Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 14) (revelation)

Hello guys… Finally m back ?.. Now tell me did you miss me ? or you only miss my ff?
Well from now.. I will post this on alternate days.. Hope you guys will understand me… N please don’t throw rotten tomato or eggs on me… Save them for coming episodes ????

Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : swara decides to take care of sanskar


Its almost been a month since swara has reentered in sanskar’s life… Sanskar is improving n now he can speak comparatively clear n longer sentences…

Today adiraj is taking sanskar for Ct-scan…

“swara m going “adiraj Said

Swara was lost somewhere

“swara!!!??” adiraj shakes her little

“hmm”she came to senses

“where were you lost “he ask
” nowhere.. U tell me.. What were u saying “she diverts the topic

” swara don’t lie… First tell me what happened “he ask strictly

” adiraj vo… Di.. Di is not picking my call since night… I feel something is wrong “she said worriedly

” nothing is wrong if u want u too can go to your home.. Vese bhi I think sanskar has recovered alot… Now u can enjoy your life”he suggests

“life “swara laughs sarcastically

Adiraj was about to say something but swara spoke first” I think you are getting late… You should leave now ”

Adiraj nods and left with sanskar


Ragini was crying miserably and laksh n sujata were consoling her

” ragini beta don’t cry.. If you keep on Crying like this you will fall ill”sujata says

“haan ragu.. Please stop crying… You are crying since night… Look at yourself… Kya haal bana liya hai”laksh said

Ragini hugs laksh even tightly and cries harder
Laksh saw her phone ringing again
*shona calling *

“ragini look swara is again calling you… Please stop crying and talk to her once… She must be worried for you “laksh said

” I can’t… Please “ragini said while crying

Laksh gave up and handed ragini over to sujata and came out to pick the call

” hey kiddo ”

” finally lucky.. Where is di.. How is she.. Why she is not picking my calls… And why u picked her phone ”

” ohh.. Atleast breath swara… Mar var gai to”

” laksh its not funny tell me I wanna talk to di”

“vo your di… Umm… Vo.. She”

“laksh what happened to di.. Tell me!!! ”

“don’t panic swara… Vo Ragini and I came to jaipur so… ”

” ohh sry sry… Then di must be busy na.. Okay you guys carry on I will talk to her later… Bye”

“bye swara ”

**call ends**

” sorry swara I can’t tell you truth… Truth will break u too ” laksh thought

Laksh came in and again tries to console ragini
” Ragini nothing will change if u keep on crying like this”

“why me laksh.!! Why me!! First they separated me from my parents… I have some hope that I can meet them but no.. They have snatched my chance… They-they killed my parents laksh ” Ragini cries harder

{so here it is fake shemish has killed the real shemish… Fake ones Are in police custody at present}

Laksh has no answer…

“now me n swara are officially orphan “Ragini said

Then a voice came”no !! Ragini… you and swara have parents… We are your parents ”

” dad you ” laksh said

” ya me.. And Ragini beta me n sujata are ur parents na.. U r our daughter never feel that u r orphan ” rp said lovingly

Finally sujata and rp consoles her and laksh tries to light up the moment

” dad.. If she is ur daughter then who am I “laksh asked cutely

” u r our daughter’s husband only… Ragini is my daughter.. U know I always wanted a girl like u.. But what u got.. M this aadimanv “sujata said

All burst out laughing and laksh kept a pout


@adiraj’s farmhouse

Swara was sitting in living room and reading a novel then sanskar n adhiraj came…

” sw-swra…. W-we… Ba-back” sanskar said

“very good now go and wash your hands and face”swara said n he left

“adiraj hwz he.. ?? Any improvement!? “she ask

” any!! Alot improvement swara… He is much better… All thanks to you.. Jo mai 1 saal me nahi kar paya u did that in just a month “adiraj said

” nopes.. It is your care first adiraj… Achha can I ask you something.. “she said

” u r again getting formal swara.. Ask whatever you want to “he said

” m here for nearly a month but neither his family came nor they hv called… Why?? She ask

“vo.. Swara.. Actually.. No.. I mean.. Vo. “he tries to search words to answer

” is there something which I should know but I don’t “swara frowned

” vo swara actually his Family has disowned him ” adiraj finally told her

” WHAT!! “swara could not believe her ears

Before she could ask further sanskar came
” swara… c-come “and drags her to his room

” I will talk to you later “swara shouts and adiraj nods

@sanskar’s room

Both were lyng on couch and watching tv.. There was a marriage scene going on TV.. Sanskar was watching that carefully… He got some flashes of a man n woman doing the same… His head starts to pain… He held her his head tightly… whereas swara was lost in thoughts that why sanskar’s family has disowned him… Sanskar some how composes himself

” sw-swara “sanskar calls her

” hmm”she replies

“w-what…. I-is… Th-this ” he points towards tv where groom n bride were taking seven vows

” they are taking vows sanskar “she said

” v.o.w.s?! ” sanskar looked at her with confusion

” hmm.. Vows umm its like promise whenever people gets married they make some promises to each other “swara explains

” w-what…. Is… Ma-mar-marige” he continues to ask

“marriage is… Umm.. Ha.. After marriage two people will be together forever… No one can separate them… They share happiness and sorrows ” swara explain

” for-forever…. to-together”he confirms

Swara nods yes with a smile

“t-then… I.. W-will.. Ma-mary… Y-you” he said innocently

Tears starts to brimm from swara’s eyes… She recalls his betrayal… That dark night… All things were going to through her eyes

“n-no… C-cry” sanskar said

“no sanskar you can’t marry me.. No one can marry me… M already impure.. These happiness are not meant for me.. Life will never allow Me to be happy… And why are you watching these things… Haan.. They are not for you.. Can’t you understand this… You should watch cartoons” she said all that with mixed feelings and ran away

Sanskar was confused he can’t understand anything… Adiraj was seeing all this he came to sanskar and ask”u wanna marry her? ”

He nods a big yes

” why u want to marry her “adiraj ask

” w-want.. To.. B-be… W-with…. H-her “sanskar said
Adiraj hugs him” u watch tv I will just come with your swara okay”

Adiraj found swara crying in her room he goes towards her…

“swara.. Why are you crying? Cz sanskar said that he wants to marry you or cz u still have feelings for him and his innocent confession touched your heart? “he ask.

” adiraj you know this very well.. That I have no feelings for him… And this marriage n all are not meant for me… Who will marry an impure girl… Which family will accept me as their daughter-in-law “swara said

” cm’on swara… U r not impure… N u too will get a prince charming… Don’t be hopeless ” adiraj said

” adiraj we live in a society where an impure girl can’t be accepted… People will show sympathy but will not love.. And I have no problem in this.. Its my fate” swara said hopelessly

“no swara you have power to change everything… “adiraj tries to cheer her up

” adiraj I will go back home “she said

Adiraj gave up and nods

Sanskar was Listening to her with teary eyes and broken heart…

To be continued….

Precap: good news

So guys tell me what that good news could be??

Next part on Monday hope you will understand… ☺


  1. Madhu


    |Registered Member

    After such a long time. Meher Di I missed you alot.
    And it’s really nice. Post next part soon.

  2. Purvi


    |Registered Member

    An update after a long time…… Good one….. But when sanky can’t understand what swara was speaking how can he be heartbroken…..????

    • Meher



      But he can understand that swara is saying to go back …. Nothing else only this…. N for him swara is most important… At this point of time

  3. smiley

    welcome back meher di…. where were u????I missed ur ff so much?
    please try to update daily if u can

  4. Pammy

    Ohhh god!!!!! Atlast u r back….missed u and ur ffs like hell……yeah waiting fr nxt part…..nd cmg gd news i thnk sanky got hz memory back…..a wild guess haa plz dnt throw chappals nd tamatoes on me if am wrong

  5. Anisha


    |Registered Member

    I missed you as well as your ff….
    Anyways post soon this time I’ll wait!….
    And Ha dooriyan?

  6. swarna

    Ya i missed u a lot. N ya nyc epi. N gd news before mrg of swasan? Meher naughty. Ha ha ha . 😀 😀 😉 😉 Just kidding.

  7. Riya


    |Registered Member

    Meher.. How are u.. Missed ur ff.. In fact I missed all the ff’s of Riya’s bhabhis.. Par kya baat hai.. Any problem .. U r taking so much time to update

    • Meher



      Hey shanaya!!

      Noting much itz just that m troubling chicken pox right now ????

      RIYA ko saari bhabhi eksi hai… Late lateef

      • Riya


        |Registered Member

        Chicken pox!! Take care dear I didn’t have a single idea .. Chicken pox has wide spread a lot .. It’s spread in whole north.. Two of my friends are also stuck with the same disease.. Get well soon and take care

      • Riya


        |Registered Member

        Hehhe.. But Riya ki saari bhabi Badi sweet hai.. Kaha SE ho gayi wo itni lucky .. Hum par bhi kuch ehsaan kar de

  8. Jwala


    |Registered Member

    superb meher.. missed you and your ff a lot. . is sanskar acting? ya is good is news is that he became normal?

  9. navi

    Hi meher….
    hw ru???? Hws ur health??? Strday nyt nly i thought abt.. its been so long.. hw s she… its plsur ur too see u nxt day… hapieee…
    wil read nd comment.. bt jst nw sw ur pg nd came hr…

  10. Anjali30


    |Registered Member

    I didn’t miss you.. Only missed my pyaari KIT2..

    Tum toh kebab ki haddi ban gyi…. Disturbing me and my husband :/ :/

    Also hamesha ol rhti ho… kahan se miss karun??

    Awesome chappie as always.. 😀 😀

    Good news?? ;o 😮
    Jaldi bataa do

    • Meher



      Don’t miss me… My hubby’s second wife ???

      I too don’t miss you

      Good news janni hai… Inbox m btati hoon… Bt u will kill me after that ????

      • Riya


        |Registered Member

        Are are meher.. Itni Na insafi hume bhi good news do.. Private message Kar do .. Anjali tumhi kar dena.. Ab yeh suspense humse handle nahi hota

  11. Bhargavi

    Finally after many days i am seeing your update in this page and am so happy for that. What about your other story yar. I am missing both these badly. You could have started one and completed it then you could have started with the other one na… See now it’s because of you if you post one story and not the other one I would be just keep on waiting when you will be posting the other one and I am missing badly your stories

    • Meher



      M sooooo sorry dear…

      Actually I hv 2 months holidays so I am completely free… That’s why I started 2…. But other things doesn’t go well.. N unexpectedly I fall ill… So all this blunder happen…. I will post that tmrw

      Luv u loads ?

  12. Sujata14


    |Registered Member

    Hey babe after a long time u here….
    Missed you in my ff too…..
    I am really excited for the mystery of sanskar….. n the prsn who saved swara that day was sanskar o think so….

  13. little princess

    Atlast u updated next episode… Happy to see u again… I was eagerly waiting for ur ff…love ur all ff’s alot…if u dont mind try to update it regularly if u can…its been many days since u updated this ff as well as yeh dooriyan…anyway really glad that u r back with my fav ff’s…i used to see ur comments in others ff but didnt see ur ff..so i was a little bit upset as u didnt update my fav ones..now its ok…ur ff’s are mind blowing.. Totally different from others…i really like u..then eva,dolly,jwala n all…thanks for such wonderful ff…love u guys…. So my dear meher,todays episode was also awesome as always… Keep on doing this fantastic job…i think sanskar is alright now n is back to his normal life…is this the good news or sanskar gonna marry swara…dont know whats gonna happen.. Bt i’m sure that u will surprise us as always… So waiting for it eagerly… Update it soon..

    • Meher



      Aww thanku so much dear… U r soo sweet…

      M so sorry for the delay… But don’t worry… I will be regular now

      Swasan’s marriage will happen but not now.. Let’s see what will happen on Monday

      Luv u loads

  14. Neha_priya


    |Registered Member

    Finally meher is here but where is revelations…. Nothing revealed still and yes alternate idea is ? don’t take such long gaps….. I remember in one ff where you commented some asked for ur ff……

    But what’s in the last…. Sanskar broken ?
    Is he completely fine ?? …..

    Mugdha come on dear at least thoda toh reveal karo…. ?

      • Meher



        Ni sanskar is not fine… Bt he is broken… I mean not in that way but in another way… Like when a child brokes when his mother says she wants to go away…

        LOL I hv reviled that his family has disowned him…

        M better now.. That’s why m posting…. N for good news u hv to wait till monday ?

  15. sneha

    Hi meher…hw r u now…hope u r fyn..but finally u updated…shukr h…
    Vaise itna koi w8 krata h kya…
    Chalo koi ni…hope u get well fully soon… 🙂

  16. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    its awesome…..u gave heading as revelation i thought that the reason for sankys madness will come out…..but no…..its k dr…..i missed this ff and even missed u alot…..

  17. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Finally you are back.How is your health now?I missed you and your ff .About chappy, awsm as always.Waiting for nxt babhiji.

  18. Jiya


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    Thank god meher u are back on tu. I’ve been waiting for u nd ur ff nd i came to that u had had chicken pox.
    Oh! I just hate this disease nd thank god that it happens only once in life time nd i had suffered from it when I was in 6. So now I’m safe.
    And the chapter, it was awsm nd i too think that the good news will be about sanky’s comdition.
    Lets see wt gonna happen on monday nd plz post dooriyan.

    • Meher



      Yeah m back…

      But still these chicken pox are irritating me… Itz damn annoying… M tolerating this since 16 days urrrghhh… I wish I could have this earlier….
      Yeh dooriyan will be posted tomorrow ?

    • Meher



      Ahh doc said… It is more painful when happen in late years… My friend had this when she was 16.. It took 1 n a half month for her…

      Let’s see how much time this can tolerate me ?????

  19. Aami


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    meher…. thnqewwwww thnqew sooooooooo uch…… i miss ur ff…. ?n also michew tooooooooo….. ?
    hows u now…..???
    am supr hppy bcoz of ur ff…..
    n whts the good news….??? oh god for tht we want to wyt for till monday he na…..
    take care ur self…..
    lve u lotz…. ????

  20. Sree


    |Registered Member

    Finally u r back?? ab kaise hain ap??
    I missed ur ff.??? (apse toh samjhota mein baat hogayi thi na??) this was a very nice ep. Lekin Precap ke vajase nxt ke liye bohot curious hun???
    Monday post karna bhabhiji. Dont be late.
    Take care?????

  21. Divyarani

    OMG meher aftr a loooong tym…update regularly yaar missing it soo much..today’s episode ws jst mindblowing amaazing..felt vryy good…sans ws tooo cute wid his cute talks…desperately waiting fr da gudnews…plzzz update fast meher…

  22. Serena


    |Registered Member

    SANSKAAR THIK HO GAYA!!!!!!????? yipeeeeee?????? or bohot time baad update diya aapne…..aankhe khusi me aasu se bhar gayi hai..????….n well sorry for late…..dopahar se signal hi nhi mil raha tha……jaise hi aapka msg dekha sabse pehle kit dhunda???? mom is still looking at me angrily n saying what the hell r u pampering ur cell phone like kid…?????

  23. Fanficoholic


    |Registered Member

    Hey di. Wondersful come back i tell u. Awwwwww sanskar’s confession was sooooooooooo cute. I hope there wll be mre swasan scenes in the upcoming epiisodes. And feeling bad fr swaragini. Hope that feke shemish rot in jail????????
    And di no epi till monday????????????
    I missed u and ur ff bth sooooooo much. I used to check min 3 times daily fr ur ff. Even fr anjali di’s ff.

    Love u soooo much di

    • Meher



      Hey dear

      Yup there will be more swasan scene in coming episodes

      Actually no ff on Sunday only cz m posting yeh dooriyan tmrw…

      M so sorry for the delay

      • Fanficoholic


        |Registered Member

        Sry fr the dealy??????? Di i think u dnt really think me as ur friend r sister. Cause if u do so u won’t say srry to me. ?????????. U need not be sorry di. Ur health was nt good. So u cld nt post and y shd u be sorry fr that? And di u shd nt day sorry r thank u to me fm nw on. Nly if u accept my condition i wll nt be angry on u fr tis veryyyyyyy bigggggggg mistake of urs???????

  24. Vamwolfan

    Meher di missed u a lot and will miss u till monday but I don’t want to so pls try to update na pls.

  25. thamiazh magan

    waiting for good news… i dont want to guess it, because Surely I know u will have some twists in that news also

  26. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Mehru…..oops i mean Meher babhi….bataya tha na ki jab post karo toh msg karna….woh toh galti se page khol liya toh aapka fr dikh gaya…warna apke ff ko moka kaise milta, ke swayam Nita usse pade???
    OK jokes apart, u now how much i have missed u….awesome chappy…..but i thought ke u will reveal the whole story of sanky today….but ok will wait for it….n what is the good news huh???…yaar bata do na….chalo hints toh de do…yahan nahi toh waha bata do (dekho kite sare options de rahi hu)…

    • Meher



      I tried to msg u bt hangouts were not working…

      Sanskar ki story m he to mza hai.. Vo bta dungi to kuch bachega he nhi…

      N good news… Umm nopes u hv to wait till monday ????

      • Nita D

        Nita D

        |Registered Member

        Chalo maaf kiya….
        Kaha Main toh bonus chappy mange wali thi….aur yahan toh madam 2 din update hi nahi karne wali….

  27. Reethi

    Meher di I missed u n ur ff aloooooot. Waiting for ur ff since long. Today I’m happy. N episode is awesome as usual. U nailed it. Will be waiting for next part

  28. Musku

    Alle alle mela mukku aa gya !!! Kaicha hai mela mukku???
    Oye jyada khush mat ho . Had bar itne pyaar se baat ni karne wali..??
    On serious note don’t need to strain urself …take as much time u want… But 1st get well completely…take care
    Amazing episode as always …ab mere pass koi nya adjective nhi bacha Jo Maine use na kiya ho…
    Sanky so innocent n when he asked 4 marriage I was like balle balle!!???
    N swara in so much pain n I can’t see her like this ..I feel so bad 4 her??she has lost all hopes of being happy…
    Patani sanku kab theek hoga….waiting 4 his comeback …par sanky ki life me b kam siyyape ni h?? but difference ye h bande ko khudi ni pata kha phasa h ??
    But whenever u r OK plz post next part of yeh dooriyan …remember jab theek ho jai ….plz

    • Meher



      I go rofl reading first lines… ????

      M much much better now.. N u know today my massi didn’t come n only that’s why I could post it… Cz whenever she came I can’t touch phone.. According to her it will affect my sight more….

      2 episode ruk ja sanskar ko theek kr dungi…

      Tu hoge blast pe blast
      .. Bt tu merko maar degi next chapter pdh k.. Cz I know jo m likhungi… M khatm ho fir ????

  29. Kritika


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    Ohhoo.. what an episode yr..
    But yr u eat lots of Bhav..
    I had to convince u so much for posting..
    U knw nah..
    Episode was awsm …
    U also know Na
    I loved it..
    I ll try to comment regularly..
    My school started!??
    Ufoo. If u don’t post soon then I ll kill u..??

    • Meher



      Actually I was not allowed to hv roti so I thought to eat bhav ????

      Koi ni skul sake khulte hain… I can understand ????

  30. Eva


    |Registered Member

    Devrani ji ahigayi app….mene apki zarasabhi miss nehi kiya…apke ff ko miss kiya….haayyy..kitni alsi ho app….apke ek gap mein mene samjhota ke 4 episodes post kardiye…aur ab ayi app…kk i know health comes first..so i have no prob….sorry….bhutt derr seh comment kiya…and good news?Tere good news seh bhutt daar lagta hai….sach mein….but u r a raglak dieheart fan right?U should right on them only..not swasan…

    Mere baaki family members…hi and hello….

    • Meher



      Tu raglak k peeche par ja….

      Yes I adore them bt still mainly m swasan fan…

      Cz I prefer varun more.. Namish comes second

      Tu chinta mat kar good news ki… Darawni nhi hogi ??

  31. Alishatani


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    Super going..loved the episode..Sanskar’s innocence touched my heart.Hope swara too gets a hope from this innocence of his to move ahead and not look back

  32. Dharsha


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    Missed u more than ur ffs ??? ( an not lying coz I never lie in serious metters???….)
    Chappy was asusual the good one without a good news ??? so waiting for the good chappy with a good news ???

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