Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 16) (sanskar back to normal)

Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : Ap m dp accepted sanskar again… Sanskar got flashes… Swara came to know about sanskar bring married to kavita


Swara reaches MM n got shocked to see the scenario… Sanskar was throwing things recklessly.. Ap dp n adiraj were trying to control him.. But all in vain..

“sanskar beta.. Please listen to me “ap tries

“Noo.. Stay away… Swaraaa!!! I.. Want swaraaa” sanskar shouts

Adiraj was happy listening to sanskar’s clear sentences but he was also tensed to see his condition

Sanskar was about to hit ap with a vase but swara shouts “sanskar!!!”

He stops and ran towards swara n hugs her tightly “swaraa”

“m here… But what were you doing.. Haan.. “she cares his hair n calms him

” missed you.. “he said with teary eyes

” m here… Don’t cry.. N tell me why you tried to hit ur ma… Haan.. “she said

” sorry “he held his ears

” don’t apologize to me.. Apologize to ur mumma.. “she said

He took baby steps towards ap n says sorry n immediately ran towards swara

” swara beta I think u should stay here with him” ap said

“aunty.. Itz impossible m so sorry but I hv to go.. “swara said

” noo… U r staying here” he resists

“okay okay calm down “adiraj said.

Sanskar was not ready to leave swara even for a second

“noo u Will stay with me ” he said n grab her hand

” yes I will be with you but please leave my hand”swara said

“no I will… Not… If I leave you then you will leave me like… Kavita ” he said

Swara looks at adiraj n both shares tensed expressions

” sanskar have your medicine please “ap said n passed tablets to him

Sanskar shove her hand n shout” stay away ”

” beta please don’t do this to me”ap cries

“annu please.. Give him some time… “dp consoles her

Somehow swara manages to calm him… N with the effect of Medicine he fall asleep again.. But still he hasn’t left swara’s hand

Sanskar was sleeping peacefully holding swara’s hand tightly and she was just sitting beside him resting her head on head board… Her mind was blank.. She was unable to think.. But there were unshead tears in her eyes she recalls how she convince Ap n dp to accept sanskar again


2 days back

“adiraj what was that.. Why his family had disowned him “swara asked

” swara when.. They came to know what sanskar had done to u n ur family… They just disowned him… Itz been 4 years “adiraj said in cold tone

” they know about sanskar’s condition?? “she ask

” no.. They don’t.. I tried alot to tell them.. But as soon as I take his name they disconnect the call ” adiraj said hopelessly

” adiraj do me a favour do u hv uttra’s number.. I remember sanskar use to say that she is very calm”swara ask

Adiraj nods n swara dials her number

“hello uttra”

“yes uttra speaking”

“m swara.. Swara gadodia ”

” s.w.a.r.a g.a.d.o.d.i.a ”

“yes swara gadodia… Can I take ur one minute”

“swara I know what bh… I mean what sanskar has done with u bt we r no more his family ”

” uttra I know.. Bt please listen to me… I want to talk with ur parents that too on video chat.. Could you do this for me”

“swara but… Ma pa has no hand in his misdeeds ”

” uttra u r not getting me… Itz about sanskar.. Just one call please ”

” kk fine I will.. Bt tmrw @12″

**call ends**

Next day swara talks with ap n dp n show them sanskar’s condition… Being parents both broke down and accepts him again


AP came with food for swara “beta hv something”

“no aunty.. I don’t want to “she denies

” I don’t want to listen anything… Hv this” ap scolds her lovingly

“but aunty ” swara points towards her right hand which was in sanskar’s grip

” oh.. Just small problem “ap smiles n feed her with her own hands

” aunty may I ask you something ” swara hesitantly spoke

” ofcourse beta “ap smiles

” aunty I know I should not ask this… But”swara hesitates

“beta ask me anything… Freely “ap said

” were sanskar n kavita happy together ” swara ask hesitantly

” beta kavita n sanskar stayed with us only for one year after their marriage… N they were happy.. Infact kavita was life of this house… When we disown him kavita too left with him after that we don’t know about them “ap said

“thanku aunty” she said in chocked voice

“beta I know you love him.. But don’t worry u will also get true love in ur life “ap put her hand on her head

” hmm.. Definitely “swara smiles sarcastically

Ap left n swara fall asleep in sitting position.. Resting her head on head board


Swara’s sleep was distributed cz of some noise it was of ap..

Swara looked n found that sanskar is not in room.. She panicked n came downstairs

She was shocked to see her bags on fire n sanskar standing near that in adiraj’s grip

“my clothes.. !! Adiraj how this happened ” swara was in shock

” sanskar set fire to ur bags “ap said

” WHAT!!! But why!!! Why u did this sanskar “swara questioned him

” now.. U will stay with me.. Fo-forever”sanskar said

Everyone was numb

“I – I will be here but please never repeat this… Okay “swara said

He nods and ran

” now what!! I hv nothing to wear “swara said

” beta come with me n choose something from uttra’s wardrobe “ap took her to uttra’s room

She opened uttra’s cupboard her wardrobe was full of western dresses…

” take whichever you want “ap said

” aunty.. Vo I don’t wear such clothes.. Do.. Do you have any suite “swara said hesitantly

” swara say properly na… Full sleeve suite ” adiraj comments from door

” shut up adiraj… “swara gets irritated

Ap can’t understand anything.. As she doesn’t know what had happened to her… Adiraj left

” beta I think I hv some suite just a min” ap said n Opened a bag n gave her a red anarkali lehngha.. Swara left


Everyone was having lunch… Swara went to sanskar’s room to call him

“Vese aunty.. I must say that dress is beautiful which u gave to swara .. From where u hv purchased that.. I also want one.. For my gf”adiraj said

“beta I hvnt bought that.. When kavita left home with sanskar her few dresses left here to I just put that safely “ap said

Adiraj stopped his hand.. While eating” it means swara is wearing kavita’s dress”

Ap nods

“oh no.. N she went to call sanskar “before he could complete they heard swara’s scream

All rush to his room n got shocked.. Sanskar was holding a vase n tried to hit swara with that…

He threw that on her but missed his aim..
Swara somehow escapes n ran towards the stairs…
Sanskar too ran behind her… Adiraj tries to stop him but all in vain.. Swara was running downstairs and sanskar shouts “Kavitaaa”
He looses his balance n fall off stairs

5 Hours later

“adiraj what’s this.. Itz been so long still he is unconscious.. We need not to worry… Correct “swara said in doubt

” swara we hv to wait until he gains his senses” adiraj said

Then a nurse came n told them that he got his senses

“aunty u go in first “swara said with a smile

Ap n dp goes in…

Ap puts her hand on his head n said” I was scared beta.. Hw are you now”

“m absolutely fine ma.. N u.. U hv accepted me again.. M so happy I can’t explain this.. Mom.. Dad.. I promise I will rectify my all mistakes “he said with teary eyes

Ap n dp were shocked n in the mean time adiraj enters n got shocked… He signals swara to stay out

” sanskar u r fine? “adiraj ask

” dude m perfectly fine… But why are you asking this.. Itz only a small wound “sanskar said

” achha I hv to submit this form here.. What is date… Umm.. What is.. It.. ” he acts as if he can’t recall the date… Dp n ap were about to tell him.. But adiraj signals them to keep quiet

“sanskar do u remember date? ” adiraj frowns

“hahaha.. It seems I got hurt on head n it has affected u.. Btw toady is valentines day.. 14 Feb” Sanskar said

“n year”he ask in cold voice

“yr do one thing book a bed for urself in hospital… Obviously itz 2k12″he said

All gets shocked

To be continued….

Precap : sanskar’s past

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  1. Soujanya


  2. Tweetypankaj

    Superb dear

    1. Meher

      Thanks dear

  3. Yeah…itz good nd coming to sanky ohh my god i luvd innocent wala sanky he z jz too cute:-*:-* nd i hope now sanky dnt do any mistakes regarding swara…anyways waiting fr nxt

    1. Meher

      Don’t worry dear.. . Now he will just rectify his mistakes.. Jitna blunder karna tha vo kar chuka hai

  4. Chaitali

    ahh…Normal sansker..feels good to read

    1. Meher

      Theek kar dia mne aapko ???

  5. Awesome dear

  6. Jiya

    Oh gosh! He didn’t remember anything but its somewhat ok as he’s normal now.
    And wt about swara yar?

    1. Meher

      Don’t worry… Now happy days will start ?

  7. Wow…

  8. mind blowing

    1. Meher

      Thanks dear

  9. Purvi

    Ohhhh god…!!!!!! Now how will he behave with swara……???????

    1. Meher

      For that u hv to wait

  10. Dhara

    Is it a same day when he ditched swara? Or some other day? Happy to see sanky normal. But m sure he won’t remember that Swara was there with him during this time.

    1. Meher

      Itz that day when he lost his stability….

      Yup he won’t remember that swara was with him

  11. Anjali30

    WOAHHHHH!!!!!! <3 <3

    Stupendous chappie…

    My Sanskaar's alright again <3 <3 <3 😀 😀 😀

    But how is gonna accept what has happened to him??

    And Swara…. poor girl…. Can't wait sautan ji….

    Best part was when he set her bags on fire 😛 😛 😛

    1. Meher

      U mean our sanskar anjii…

      Hv patience ji sab kuch hoga?

  12. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sanskar become normal n what about swara

    1. Meher

      Don’t worry she will not suffer more now

  13. Divyanshri

    wow…. innocent sanky was cute but…. now sanskar should be good….. anyways u always rock

    1. Meher

      Yeah!!! This sanky will also be good

  14. Wowww,next part asap

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      Thanku next part on Friday

  15. Niku

    Superb dear…i loved d track…

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      Glad you liked it

  16. Meher ab yeh kya hai.. Suspense suspense aur suspense.. Swasan swasan aur swasan Kab aayenge.. Batao yaar behan.. Aisa koi karta hai kya.. Cliffhanger pe chod diya .. Ab kya hoga… And I read the translation .. Arghh I am really an idiot .. Itni simple si baat samajh nahi aayi.. Par thoda thoda thik bhi tha.. Whatsoever., I didn’t know delhites know bhojpuri.. But if u come to Kolkata then u will go in dilemma then.. 98% of the educated population speaks Bengali ., even we in the big big malls quest or city centre.. U will see people conversing with the shopkeepers in Bengali., we consider it as our prestige ., pretty sophisticated too .. Lol phir Mai chali gayi serious mode par Mai sacchi Kaho Riya ko Bengali kahte hue suno .. She is a Bengali and then hailing from Kolkata.. Her vocals are very good in Bengali..

    1. Meher

      5 episode se km m aa jyega don’t worry…

      N baby we delhites are all rounder… Sab aata hai… B|

      N don’t worry for that too.. I can understand little bit Bengali too.. I hv Completed my primary education in a bengali skul n over that my childhood best friend was bengali??

      I can understand punjabi too.. N bilkul basic gujrati n marathi b… But only basic ?????

      1. Devi aap ke charan kahan hai .. Hum aap ke vivaran me shabdbudh ho Gaye.. U know so many languages .. Aweshome.. Me I know, hindi, english , Bengali , Urdu , arabi and Sanskrit too.. Sanskrit I have not done the full course though,, u know in childhood , I wanted to do llb and for that u need to know Sanskrit,, so I had learnt Sanskrit.. Childhood days were really happy,.. Riya knows french too along with the basics of German english .. Meher u know many languages .. Delhi wale are all rounder .. Good good .. But ek question delhi wale Sab itne ache hai toh ranbeer kapoor ne aisa kyu kaha “Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
        Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke “.. Are kisi aur ko bhi chod sakta tha .. Mumbai wale, Kolkata wala.. Delhi wale hi kyu.. Sochi socho .. Batao batao .. Dilliwalon prove karo ki u r the best

    2. Meher

      I know sanskrit too.. N that too perfectly….

      Actually dilli ki ladkio ko smbhalna sbke bas ki baat nhi hai… ?

      1. Sahi kaha re., u know Sanskrit too., ????? Devi seriously app ke charac kahan hai,, Pathati, pathatha, pathanti me hi mera dimag ghum jaata tha,, aur jab Sanskrit me story likhni tab toh poocho hi Na.. I used to get mad.. Humesha yeh hi Sochti thi ki kahan se leh liya subject but ended up praising it.. Sanskrit was scoring ., it in increased percentage unlike Riya’s french language.. Chu kitne cliches the yaar.. Aur pata hai har letter pe vowels and etc Walon par she had to make lines and dots .. Something like this é.. Pata nahi kaise padti thi woh,, uske paas ek dictionary bhi thi .. English- english – french., yaar shakal dekh kar uski Mai bhaag jaati thi.,

        And ha dilli ke ladkiyon ko sambhalne us bande ki Himmat to ek dum nahi ho gi.. Pata nahi Riya ke Bhaiya aap aur aap ke sautan ko kaise sambhal re.. Are tabhi to papa Ji bhag gaye.. Dilli ko Chori kya kya kaandh kiye.. ??

  17. Awesome

  18. Shilpi99

    Wow meher such a nice episode finally sanskar is back ???? but it was also a shock that he has suffer memory loss and another question is where is kavita and why sanskar hate her so much suspense wating for next part????????

    1. Meher

      Where is kavita to baad m pta chalega….

      Why he hate her next n he pta chl jyega ?

  19. Jwala

    now swara ka kya hoga? meher swara suffered a lot.. don’t make her suffer more dear.. Please if sanskar hates swara or ignores her she can’t suffer it.. Please . I can’t see swara in pain.. you give so much pain to her.. poor swara.. if you give more pain to her I will kill you. ha.. ( kidding ha)

    1. Meher

      Don’t worry now no one will suffer.. Sufferings are over now…

      U can guess it that itz more or less inspired from serial.. Oops I gave you hint ?????

      1. Jwala

        inspired from serial? hmm nemory loss?? meher please don’t inspired anything from that show.. your fictions have better logic unlike that show.

    2. Meher

      Lol.. U know what.. All the ffs hv much more sense than the serial…

      I wonder why wouldn’t they hire any ff writer to write sensible plots ??

  20. superb dii its so nice

    1. Meher

      Thanks dear

  21. Aami

    oh thqewww meher to make our sanskar fine…. but he is ib 2k12 na….. n obviosly he dont rmbr swaras care now……. wytng to know sanskars past n nxt episode……. post asap…..
    lve u load… ??

    1. Meher

      Nopes he won’t remember anything…
      But don’t worry everything will be fine ??

  22. hey meher. ….itna excited part…awsm..
    tum apni stories ekta kappor ko bheja kro yaar….you’re truelly amazing?

    1. Meher

      Yr u know what m khud ko ekta k pass bhjna chahti hoon… But luck sath hi nahi de ra…

      Anyway… Thank you so much…

      Luv u loads ??

  23. Serena

    Awesome Di…Maine school se wake sabse pehle aapki story padhi…n then m going to change my dress.

    1. Meher

      Aww… Koi ni tu change kr k aaram se pdh sakti hai.. M bura ni manungi??

      1. Serena

        Utna wait nhi hota naa…skull me jab sir chemistry padha rahe the tab me swasan ki bonding me bare me soch rhi thithi??

  24. Shalmali here.. abey suspense ki dukaan.. aur kitna dimag khayegi! Tere ff ke bare mein sochti baithi toh ishq wala love likh hi nahi paungi.. U r making me crazy.. urghh.. m getting addicted to ur ff.. hey bhagwan..
    Vaise nt bad idea.. u only cntinue ishq wala love.. i’ll enjoy both reading.. 😉 😀

    1. Meher

      Nhi nhi tu likh sakti hai.. Tension na le.. Sab hoga theemtheek

      NaNahiiiiiiiiii ese darate nhi hai.. Btw m missing ishq wala love

  25. Chalega na dear sissy??
    Jst kidding ha.. dnt mind.. 🙂
    N ya tmrw m posting my os..
    ‘Love or betrayal..!’

    1. Meher

      I would read that definitely

  26. Mugdha

    Oh meri badi bahu…..kesi ho?Thank u so much for being regular…i read the previous episodes..but i couldn’t comment as i was very busy…anyways…awesome episode…mera beta thik jo hogaya….update soon

    1. Bisha

      O Mugdhaji! Ap kaisi hain? In logon ki baton me na aye. Maine apko pvt msg kiya lekin apne jawab nahi di. Isiliye yahin bol deta hu. Mai kahi bhi dusra honeymoon manane nahi gaya tha. Mai to sirf aur sorf ap hi se pyar karta hu <3. Mai ek business trip pe gayatha. Hamare bete to shadi karke ho gaya nikamme. Din rat biwiyon se hi busy rehte hai. To mujhe hi jana padega na!!

      Anyways Bisha here. Hello! Hope u r all well. So friends? ♥♥

      1. Meher

        Papaji no cheating….

        No telling lie to mummy ji

    2. Meher

      Thanku mummy ji.. I was missing u badly…

      Kr dia theek aapke bete ko… Ab to u r happy na

  27. Sree

    Sanskar thik ho gaya????????
    I am very happy. But what about Swara then???????
    Ab kaise ho?? Qur nxt kab poat karoge????
    I am Waiting for nxt. Precap itna accha jo diya hai apne??
    Nxt mein mystry solve ho jayegi na?????
    Take care ???

    1. Meher

      Don’t worry about swara…

      Now her sufferings are over

      Yup next m mystery solve ho jyegi…

      Next part on Friday

  28. Bisha

    Sanskar is still stuck! But he is fine. Uffff!! Beautiful n terrific. Tune to firse kamaal kardi.

    I loved it. Meri bahu ki talent ki to pucho hi mat. I am so proud of them. Proud to b you all’s papaji. TEre hath me to jadu hai. Chal aja ek jadu ki jhappi de de…

    Keep writing love ya loads♥♥

    1. Anjali30


      .finally tu me darshan hua….. honeymoon kaisa the…. aapka aur mummyji la???


      1. Bisha

        Oye! Bahu hai na! Bohot natkhat! Abhi to mai businesstrip pe gaya tha. Agli bar tere mammiji ko leke jaunga. Bas puchne to de ki use kaha jana hai. Waise tum sautano k jhagdon se pak gayi hai bichari! 😀 😛 😉

    2. Meher

      Papaji sab aapse he seekha hai…

      Luv u loads bisha


      Anji esi baate ni puchte papaji se publicly ????

      1. Are meher.. Publically kya .. Washroom me mile toh wajah se Ghaseeth ke nikal ke yea question poochna.. Lol

      2. Are meher.. Publically kya .. Washroom me mile toh waha se Ghaseeth ke nikal ke yea question poochna.. Lol

  29. But dont late again. Maher di dont end the story like sanskar n swara mary nd show end.

    1. Meher

      Aree nhi… Don’t worry… U will witness their child also ????

    1. Meher

      Thank you

  30. Woww awesome episode dii. eagerly waiting for next part. At last sanky get normal. I am very happy u make jijju normal yeeepiiiii.
    & I think he does not remembere swara that how she take care of him . feeling bad for her . but I know they will together soon . keep smiling love u a lot dii.

    1. Meher

      Yup ur jiji is fine now…

      Don’t worry about swara… She will be osm… Now sanskar jo aa gya hakhai

  31. Fanficoholic

    Didi wat is tus ????????????????
    Even tday u did nt reveal the secret. Tday again i wll be thinking about ur ff. Like wat might hav happened to sanky y is he hating kavitha and all tat stuff. But i need to wait mre. Di i wll take revenge frm u fr tis suspense??????????. I will use my worst writing skills and i wll write a ff and i wll compel u to read it. ??????????
    Anyways di tat was such a wonderful epi. Bt the epi in ehich the mystery wll be revealed in tat epi i wll post a lotttttttttt of praise wrds. Though i am very much satisfied wth tis epi i want my good wrds to be saved fr the secret revealition epi.

    Love u and ur ff loadssssss di

    1. Meher

      Sry baby but in next I will reveal..

      Don’t worry I know u r not a bad writer… I would love to read that…

      Luv u loads

  32. Fanficoholic

    I am nnt a bad writer??????????????????
    Its a big joke di. Whn compared to all u ppl i am nth g in front u. Thank u soo much di. Happy that u wll reveal evrythng in the nxt. And whn wll the nxt update cme di?

    1. Meher

      Dear everyone has talent u just need to recognize it…

      N I don’t think so that any writer would be bad… Cz itz their own imagination..

      Try for once ☺

      1. Fanficoholic

        Thank u sooooooo much frvur encouraging wrds di. I wll surely try but i am very busy cause of college as my cllg starts at 8 am and ends at 6 pm. Frm 6:30 to 8:30 i have my maths tution. Till 9 i wll relax i.e i wll take bath, eat my dinner and frm 9 to 10:30 r 11 i wll bebusy in completing homewrks. At 11 i wll login into tis websitr. R during mrng tyms before gng to college i wll login. Nw i am still free as my tuition mam has nt cme. And on every saturday and monday i hav weekend tests. Sme of u might be having more busy schedule than mine bt still manage yo write. Bt my stamina is nt so high. So i become exhausted. Bt still as u hav tld me di,i wll try to write????????

  33. Warisha (Vr$)

    Maher Plz plz plz yaar try to update soon dying to read the next part …
    wht cavity had done wit sanky tht he became like this nd wanna see swasan track…! i loved the ff kuch is tarah i hv read tht in once continuesly back to back seriously awsom, & this one is too good, fabulous…! bfr we saw a careless swara nd a sensible nd serious swara so nice …

    1. Meher

      Yaar I myself waiting for that… I hv submitted that in morning at 9 bt still this TU has not posted that…

      Even I was excited about today’s episode.. But this telly update ????

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  35. Warisha (Vr$)

    I am losing my paitence seriously …????

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