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Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : sanskar’s improvement…. Swara come to know about sanskar being disowned by his family



Swara got ready in her usual dress full sleeve Anarkali.. But today for a change she wore glass bangles… She was going out to wake sanskar up when adiraj stops her

“looking happy haan… Today my bullet train is looking beautiful “he winks

” shut up you vintage car ” she hits him playfully

” awwwoo… No but seriously u r happy “he said while rubbing his chest

” yes I am happy… Afterall its such a big day for sanskar.. Uff u always engage me in talks… M going to wake him up and you prepare breakfast “swara ordered him n ran

@sanskar’s room.

Sanskar was sleeping peacefully…. In sleep he was getting some flashes of a man n woman… As soon as swara enters the room the tinckling of bangles gave him some new flashes… A lady was wearing glass bangles and a man was helping her..
“u love bangles alot na”that man said

“yeah I love them alot… Specially this Sound ” lady shakes her hands

” I will buy more for you today ” man said

” I love you “lady said

” I love you too”man said

Swara shakes sanskar little to wake him.. Her bangles produce sounds and sanskar screams “aaaaahhhhhh” he held his head tightly and cries

“sanskar what happened.. Look m here..” swara tries to calm him

Hearing his screams adiraj too came there n tries to control him… “sanskar calm down… Only we are here”

The more swara use her hands more her bangles make sound n this was irritating sanskar…. He finally got hold of swara’s both hand n bang them with each other… Resulting in breaking of bangles…
He then push swara away n she fell on floor… She understands that bangles were irritating him she immediately removes the remaining n cups sanskar’s face
“look now nothing is disturbing you.. Calm down please”

He hugs her tightly “hate… Th-that… Noise… Do-dont…. Wear…. Th-that ” he said

“I will never wear that… Please calm down “she cares his hair

” hate… Ka-kavita… Hate… ” sanskar said

She slowly send him to bath and talks with adiraj

” adiraj what was that.. He reacted so loudly… “swara asked in tension

” may be he remembered something that’s why he reacted alot… Btw are you fine your hands “he looks at her hands

” yeah m fine.. But who is kavita and why he hates her… It means still there are many things which I should know but I don’t “swara frowned

” kavita (sighs) kavita is his wife ” adiraj said

Swara was taken aback by his statement” it… It means he.. He is married “swara could not believe her ears

Adiraj nods yes… Swara controls her tears and said” m going downstairs… U please bring him down”.. She left

“that’s why I don’t want you to know about sanskar… u just know a few things about his past n u got hurted alot.. What will happen when his whole past will unfold “adiraj thought.

Sanskar got ready but he was not letting adiraj drying his hair

“No.. No… S-stay… Aw-away… Nooo”sanskar shouts

“sanskar please… Come here… Look ur hair are still wet” adiraj tries

But he escapes… It was quite long so swara came back to check them…

“adiraj what are you…. “she stops in between and her mouth took a shape of a big ‘o’

The room was complete mess bedsheet was wet.. And sanskar n adiraj were also completely drenched.

” WHAT u did”swara shouts

“vo I was trying to dry his hair n he poured water on me… So I too pour whole bucket on him”adiraj said in a feeble tone..

Swara Gave them unbelievable look… N ask adiraj to make sanskar change.. Adiraj follows her order..

“now u too go n change “she said to adiraj

Adiraj left n swara make sanskar sit on bed… She took a towel and starts to dry his hair by rubbing towel…

” u are becoming naughty day by day… Haan everytime playing “she said

Again he got some flashes of a lady drying hair of man just like swara

” uff u r becoming more naught day by day.. Now u should become more responsible.. U will soon get promotion”lady said

“so what… If m getting promotion it doesn’t mean I should stop my work ” man said

Sanskar got irritated with that… And pushed swara in rage.. But adiraj got
Her hold in nick of the moment n he makes her stand “swara r u fine”

She nods

“S-stay… Aw-away… You… B-bad… Hate… Ka-kavita… “sanskar shouts

” relax sanskar ” swara goes near him but again he pushed her n this time she got hurt.. A cut on her hand.. N that stats to bleed

Before adiraj could do anything sanskar ran towards her n held his ears” sorry… I-i… Hurt… You… M… Bad.. Boy”

Swara n adiraj were shocked to listen his clear sentence… Adiraj does dressing of her hand and sanskar was watching this..

“chalo now lets hv breakfast… Vese bhi it too late ” swara said

Adiraj serves food and makes sanskar sit… Swara took a bite n was about to feed sanskar but he himself starts to have

” WHAT happen sanskar… U don’t want to have food from my hand”swara asked him

“m.. Bad… Boy.. U… S-stay… Aw-away “he said with an innocent face

She cups his face n said” no.. U aren’t… U r a good boy.. Very good boy” she wipes his tears n feed him.. After one bite sanskar took a bite n feed swara

Both swara n adiraj were adoring his innocence n care
Adiraj came with luggage “let’s go swara”

Swara nods… And sanskar got tears in his eyes he recalls swara saying that she wants to go back… Swara got up n sanskar held her hand and said “don’t…. Go… Sorry…”

“sanskar m not going” swara said

“nooo… U.. lie… I… he-heard… You.. Th-that… Day.. I… Will.. Be.. G-good.. Boy.. D-dont Go”he said

Swara n adiraj were shocked
“sanskar m not going anywhere… Even you are coming with me.. We all are going “swara said

” sachhi?? ” he ask innocently

” muchhi now come”she said with a smile


The trio reaches a bungalow
Sanskar was observing each n every thing carefully..

Soon they enter the villa n a lady in her late fifties meet them…. She cried seeing sanskar… Then a man in early sixties came n said
“Annapurna u hv to be strong for sanskar ”

” but.. My son… Why god is punishing him this much” ap said

“aunty please don’t loose hope… He will be fine soon ” swara said

” beta u hv done alot for us.. M ashamed of calling him my son… U r really a pious soul swara… May god bless you ” dp puts hand on her head n blesses her

Swara introduced sanskar with all… He was feeling sleepy so she took him to his room n make him sleep

” so.. Now I should leave… Take care of him.. If u need me.. U can call me any time… Namaste ” swara said

” beta why are you doing this much for him.. Even after his misdeeds “ap ask with teary eyes

” aunty itz just paying back.. Once he helped me.. N now m repaying.. I should leave now” she bids bye

“wait beta driver will drop you “dp said

” itz okay uncle I will manage “swara smile n left

She hired an auto” bhaiya South ex?? ”

The auto agreed n she sat in that n recalls why she decides to help him

****FLASHBACK ****


It was time when swara’s relation with her family was bitter… She decides to go on trip so her gang (so called friends) decided to go to Taiwan.. There her “friends” got bzy in themselves… N as usual she was all alone..

Sanskar too was there cz of some business work.. There swara met an accident but no one was there to help her

Sanskar took her hospital


She got her senses n found sanskar with her “thanku so much mister… U helped me alot”

“ahh no worries miss.. It was my duty.. U r also indian?? “he asks

” yeah n I guess you too”she said with a smile

“exactly… N Ur phone has been damaged so I can’t Inform ur family about ur accident “sanskar said

” itz okay.. My family is in India.. I came here on trip” she said

“ohh.. Nice.. Take care of yourself.. N itz my number if u need any help u can call me..”sanskar said n passed a visiting card to her

“mister.. How can I repay u… I owe my life to you ” she said

” if destiny wants.. U too will get an opportunity to help me” sanskar said with a smile and left…

In the first meeting no one knows each other’s name…


Her thoughts were distributed when her phone rang.. *adiraj calling *

He pick that up n got tensed..

“bhaiya.. Please trun to GK PART 1” swara said to auto driver

To be continued…

Precap : sanskar out of control

U must be thinking that why dp n ap again accepted him… So have patience that will be disclosed in next episode..

Please don’t throw tomatoes and eggs on me ????

N ya after reading last episode I thought u guys were confused when I said sanskar is heartbroken…
So it was like.. A kid can’t understand complex things but can understand simple sentence.. That’s why when she said she wants to go back he understands that.. N heartbreak was like when a child’s mother said that she will go away… So that’s what his heartbreak meant…

Still if u hv any doubt ask me freely

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