Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 19)

Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : high voltage drama in Kapoor villa.. AviRaj argument… Swara denieng for marriage… Swara n sparsh meeting… Sanskar witness a new shade of swara



“mr maheshwari are you sure you want to do this? ” a lady in formals ask

” yeah! M 100% sure.. Do this asap “sanskar said that determination

” okay then.. U will see this on next Sunday “she said

” thanku so much “sanskar thanked her n left


@Kapoor villa

Raglak were having breakfast when swara came downstairs… Ragini got shocked to see her…

” swara!! ” Ragini said in shock

Laksh turns to see why Ragini is shocked… He too got shocked.. Swara was wearing long skirt with top.. With light makeup.. For the first time in 5 years she has put on makeup and changed her dress style

” what happened di, lucky why you both are shocked ” swara said

Ragini stood up and hugged her tightly” m happy swara!! But how ”

” uff di.. Change is important.. N one more thing di.. Actually I want to say something to u Both ” swara said

” ha ha say shona”laksh said n hugs her sideways

“vo.. I.. I.. Want to get married “swara said

” WHAT!!! “Raglak said in unison

” hmm” she said innocently

“but u denied na.. Then suddenly!? How?? ” Ragini found something fishy

“vo I thought about ur suggestion n found it sensible… So I decide to get married.. But di I don’t want any big function.. N ya I don’t want to meet guy n do this asap ” she declares

“swara I feel like u r doing this under pressure… itz a life time decision.. Please don’t be emotional this time” Ragini confirms

“di.. M sure please.. I trust you !! “swara assures

” achhi di m going out.. U take care “swara said n left

” laksh I don’t know but I feel like something is wrong with her… She is doing this under some pressure ” Ragini said

” ragu may be she want to really move on.. N Vese bhi we are not taking her to mandap now.. We will take time.. First we will confirm about her decision.. Don’t worry I won’t let her do anything wrong “laksh said strongly

Here swara went to a park.. Where there were very less people.. She sat n cry

” di.. Now I won’t let u all suffer cz of me.. I will marry n will go out of ur lives.. Now I won’t be a hurdle for anyone.. U hv done alot for me” she said to herself

She was crying when someone came there and said innocently ” why are you crying ”

She wipes her tears and lifts him up n make him sit in her lap” m not crying sparsh.. N what r u doing here!? U came alone? ”

” naa!! I came with uttra bua.. “he said

” uttra bua?? Bt where is she?? “swara ask

” she is chatting with her friends “he said

” achha n u came here.. Ese nahi karte.. If u came with bua then u should be with her only “Swara make him understand
“I saw u so I came to meet you “he said innocently

” achhhaa!! “she said n stat kissing him all over his face n he laughs

” I want to ask you something “sparsh asks

She nods

” what should I call you.. Neither u look like aunty nor like di” sparsh pouts

” hmm.. Itz a big problem “she said childishly

” idea!! I will call u sweetie “he said excitedly

” sweetie!! Wow!! Nice I love this name.. ” she said with a big smile

” I love you!! “sparsh said n kissed her cheak

” aww my baby!! I love you too “swara said

By the time uttra shouts for him..
” sweetie byee ” he jump off her lap and ran


Next day swara came down n found some people’s there..

” hey swara” a guy greets her

“hello ” she said with confusion

” hi m shaurya goenka.. Ur life partner ” he said

” what!! “she said in shock

” ha beta.. N m sakshi goenka shaurya’s ma.. N he is arnav goenka his father ” she said

” namaste aunty “she took blessings from both..

” come beta sit here “sakshi make her sit beside shaurya..

Meanwhile adiraj n laksh

” adiraj!!, She is not happy with the marriage m sure “laksh said

” hmm.. There is something which is bothering her.. She must be concealing something “adiraj said

here sakshi put a beautiful red dupatta on swara’s head.. She then put tilak on her forehead and give her some jewellery sets n clothes
” now u are ours” sakshi said

Swara was expressionless n emotionless.. She just have some unshed tears in her eyes which were noticed by Ragini..

“laksh I don’t want her to get married “Ragini whispers

” ragu relax.. Don’t worry.. Itz just a roka.. N we are doing this only after adiraj’s suggestion” laksh revert

After the ceremony shaurya took swara out in garden
“swara I know it would be difficult for u but I will be with you ”

” shaurya I don’t know you.. But I trust my di n laksh.. If they have chosen u for me.. U would be best.. But I want to tell you about my past”she said with tears

“u don’t need to swara.. I don’t want to know anything about ur past… What matters to me is our future “he said n smiles wickedly

After the ceremony adiraj, avni n Raglak were in a room discussing about swara

” I don’t understand why u guys are believing this man.. He must be like His friend sanskar.. Today he ask u to do her roka.. Tmrw he will ask you to get her married
.. Ese thodi hota hai “avni roars

” avni please keep our personal problems separate from swara’s life.. I know what m doing.. She will accept the truth whether she want to marry or not ” he said

” oh really n how will u find this.. No let me change the question.. When will u come to know about that after her marriage “avni shouts

” avni enough yaar!! U always taunt me cz m sanskar’s friend.. But swara is my life.. That’s why I have asked for roka only.. Not for engagement!! Cz m sure she Is under some kind of pressure.. Now stop taunting me”adiraj shouts

“guys hold on!! We are here to discuss about swara. Correct? Look I will be happy if she have taken this decision wholeheartedly cz shaurya is a nice guy… N over that his father is very Nobel man.. We have family terms of 30 yrs ” laksh said

” I agree!! Now lets wait and watch “Ragini said

” achha bhabhi, laksh m leaving sanskar wants to meet me”he said while giving glare at avni..


“adiraj where were you… I was calling u since morning ” sanskar said in irritation

” aree yr vo today was swara’s roka so I was busy there “adiraj said

” what!!! Wow!! M so happy that she is finally moving on.. Btw who is that lucky man” sanskar hugs him

” shaurya goenka!! But ” adiraj hesitates

” shaurya goenka? N what but? “sanskar got shocked

” but she is not doing this at will, m sure she believes that she is problem in raglak’s life so she is doing this for them. N why u got shocked to listen shaurya’s name” adiraj ask

“don’t know but I feel like I know him.. N she believes that she is problem? Bt m sure she isn’t ” he said

Both chatted a while. And then sanskar thought about swara the way she is marrying for others’ sake


Swasan were at airport as swara was going to Mumbai from rajasthan n sanskar came to drop her… There she met a lady and she ask
“beta please could you exchange ur ticket with me.. My flight is in 6 hours n ur flight is in an hour .. I hv to Reach Mumbai asap ”

” so what!! ” swara said

” beta itz emergency.. I hv to go to see my hubby he met an accident there.. Please I request you “that lady cries

Sanskar felt bad seeing the lady’s condition… But he can’t do anything

” I don’t care about you or ur hubby.. Okay.. Now bye.. “she said casually n left

Sanskar bids bye to her.. But he was fuming with anger seeing her harsh behaviour


” time has changed her alot.. She is same swara who was once selfish n now she is selfless.. If I would get a chance to do something for her I would hold myself lucky “sanskar thought and slept


swaragini were watching TV n laksh was doing his office work.. Suddenly all got shocked to listen sanskar’s interview


” so mr maheshwari u hv came back after 4 years and u hv brought gadodia industries that too with huge loss any special reason? “the reporter ask

” I was dealing with my personal life in these 4 years.. N I hv bought gadodia industries to rectify my mistake “sanskar said

“mistake?? Which mistake mr maheshwari??” reporter questioned

“everyone commits mistakes so do I.. I hv conspired against gadodia’s n cz of that the firm got sealed… Not only that but I have played with an innocent’s emotions.. “he said with guilt

” played with emotions?? ” she again questioned him

” ya.. Sometimes a moment which had affected us in childhood force us to do something immoral.. Same happened with me.. I have some bad experience in childhood which results in my misdeeds… I trap that innocent in my love n betrayed her infront of many people.. I am so ashamed of my misseds that whatever I will do now won’t make any difference… I am so inferior that I don’t even deserve to be forgiven “he said with guilt filled eyes

” I must say that it needs huge courage to accept ur mistake infront of the whole world… Sir can u tell us the name of the girl.. About whom u were talking ” reporter ask

” m sorry I can’t tell her name But ya I use to call her jaan “he said

Swaraglak were shocked at his this step… As soon as he said jaan swara starts to cry… ” I hv forgiven u sanskar ”

@goenka villa

” mom till when I hv to do this act of being nice… It sucks “shaurya said

” untill that girl gives birth to the hire of goenka industries.. After that I myself will kick her out ” sakshi said

” mom when ur Nobel husband will come to know about our plan do u think he will allow you to kick swara out “shaurya said dubiously

” don’t worry beta.. That u leave on me.. I know how to trick him… Afterall m tricking him since 30 years.. Otherwise do u think I will marry that man.. If he don’t have this huge empire “sakshi said wickedly

” yeah!! M thinking that I should ask gadodia industries from swara.. As now it has reopen.. What say ” shaurya ask

” have patience shaurya… Once u will sit in mandap with her then we will ask about that.. N laksh Kapoor can’t deny the US that time ” sakshi said

” n mom what if before our marriage they come to know about my real character “shaurya said

” Ahh!! Don’t worry beta.. M here na.. I will conceal everything.. The way m concealing ur misdeeds from ur father “sakshi assures her

Both laugh wickedly

To be continued…

Precap : problems for maheshwaris… swara to slap sanskar, her blast on him… Swasan emotions moments..

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