Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 2)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap :laksh saving swara from police case..


Swara’s pov

Urrrghh I just hate this girl.. She is only a sister for name sake… Seeing her shitty face is enough for destroying my whole day… I called avni… But she was bzy… Poor me.. Now what to do… As I don’t want to go back to that concrete building… So I called my gang.. Kabir… Rahul.. Aisha.. N nihal..

f**k off yr everyone is bzy… Din To kharab hona he tha… Subah Subah ragini ki shakal jo dekhi thi….

So I thought to shop smthng for me.. But one problem… Neither I hv cash nor credit card… So I called dad

“hello dad”

“yes princess… ”

” dad need ur help”

“swara be fast beta m bzy ”

” dad I want cash n credit card.. I want to go to shopping ”

” ok swara m sending my credit card n I hv only 40k in cash so m sending this to u ok… Ramesh will give that to you ”

” thnku so much dad… N dad m at laksh’s place… Thnku soo much”

Yeah my dad is best… I waited there for nearly half n hour n driver came… I took money n credit card from him… N left for shopping…

I bought few earing and bracelets… Then I looked at a bracelet it was a diamond bracelet n ‘s’ was embossed on it… I want that.. In any condition

“excuse me… I want that ‘s’ bracelet.. ” I asked the salesperson

” m sry mam… It has been sold “he apologiz

“then give me another piece in same design” I asked

“sry mam that was an exclusive bracelet ” he again denied

Hw dare he.. To deny swara gadodia no one can do this.. I stamp my hands on counter n shouts

” I want that bracelet… Nothing else… Samjhe.. Swara gadodia ko jo chahiye vo le ke he rahti hai”

“m plz calm down.. We hv other designs too” the store manager came n said

“I just want that… Nothing else… I will pay you double.. But I want that” I said firmly

“mam plz try to understand… That has been sold.. ” salesperson pokes his nose in between

” did I talk with you.. No.. Then why the hell are you poking ur nose here ” I said angrily

” excuse me.. If u want u can buy that.. But plz don’t create scene here” a guy in wearing jeans… N jacket said that

“what do u wanna say.. M creating a scene here… Hw dare you.. Don’t you know… Who am I ” I said to that guy in full attitude

” ahh… I know.. I know who are you… Mumbai ke sabse ameer business man ki beti.. Opps correction bigdi hui beti… Swara gadodia.. Btw m Adiraj… Adiraj sighania… It was not NYC meeting you ” he said…

” Hw dare u… U bl**dy cheapester. ” I to took a jewelry case from counter and throw that on his head in anger..

His head starts to bleed” don’t u dare to mess with swara gadodia ”

” teri to… Hw dare you to hit me… ” he said while putting his hand on his head
I took another case n throw that again in him… N said” lyk this ”

But this Tym I missed my aim.. N he didn’t get hurt…

Then we engaged in a heating argument… N soon the cops came…

“uff this.. Ameerzadi… Aaj kya kia isne” a cop said

“I hv done nothing… Got it ” I shouted at him

Then manager explained him about the incident n that idiot cop took me…

I was in police station… N those officers were barking continuesly… Uff” enough “I shouted

” I want my phone back… I want to make a call” I said..

He gave me a look as if he would eat me alive.. But still he gave me phone n I called laksh… He came after an hour n took me from there..

“swara now u r crossing limit ” laksh said angrily

” what ” I said calmly

” swara this is for the last tym m saving u from any police case… Age se mujhse koi ummeed mat rakhna” he sound firm

“ohh so ur gf has putted her words in ur mouth”i taunt him

“swara ragini has said nothing to me… N stop blaming her.. She is ur sister ” he supports ragini

” stop the car laksh” I said with teary eyes

“let me drop u home” he said calmly

“I said stop the car… I don’t want ur help… I don’t want anyone… U go n spend time with ur girlfriend… ” I said in anger while crying

He parked the car n said” kiddo don’t cry… But try to understand ” he said while wiping my tears..

I shoved his hands n left crying… Yeah I felt bad… Very bad.. Cz no one has tym for me.. Not even a single person… I reached in the concrete building n as soon as I enter there Nancy starts to irritate me….

“mam sumi mam has sent this dress n she said that you hv to wear this in today’s party. ” Nancy showed a dress to me

I was already burning in anger… I took that dress… Actually snatch that dress… Then I straight went to bar counter…. Yeah we hv a bar counter too… I pour some alcohol on it n lighted that… That dress turns into ashes in no time…

“mam ye apne kya kia” Nancy said in feeble voice…

“don’t ask me anything… N don’t disturb me… Samjhi.. ” my eyes were red in anger

I came in my room lyk a storm n I broke each n everything which I can break.. I sat on floor n cried miserably… no one luvs me… What sin I have done… Then my phone rang

*mrs gadodia calling*

Yeah I saved my mum’s number with this name.. I lift that while sobbing

“hello mom”

“swara what’s this u hv burnt that dress… Do u know how expensive that was… 65k… That dress costs 65k… N u simply burnt that… U r becoming more Ill mannered.. Get ready by 8 we hv to go to a party… N behave urself ” she ordered me n cut the call…

There I was still sitting on floor… I was feelingless… I took out a cigarette n starts smoking… One… Three.. Five… Eight.. That’s what I remember… Slowly It makes me feel uncomfortable… I felt like choaking … Avni came to see me… I was about to light another but she pulled the packet from my hand n took me out.. As the room is completely filled with smoke

She slapped me hard.. N shouts “are u crazy swara.. U r allergic to these stuff”

I felt like smthng goes through my heart n I hugged her tightly… “no one luvs me.. No one.. Na mom.. Na dad… Na ragini… N nt even laksh..”

“swara everyone luvs u.. Itz just ke unka pyar dikhane ka tareeka different hai” avni said

I looked at her with teary eyes she wipes my tears n makes me ready for the party…

“thanks avni for everything ” I Said

” achha ab tu mujhe thnx bolegi ” she engulfed me in a bone crushing hug

Sometimes I wish ki us idiot ragini ki jgh avni meri sister hoti… Well never mind..

I left with driver for venue… Then on our way we picked mom dad n ragini..

We reached at venue.. I took a deep breath n plastered a bright smile

“are swara beta u hv grown up beautifully ” a lady said to me

” I know this tell smthng new ” I thought in mind.. But what to do I hv to behave well” thanks aunty ” I said with fake smile

” wow such adorable sisters u both are looking fabulous “another lady said

” thnku mrs mehta”we both said in unison

What to do we can’t open our bitter relationships here

“ragini now u must be happy that ur Lil sissy has came back from hostel” a middle aged man said

“why not uncle… Itz so much fun to be with her”rags said while hugging me sideways

“I wish ye wahi hostel me mar jati ” she murmured

” I hv listened u”i whispered in her ear…

We kept on practicing our acting skills there… Whenever we forced To attend a party.. We Polish our acting skills there

Swara’s pov end

To be continued….

Guys many of u said that Swara’s bf is sanskar…

keep on guessing but don’t forget that I hv mentioned in intro that sanskar is Kavita’s bf

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Di aap kyun rula rage ho mujhe m literally crying?????? and I know that swara only need lots of love nothing else not even money and I can truly understand it.amazing once again

    1. And I think is bf is is..is..is..is..

      M still thinking???
      Yup I got it?????

      He is a

      Di m I right or m I right
      See how intelligent I m?????
      Thank u thank u plz no clapping and no publicity.?????

      1. OMG!!!
        Here u guessed it.. It was soooo tough to guess this… I must say u r brilliant… I fall short of words for ur appreciation ????

      2. Arey Di I already said no clapping???? but its OK now I can’t deny ur appreciation u understand na????. But swara is really making me cry in both sr an ff.

    2. Mne kuch nahi kia.. Itz cz of swara.. She made u cry… Sachhi ????

    3. I hv learnt that we should appreciate good n take stand for wrong… So he I can resist without appreciating ur brilliant brain

  2. Poor Swara. I don’t want to guess anything about her BF. Will see what is there in store?

    1. Thnku for trusting.. I hope I will not let u down ??

  3. Di already serial me sab swasan ke peche pade yaha par aisa mat kijiye.
    Plz unite swasan soon

    1. Baby.. At least let me bring sanskar first… ????

  4. Awesome yaar……!!!!!!! Characterization of swara was superb……… she is just aching for love and affection……….. Do continue soon…….

    1. Thnku purvi…

      M glad that you lyk her character… Yup she just want luv

  5. pls mad it swalak.

    1. Sry dear m a swasan fan.. I just hv height issues with swaLak ??

  6. good……..

  7. awesome meherdi
    u hd made me to cry bcoz of swaras condition
    feeling pity for her

    1. Yup I too feel pity for her

  8. Awesome story dear.i hope u remember me. Yesterday i read smile that has stolen my heart last part and i was literally crying then when i saw epilogue i was very very happy and about this i was waiting for s2 like something.i loved swara as a spoilt brat.i searched nearly 200 pages for this cuz i was not sure that u started this but my search did not go waste and i am very happy that i read it.i missed u a lott my sis. How were ur exams di??? Sorry i think it would have finished long back and asking now .hehe :). Love u di and tc.i am not gona say who am i but i am gona keep the same profile pic . It would be easy to guess i think so.hehe umaaahhhhhh

    1. I don’t need to check ur dp sree ? cz I remember u hv read till second last part then u left for Goa… Hwz the trip.. N mere liye kya laai ???

      My sweetie pie u can ask me for link.. Y u waste ur tym.. ??

      Exams were good.. I missed u alott…

      Luv u loads ???

      1. Awww i am very happy di that u found me. The trip was awesome di and i have bought many things for u mainly sweets. If u were with me i would hav stuffed ur mouth with it . I missed u to infinity cuz i have many bros actually cousin bros but i have only two big sissys and u r the third one. I love u a lot di. Many many hugs and kisses to u.

      2. Sorry forgot to change that guess me .chorry hehe. 🙂

    2. Itz ok courier that too Me… ???
      I hv no sissy or bro.. But m happy to hv u.. . My chhutki ??? u are really very sweet..

      Luv u loads ???

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    i’m in lack of words……

    1. Thnku so much tani ?
      Keep reading ??

  10. masthi it is a swasan ff cuz kuch iss tarah season 1 was also swasan ff

    1. Yup itz a swasan… Cz m swasanholic

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    2. Itz my pleasure ji… If I can help I will definitely ???

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  14. Nce but plzz make sanskar’s entry now

    1. It will take time… Attest till her bday

  15. hey my eyes got full with tears seeing swara’s condition awesome dear plz continue

    1. It means I succed in portraying her pain well

  16. Nice one..

  17. Nice dear.. Feeling sad for swara

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  20. I’m not angry on swara for her behavior rather I feel sad for her she is a child still who is craving for love but that love is shown in terms of money…. It’s not her fault parents are at fault here…. Swara was sobbing when her mom called and she was freaking out for dress she didn’t even noticed her child’s sobbing….. Bf Kon h?? ? meher it’s fabulous…. ??

    1. Yup.. She cared for dress more than her own daughter…

      Bf is a handsome guy.. ??

      Keep reading baby ????

  21. pls. can u write the complete ff in english ????its kind request…ur story is awesome and its lovely ???….i love it so much….??????

    1. Ya sure.. Actually it happens some things are difficult to explain in English… But if I will use hindi I will give english subtitles ????

      Luv u loads ????

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  23. Very nice episode di sorry couldn’t write an comment on the first episode but I have read it, because my vacations are over and my collage has started but I will try to comment on every episode if not but I will surely read all episode❤️ I’m crying I can’t see my swasan like this the new promo is like I’m crying because of the promo ? Love you di ❤️ Very nice episode ❤️❤️

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  27. mehru…… its awesome…… i was angry on swara for her behaviour in the shop n burning the dress….( i mean kitna bhi gussa ho dress 65k ki thi toh kitni acchi hogi… mujhe de deti… )… but then seeing her break down… even i felt bad…

    but i must say u have so well written… the two different faces of swara in both ur ffs…… n when is sanky’s entry in this ff???

    1. Actually I was also angry on her ?

      M glad that you lyk both the ffs

      Sanky will come little late…

  28. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Oh god Swara … She really needs a lot of care.. otherwise this girl will end up in deep trouble anyways the chapter was awesome…
    Still Sanskar didn’t came 🙁 🙁

    1. Yup she will fall in very big troubles..
      Sanskar will came late.. He is bzy with kavita ??

  29. Awsm.Aww, poor swara.Tumne usseh rulaya, hate you.Meri sanky babu ki entry kab hogi?

    1. I too cried seeing I mean writing her such state… Sanky ayega.. Sabar karo…

  30. Aww…poor Swara…feeling bad for her 🙁
    But chapter is awesome!!
    Keep writing! :-*

    1. Yup poor swara…


      Keep reading

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    Thank you so many si for season 2 ..
    N mind blowing beginning dea.. Post asap..!

    1. N I was waiting for ur comment…

      Keep reading

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    1. Reasons for writing this in pov style is this.. I was fed up with the image of fun writing… Romance n all.. So I thought aaj kuch toofani karte hain ?

      After reading ur comment I read all my replies again ??

      Baby hume sirf ek baar holidays milte hai saal.. Me.. ????

      Tysm baby.. Keep reading ?


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  36. Meher u r so gooood yaar…i mean the way u presenting swara s character is commendable…I mean when swara was crying …I really felt sad for her ….really her arrogance is way to hide her true inner self which is very naive n crave for love n affection…n my sweetie my cutie my mukku….



    For the late comment
    I hope u will not kill me for this
    * puppy dog eyes*

    1. Ab rulayegi kya pgli… M thappad maar dunga or sry bola to.. Bs kr…

      I know m good ????

      #self_obsessed ?

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