Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 17) (sanskar’s past)

Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : sanskar back to normal


Adiraj came out n swara spoke “what happened.. Why did you stop me?”

“swara he is fine now ” adiraj said

” aree haan to let me meet him.. He must want to meet me na”saying this she starts to move adiraj held her hand and said “swara he has gained his mental stability”

Swara was shocked to listen this.. “h-he… I-is.. F-fine”

Adiraj nods and tear skips her eyes.. She immediately wipes her tears n said “wow.. It means my work is over.. Now I should leave”

“don’t u wanna meet him once.. U said u want to confront him” adiraj ask

“no.. Now I don’t..”swara said

“he doesn’t remember anything… I mean.. About ur care… He is still in that time when he lost his stability “adiraj said

” itz good.. Actually itz osm.. N please do me a favour.. Please don’t tell him about me.. M no one to him.. Once he helped me n now I hv payback him.. Itz enough.. Bye” she hugs him n bids bye

“are you sure.. Swara? U don’t want to see him even for once” he said

“nopes “she said “if I met him now.. I can’t compose myself.. His innocence has melted my heart completely… I hv no more grudges for him” she thought and left

@doctor’s cabin

“mr adiraj this should happen we both knows.. It was obvious that When he’ll gain his senses he will forget the period when he wasn’t stable “doc said

” so what u think.. If I start sessions with him.. Would it affect him? “adiraj questiond

“adiraj.. U r a psychiatrist u know these things better..” doc said

“ya but I want to confirm from you.. Second opinion is always better “adiraj said


Swara came back to Kapoor villa n resumes her life.. Here sanskar came back to MM n ap was taking care of him

” adiraj beta when will u talk to him.. I mean he doesn’t know anything about these 4 years “ap ask

“aunty m just going to talk to him.. N when will uttra n champ come? ” adiraj ask

“they will be here at any point.. N champ is very excited to meet sanskar ” ap smiles

@sanskar’s room

Adiraj enterd the room n found him in deep thoughts he sat beside him “sanskar”

He came back to senses and wipes his tears

“Tell me what happened” adiraj ask

“look na adiraj.. I had destroyed swara’s life n destiny has destroyed me.. After getting everything I lost everything.. “he said with tears

” sanskar I wanna talk to you “adiraj said in serious tone

” ya tell me.. “he said

” do u know how u got hurt ” adhiraj ask

” ya.. I was coming home n someone hitted me with car “sanskar said

” sanskar (sighs) sanskar itz been 4 years since u got hurt.. U hd lost ur mental stability “adiraj said seriously

” hahahhhaha… NYC joke.. Dude.. I must say u still hv very bad sense of humour “sanskar burst out laughing

“sanskar please.. M not joking.. Itz truth u hv lost 4 years of ur life” he again said seriously

“no.. U r kidding me.. Correct?? “sanskar said in a shock.. Adiraj nods no..

Sanskar got up n check news paper.. Then he ran to living room n switch on tv n check date.. Everywhere it was 2k16.. He sat on floor with a thud lifelessly…

” sanskar “adiraj came

” adiraj all this.. I mean.. How.. How could I lost 4 years… N.. S-sparsh… Where is he.. Kavita had taken him too.. Adiraj.. I want sparsh.. Where is my son “sanskar cries

” sanskar relax.. Sparsh is safe.. N is with uttra.. She is coming here with him.. I know itz very difficult for you to accept the truth.. But itz reality ” adiraj consoles him

” but how.. I remember kavita took Sparsh when she left n” ap interrupts “Kavita’s brother had came here n handed Sparsh to uttra”

“WHAT ” sanskar look at her in shock.. Before ap could answer a small boy of nearly 4 came in running n shouting” “daadiii”

He came n ap lifts him in her arms.. “dadi I missed you sooooo much… Bua never allowed me to hv chocolates” he complains to ap

“don’t worry beta.. Now I will give you chocolates”ap said

Sanskar was looking at him with teary eyes… Ap notice that “Sparsh don’t u wanna meet ur papa” she said

Sparsh nod yes vigorously.. “there is ur dad” ap point towards sanskar… N put him down sanskar immediately wipes his tears n opens his arms.. Sparsh came n hugs him “papa u hv came back From ur job”he ask

“job?? “he looks at him with question

” ya.. Dadi said that u hv gone to ur job that’s why u can’t meet me “he said innocently

” sorry beta.. Ur papa is very bad.. Please forgive ur papa” sanskar held his ears crying

“don’t cry papa “Sparsh wipes his tears with his small hands.. Sanskar took his hands n kissed them

“u hv forgiven me then ” sanskar ask

Sparsh nods n kissed him “I love you papa”

“I love you too beta.. N now ur papa won’t leave you.. Promise ” sanskar hugs him tightly

Everyone was adoring the moment of father son…

” I wish sparsh have a mother too” ap said with teary eyes

” aunty Itz better that kavita is not here.. She has already destroyed sanskar n sparsh’s lyf.. Let her die wherever she is ” adiraj said harshly


Sanskar was making Sparsh sleep n soon he fall asleep… Sanskar was recalling his past.. Which has destroyed him completely



Itz been a year to kavsan’s marriage n Sanskar came to know about vikram’s dreadful deed n was feeling guilty for playing with swara’s emotions… N snatching her wealth… ap n dp too came to know about sanskar’s misdeeds n had disowned him..

This was the time when he has no one beside him.. Neither his family nor his best friend adiraj… As he too has cutted all ties with him.. Kavita his wife was his one n only support system…

After 6 months of being disowned sparsh was born… Sanskar was happy in his small utopia but everything Got change.. One day kavita said “sanskar I want to meet bhai.. Itz very long since I met him.. N he wants to see his nephew ”

“call him here na.. He is only a police officer not prime minister.. That he can’t come here to meet his sister..”sanskar said while playing with little sparsh

“sanskar please “she said with pleading eyes

Sanskar agreed” uff okay.. But only for one week not more than that”

Kavita nod n next day she left with sparsh..

After 2 days sanskar called her
“kavita when will you come back.. M missing you both badly”

“sanskar I came here only two days back “she revert

” so what.. I want to celebrate my valentine’s day with u.. Like always “he said
” don’t worry.. U will” she said n hung up

Next day police came n arrest sanskar by saying that kavita has filed a complaint against him for domestic violence… He was kept In custody for a week.. But for his shock.. He wasn’t tourcherd there… He got realised on 14 Feb.. N while coming back someone hitted him with his car n he losy his senses.. Then he was sent to mental asylum… N stayed there for 3 years..

One day adiraj went there n got shocked to see sanskar.. Then he took responsibility of his wellbeing…


“sanskar what are u thinking beta” ap said

“mom.. Vo sparsh.. How u got him? “he ask

” beta one day Kavita’s brother meet uttra n gave sparsh to her n left without saying anything “ap told

” when ma? ” he questioned

“15 Feb 2k15” ap said

“WHAT.. Did he tell anything about kavita.. Or anything else “sanskar ask

” no beta.. N we are really very sorry… We were angry from u.. But being ur parents itz our responsibility to be with u.. In ur hard time.. Bt we didn’t even know about u.. ” ap cried

“mum.. Please.. U hv taken care of sparsh.. Itz enough for me” he said said n hugs her..

“nhi beta.. We want to come to u when u told us about sparsh but.. Our morals doesn’t allow us “ap continues

And sanskar recalls when he told ap n dp about kavita

Itz been a month since they hv disowned him..

” hello ma”

“m not ur ma.. N don’t u dare to call us again.. U r dead for us”

“ma please listen to me once.. Not for me but for ur grandchild please forgive me”

“WHAT!! ”

“ma u r soon gonna be dadi.. At least for Kavita’s sake.. Forgive me”

“no.. We can’t.. Conspiring against an innocent can’t be forgiven.. N send kavita here.. I know u can’t take care of her ”

**call ends**

Sanskar ask kavita to go to MM.. But she denied to go without him


” beta u know me n ur dad were on cloud nine when u told us about sparsh’s birth”ap said

” but still u can’t forgive ur son” he said

**ap n dp went to meet kavita but still they denied to accept him back.., **

“m sorry beta.. U know when kavita’s brother handed sparsh to uttra.. We became more angry that u can’t even take care of ur son n wife… We had no idea that you were in Jail or about that accident.. We came to know only a week earlier… “she said with guilt

“ma.. I deserve to suffer for playing with swara’s feelings.. But now I will rectify my mistake n will return her what she had lost cz of me “he said with determination


Sanskar met adiraj n ask” adiraj I was working on something important before going to jail.. Do you have any idea about that “he ask

” dude.. M not ur best friend for name sake.. I hv searched about that n everything is perfect.. Just ur one sign n gadodia Enterprises will be started again.. “adiraj said

” thanks yaar.. U know I died each second.. Since when I came to know what that pervert vikram does to her.. I don’t know how she had composed herself “he said with guilt

” sanskar u r buying gadodia Enterprises.. N facing loss just to return swara her wealth.. I appreciate this.. But still she can’t get over that incident ” adiraj said hopelessly

” matlab.. U know her.. Adiraj please tell me.. Where is she.. I want to say sorry.. I know it won’t make any difference but I will do anything to seek her forgiveness.. Just tell me. Let’s go to her”he said restlessly

“sanskar relax… N yeah I know her.. Infact she is my life.. I was her counselor after that incident.. N my girl is her friend.. We will go to her but first u Complete all formalities “adiraj said

Sanskar Completes the formalities and left for Kapoor villa.. On the way adiraj explains him about her Phobias n fake parents.. Sanskar felt more guilty after hearing that..

@Kapoor villa

Swara was pacing to n fro she was very restless… She herself don’t know why..

“WHAT happened swara.. Where r u lost “avni said

” avni.. I feel that something bad is ganna happen “she said in worry

” nothing will happen “avni assures

In the mean time adiraj n sanskar reaches villa.. Adiraj came in n Ragini shouts” swara look adiraj has arrived ”

Listening to Ragini’s voice avni ran downstairs and were shocked to see sanskar with him.. Swara was behind her…

” SANSKAR MAHESHWARI!!! ” Avni said in shock..

Swara was numb seeing him.. Whereas Ragini laksh n avni losses their cool seeing him

To be continued…

Precap : sanskar beaten up by laksh… Swara meeting sparsh

I hvnt read after writing so please ask if Any confusion..

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  1. Anjali30

    Sanskaar sparsh moment was soooo cuteee…. love sparsh already…. was confused a bit when the third flashback was shown… but read it again… and now its all cleared…..

    Dhamaka chapter!!!! Sanskaar feels bad for swara ????.

    But why did kavita decide to do all this????

    1. Meher

      Where is 3rd flashback.?????. Lol..

      It should happen na.. I hvnt read this before posting…. ???

  2. Kritika

    Loved it mumma…but u ended in suspense ..
    Kav—san child????????
    Hate them…
    That’s why can’t accept sparsh whole-heartedly..
    Mumma…u shud giv me a chocolate…umm…a temptation rum n raisin flavour..
    U know why?
    Coz ur 1 day old child can write 2-2 lanuages..
    Hai nah?
    Toh chalo chalo fatafat give me a big wala temptation..????

    1. Kritika

      I got d same chocolate now by my biogical mom!??
      Yippie! Hurray!:D

    2. Meher

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      Don’t worry u will love him soon…

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      1. Kritika

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        Areey yr if output is like this, so demands will be also like that nah

  3. nice…. if swasan unite.. i think sparsh will be the one who unite them…

    1. Meher

      Sparsh will play an important role that’s why I brought him in… ?

  4. Awesome

  5. Meher

    Batao ek to late update… N over that they hv changed the cover pic… ?

    1. Kritika

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      1. Meher

        Chaitali is ur daddy…

        Neeche dekh teri choti mom.. Lagi h baat karne m usse

  6. Sree

    Apne itna short update kyun diya????????. Lekin phirbhi bohot accha tha. Sanskar has a son????? mein ne yeh expect nahi kiya tha??
    Humare family se inspired ho rahe ho kya?????
    Vaise yeh kavitha ka pardha kab fash karoge? I am Waiting to see it.
    Aaj ka PRECAP bhi pasand nahi aya???? ap apne pati ko pitwane wali hai??? i am Waiting for nxt?
    Take care bhabhiji????

    1. Meher

      It was not at all short… U feel that it is short.. ?

      Tune Kya kisi ne b expect nhi kia hoga tbi to le k aai ho beta uska

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      1. Sree

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    1. Meher

      Aww baby… Thank you

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    Super one yaar what happened to kavita?? Why did she complained on Sanskaar??

    1. Meher

      That will tell you later on

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    Heyy dear…it was awesome episode as always… Glad to see sanskar normal…i was literally shocked to know that sanskar has a son…i never expected that even in my dreams…always i was happy bcoz sanskar understood his misdeed n is repenting for it..but still whatever he did with her is unforgettable n cant be forgiven…in case of sanskar,he had already suffered alot..so he can seek forgiveness from her..why didnt adiraj tell him that it was swara who helped n took care of him to get well soon..sanskar should know it n should feel guilty as evenif after playing with her emotions n destroying her to the core,she took care of him n united him to his family…he should know her greatness n big heart…the only thing he can do is to give her a life that was spoiled by his one mistake n give her all those happiness n love that she deserves… Eagerly waiting for next episode… Sanskar is beaten up by laksh… Omg…but laksh’s this reaction is quite natural as everyone will do the same with the person who is responsible for his sisters spoiled life… Moreover swara means alot for him… I think swara n sparsh is gonna share a special bond..so waiting for it..disclose about kavitha… Why she left sanky n why she filed FIR against sanky???..reveal it all soon…keep on giving such wonderful episodes… Love u so muchhh…take care….

    1. Meher

      Hey dear!!

      U know just to give u all a shock I brought him in… ???

      Yeah I agree what he did can’t be forgotten.. But everyone has right to rectify his mistakes….

      Adiraj will tell him but that would be another shock for him.. As he just came to know about loosing 4 years of his life…

      Yup Afterall laksh ka gussa itte saalo se dil m bada hua tha.. Yeah swara n sparsh will share a special bond n.. Sparsh will play an important role at crucial time in uniting swasan

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      Wait even I want to join u in dancing ???

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      Even I was shocked to know that mera bachha b hai ??

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  21. Warisha (Vr$)

    you rOck Maher… i know there must be anothr twist if i am not wrong related with tht cavity…
    Sanky realised his mistake finally…! u r making story more nd more interesting…!

    1. Meher

      Yup there is one more twist…

      M glad that you are liking my story ??

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