Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 19)

Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : high voltage drama in Kapoor villa.. AviRaj argument… Swara denieng for marriage… Swara n sparsh meeting… Sanskar witness a new shade of swara



“mr maheshwari are you sure you want to do this? ” a lady in formals ask

” yeah! M 100% sure.. Do this asap “sanskar said that determination

” okay then.. U will see this on next Sunday “she said

” thanku so much “sanskar thanked her n left


@Kapoor villa

Raglak were having breakfast when swara came downstairs… Ragini got shocked to see her…

” swara!! ” Ragini said in shock

Laksh turns to see why Ragini is shocked… He too got shocked.. Swara was wearing long skirt with top.. With light makeup.. For the first time in 5 years she has put on makeup and changed her dress style

” what happened di, lucky why you both are shocked ” swara said

Ragini stood up and hugged her tightly” m happy swara!! But how ”

” uff di.. Change is important.. N one more thing di.. Actually I want to say something to u Both ” swara said

” ha ha say shona”laksh said n hugs her sideways

“vo.. I.. I.. Want to get married “swara said

” WHAT!!! “Raglak said in unison

” hmm” she said innocently

“but u denied na.. Then suddenly!? How?? ” Ragini found something fishy

“vo I thought about ur suggestion n found it sensible… So I decide to get married.. But di I don’t want any big function.. N ya I don’t want to meet guy n do this asap ” she declares

“swara I feel like u r doing this under pressure… itz a life time decision.. Please don’t be emotional this time” Ragini confirms

“di.. M sure please.. I trust you !! “swara assures

” achhi di m going out.. U take care “swara said n left

” laksh I don’t know but I feel like something is wrong with her… She is doing this under some pressure ” Ragini said

” ragu may be she want to really move on.. N Vese bhi we are not taking her to mandap now.. We will take time.. First we will confirm about her decision.. Don’t worry I won’t let her do anything wrong “laksh said strongly

Here swara went to a park.. Where there were very less people.. She sat n cry

” di.. Now I won’t let u all suffer cz of me.. I will marry n will go out of ur lives.. Now I won’t be a hurdle for anyone.. U hv done alot for me” she said to herself

She was crying when someone came there and said innocently ” why are you crying ”

She wipes her tears and lifts him up n make him sit in her lap” m not crying sparsh.. N what r u doing here!? U came alone? ”

” naa!! I came with uttra bua.. “he said

” uttra bua?? Bt where is she?? “swara ask

” she is chatting with her friends “he said

” achha n u came here.. Ese nahi karte.. If u came with bua then u should be with her only “Swara make him understand
“I saw u so I came to meet you “he said innocently

” achhhaa!! “she said n stat kissing him all over his face n he laughs

” I want to ask you something “sparsh asks

She nods

” what should I call you.. Neither u look like aunty nor like di” sparsh pouts

” hmm.. Itz a big problem “she said childishly

” idea!! I will call u sweetie “he said excitedly

” sweetie!! Wow!! Nice I love this name.. ” she said with a big smile

” I love you!! “sparsh said n kissed her cheak

” aww my baby!! I love you too “swara said

By the time uttra shouts for him..
” sweetie byee ” he jump off her lap and ran


Next day swara came down n found some people’s there..

” hey swara” a guy greets her

“hello ” she said with confusion

” hi m shaurya goenka.. Ur life partner ” he said

” what!! “she said in shock

” ha beta.. N m sakshi goenka shaurya’s ma.. N he is arnav goenka his father ” she said

” namaste aunty “she took blessings from both..

” come beta sit here “sakshi make her sit beside shaurya..

Meanwhile adiraj n laksh

” adiraj!!, She is not happy with the marriage m sure “laksh said

” hmm.. There is something which is bothering her.. She must be concealing something “adiraj said

here sakshi put a beautiful red dupatta on swara’s head.. She then put tilak on her forehead and give her some jewellery sets n clothes
” now u are ours” sakshi said

Swara was expressionless n emotionless.. She just have some unshed tears in her eyes which were noticed by Ragini..

“laksh I don’t want her to get married “Ragini whispers

” ragu relax.. Don’t worry.. Itz just a roka.. N we are doing this only after adiraj’s suggestion” laksh revert

After the ceremony shaurya took swara out in garden
“swara I know it would be difficult for u but I will be with you ”

” shaurya I don’t know you.. But I trust my di n laksh.. If they have chosen u for me.. U would be best.. But I want to tell you about my past”she said with tears

“u don’t need to swara.. I don’t want to know anything about ur past… What matters to me is our future “he said n smiles wickedly

After the ceremony adiraj, avni n Raglak were in a room discussing about swara

” I don’t understand why u guys are believing this man.. He must be like His friend sanskar.. Today he ask u to do her roka.. Tmrw he will ask you to get her married
.. Ese thodi hota hai “avni roars

” avni please keep our personal problems separate from swara’s life.. I know what m doing.. She will accept the truth whether she want to marry or not ” he said

” oh really n how will u find this.. No let me change the question.. When will u come to know about that after her marriage “avni shouts

” avni enough yaar!! U always taunt me cz m sanskar’s friend.. But swara is my life.. That’s why I have asked for roka only.. Not for engagement!! Cz m sure she Is under some kind of pressure.. Now stop taunting me”adiraj shouts

“guys hold on!! We are here to discuss about swara. Correct? Look I will be happy if she have taken this decision wholeheartedly cz shaurya is a nice guy… N over that his father is very Nobel man.. We have family terms of 30 yrs ” laksh said

” I agree!! Now lets wait and watch “Ragini said

” achha bhabhi, laksh m leaving sanskar wants to meet me”he said while giving glare at avni..


“adiraj where were you… I was calling u since morning ” sanskar said in irritation

” aree yr vo today was swara’s roka so I was busy there “adiraj said

” what!!! Wow!! M so happy that she is finally moving on.. Btw who is that lucky man” sanskar hugs him

” shaurya goenka!! But ” adiraj hesitates

” shaurya goenka? N what but? “sanskar got shocked

” but she is not doing this at will, m sure she believes that she is problem in raglak’s life so she is doing this for them. N why u got shocked to listen shaurya’s name” adiraj ask

“don’t know but I feel like I know him.. N she believes that she is problem? Bt m sure she isn’t ” he said

Both chatted a while. And then sanskar thought about swara the way she is marrying for others’ sake


Swasan were at airport as swara was going to Mumbai from rajasthan n sanskar came to drop her… There she met a lady and she ask
“beta please could you exchange ur ticket with me.. My flight is in 6 hours n ur flight is in an hour .. I hv to Reach Mumbai asap ”

” so what!! ” swara said

” beta itz emergency.. I hv to go to see my hubby he met an accident there.. Please I request you “that lady cries

Sanskar felt bad seeing the lady’s condition… But he can’t do anything

” I don’t care about you or ur hubby.. Okay.. Now bye.. “she said casually n left

Sanskar bids bye to her.. But he was fuming with anger seeing her harsh behaviour


” time has changed her alot.. She is same swara who was once selfish n now she is selfless.. If I would get a chance to do something for her I would hold myself lucky “sanskar thought and slept


swaragini were watching TV n laksh was doing his office work.. Suddenly all got shocked to listen sanskar’s interview


” so mr maheshwari u hv came back after 4 years and u hv brought gadodia industries that too with huge loss any special reason? “the reporter ask

” I was dealing with my personal life in these 4 years.. N I hv bought gadodia industries to rectify my mistake “sanskar said

“mistake?? Which mistake mr maheshwari??” reporter questioned

“everyone commits mistakes so do I.. I hv conspired against gadodia’s n cz of that the firm got sealed… Not only that but I have played with an innocent’s emotions.. “he said with guilt

” played with emotions?? ” she again questioned him

” ya.. Sometimes a moment which had affected us in childhood force us to do something immoral.. Same happened with me.. I have some bad experience in childhood which results in my misdeeds… I trap that innocent in my love n betrayed her infront of many people.. I am so ashamed of my misseds that whatever I will do now won’t make any difference… I am so inferior that I don’t even deserve to be forgiven “he said with guilt filled eyes

” I must say that it needs huge courage to accept ur mistake infront of the whole world… Sir can u tell us the name of the girl.. About whom u were talking ” reporter ask

” m sorry I can’t tell her name But ya I use to call her jaan “he said

Swaraglak were shocked at his this step… As soon as he said jaan swara starts to cry… ” I hv forgiven u sanskar ”

@goenka villa

” mom till when I hv to do this act of being nice… It sucks “shaurya said

” untill that girl gives birth to the hire of goenka industries.. After that I myself will kick her out ” sakshi said

” mom when ur Nobel husband will come to know about our plan do u think he will allow you to kick swara out “shaurya said dubiously

” don’t worry beta.. That u leave on me.. I know how to trick him… Afterall m tricking him since 30 years.. Otherwise do u think I will marry that man.. If he don’t have this huge empire “sakshi said wickedly

” yeah!! M thinking that I should ask gadodia industries from swara.. As now it has reopen.. What say ” shaurya ask

” have patience shaurya… Once u will sit in mandap with her then we will ask about that.. N laksh Kapoor can’t deny the US that time ” sakshi said

” n mom what if before our marriage they come to know about my real character “shaurya said

” Ahh!! Don’t worry beta.. M here na.. I will conceal everything.. The way m concealing ur misdeeds from ur father “sakshi assures her

Both laugh wickedly

To be continued…

Precap : problems for maheshwaris… swara to slap sanskar, her blast on him… Swasan emotions moments..


  1. Shanaya

    Awesome epi meher.. I don’t under why society has become so sagged.. They make elusive judgements and are ready to play with a girl’s dignity for their own personal desire.. Shame on such people..
    Me and riya both will comment .. Infact only I will comment on behalf of her .. But after riya gets completely fine.. She only has to manage .. College is reopening and I have to continue .. I am a nerdy bug., ??

      • Shanaya

        Thik hai baba.. I’ll try my level best.. But no promises.. K.. But you know what meher .. Me and Riya are soul mates not only for saying .. U will always find her in me and me in her .. And always know I love u all .. My chweeto telly friends

  2. Anjali30


    |Registered Member

    Nice epi…. vatsal Seth is so perfect in this role…

    Sakshi goenka as usual…. manipulative and cheap…. can’t wait for swasan… show some avniraj moments of you can… avni is really cuteee

  3. Chaitali


    |Registered Member

    Cheap shauriya!Now swara will e again shattered if she comes to know about this wicked people!Feeling bad for her.

  4. Tulina

    Nice update……………Please post the next part soon and make it longer………..loved the bond of swara and sparsh……….and please unite swasan soon

    • Meher



      Next part day after tomorrow…

      Just 2 episodes more or I should say in next to next episode.. U will see something special ?

      • Tulina

        Your every episode is special dear………If we read a episode of yours more than one time a day than also we don’t get bored……..loved your all episode from beginning till now

  5. Anika

    Nice meher di . When will u updte nxt prt. The tell me. What i say in ur other ff here it is also same.stay well, write well.

  6. Prakriti

    Oh God…Poor Swara….She is just traped by people only…First Sanskar now Shaurya… Please give her happiness what she deserves…And About Precap …Oh God another shock..Why Swara will slap Sanskar…

  7. little princess

    Oh meher…i’m not getting u…u r making me confused day by day by ur twist…i thought sanskar is gonna marry swara but its shaurya who is gonna marry her that too for selfish motives…again she has to face hell bco of this goenka’s…sanskar,only u can save her…save her from that evil clutches before it gets late…ur interview was good…now they will understand that sanskar has changed n is repenting for his misdeeds..swara-sparsh scenes were really adorable.. He is calling her sweetie..loved his innocence… So sweet of him…waiting to see swara as his mom as well as mrs swara sanskar maheshwari… Now-a-days the behaviour of avni towards adiraj is rediculous.. She very well know that swara is his life…even then she is shouting at him for a reason in which he is not at fault… Lucky n adiraj understands her more…i’m glad that ragini also started understanding her well…swara’s step of getting married to someone for raglak sake is really foolishness..they never considerd her as a burden..now she is gonna lead a life like hell in which she wont be happy..she very well know that she cant stay happy with anyone as she still loves sanskar n he is her only happiness… But we cant blame swara completely as anyone in her situation would have thought n done the same…anyway my dear plz make swasan unite soon…precap was shocking..why r maheshwari’s in problem??…is that anything related to their business.. I mean r they facing any crisis bcoz of that interview..why swara slapped sanskar.. Did he propose her?..if so then she may have misunderstood him..i hope that u will make us all super duper happy very soon by uniting swasan..also bring the truth of kavitha… Waiting for next chapper..post in soon…today’s episode was good but it was small..give a lenghty awesome episode soon…love u….

    • Meher



      Yeah but this goenka would be last hurdle for swasan…
      As u said only sanky could save her.. N he will save her..

      Just one episode then u will see a surprise n hope you like thatthat

      Yes Avni is bit irritating but somewhere she hates sanskar alot..

      Indeed this step is stupid n in next I will reveal why she feel that she is burden on them..

      Ya thats cz of his interview.. N he is not gonna propose her but not only slap she will blast on him n adiraj too..

      Kavita ‘s truth will come out when Sankar will fall for swara

      Luv u loads

      • little princess

        Then why she slapped him..is that bcoz he created problems for himself n whole maheshwari’s so as to clear n make gadodia business fame..adiraj was the one who helped him… So it may be the reason for which she is firing..waiting to knw what made her agree for marriage.. Vow!! Again a surprise.. Is that swasan marriage.. Oh god.. Cant wait for that…let it happen soon..i am gonna die of surprises…hehe…bt i really love those suprises that turn to be a shock for us..”if i would get a chance to do something for her,i would hold myself lucky”..liked sanky’s this thought..anyway update soon

      • little princess

        Meher…tell me which is ur ff that u completed other than kuchh iss tarah??

  8. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Hey maro gatto shyam ji,Ab konsa naya syappa kada hogaya.Swara slaps sanky, but why???Uff,so confusing.Agli part kab post karriye,batah?.Jaldi post kardena.Varna bro se kehke divorce dila dungi.About chappy, cho cwet.

  9. Sriya


    |Registered Member

    i seriously hate shourya for seperating swasan and please soon clear the misunderstanding between swasan and throw that shourya and sakshi out of their lives anyways it was stupenduous chappy dear love your both ffs and love u too dear stay blessed and keep us entertaining with ur ffs dear.

    love u loads
    keep smiling always

  10. Jiya


    |Registered Member

    Shaurya’s characters always gives me a feeling that its negative.
    Aww! The way sanky confessed his mistakes publically was too good.

  11. Serena


    |Registered Member

    Cute sparsh???
    Cheap shaurya????
    N late u????
    Awesome chapter ????
    Baaki low battery???
    So bye bye✋✋✋✋

  12. Neha_priya


    |Registered Member

    Hii Meher…..how are you?? I guess after a long time I’m showing…. But this shaurya…. Ahh this character is just a version of societies real selfish thinking and proof of cheapness ……

    But I guess sanskar is having a doubt…. A subconscious mind of his is raising a question…. Hope he save swara…. Sparsh and swara…. Cute moments and more cute was him calling her as sweetie……
    Truely sans is correct… Swara has changed but not only this her surroundings has changed too or to be true her family has started being conversing…..

    Precap bada interesting sound kar raha…. Post next one asap ?

    • Meher



      I thought u hv stopped reading!!

      Chalo finally m happy to see you back

      I love shaurya’s description ?

      Yeah our hero will save his heroine… Yup time has changed everything.. Nothing is same as it use to be

      Yeah Precap.. Swara ka tamacha ?

      I will update next part on day after tomorrow

      • Neha_priya


        |Registered Member

        No ways I never stopped reading …..it’s just I’ve become too lazy over these days but not from now….. Back with my regular classes laziness also gone……
        N u are posting this on fb too…. I saw it on some swasan ff page…. Hmm increase the craziness dear….. Actually u r right I’m waiting for tamacha….. U know…. Chataaakkkk ??

    • Meher



      Ohh u know after reading ur comment I feel good

      Yup I am n I got shocked when my one episode got 1.1k likes?????

  13. Sree


    |Registered Member

    Swaspa moments were very cuteeee???
    Sanskar’s apology was shocking? but nice?
    Wicked shourya??
    Awesome ep?
    Ab mystery pe mystery aur shock pe shock dete ja rahe ho. U r awesome bhabhiji.

    • Sree


      |Registered Member

      Ow r u all my family members???
      Ma and papa pairi pona?
      Bhai aur bhabhiji se toh abhi baat ho gayi???
      Anjali bhabhiji kaise ho??? Sab kushal mangal .?
      Wifey tumse yahan nahi pm pe hi baat karunga yahan sab hamari baate sun lenge??
      My sisters kaise ho??? Aur unke patiyon unka dhyan rakna??
      And new chote members hi to u. Yeh lo meri taraf se chocolate???????
      Love u alllll????

      • Abdul hafiz(uma).

        Bai I am OK,but mere patidev ka koi atapah nehi hein.And how are you?? secret romance n all ha,not bad,lage raho.

      • Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

        Oh mere pyaari patni missing me
        Sorry for delay but what to do exams have just finished yesterday now I m free so I will be regular

  14. sneha

    Hi meher!!! M back…
    Nice episode…
    Waise ik baat puchu…why hv u started giving only one update per day??? Pehle to u used to give both???

    • Meher



      Today I hv updated both…

      Ya I use to update both that too daily… But I am still recovering from chicken pox so m unable to do that

      Luv u loads

  15. Pramudi

    Awesome update meher… ?
    Loved swara & sparsh’s bonding.
    Shourya.. ?? i always find him as negative.
    Sanskaar’s apology.. ?
    Eagerly waiting for the swasan’s union. ?
    Update the nxt part soon dear.

  16. Fanficoholic


    |Registered Member

    Di awesome epi. Eagerly waiting fr the nxt. And di so sorry. I may nt be posting long comments with my entire feelings abt tis epi cause of my tight schedule. Bt whenever i get tym i wll do so fr sure. So sorry fr that

    Love u loads

  17. Ashu

    superr se bhi uparrr vala episode….loved it to the core…most loving part was swarsh bonding…ab aaya interesting vala part now sanskar will fall for our new swara…eagerly waiting for their love story…and I feel like kavitha didnt do anything… may be I m wrong…bt dont keep our swasan apart….and meher di can u plzz tell me the fb page name where you post this ff..love you loads…keep writing and keep smiling…waiting for day after tommorrow…see you then… 🙂 🙂

    • Meher



      Why would I take u wrong yar.. That’s ur opinion.. M completely fine with that

      the thing which I want to showcase is committing mistake is human nature but very less people has courage to r rectify that..

      Luv u loads ?

  18. saanidhya

    I am silent reader, I rarely watch swaragini or any other serial. One day accidentally I came across ur ff, nd i think its totally awesome!! U hav pretty gud writing skills, while reading ur ff i can imagine the whole scene.
    I read ur previous ff (kuch iss tarah) in one go..
    Storyline 10/10
    emotions 10/10
    Writing skills 10/10

    And i knw, this is a Swasan ff, but u can show a little romance btw aviraj and raglak too..

    Keep it up..!!
    Nd even if I am not commenting, just remember there are many fan of urs out here, who are reading ur ff.

    Nd one more thing, even if u say u will post day after tmrw, i keep refreshing my page almost 7-8 times in a day, just in hope that may be, u hv posted 😉
    In love with ur ff..

    • Meher



      Yippee that accident proves beneficial for me ??

      Omg 10/10 m dancing right now ??????

      Yeah I will definitely show them also

      N I completely understand silent readers cz m also one of them ????

      I promise I will update this tmrw

      Luv u loads

      Keep reading ?

  19. sanskriti ? die hard fan of swasan ?

    Sorry friends this is my last and final comment in tu my mom said that not to comment in tu again but she me the permission to read stories

  20. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Hello bhabhiji…awesome episode…..swara-sparsh moments were so cute….. This avni is irritating….. I feel she is over reacting….n goenkas!!!! They r from Ek Hasina Thi i suppose?? EHT is one of my fav shows!!!
    Exciting precap. Fatafat post next epi

    • Meher



      Yup they are the same goenka but arnav is good here…

      Next mne submit kr dia tha subah 6 bje.. Tu ki marzi hai kb post kre

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