eat.. Who will help me in having that “she said n pouts

” may I help you “he ask

She nods n he feed her chocolates with his small hands..

“achha sparsh tell me who is ur best friend?” swara ask

“you “he said n kissed her on cheak

” n except me”she again ask

“no one.. “he said with a sad face

” hey what happened.. Why are you saying this.. Tell me” she ask her

“my friends use to tease me they said that my mumma papa doesn’t love me.. They love their work.. That’s why they don’t meet me.. So I stopped talking with them” he said while crying

Swara can understand that sanskar wasn’t with him.. But why not kavita is a big question for her..

“stop crying baby”she wipes his tears

“if you won’t stop crying then I will also cry.. Then we both have to swim to go back home.. But I don’t know how to swim now what to do “swara said cutely

” don’t worry sweetie I will take u when m here u don’t need to worry ” sparsh said proudly

“yippee thanku.. Sparsh” she kissed him on forehead

“sweetie I want a mumma just like you.. I love you “he said

Before she could ask further uttra calls him n he ran..
” he wants mumma means what?? He has kavita then?? ” she thought

Sparsh ran to uttra
” sparsh I hv told u na never go away without telling me ” she said in tension

” sorry but ” he held his ears cutely

“hmm itz okay, now let’s go” uttra took sparsh with hers and left

As soon as sparsh left swara also took her bag n was about to go when she heard someone ” ahem!! ahem!! Bullet train is happy haan”

She turns around and found adiraj there “so you don’t like me smiling vintage car”

“o hello!! Did I say this, I love ur smile.. But tell me the reason behind this”he winks

“sparsh “swara said in flow

” what!! Sparsh!! U mean sanskar’s son!! How u know him?? “he fire questions in shock

Swara bite her tongue..

” swara m asking you something ” adiraj ask firmly

“vo I met him in mall..”she explains about her bonding with him

“but why didn’t you tell this to anyone” he ask

“adiraj, di won’t like this.. N I feel happy to be with him.. N I know he is sanskar’s son so no one would allow me to meet him” she said sadly

Before adiraj could say anything he got a call

“what!! ”


” wait m coming ”

Call ends

” swara will talk to you later “he said

” are what happened adiraj u r looking tensed “she ask

” vo there is some problem in MM, will catch you later “he said

” m coming with you “she said n left with him


Itz been a week to sanskar’s interview and everyday maheshwaris face new problems.. Dp face professional problems whereas Ap n uttra face social problems.. But this time itz turn for little sparsh to face problem

Here in MM some childcare NGO came to take sparsh with them as according to them itz not good for him to be with a father like sanskar…

“papaa.. Leave me.. I want papa” sparsh cries

“beta ur papa is bad.. U hv to come with us.. “a lady forcefully took him

” u r bad.. “sparsh hit the lady with his small hands while crying.

” look he is just 4 n what he has learnt “another lady said

” mam please.. Leave my son.. He is crying.. I can’t live without him ” sanskar cries

” that u should have to think before conspiring against gadodia’s n that girl” another NGO worker said

Swara was watching this n was fuming With anger

“papa..”sparsh cries harder
“now u have to live with us.. ” lady said rudely..

This was it for her she storms and shouts” leave sparsh or else I will kill u all”

“listen girl.. Stay away from this matter “that lady said

Swara went towards that lady who was holding sparsh she tried to release his hand but that lady was adamant and wasn’t leaving his hand and sparsh cries harder.. Sparsh’s cry made her furious and she digs her nail in her hand and finally that works.. Sparsh hugs swara tightly.. She lifts him up..

“sparsh stop crying m here na “she cares his hair

Adiraj was shocked to see this much confidence in swara

” sweetie they will take me.. I don’t want to go “he cries n tightens his grip

” no one will take u.. Haan m here na.. Don’t cry.. U go with uttra bua”swara make him calm n sent her to uttra
He too reluctantly went with her.. Now she blast

“now what the hell is ur problem.. How dare you to touch my baby “she shouts

” listen girl.. Itz not good for his future to be with a man like sanskar maheshwari” lady said

“n how u hv decided this”she crossed her arms

“this man has played with a girl’s emotions he conspired against gadodia’s.. So what his son will learn from him” another lady said

“ya u r correct.. Sparsh will learn how to rectify his mistakes… How to accept his mistakes.. N that would be very bad for him na.. He should commit mistake n never ever think to rectify that correct “she said in a taunting way

Those ladies found her talks sensible

“actually itz sanskar’s mistake that he initiated to rectify his mistakes.. He should not have done this na.. He should keep quiet na.. So that u guys won’t take his son.. Now just leave n don’t u ever dare to come here again “she said strictly

” we are leaving but who are you.. Why u r talking his side” lady ask

“swara, swara gadodia.. “she said proudly

” what!! ” lady got shocked

” yes.. N one more thing.. M the only girl with whose emotions he Had played.. Now please “she showed them exit..

Here adiraj has tears of happiness and proud in his eyes..

Sanskar has also tears in his eyes he was about to say something but she ignored him n rush towards sparsh..

@uttra’s room

Sparsh was crying hardly.. Uttra was trying to calm him but all in vain..

“sparsh “swara said n hugs him tightly… He too reciprocated the hug even tightly..”ssshh.. Stop crying.. ”

“sweetie they will take me.. “he cries

” no one will take u.. Sweetie is promising u.. Now be a good boy n stop crying ” swara wipes his tears

Everyone was adoring their bond.. She made him sleep with much difficulty and ask uttra to be with him

Sanskar n all others were standing at door.. She held sanskar’s hand and drags him to the living room followed by others..

She left him n slaps him hard making everyone shocked.. She hold his collar and shouts “are you out of your mind!!! “what were you thinking haan.. Why u hv confessed everything publicly.. Did u forget that u hv a son.. Did u see his condition.. How much scared he was” she continued to shout

He bow down his head

“n who helped u in this.. Adiraj?? Correct ” she gave angry glare to him

” swara vo let me explain ” adiraj tries to speak

” don’t U!! I will slaps u too if you dare to say anything.. Sanskar is an idiot but u are sensible “she said

Sanskar looked at her with a shock

” okay u both are idiots.. But I wonder how kavita allowed u to do such stupidity.. Where is she.. Sparsh was crying and she is no where to be seen.. Sanskar call her I want to talk to her right now” swara ordered

“she has left “sanskar said

” left means what? “she ask

Sanskar explains everything.. He fall on knees and cries

” m sorry I don’t know about this “swara said with guilt

” itz okay swara I deserve this “he smiles faintly

“I should leave now” swara said and left

Here adiraj told everything to laksh though he got angry as the matter was related to sanskar but still swara’s confidence makes him forget everything..


Adiraj came to Kapoor villa n told swara that sparsh is having high fever and he is murmuring her name only.. Adiraj told laksh truth n he sent swara as he has full faith on adiraj… Laksh even lied to Ragini..


Swara went in sanskar’s room n found sparsh burning in fever..

“what did doctor said ” she ask

” he said, he got affected by today’s incident” sanskar said in low voice

“this should happen… Afterall his father is top class idiot “she taunts

” swara m here only tell me when u wanna go back”adiraj said

Soon everyone left.. Except swasan.. Swara was putting wet bandages on sparsh’s forehead and sanskar was adoring her

“thanku swara n sorry cz of sparsh u hv to come here at this point of time “he said

” sanskar stop saying sorry or else I will punch u in face.. M pissed off now “she said

” swara I should do something atleast.. “he said
” oh please don’t stress ur small brain.. I hv seen a full fledged flim today m not interested in anything or ur something.. N m warning u if ur stupidity affects my sparsh I WILL KILL U ” she said strongly

Sanskar didn’t say anything in return.. Suddenly sparsh start to cough.. Swasan at the same time put their hands on his chest to rub.. That touch makes both numb.. Sanskar takes his hand back n swara rubs his chest…

It was nearly 2 in the morning when she spoke “why don’t you marry again”

Sanskar looks at her in disbelief

“don’t worry m not saying u to marry me.. M already getting married soon.. M saying for sparsh’s sake.. He needs a mother “she said
” no I will not.. I will shower my whole love on him but won’t marry again”he said

“sanskar sometimes we have to take big decisions because of our loved ones.. I know the value of parents “she said with tears peeping from the corner of her eyes

Her statement makes him clear that adiraj was right she has decided to get married for others sake…

“will think about ur suggestion.. “he said

She passed a smile to him.. He felt good seeing her smile.. The smile which he never noticed..

” umm.. Vo.. Swara.. May I ask you something “he spoke hesitantly

She nods while checking sparsh’s fever

” can we be friends now? I mean if u hv forgiven me..? ” he ask

” I hv forgiven u.. Bt m sorry sanskar we can’t be friends .. “she denies

” but why “he ask

” sanskar trust is the basic element for any relation.. N I hv stopped trusting people 5 years back.. When my so called loved betrayed me.. When my so called friends killed my soul.. When my so called umm no actually when my fake parents left me when I needed them most “she said her pain was clearly visible in her eyes

” m sorry swara “he said n left.. As he can’t handle the guilt anymore

To be continued…

Precap : swasan marriage


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    • Meher



      Awe thank you so much yaar..

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