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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : swara got to know about sanskar… Got shocked to see his condition


Adiraj consoles swara…
“swara please stop crying… I know it’s painful for you to know about him… That’s why I don’t want to tell this to you ”

” you are wrong Adiraj… You should have told this to me earlier… I have right to know about him ” she wipes her tears

” why swara… Why should I tell this to you… You have moved on in life… Then why sanskar still affects you ” Adiraj ask firmly

” cz i loved him dammit…. Even after that betrayal I loved him… My love was pious… I had pure feelings for him… “she shouts

” loved him or still love him? ” Adiraj frowns

” loved.. Samjhe.. N I still care for him.. Only for the sake of humanity ” she clarifies

” I didn’t ask.. Why you care for him.. Why you are clarifying “Adiraj caught her red handed

” shut up Adiraj… M going if u need me then call me.. “she said and left

” swara u still love him.. How much u portray yourself strong you are not… U still love him… N that idiot sanskar loved that girl more than his life… He didn’t even notice ur pious love for him” Adiraj smiles

@laksh’s farmhouse

Swara was pacing to n fro in her room.. She was worried for sanskar… “swara calm down… Adiraj is with him.. He can handle him.. N vese b I Don’t love him anymore.. Right.. I should sleep then ” she thought and lie on bed

But she can’t sleep.. Then she again heard some screams n got tensed” sanskar.. I should check him”

She immediately went to him.. Here Adiraj was about to give him an injection to make him sleep but swara stopped him

“wait Adiraj.. Don’t give him any medicine… Please let me try once “she insists

He too nods yes..

She went towards him n forwards her hand.. ” hello.. My name is swara.. Will you be my friend “she ask cutely

” u mmm… Fr-frnd… Hmm… Sa-sanskar…. Hmmm” he too shakes his hand

“come with me”she said but he resists and sat on the floor she too sat on floor and slowly starts to massage his head.. He feels good n put his head in her lap…
She keeps on massaging his head till he fall asleep

“Adiraj blanket please “swara wispers

Adiraj smiles and covers him with blanket.. And put his head on a pillow

” I must say swara… U are magical.. No one can control sanskar… “he said

” Adiraj he is innocent at this point of time… He is just like a kid who wants love n ofcourse medication “she said

” I think you should go back.. I will come in morning “he said..

” no I will be here only… What If he needs me.. Achha Adiraj can I ask a favor from you “she ask hesitantly

” ofcourse swara u can… “he smiles

” I want to take care of him… Until he becomes sound “she ask hesitantly

” why so”he frowned

“I want him to be sound soon.. ” she said” I can’t see him in this condition “she thought

” swara m asking you clearly.. Why u want him to be fine ” he ask

” cz i want to talk to him.. I want to know whether he has guilt or not for playing with my emotions.. For breaking my trust ” she said with teary eyes

” m sry swara… I should not have asked this from you.. “he said

” ahh itz okay Adiraj”she smiled

“but how will you convense laksh n bhabhi?? “he ask

” I will tell them.. That I got an opportunity for interior decorating N the project is of one month simple “she said


“What!!! Why!! “ragini shouts

” di please na.. I want to complete that assignment…” swara pleads

“no way shona.. One month.. Never.. I don’t want you to work on any such project “ragini denies firmly

” laksh you try to make her understand… Please na.. Don’t you guys want me to be more confident… Please na.. Just for one month that’s it” she said with puppy face

“laksh , ragini Bhabhi.. I am taking her responsibility… I will take care of her.. I promise. Please allow her to go, it would help in making her more confident “Adiraj too tries

After thinking RagLak talks something in gestures and laksh said ” okay.. We are allowing her to go only cz you are taking her responsibility… Take care of her… And shona you have to call me or ragini once in every two hours.. Agree!! ”

She nods and hugs both of them” I love you di… I love you lucky.. You guys are best… ”

Soon swara and Adiraj bid bye to raglak and left…

@adiraj’s farmhouse

Swara enter the villa and sanskar ran n hugged her… She was numb.. All she could do was to feel his pure n innocent feelings for her

” do-dost… Y-you… Umm… Here” he said

“yes n now I will stay with you.. We will enjoy together okay ” she said

” yeayyyy “he starts jumping and clapping

Then a servant came n told them that he has not eaten anything

” very bad sanskar.. Why you did This ” swara ask

” eating.. Wi-with.. Umm. Y-you “he said

” u wanna eat with me.. Haan so.. Lets go n hv something “she said with a smile

” She still has feelings for him… I wonder how sanskar can’t see her innocence “Adiraj thought

He came towards dining table and saw swara feeding sanskar with her hands…

” sanskar u hv to finish this “she said

Sanskar nods a super cute no

” sanskar!! No.. U hv to finish this “she said strictly

” ca-catch… Ummmm”he said and Starts to run..

“sanskar.. Stop right there” she shouts and tries to catch him..

She came on staircase and saw that sanskar has slipped a few steps and fell… He was crying badly like a kid she immediately ran towards him

“ssshh… Good boys don’t cry… Stop crying sanskar “she said and wipes his tears
But he continues to cry.. He hides himself in her embrace and continue to sob..

” ma-mafi… Ummmm… So-sorry “he said

” sanskar why are you saying sorry… Don’t say sorry and stop crying.. If u continue to cry then I will not talk to you “she said n shows fake anger

” Ummmm n-no…. N-no… Cry…. “he said and stopped crying..

” that’s like my good boy.. Come we will play now.. “she said and took him out…

Both play alot swara after years was actually enjoying…. And sanskar has started to show small improvement…

To be continued…

Sorry guys i said that I will update regularly but I could not… But still I will try best… And I hvnt read what I hv written so please if any doubt ask me…

Credit to: Meher

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