Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 18)

Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : sanskar came to know about loosing 4 years of his life… His past… Sanskar reaches Kapoor villa


“WHAT you want now” Ragini shouts

“I want to talk to swara “sanskar said

” u better get lost before I do something wrong “laksh said angrily n hold his collar

” look.. I don’t want any scene I just want to Talk ” sanskar said n realises laksh’s hand and move towards swara

” u r not supposed to meet ” laksh said n pull him back

“laksh let him meet her once” adiraj said

“how could you adiraj!! U r supporting this man.. Who has destroyed swara’s life ” avni shouts at him

” avni.. I know he has done wrong.. But at least listen to him once “adiraj supports

In the mean time swara was seeing all this.. With a blank face.. She don’t know how to react… sanskar was going towards her.. Laksh saw him going towards swara
” I said stay away from her ” laksh said n push him back

” listen dude.. M asking u calmly that I want to talk to her “sanskar said

” get lost sanskar… Swara don’t want to talk to you ” Ragini shouts

” swara please.!! I want to talk to you please swara” sanskar pleads

She doesn’t respond
“she doesn’t want to talk to you “laksh said n punched him hardly

“please swara I won’t go without talking to you..” Sanskar shouts

“I said get lost” laksh punch him again..

“laksh please ” adiraj tries to stop him

Avni pulls him n said “adiraj don’t interfere.. If u support him then I have to think about our relation again”

“Avni act maturly !!! Everyone has right to rectify their mistakes… ” adiraj said

” this man doesn’t have that right “Avni said

” u r impossible Avni.. I never expect such thinking from u… Grow up “adiraj said in irritation

Here laksh was beating sanskar blue n black.. N sanskar didn’t protest

” swara please.. Just once “sanskar again pleads

Within a few minutes the Kapoor villa has turned into a war zone.. Avni N adiraj were arguing as if they will break up now only… Laksh was beating sanskar as if he will kill him right now… Swara can’t take this n shouts” ENOUGH!! ”

Everyone looked at her.. Tears of helplessness were flowing from her eyes
” enough is enough please stop!! Adiraj Avni please don’t fight… Love is precious.. Everyone doesn’t get that… Laksh please behave urself.. And di u should have stopped laksh but u r supporting him instead..n u sanskar why the hell u r making things complex for me… Just go away… We hv nothing to talk.. Whatever you want to say u hv said that 5 years back.. I request you please go back.. ”

” swara please I won’t take much time “sanskar pleads

” 2 mins… U hv 2 mins.. Say whatever you want to “swara ordered him

” swara I know whatever I did with you was unforgettable.. U hv lost ur wealth cz of me.. I betrayed u for the sake of a stupid childhood moment.. But swara I repent each n every moment after betraying u… Words would fall short if I start to explain my misdeeds n the guilt after that.. But I want to rectify my mistake.. Here is a small step towards that ” he said n passed a file to her

She took that n read.. She got shocked

” swara, gadodia industries had been sealed cz of me.. N now I hv reopened that… I know words would not be enough but I… “before he could complete swara spoke” ur time is over… Good that u hv returned my wealth to me now u can leave ”

” swara m so… “again swara interrupts ” don’t u dare to say sorry… She doesn’t need ur sorry Mr maheshwari.. Now please ” Ragini showed him exit

” if u want to apologize to her.. Then do that publicly… The way u hv insulted her.. If u hv guts to do so ” avni said tauntingly

Both adiraj n sanskar left
Swara locked herself in room and cry for hours… All tried to talk to her bt all in vain


” laksh everything is so messed up.. We should do something.. I don’t want her to suffer more.. Now itz enough.. Swara has to move on in her life.. No more sufferings.. I will talk with her about that ” Ragini said with determination

” Ragini.. R u sure.. I mean we should ask adiraj once.. “laksh said

” no need to ask anything from him jiju.. He is good for nothing… I don’t want that man to interfere in swara’s life” avni said in anger

“avni calm down.. Adiraj was one Who has taken swara out of that trauma… “laksh said

” hmm.. I agree we should ask adiraj once ” Ragini supports

” what you want to ask me bhabhi “adiraj said while standing at entrance

” adiraj vo… We were thinking about swara’s marriage… Now itz enough.. She doesn’t share her pain with us.. She is dieing from inside.. She too need someone besides her..”Ragini said

” so we just want to ask u.. Would it be correct to raise this topic.. Actually we have a good proposal for her too” laksh said

“umm… Laksh, bhabhi u are correct.. She need someone.. But the thing is she need a soulmate not a husband.. U can ask her about this.. But don’t give her stress.. “adiraj said

” don’t worry.. We won’t force her.. She is not a burden on us .. Final decision would remain her’s “Ragini said

Everyone had dinner but still swara was sad n avni was angry from adiraj…



” swara come lets go to shopping “Ragini ask her

” di shopping!! U know na I feel suffocated in shops.. “she avoids

” shona please naaa.. U won’t do this much for ur di ” Ragini pouts

” okay, I will come.. But please don’t take much time “swara gave up

Ragini nods


” papa lets go to shopping “sparsh said

” huh? U wanna go on shopping?? But why?? “he picks him up

” tmrw is my friend’s birthday n I hv nothing to wear ” sparsh said

” n from whom u got this disease of shopping my champ “he ask

“from uttra bua” sparsh shouts

“achha ji.. Lier “uttra shouts n ran

Sparsh jumped off his arms n started playing with uttra… Sanskar was watching this n suddenly felt something strange.. Actually he was getting the memory of his n swara” why I feel like.. This had happened with me… Urrrghhh leave this.. Champ come lets go ”



Swaragini n sanSparsh were in same shop but in different sections

” Champ if ur shopping is over can we go back.. Papa has an important word ” sanskar ask

” papa just two min.. Let’s buy something for mumma.. I will give that to her when she will come back from her job ” sparsh said innocently

” beta u don’t need to buy anything for her.. When she will come we will buy for her, okay? Now lets go “he said with heavy heart

” no I will buy now only ” saying this sparsh ran towards the ladies section

In ladies section Ragini was selecting dress and swara was standing in a corner.. One side of ladies section was under renovation n swara was observing that… Sparsh unknowingly ran there n swara saw him, When a wooden plank was about to fall on him.. She ran n took sparsh in her embrace.. By the time sanskar reached there n hold the plank before hurting them…

“baby r u fine” she ask

Sparsh didn’t say anything n starts to cry.. Sanskar place the planks carefully and move towards them..
“sparsh r u fine”

Swara was shocked to see sanskar.. So as he

He tried to take him in his arms.. But sparsh was not ready to leave swara.. He found safety in her arms

“swara thank you so much… Today u save my son.. I would have died if something happens to him”he said with tears

“u know u r an idiot… If u don’t know how to take care of him then why u hv brought him here” swara scolds him

“vo swara actually he ran n.. “he tries to explain

” he ran!! Means what!! U r his dad.. U should have taken care of him.. But no.. U r still careless as u were 5 years back.. Have some shame.. U hv became father now.. But still u r damn careless… Ese bachhe palte hain”she continues her scolding n sanskar just like obedient child was listening to him.. Swara came back to reality when someone comments “how sweet.!! Learn something from this couple.. How cutely he is listening to his wife’s scoldings”

She put sparsh down and said “i-i am so-sorry vo… Actually.. I was just taken in a flow.. M sorry.. I forgot that m no one to interfere in ur n ur son’s matter”

“swara thank you and sorry.. Look I know itz not time to talk that but m sorry.. I know it would not make any difference but please”he said with guilt

“itz okay, if you want forgiveness then just take care of ur son.. Give him proper time n care.. Cz I know what parents mean for a child.. I know how it feels when u crave for love.. Just do this “swara said with teary eyes

Sanskar nods

Swara was going when she felt a grip on her dupatta, she Turned n found sparsh holding her dupatta, he signals her to bend down she does the same… The moment she bent down little sparsh kissed her cheek.. In return swara kissed him on his forehead with a heartily smile… Sanskar was shocked to see this shade of swara he calls a flashback


This was the time when Sankar act to be her love.. They were roaming in a park n a small kid fall from swing n starts to cry.. Sanskar took that kid in lap n swara makes faces.. Sanskar wipes the kid’s face n kissed his face
“eeeww sanskar what u did!! U don’t even know whose kid was he n u just kissed him.. Yukk never do that again ”


” swara u hv changed alot..”he said

” My destiny has changed me” she said n left



Swara was lost in sparsh’s thought n Ragini was gathering courage to speak

“yes di “she said

” m-may I… A-ask u something ” Ragini fumbles

” cm’on di.. U r behaving as if m unknown to u.. “swara said with smile

” swara.. Please listen to me carefully okay?.. Final decision will be urs only?.. Swara.. We all are with u n will always be.. But everyone needs someone special besides her.. With whom u can share ur happiness.. With whom u can cry for hours… That hand to hold u when needed.. That shoulder to cry upon… Everyone needs a life partner… Don’t.. You.. Want.. A.. Life.. Partner “Ragini said in serious tone

“no.. I don’t want anyone.. M self sufficient… ” she said with tears

“swara itz time to move on.. ” her hand and said

” di I hv moved on trust me … N don’t worry di.. I promise I won’t be a hurdle in anyone’s life.. But please don’t separate me from u” she cries

“swara m not separating u.. No one can separate swaragini.. Please don’t cry.. U don’t want to marry na.. Okay.. Then no need to get married… “saying this Ragini hugs her

” di.. I won’t be a problem for anyone promise… But I.. I can’t any stranger… M sorry di” she sobs

“ssshhh… Stop crying.. U r not a problem.. I will slap u if u again repeat this.. Okay.. “Ragini wipes her tears


Adiraj was waiting for sanskar as soon as he came he said” dude get ready tmrw by 12.. Work is done ”

” thanx yr.. I hope this will reduce my guilt a bit ” sanskar hugs him

To be continued…

Precap – sanskar’s courageous step… Swara’s roka

Sorry guys for not posting actually I hv written the chappy.. Bt I didn’t like that so I hv rewritten this.. Now tell me do u like this or not??

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  1. very nice update

    1. Meher

      Thank you *

  2. Chaitali

    It was an emotional one biwi….i felt swara’s pain seeing sansker again!But what plan was adiraj talking about?

    And how r u??love u wifey..take care.

    1. Meher

      Hv patience patidev u will get to know about that tmrw…

      M fine.. Now.. Just waiting for these idiot marks to leave me

  3. nice….pls make swara as normal girl….she is strong girl….n i’m exicted how swasan love story will start…

    1. Meher

      Don’t worry u will soon witness a strong swara

  4. Purvisharma

    Awesome…… Continue soon…

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        When r u posting the next update…..?????

  5. Awsome epi..i was waiting for yor update..

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      Sorry to make you wait deae

  6. Shilpi99

    What ???????swara going to marry someone else you give shock meher by the precap please update soon

    1. Meher

      Don’t worry only roka not marriage… Next tmrw

  7. Amazing

  8. Write soon. Dont take 3 days to update. Nice meher di.

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  12. little princess

    Today’s most of the scenes were emotional…. Swara’s state n words were effecting me.. Even i felt so much pain..laksh,ragini n avi’s care n love towards swara was very well evident from this chapter… Loved swara-sparsh meet…the way she scolded sanskar was showing her care for that baby…that baby means nothing to her but still it means alot to her…hope that swara n sparsh’s bonding will lead to a new relation of mother-child and swara will give him a motherly love….their new relation will make sanky come close to her and give her all those happiness n love she deserves… I’m confused abt the precap…i thnk sanskar is gonna ask forgiveness from swara as per taking the taunt of avi seriously… It may be the work abt which adiraj was talking…swara’s roka???…omg i cant believe… i thnk she is gonna marry sanskar… He may have come to knw abt the fact that swara took care of him n made him fine while he was upnormal…he may be feeling guilt n overwhelmed abt her care n selfless nature…adiraj may tell him that still now swara has feeling for him…so sanskar may decide to marry swara for rectifying his mistake n giving a life for swara and also for sparsh’s sake as his baby needs a mother for the time being now…i guess this is the courageous step that sanskar is gonna take…all these r my guesses as well as my wishes…anyway waiting for next chappy…i’m damn sure that u will give a shocking as well as interesting episode… So i am eagerly waiting for it….so my dear go for it…and make us all happy…update next part asap…and let me tell u…today’s episode is emotional+loving+adorable+awesome… Make our swara come out of all those pains she has gone through n make her happy…make sanky fall for her n accept her…plz unite swasan… Waiting for that…love u dude…. 😀

    1. Meher

      Thank you so much yaar.. U always help me by telling me whether m going right or not..

      Yeah sparsh was no one to her.. But she cared for him like. helheSanskar . Will come to know that swara has taken care of him but not now

      Yeah he will take avni’s taunt seriously…

      Sparsh will be that binding agent which will make swasan together n keep th together forever…

      N u will see a biggg twist in 2 episodes

      Luv u loads

      1. little princess

        Omg…again another big twist…vow!!..u r giving unexpected turn every time…that too most shocking n unexpected twist… Tum tho twists ki queen ho…let me thank u also…Actually ur ff deals with many moral values…it has some messages somewhere n u r conveying it to others through comments also..i really like ur point of view…its really good…u r doing a great job…so my dear n dearest “TWIST QUEEN”, go ahead it this way n add more in to it…and win the hearts of ur fans as u r doing now..waiting for next chappy… Update yeh dooriyan asap.

    2. Meher

      I never know that I hv some moral values in my ff.. As I said u always help me…

      I still can’t believe that someone can like my pov.. In skul I was famous as mummy’s girl n ironically I never felt that as taunt.. I feel like dude kitte log sab kuch apne ghar pe bta skte hai..

      M thankful to you from the bottom of my heart that u hv read my stories n I will post both tmrw ?

      1. little princess

        Meher…ur pov is not that bad as u r thinking.. Its really good..u depicted love in different way in ur both current ff’s…swara’s character in both ff’s is entirely different but shows much good things..somewhere we can find the real meaning of love,care n sacrifice… U have gone through almost many aspects like love,care,sacrifice, friendship, dignity,self respect n much more…u can find it if u really explore through ur concept of ur ff or ur pov…its something i felt…success of a good writer is when ur concept or message reaches its readers..
        In case of that, u r already succeeded..so continue..i really love ur ff’s..i was missing ur kuchh iss tarah but now bcoz of ur new ff’s..i am happy

    3. Meher

      Don’t worry dear m not like those who think themselves inferior…

      I think my pov is different from others.. But m glad that you like it…

      N to be honest I don’t introduce those aspects intentionally.. But m sooooo happy that you like it..

      M glad that I grew better as a writer..

      Thank you so much for telling me this.. U can also tell me my mistakes so that I can rectify them ???

      1. little princess

        Ok dear…i will definitely tell u if there will be any mistakes in ur ff in upcoming episodes…even if u didnt bring those aspects intentionallyintentionally,it really brought some glow for ur stories..if u notice some stupidity or wrong views in my comment to ur pov,just clear ur pov so that i can understand.. How many ff’s have u wrote so far?..i have only read ur 3 ff’s,i guess so..is there only 3 ff or any other ff is also there??…

    4. Meher

      Ur pov is damn helpful for me…

      N I hv written 4 ffs 2 completed n 2 ongoing ???

  13. Sree

    I loved Sanskar today. Tge way he asked for forgiveness and he listened to swara was very sweet???.
    The ep was Awesome as always. ??????
    Swaspa were also cuteee.
    How r u bhabhiji???? Take care and meds.
    Get perfectly well.???

    1. Meher

      If you like sanky then my work is done I was so scared about him..

      M osm devarji

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    Aj to super day hain.tumne to both story post kardi.both are awsum?????????????

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    How are you babhiji???I know good hojauge jab bro ki comment parlogeh.About chappy, awsm.I loved it specially sanky the way he asked forgiveness,soo cute.

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      M perfect

      Phew I was so scared about sanskar

  16. Tamanna

    Awesome episode… But try to be regular….

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    nice….pls make swara as normal girl….she is strong girl….n i’m exicted how swasan love story will start…

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    And this chappy was awsm but sanky shouldn’t be forgiven easily. I want swasan union but not that simple. Sanskar has to suffer as he did with swara

    1. *its Meher, not never??

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      Itz perfectly fine…

      Don’t worry ye he will keep on saying sorry

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  21. Fanficoholic

    Hey di. Wonderful epi i tell u. The way in which sanky asked forgiveness was very nice. Loved swara and sparsh’s moments. Their bonding was so adorable. And whom van we cast as sparsh? And who is casted as adiraj and avni? If u hav mentioned earlier i am sorry i hav nt paid attention to it. Plz tell me once mre.

    1. Meher

      Yr for sparsh u can imagine any of kids from sathiya…

      Adiraj is sagar from ganga

      Avni is hilarious navab (Amaya mathur from the shehar mein)

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  24. was waiting for it………thank u…nd it was so emmotional nd heart touching

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  25. Meher Ji.. Tussi Punjabi ho Ji.. Kabhi bataya nahi ji.. Swara ka roka kara rahe ho.. Kisse ji aur yeh Sankhy baba.ke Chote se dimag kya khichdi pak rahi hai..all over the epi was too emotional and very well written.. Specially sanskaar’s intentions and acts were described too nicely.. ??? love u ..

    1. Waise Ek gal dasso ji… Koi apne hubby ko itna peetta hai kya.. Mere ko uspe koi raham nahi aa raha hai.. Par tum patni dharam kaise bhool sakti ho.. Apane pharaz dhang se kar.. Otherwise munde na tere naal divorce de dena hai.. Phir tu ghar pe baith kar vilap karna.. ( I don’t know why I am writing like this but I am loving it so you need to handle my craze..)

    2. Meher

      M punjabi nhi hoon but laksh hai na.. Laksh Kapoor ?

      Thank god u like sanky Jann nikli hui thi use le k merimeri…

      Mne kaha pitwaya laksh ne apne aap mara sachhhhhiiii…

      N don’t worry divorce ki spelling b ni aati use ??

      1. Are nahi aata to seekh jaayega.. Riya won’t like to leave such a sweet bhabi.. Are ha yaar hum to aapke chakkar me ekdum bhains ki pooch ho rahe hai.. Humara mindya hi gol gol ghoom raha hai.. Dhyan hi nahi diya.. Laksh Punjabi hai ,. Chalo koi nahi.. Aur sanky sanki ne tujhe zyada pareshan kiya kya.. Abhi aake uski class leti hu., accha tell will u miss me after I leave tu., riya will soon come back and then i won’t visit tu.., ??

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      Kyun yr u n riya both can come na.. Cz m habitual of ur comments ??

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