Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 12) (swasan meeting)


Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : swara escapes party… Mad man is sanskar… Adiraj cursing kavita



Swara was running in whole Kapoor villa.. To gather things… She was excited as today all are going out for a picnic

“di… Where is my badminton… I want that too ” swara shouts from store room

” shona.. Look that in the cupboard.. “ragini replies

” dii.!! Where is my frizzbe “she again shouts

” in second shelf swaraa”ragini shouts

“di!! where is” before she could complete ragini came n shouts “shona tell me what things you want… I will give them to you… Itz better to shout”

“I want my guitar “swara said innocently

” what!!! I. I mean really u want your guitar… M so happy to see this… Shona “ragini hugs her tightly

” di… Let me breathe “swara said

” ohh m sorry now u can breathe “ragini releases the hug n giggles

Ragini gave her guitar and swara left happily…

” chale ragu.. “laksh ask her…

He then notice tears in her eyes.. He cups her face” what happened ragini… Why are you crying ”

” nahi laksh.. These are tears of happiness… “ragini said while wiping her tears

” what do u mean by this ragu ” laksh ask in confusion

” laksh. You know today swara asked her guitar from me… After 5 years she has asked about the guitar” ragini told everything to him happily

“dekha ragu… Itz Just beginning… After that our swara will become like the old swara ” laksh said hopefully

” no.. I don’t want old swara back” ragini shows fake anger

“what!! Why!!! ” laksh got shocked

” ya.. Old swara was immature… N always use to fight with me.. I want a new swara… Who is a mixture of old N this swara… Who will be confident like old swara and mature like this swara” ragini said

“that will also happen ragini bhabhi “Adiraj said while entering

” ya.. That too will happen… I know.. But still u hv biggest credit in changing swara… “ragini said

” no way bhabhi… That was my work.. “he saod

” no bt seriously Adiraj… U r a true friend for swara… That day too u helped her… If u weren’t there then.. I don’t know how my shona will survive “laksh said

” firstly laksh… That was my duty to help her n secondly swara is a brave girl… I hv done nothing ” Adiraj said

” u hv saved my faith in humanity Adiraj “swara said.. While coming downstairs

” oh bullet train… Stop talking we are getting late”adiraj lightens the atmosphere

“hey wait… What happened to ur hand.. This bandage “swara ask

He remembers how sanskar bites his hand” vo.. Nothing just… Just ese he ” he fumbles

” aree come guys… Ragini di… Swara… Come” avni shouts from car

After that all of them left…


“laksh.. Lets go to alipur “swara suggests

” excuse me… We were going to India gate na” avni frowns

“how to say avni ….I don’t want to go there… There will be lots of people “she thought in mind n finally said.. ” vo.. I want to spend whole day in our farmhouse “she said

” what!!! No!! “Adiraj panics

” what happen to you… Adiraj.. “swara asked..

” n-nothing “he said “shoot… No swara u can’t go there… I hv hided sanskar in my farmhouse n by badluck my farmhouse is adjacent to laksh’s… What If swara saw him… No no… I can’t let her meet him” he thought in mind

**no one knows that Adiraj too has a farm house there that too adjacent to laksh’s **

Here sanskar was screaming with full power…. He was breaking things… N pulling his hair.. The care takers were trying to control him but all in vain

Soon all hv reached the farmhouse… As soon as swara step out of car she felt something strange
And there sanskar was about to break a vase but he stopped

[[ Tere liye ham hain jiye
Har aansoo piye
Dil mein magar jalte rahe
Chaahat ke diye
Tere liye tere liye
Tere liye ham hain jiye
Har aansoo piye
Tere liye ham hain jiye
Honton ko siye
Dil mein magar
Jalte rahe
Chaahat ke diye
Tere liye tere liye]]

Sanskar becomes calm.. Mere feeling her presence… Here swara was feeling restless by feeling his presence…

“why… Why I feel like.. Someone is in pain… Itz like that person belongs to me”she got in her thoughts

“shona chal… ” avni drags her..

Again sanskar screams which was audible to raglak n others too..

” what was that laksh…. Who is shouting… “ragini held his arm firmly cz she was scared

“let it be na ragini… Let’s go in.. Swara!! Adiraj!! Avni!! Come” he calls all

Adiraj heard his scream n got tensed he called the caretaker n ask him about sanskar

“why he is screaming.. Is he fine?? ”

“sahab he is not having his lunch… N he has broken all the things here… Itz nearly impossible to control him”

“Try to control him… But if needed call me then… M in the neighboring villa”

“ji sahab”

** call ends**

All hv their lunch n were playing passing the parcel.. Then Adiraj got a call from the caretaker n he left…

Meanwhile swaRagLakNi

“ye itz Swara’s turn now.. ” avni claps

” okay so what’s my punishment “swara asked bravely

” sing a song “avni said

” ummm … Done.. Just a min let me bring my guitar “she accepts smilingly

Swara went in to take guitar… Here Adiraj was talk with caretaker

” sahab itz impossible to control him.. ”

” wait m coming.. ”

He was about to go then he listen Swara’s voice” I can try this too” Adiraj thought

He immediately called the caretaker n ask him to put phone on speaker… Near sanskar

Swara starts singing
” Haan aa o…
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon
Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye”

Here listening her voice sanskar becomes calm… And Slowly fall asleep…

“hwz he now ” Adiraj ask caretaker on call

” sahab he fall asleep… It was just magic ” caretaker said

” hmm.. Take care of him “Adiraj smiles n hung up the call



Swara saw Adiraj going out… He was tensed n it was clearly seen on his face that he is trying to conceal something… Swara ignores that

@adiraj’s farmhouse

As soon as Adiraj came sanskar hides himself in his embrace “umm… Ma-maafi”

Adiraj cares his hair and said “first tell me why u didn’t hv ur medicines”

“ummm naaa… Um-mmm don’t likee… Th-them ” he said with innocent face

” but u hv to hv them.. Or else u won’t get forgiveness ” Adiraj said

Then sanskar got into thoughts… And said with a cute child like face” okay.. Umm”

Adiraj smiles and gave him medicines… Sanskar have that finally… While making weird faces…

“achha sanskar m going now.. N don’t trouble anyone or else she won’t forgive you… Okay” Adiraj instructs him strictly

He was going but sanskar held his hand tightly and said with teary eyes ” don’t ummmm… Go”

Adiraj’s heart wrenched seeing his condition… And composes himself “I will come back in night… I promise okay…”

Sanskar nods and Adiraj left


Adiraj tip toes into the villa
Someone put a hand on his shoulder… His expressions changed as if someone has caught him red Handed he turns n was shocked to see swara there

“sw-swara you” he said in nervousness

“ya… What happened Adiraj… Tumhare chehre ka rang kyu ud gaya… As if u hv seen a ghost ” swara giggles

” aree.. Nhi swara… Nothing like that… What happened tell me” she said while wiping his sweat

“where u went… I was searching for you.. “she said
” achha why.. My real bullet train was searching for me ” he winks

” o vintage car hold on.. I was searching for cz ur love bird was missing u “she hits him playfully

” kya swara… Shut up.. ” Adiraj blushes

” ohh hoo look… Someone is blushing.. Haan. “swara teases

” u r impossible swara ” he blushes and left..

” aww they look so cute together… I hope avni n Adiraj will remain together forever… Everyone is not lucky like them.. (sighs) first love remains first ” she prays


Swara was standing in balcony then she notice Adiraj going to the neighboring villa… She got some doubt on him… So she too followed him n enters the villa…

As soon as she step in she heard screams…” oh god.. Who is screaming like this ”

Here Adiraj was trying to apply ointment on sanskar’s hand as his hand got injured…

” sanskar please.. Look u r hurt… I promise it won’t hurt.. “Adiraj tries to convince him

” umm… Nooo… Lie… U… Umm “sanskar throw a pillow on him..

Adiraj gets aside and someone else catch that pillow and Adiraj was shocked to see her” swara”

She puts the pillow down .. She was shocked to see sanskar tears starts to brimm from her eyes… She was numb “sanskar”

She move towards sanskar… “sanskar!!!”

“umm… Stay away… Umm… U… Hurt… Ummmm” he hide himself under the bed

“Adiraj what’s this… Sanskar in this state… You know about him right… Then why don’t you tell this to me dammit “she shouts.

” swara I will explain u everything later but first let me apply ointment on his hand…”Adiraj said calmly

“wait even I will help you “swara said..

Both tried but can’t control him…

” swara sing”adiraj said

“what!! Are u crazy.. U want me to sing at this point of time “swara sounds irritated

” ya.. Trust me n sing”adiraj assures her

She start singing ” Haan aa o…
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon”

Sanskar came out listening to her voice and she make him sit.. She took his hand in hers
“Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye”

She applies ointment on his hand n continue to sing… Sanskar put his head in her lap… She cares his hair like a child n soon fall asleep “Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye”

Her voice cracked towards the end… And she broke seeing his condition… She put him on pillow n ran out

She was crying seeing him in this condition…

” swara “Adiraj puts his hand on her shoulder… She turns n sob hard on his chest” Adiraj… Sanskar What happen to him”

“swara he met an accident… N cz of that he got some internal injury N he losses his mental stability “Adiraj said” sry swara I can’t tell the truth… I can’t tell u what he had faced” he thought

” he will be fine na… “she ask

” hmm.. He will be fine.. But when.. I don’t know “he said

” why u keep him here n his family ” swara further enquired

” cz itz safe for him to stay here… N his family also knows about him… They hv given me responsibility of his well being “Adiraj said

“m sry swara again I hv to lie… His family doesn’t know about him.. Or his condition.. For them… He is dead” Adiraj thought in mind

To be continued….

Precap: swara decides to take care of sanskar

Phew finally… M free.. Now I can post regularly… Pakka ?

Credit to: Meher

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    1. She will forgive him.. Bt not now

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