Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 13)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : swara got to know about sanskar… Got shocked to see his condition


Adiraj consoles swara…
“swara please stop crying… I know it’s painful for you to know about him… That’s why I don’t want to tell this to you ”

” you are wrong Adiraj… You should have told this to me earlier… I have right to know about him ” she wipes her tears

” why swara… Why should I tell this to you… You have moved on in life… Then why sanskar still affects you ” Adiraj ask firmly

” cz i loved him dammit…. Even after that betrayal I loved him… My love was pious… I had pure feelings for him… “she shouts

” loved him or still love him? ” Adiraj frowns

” loved.. Samjhe.. N I still care for him.. Only for the sake of humanity ” she clarifies

” I didn’t ask.. Why you care for him.. Why you are clarifying “Adiraj caught her red handed

” shut up Adiraj… M going if u need me then call me.. “she said and left

” swara u still love him.. How much u portray yourself strong you are not… U still love him… N that idiot sanskar loved that girl more than his life… He didn’t even notice ur pious love for him” Adiraj smiles

@laksh’s farmhouse

Swara was pacing to n fro in her room.. She was worried for sanskar… “swara calm down… Adiraj is with him.. He can handle him.. N vese b I Don’t love him anymore.. Right.. I should sleep then ” she thought and lie on bed

But she can’t sleep.. Then she again heard some screams n got tensed” sanskar.. I should check him”

She immediately went to him.. Here Adiraj was about to give him an injection to make him sleep but swara stopped him

“wait Adiraj.. Don’t give him any medicine… Please let me try once “she insists

He too nods yes..

She went towards him n forwards her hand.. ” hello.. My name is swara.. Will you be my friend “she ask cutely

” u mmm… Fr-frnd… Hmm… Sa-sanskar…. Hmmm” he too shakes his hand

“come with me”she said but he resists and sat on the floor she too sat on floor and slowly starts to massage his head.. He feels good n put his head in her lap…
She keeps on massaging his head till he fall asleep

“Adiraj blanket please “swara wispers

Adiraj smiles and covers him with blanket.. And put his head on a pillow

” I must say swara… U are magical.. No one can control sanskar… “he said

” Adiraj he is innocent at this point of time… He is just like a kid who wants love n ofcourse medication “she said

” I think you should go back.. I will come in morning “he said..

” no I will be here only… What If he needs me.. Achha Adiraj can I ask a favor from you “she ask hesitantly

” ofcourse swara u can… “he smiles

” I want to take care of him… Until he becomes sound “she ask hesitantly

” why so”he frowned

“I want him to be sound soon.. ” she said” I can’t see him in this condition “she thought

” swara m asking you clearly.. Why u want him to be fine ” he ask

” cz i want to talk to him.. I want to know whether he has guilt or not for playing with my emotions.. For breaking my trust ” she said with teary eyes

” m sry swara… I should not have asked this from you.. “he said

” ahh itz okay Adiraj”she smiled

“but how will you convense laksh n bhabhi?? “he ask

” I will tell them.. That I got an opportunity for interior decorating N the project is of one month simple “she said


“What!!! Why!! “ragini shouts

” di please na.. I want to complete that assignment…” swara pleads

“no way shona.. One month.. Never.. I don’t want you to work on any such project “ragini denies firmly

” laksh you try to make her understand… Please na.. Don’t you guys want me to be more confident… Please na.. Just for one month that’s it” she said with puppy face

“laksh , ragini Bhabhi.. I am taking her responsibility… I will take care of her.. I promise. Please allow her to go, it would help in making her more confident “Adiraj too tries

After thinking RagLak talks something in gestures and laksh said ” okay.. We are allowing her to go only cz you are taking her responsibility… Take care of her… And shona you have to call me or ragini once in every two hours.. Agree!! ”

She nods and hugs both of them” I love you di… I love you lucky.. You guys are best… ”

Soon swara and Adiraj bid bye to raglak and left…

@adiraj’s farmhouse

Swara enter the villa and sanskar ran n hugged her… She was numb.. All she could do was to feel his pure n innocent feelings for her

” do-dost… Y-you… Umm… Here” he said

“yes n now I will stay with you.. We will enjoy together okay ” she said

” yeayyyy “he starts jumping and clapping

Then a servant came n told them that he has not eaten anything

” very bad sanskar.. Why you did This ” swara ask

” eating.. Wi-with.. Umm. Y-you “he said

” u wanna eat with me.. Haan so.. Lets go n hv something “she said with a smile

” She still has feelings for him… I wonder how sanskar can’t see her innocence “Adiraj thought

He came towards dining table and saw swara feeding sanskar with her hands…

” sanskar u hv to finish this “she said

Sanskar nods a super cute no

” sanskar!! No.. U hv to finish this “she said strictly

” ca-catch… Ummmm”he said and Starts to run..

“sanskar.. Stop right there” she shouts and tries to catch him..

She came on staircase and saw that sanskar has slipped a few steps and fell… He was crying badly like a kid she immediately ran towards him

“ssshh… Good boys don’t cry… Stop crying sanskar “she said and wipes his tears
But he continues to cry.. He hides himself in her embrace and continue to sob..

” ma-mafi… Ummmm… So-sorry “he said

” sanskar why are you saying sorry… Don’t say sorry and stop crying.. If u continue to cry then I will not talk to you “she said n shows fake anger

” Ummmm n-no…. N-no… Cry…. “he said and stopped crying..

” that’s like my good boy.. Come we will play now.. “she said and took him out…

Both play alot swara after years was actually enjoying…. And sanskar has started to show small improvement…

To be continued…

Sorry guys i said that I will update regularly but I could not… But still I will try best… And I hvnt read what I hv written so please if any doubt ask me…

Credit to: Meher


  1. Dharsha

    It’s okie for not being regular….
    Maybe u r busy vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery much….
    So….okie ???
    Chappy is cho cute and sweet ???
    Very lovely….???
    Cool in hot weather???
    Overall feeling that everything will be fit and fine….???

  2. Romaisa

    Loved it meher di it was awesome ❤️ Post soon next Part also plz i coudn’t Read the previous Part because of my Collage Can you plz Tell me what Happend to Sanskar??

    • Thnku so much

      There was leap of 5 years and during those years something happens to him cz of which he has lost his stability…

  3. Nita

    awesome bhabhi…. i have been waiting for it like anything. u dont know how many times i checked the page….
    i loved the way swara cared for sanky…. cute episode….

  4. Meher…I’m back! didn’t comment from many episodes..sorry.. I went for a trip! But now that I’m back, I will try to comment ..
    Coming to the epi, it was awsm…
    Especially sanskar’s dialogues…loved it! Post asap..

  5. musku

    Its super cute meher…n swasan bonding …awwwww …its amazing….n still suspence ab kavita me kya kiya….swara loved him so much n sanky pagal us cavity ke pichhe bhaag rha tha ….cavity ke pyaar me use sach me pagal kar diya???

    • Lol… Sach me pagal ho gaye pyar me..

      Girls are like this only… Utta kuch ho gya still pagal loves her…. Agar mujhe ye love story type ki na likhna hoti I will never make swara like this…

  6. Jiya

    Yar cant see sanky in this state nd wt kavita has done with him that he became like this?

  7. Eva

    Gandi jethani ji..jao baat nehi karti..app itna late kyu hoti ho?Thik hai aj maaf kiya jaldi post karnee ki koshish karna…alsi kahiki..btw kesi hai?Terr toh fb peh bhi darshan nehi hote hai..mein aur Anjali fb peh baat kar rahe thee..u wer bored and left…tujue padeshan karna chahtithi par tu chali gayi..thik hai next time…wese mujhe abhi bhi kisine bataya nehi ki meri badi jethani ji kon hai..mujhe janna hai???

    • Mugdha

      Bahurani I made some changes..Laksh is my elder son..so u r my elder DIL..baki doh apne pati Ko nehi samhal payi toh ghar kya samhalegi yeh mera..??? meri baki doh bahuyo..sunn lo decide karo ki kon mere dusre bete ki first wife and second wife hai…

      • Mummy ji pehle to ye batao aap kaha thi…

        N sanskar bada hai laksh se..

        Mai badi bahu hoon n sanskar ki pehli wife b… I can handle everything… So no worries

      • Sree

        Ye kya mein bada bhai????
        Mom ap kahan the . Ap tho apne bete se baat hi nahi karte ho???

      • Sree

        Awesome ep bhabhiji. I was waiting for this. Mein aaj bohot kush hun atlast swasan ek sat hai.ap kahan thi????????
        I was Waiting for u. Try to post nxt soon .

    • Mai aalsi nahi hoon..
      M nt well idiot.. N I was on fb tum log gayab the kal bhi n aaj bhi..

      Badi Jethani mai hoon undoubtedly… Likh k rakh le..

      • Mugdha

        Nope..i can’t handle this thing anymore..tum aur Anjali yeh hii decide nehi kar pati ki kaun pehli wife hai..mere khandan ka naam kharab hoga..sab yahu kahenge ki meri doh badi bahuyein hai..u both decide first..aagar tum dono maan gayi toh phor seh tum meri badi bahu banjana..taptak Eva bahu Tu meri badi bahu ban..I’m the mom so I know who my elder son is..Laksh tujhe koi problem hai mere bade bete banne seh?

    • Mummy ji mai hoon aapki badi bahu… Aap bhi janti hai m pehle aapke ghar mein aayi thi.. . Ye anjali jhoothi h ek number ki….

      Mummy ji laksh chhota hai mne birth certificate dekha tha… Aapne dikhaya tha yaad hai

      • Eva

        Mummy ji kabhi jhut nehi bolti devrani ji..Laksh pati mera hai aur uska birth certificate apko dikgaya?mene bhi dekha hai..oyee Laksh kuch bol…tuhi bada hai haina?ham serial ko follow nehi ka rahe jai..agar karte toh yeh family hii nehi banti..devrani ji ab mujse samhal ke rahiyega..aur choti devrani ji ko bhi batadijega..??? oh god..mein toh peda hii huyi Hu badi bahu bannekeliye..Sanskar seh bhi pehli shadi huyi thi..tabh bhi badi bahu thi..aur ajj bhi baan gayi..

  8. little princess

    So far i was a silent reader… Now i am breaking my silence..its been long time since i started reading ur ffs n now i am a great fan of u….ur ffs are mind blowing…u r such a talented writer who has some magical powers,i guess so…sanskar’s innocent nature like a kid n swara’s care for him is really adorable…just loved raglak nadiraj-avi’s love,care n protectiveness towards swara n their bond…hope that sanskar get his memory back n repent for wht he did with swara n realise her love for him n love her n bring all those happiness that she deserves in her life so soon…also waiting to know abt sanky’s n kavitha’s past… Eagerly waiting for the colouful love story of swasan ahead in upcoming episodes… Keep on writing good ff…and try to upload it regularly if u can…hats off to u meher…also i am a great fan of eva…you both guys r just rocking…thanks for writing such amazing fictions..

    • Thnku so much for reading
      M glad that you lyk it…
      N a correction not only u but we are fans n that too of swasan.. U r my friend not fan… Pin this in ur mind…

      Itz ur love n support which makes my ordinary story magical… N don’t worry soon everything will be fine but it will be step by step…

      If u hv read my previous ffs u may b knowing that m a regularity freak… But now m nt well so itz a bit difficult for me to post regularly… May be after a week I will be regular lyk hell hope so *fingers crossed *

      I agree Eva is just osm.. Whenever I read samjhota I was lyk.. How she can think like this… U cant guess what will happen next in her ff… She is extremely talented… I should stop cz list is never-ending

      Keep loving me ??

      Luv u loads ???

      • Eva

        Aww..thank u sweet heart….i hope ur going to enjoy this upcoming season of samjhota…aur Meher devrani ji..tarif ke liye shukriya???

  9. Sree

    Awesome ep bhabhiji. I was waiting for this. Mein aaj bohot kush hun atlast swasan ek sat hai.ap kahan thi????????
    I was Waiting for u. Try to post nxt soon . Sorry phehele bhi yahi hoga actually anjane mein ho gaya??

    • Thnku so much devar ji… N abi bta deti hoon kl koi update nhi hoga… N may b monday ko yeh dooriyan…

      Then I don’t know when will I post…

      But keep reading

  10. MM( Menaz)

    Amazing dii .
    & dii in next week I didn’t come to this page regularly because Ramzan is coming na & my college will also start. So don’t forgot me. If I didn’t comment on ff . but I will try to come regularly. Love u loads. Take care . my soooooo sweet family .

  11. Aami

    meher cute episode……. lved swara soooooooooo much…. adiraj sucha good frnd……. n sanskar oh no plz rcovr him sooon but he is cute in his childsh bhviour……. lvd raglaks care…… n i want to say somthng but its not a new thng tht is i lvd ur ff….. ??

    lve u lotz…. ????

  12. Fanficoholic

    Meher diiiii excellent episode. Fo u remember me??? If u dnt no prob. I wll comment soooo much in ur ffs that u wll be forced to remember me. And dnt wrry if u r nt regular di. Penning dwn such wonderful episodes is nt an easy thing. It takes a lot of ur tym. It may be diff fr u. Bt still writing and replying to comments takes a lot of ur tym. Doing this along with studying is a herculean task and i still wonder hw u ppl do it. So even if u r late by someonewe wll wait as its our duty.

    Ur loving reader

    • M 18… If u r younger than me then fine or else don’t call me di… Itz lyk m pta nhi kitti badi ho ????

      N don’t worry m gonna forget u… In Any condition… U know u hv my holidays so I hv started two ffs but lol.. Even my regularity is on holiday.. Hope it come back soon ???

      Luv u loads ????

      • Fanficoholic

        Di i have been following ur works fr so man days bt i hav started commenting only recently. I knw abt ur age. I hav jst completed my class 10 and abt to go to inter 1st year i.e. class 11. College is gonna start frm monday.
        Hehe itz okay di. Sirf aap holiday lengi tih regularity ko bura lagega. Toh isiliye woh bhi holiday le rahi hai. And di plzz get well soon. Dnt stress urself too much fr updating regularly. We can wait fr ur update. If u get well then u can compensate and update 2 episodes. Bt plzzzzz get well soon and take care of ur health. All our love and wishes r wth u.

        Ur lovng reader

  13. tani

    Brilliant track… I really loved it…
    amazing story….dear…. This is it….now I
    am feeling a heaven happiness…

  14. I am so sorry meher… I am too late I know.. Got missing .. Gave no updates .. Yup .. I know … Actually there was a problem so I couldn’t comment … Was missing from 1st but koi nahi actually I told u Riya had been taken to Delhi .. It was because she was having some vision problem … So they had gone for a check up.. No serious problems as such just a lil side effects of the operation.. And then one more news as u all may know that inshallah from day after tomorrow ramazan is going to start … So from tomorrow I’ll not be able to post any comment.. Hopefully in some days Riya will be able to walk too … Her physiotherapist is quite good… Well misha is coming back in 15 days… Can’t assure … But she will comment as for sometime Riya’s updates will be missing.. And me for 1 month.. Take care all.. And pray for riya that she recovers soon.. ???

  15. Hello nita… Eva bechari koi setting nahi kar sakti … Setting karna hai to Mujhse baat karni padegi tabhi Riya se baat ho payegi… So first of all tell us ( me and Riya) something about yourself … I’ll give u an intro of me and Riya … I know That u r my Riya’s pati so in that relation u should know about her bestfriend cum sis also na.. After all she is the only interpreter between u both… First my intro, Me.. I ma Ms. SHANAYA ALI…. I and Riya are together from childhood.. I am computer student and has opted for c.s. ….. Then Riya … Riya’s full name Riya malik…. She is pcmb student … Entry in IIT … Her semester was going to start from July but unfortunately she won’t be able to go… Riya is at times a big nerd while me moody about studies… We both have great craze for shopping and most importantly we are neighbors and we live together in Kolkata… So much mutual bonding we share.. U know people everyone thinks that I have been a great support for Riya… When she was 5 she was lost her mum and she spent time with me then Tumor thing which again created a havoc in her life… But very less people know About my life story one which has only Riya and Riya engraved on it.. U know guys I was left at an orphanage .. A newly born Kid all alone… Riya’s father tell that she was 3 years when they first visited the orphanage … After her mum’s death she more frequently visited the orphanage… I don’t remember much things … But when she was 7, Riya cried hard along with me .. Guess why???? Because we wanted to study together … And Riya’s dad did do all the necessities and my admission in Riya’s school.. I still remember one incident in which me and Riya were together on a big swing actually on the edge of the swing … I slipped and fell down and upon me came Riya … OMG she was so heavy.. ??? kidding instead of crying we both were laughing … SHANAYA was the name given to me by the orphanage people and Ali was added by Riya’s neighbours … My parents .. Not sure but I was about 12 when I was adopted .. Riya had come along with her neighbours on that day.. And they adopted me … They were my foster parents but never made me feel so.. They showered me with lots of love … Me and Riya both have a sweet as well as a bitter childhood… Maybe the pain and sorrow made us together but I am thankful to God to send me such a sis .. Such a beautiful bestie… And wanna know an interesting secret…Riya was like towards engineering and me towards computer and our other two friends kyra and Isha were also in other fields but we wanted to enjoy college life together so for one year we joined in a university for the degree of graduation … We acted insane na … But what to do our crazy love for each other… ???


    • Nita

      hey Shanaya. puri biography de di huh….
      i must say that u n Riya share an amazing bond. actually i m not getting the correct word… i m not good at writing u know. u both have faced so much but now atleast u have each other’s shoulder….. i m so happy for u both….
      now what should i tell abt me?? i m Nita. what i live in Kutch, Gujarat. i m doing your sister course i.e. CA. i have CPT on 19 June. Well i m one year younger to u thats 17 n i celebrate my on 9th March. Well i dont know if this info is important for u but i completed my Aarangetram in Bharatnatyam last year n bachelors in Bharatnatyam this year. I love painting n reading n doing craft n creative things. N I have a flair for history n mythology…. and…… actually u only tell what more u wanna know abt me…. ya itni info kafi hai setting karne ke liye??
      praying for Riya’s speedy recovery….. n happy ramazan n happy fasting to u…..

      • Nita

        oho some typo errors.
        I m Nita. I live in kutch. (no what there)
        n my bday is on 9 March (i ate up the word bday ??)

      • Hello nita…. guess … I am here when I told I won’t be there… This is because I asked my Dadi if I could use tu and she said that I can but only for texting and talking… Not to see pics and read the chapters… Most probably I’ll be online at this time only… After I break fast pray and there’s some time for the next prayer….

        Ohkk ohkk I told the whole biography…. Kya kare emotions mein lipt Ho Gaye… And and u are a trained bharatnatyam dancer… God I love to dance … But I am not trained … I’ll take classes from u .. U will give na… I have done diploma in arts… And Riya is a vocal artist …. She has done a diploma too in this field… So practically we all 3 have done diploma in something… Good good… I with due respect accept that me and Riya share an amazing bond…

        Itna info setting ke liye bilkul kaafi nahi… U have to tell about school’s biggest rival … Most embarrassing moment …. Most happy moment ( in school)…

        I’ll tell these things about Riya because setting to uske saath karni hai… Apna kyu batau….

        MERI thodi na shaadi hui hai tumse…

        Biggest rival- dost ke roop me rival thi woh… Saamne Acting to aise karti thi KI mujhe pata hai riya hi top karegi aur peeche bolti thi KI agar 7 khoon maaf ho to Sab se pehle she would murder us… Bas uske baad riya and they were biggest rivals

        Happiest moment- school me toh ek hi sabse bada wala happiest moment tha… She had scored 2nd position whole nation wide… It was a big quiz competition…. Gk , spell bee , art , literature and many other ….

        Embarrassing moment- I think for her it was like we were sitting together … She was making notes … She tried to see the board… And in haste she pushed me off the chair and fell on me … To sir she had to say sorry and she told, mam I am sorry…. Errr… That was a bad experience… ☺️☺️☺️

        Riya dekho dekho tumhare secrets khol rahi hoo… Jaldi se theek Ho jaye aur yeh Sab karne ke liye danda lekar maaro par jaldi theek Ho jayo… Guuji is missing u.. ???

      • Nita D

        Nita D

        |Registered Member

        Hey Shan a ya.
        First of all sorry for the late reply….
        I will pakka teach u…..n Riya will sing n i will dance on it…

        U sacchi wanna know???
        Accha OK i will tell,
        My rival – Actually i never considered her my rival. She was just my competitor. Actually she was in our group only, behaving very friendly but andar Toh galiyan hi deti hogi.
        Happiest moment- when i came to know that i m stood first in my school in 12th boards….omg moment for me!!..(i had gone crazy that day)
        Embarrassing moment- actually one day i had a sore throat n at school when mam was teaching something, i was trying to say something to my partner but my voice was not coming out. Then when i tried harder, my voice came out so loud n the whole class is looking at me like…..!!!! N mam ka killer expression!!

      • Nita D

        Nita D

        |Registered Member

        Oh ho once again typo error.
        Its Shanaya. (Auto prediction error)
        U understood that right??

        N get well soon Riya…..meri wifey air kitna wait karvaogi????

  16. Are baap re.. ????? maine itna lamba message post kiya… Sab thuk jayenge padhte padhte.. Hawe..?even in such long message , I forgot one thing that is our age… We both are 18.. Riya’s bday on 15 April .. Mine not sure but Is celebrated on 4 January … K then love u all.. And will post a last message tomorrow and then offline for 1 month.. I will miss u so much meher .. Pray that I’ll be able to fast in this warm weather

  17. your ff are really amazing…read all the episodes in 1 and i think it took 3hrs…its really amazing..

    plz update ASAP

  18. Sorry for late comment first of all sub KO Ramadan Mubarak . ab mai one month tak tu nahe khol sakte because of Ramadan but jab muj KO time mely ga na mai apky dono ff read karun ge jab tak k Lea bye bye

  19. Shalmali Kamble

    As usual mindblowing epi.. bt dnt let swara frgv sanky easily.. & m really Sry sry sry sissy… couldn’t cmnt on ur last so many episodes.. bt blv me m in prblm.. dad snatched my fone.. cant even write IWL.. he’ll give after 1 mon..plz pray to God fr me..

    • Meher


      |Registered Member

      Hey sissy….

      Don’t worry easily maafi nhi milegi

      Don’t be sorry yr… I hope uncle jaldi vapas de de tereko phone ?

  20. ( Menaz)

    Mehar dii plzz update ur ff. & dii in this page of ff also there is another family. & in another family I will play laksh role if u don’t mind. Plzz dii if say yes na than I will play . plzz dii can I play that role plzzzzzzz.

      • swasan fan

        meher….pls spread news of poll about swaragini loosing its charm….blabla..poll…we have to support our swasan so pls vote dat it is not loosing its charm…raglak fans r asusaul bashing swara…we have to support..pls

  21. Fanficoholic


    |Registered Member

    Meher di is ur health better????? And whn r u gonna update epi di? No prob even if it is delayed mre. Jst take care of ur health di.

    Love u tonsss

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