Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 11) (mad man)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : 5 years leap… New swara… Swaragini n adiRa bond


Other’s pov

@house between the jungle

“aaaaaahhhhhhh ” mad man screams

” are do something or else he will not stop screaming “servant said in irritation

“let’s give him that medicine na.. “another servent suggests

” if sahab would come to know about this… They will kick us out… That medicine is specially for emergency ” he resists..

” aree leave na who will told sahab about this… “he force

Finally both of them gives that medicine to the mad man n he fall asleep

——— —————————————————–

@Kapoor villa

” hey… Where u lost vintage car” swara waves her hand infront of Adiraj

“err… No where… Achha swara tell me.. U really don’t want to know about him” Adiraj asks swara

“Adiraj… I don’t want to know anything about.. (sighs) about sanskar… He was my past.. N plz never ask this question again… I never hv problem with you being his friend but plz try to understand ” she said

“Chal.. Lets go to picnic tmrw I hv spoiled ur mood na.. We will enjoy ” Adiraj tries to cheer her up

” no.. I don’t want to “she denies

” achha… Ji.. U hv to come.. Itz my order ” Adiraj said

” no way… M nt coming… “she said in attitude

” then wait… “saying this he starts tickling her..

” hahaha.. Adiraj… Hahahaha… Plz ??? stop it.. “she hardly manages to say

” no way… First say that u will come”he keeps on tickling her

“Ok.. Fine” she finally agrees

“now get ready For the party” Adiraj said

Listening to this her smile fades away “Adiraj Pa-party”

“hmm.. Laksh has thrown party today na..do u forget abt that”he ask

” n-no..I mean.. I will get ready” she fumbles and left

She was going to her room with full speed but ragini calls her” shona wait”

“ji di” she stops

“take this n wear this in party ” ragini handed a pack to her…

she opens that n found a sleeveless gown” di This!! I mean.. Itz beautiful.. Thank you ” she smiles bitterly and left

Ragini was standing there with teary eyes.. Laksh came n hugs her sideways” ragu”

“do u think she’ll wear that n over that will she come”she ask

” I can’t say ragu. But lets hope to the best” laksh said hopefully

Meanwhile Adiraj got a call n left

——— —————————————————–

@house in jungle

A man slaps the servants hard… ” how dare u.. I hv told u don’t give that medicine to him….”

” sahab.. We are sorry… But he was out of control “servant said

” u can call me then.. U both are fired” he said n gave them an angry glare and both left..

He then went to the mad man n put a hand on his shoulder and said “sanskar”

He immediately turned towards him n hugs him tightly…. ” a-adi-aadiraj…. Ma-maafi”

Adiraj’s heart cried seeing sanskar In this state.. He then notice wounds on his body..
“sanskar… These marks..”

“th-they.. Umm.. Beat… M-me ” sanskar said

Adiraj changes his clothes and applies ointment on his wound… He wince in pain…. ” aaahhh… ”

” relax.. Bas.. It will not hurt anymore ” he said

Adiraj feeds him with his hand just like a mother feeds her kid.. N makes him sleep…

” umm.. Ma-mafi… A-adi-aadiraj… So-sorry ” sanskar said

” ya sanskar u will get forgiveness.. But first u hv to sleep “Adiraj said

With lots of struggle Adiraj makes him sleep…

” I will never forget what kavita does to you both… I will never forgive her sanskar… I hate u kavita… U just destroyed my buddy ” Adiraj thought in mind..

——— —————————————————–

@kapoor villa

Ragini went to Swara’s room n found her in old clothes” shona… Y didn’t you change yet”

“vo.. Di.. I hv some urgent work so m leaving “swara said

” swara but… U can’t go.. Laksh will feel sad… Plz don’t go”ragini tries to stop her

“m so sorry di… I will make laksh understand.. U don’t worry.. Itz unavoidable or else I will not miss this fabulous party “she said with a pout

” okay then swara come fast ” ragini said with a fake smile

And finally swara left…
” m sry di… I can’t face everyone… I feel suffocated when lots of people are there… I hvnt any confidence to face them… What.. What If they ask about my past… I can’t Make you n laksh feel embarrassed cz of me.. So itz better to stay away ” swara thought in mind

She came out and went to a remote area very less people were there…She just sat there on bench… With a blank mind.. N blank face… No expression no emotions… Her journey of these 5 years was going through her mind.. Her first meeting with sanskar… His betrayal.. Vikram’s dreadful plan.. The day when truth of fake sheMish was out… Final court verdict…. Counseling sessions… Raglak’s marriage…

“sanskar where are you… I want to tell u that it wasn’t ur mistake… But U never loved me na… That’s why u never came to meet me..well itz okay… But still I will wait for the day to meet u… Only to tell u truth… I will wait… Let’s see what our destiny plans… Adiraj is the only link which is still joining us… I don’t know why.. But I want this link to remain as it is ” her new thought was contradicting the previous one… Yes she was confused… She can’t understand her own feelings…

She was lost in his thoughts and came back to senses when someone closes her eyes from back.. She touched her hands.. And a big smile came on her face “avni”

“uff.. U again guess it swara” avni said with a pout

“o hello.. If I can’t guess it then who will guess… Wait.. How u know where I will be “swara frowned

” itz obvious shona” she wraps a hand around her neck”u always come here whenever you want to escape from something ”

“escape… That too Me.. Baby swara Gadodia never escapes anything “swara said with a fake confidence

” if itz true then why you lie to ragini di that u hv urgent work… Tell me isn’t it ur fear to face people”avni said

Swara was controlling her emotions but with avni’s each word her control was loosing…

” tell me swara… Kab tak bhagogi… What u want Where is that swara gadodia who was full of confidence… Who never has fear of people “avni said calmly

” that swara has been died 5 years back avni ” that’s all what swara can say

” swara move on n try to be happy because “before avni could say anything more swara interepts and finally shouts ” why all wants me to recall my past… Haan.. Why.. Can’t you guys see me happy… How many times I should declare this that m happy I hv moved on… Or should I give you a legal affidavit for this ”

Avni was just staring at her… Swara realized that her way of talking was rude she immediate apologizes to her “I.. I am so sorry avni… I should not talk with you like this”

” itz ok swara… U don’t need to apologize to me… Idiot “avni hits her playfully” but still if u want to apologize then.. Umm… Yup renovate my room.. That to within a week” avni winks

Swara’s eyes shines listening to this… “I will definitely… Not only ur room but I will renovate your whole house… “swara said with a bright smile

” you know i love u avni… Soooooo much… Luv u… U r best…. “she engulf her in a bone crushing hug

And kissed her on cheak

——— —————————————————–


Sanskar got up n suddenly starts to scream…. And breaks each n every thing
Adiraj came listening to noise… “sanskar… Stop it..” Adiraj tries to control him
But he was out of control… Adiraj held him firmly…

“aaahhh…. U umm ma-maafi…. Umm… I-i a-am…. Umm m… So-sorry… Aaaahhhh” sanskar tries to release himself n finally bites Adiraj’s hand resulting in his release

Adiraj shouts “SANSKAAR”
Listening to his voice sanskar got scared and hide under the bed…

“sanskar come out” Adiraj ask him to come out

“n-na… Umm… U.. Be-beat… Umm… M-me… ” sanskar said

” sanskar come out… I will not give beat you.. Promise… Pinky promise… U love ice cream na.. So if u come out then I will give you ice cream ” Adiraj offers him

” umm… Sach.. I-ice.. Umm.. Ice cream… Umm “sanskar ask like a kid

Adiraj nods and finally sanskar came out.. He ask his other servants to bring ice cream… Servant brought ice cream and Adiraj makes sanskar hv that….

Sanskar was eating ice cream and Adiraj was seeing him with heavy heart…

“umm… Lo… ” sanskar offers Adiraj his ice cream

Adiraj nods no.. And sanskar again got involved in enjoying the moment with ice cream…

To be continued…

Precap : Swasan first meet after 5 years

Credit to: Meher


  1. ria

    why you did this yaar. it was not sanskar’s fault that much. he is suffering more than he deserves

  2. soujanya

    awesome…but not expected sanskar as mad…..and this adiraj is confussing…….update soon

  3. Hi meher di. I am a silent reader of ur fanfics. I am following kuch iss tarah from the beginning. Both season 1 and 2. U r jst superb. I wanted to comment finally as i wanted to participate in your discussions. Thank u for ur work. Love u loads???????

  4. Dharsha

    I can’t c swasan like this………..
    Swara,though mentally stable still,is not emotionally stable……….
    Aur Sanskar became pagal….?????
    Hate this change but love this chappy ??
    Adiraj is playing a very good role….???
    Waiting for next eagerly…..?????

  5. Oh my god!Sanky! sapno mein bi nehi sochi thi.Whatever, jo bhi hoti hain acche ke liye hoti hain.Ab samaz mein ayega usse kavita kya cheeze hain.Beauty with brain kaha tha na ussne,ab buktho.About chappy,fabulous babhi.You rocks!Love you.

  6. Sree

    Bhabhiji whats this. How can u make sanskar mad??? i was shocked to see that. Swara is fully changed and also Sanskar. Why was Adiraj angry on Kavita? I cant explain how i am feeling right now. Confused is the first word i can say. This story is awesome. Great wotk bhabhiji. Plz try to post nxt soon. The precap is awesome??

  7. shan

    awesome….i m feeling bad for both….but both deserves this…..but i have a doubt bcoz kavitha will not be negative in ur ff…..here how come she did bad with sanky…..waiting dr….update next asap

  8. sanya

    I think sanskar ko lagta uski ghalti ki waja se swara ke sath hua hai and think kavita also left him
    And i think sanskar saved swara on that day

  9. Eva

    Oyee jethani..tunne toh thaan le rakhii hai mera title chudaneki…mein suspense queen hu….aur tu mujhe bhi hara dehrahi hai…..yeh sab….kitna suspense hai…..jethani ji plz suspense khatam kar….mujse raha nehi ja raha hai…..by the way u can congratulate me….u wanna know the reason?Well the reason is english literature has gone away from my life forever..and also that geography…ek baar phir kehrahi hu..Bangladesh mein sunday ko bhi school khula rehta hai…Friday and saturday ko chutti hai….aagar vishwas nehi hota toh Uma seh puch lo..woh bhi Bangladeshi hai…ee Uma nanand ji…batade iseh…sooh baar puch chuki hai yeh question iss jethani ji nei….

    • Hi eva di. I want to rwad them. Can u plz tell their names? If i cant find them i may even troble u and ask fr the links of ur fanfics. Pl dnt curse me and help me find ur fanfics.

      With loads and loads of love???????
      Ur Fanficoholic

      • I am extemely sorry fr the mistakes in my above comment eva di. I want to read ur fanfics. That is the second line. Pl pardon me fr the mistake???????

    • Jethani hoon… Utta haq to haihai…

      Kyu english literature n geography kyu chale gaye???

      Yr mtlb ajeeb ni lagta sunday ko skul jaana… ???

    • Eva ne shud 7 ff likhe h..

      SaMjhotga season 1
      Samjhota season 2
      Sanskar zindagi hai meri
      Rishto ki dastan
      Mynta vs ragini

      Eva am I correct… ??? M sure about samjhota n Rishto ki dastan

    • Eva can I ask you some think abhi mai ny dekha ap Bangladesh sy ho tu kya ap muj KO wahn k culture k bary mai bata sakte ho because India k bary mai ny buht suna hai per Bangladesh k bary mai kuch nahe I am belong to Karachi Pakistan mai Jana chahti hun ap log hamary bary mai kya sochty ho that’s all (its just a question for my knowledge)

      • MM( Menaz)

        U belongs to Pakistan & u watch Indian serials . am I correct na but its hear to good dear.because I think u don’t watch Indian serials. But it is nice.

      • MM( Menaz)

        Plzz friends give our family intro na plzz that who who are in family & what character u played . because I am new including in that family as mehar’s sister. I know Eva , anjali & mehar dii’s & not else.

      • Menaz ap Kahn sy ho or hn Pakistan mai buht shuk sy Indian serial dekhy jaty hain we also belive k in dono countries k bech sub thek ho jae and me also a new member muj KO tu apna he character nahe pata per mai ny meher di KO bola hai muj KO confirm karn muj ko bhi un ke sister ban na tha

      • Dill e nadan hamarian dill e muztar ky naam sy ataa tha muj KO buht acha lagta tha us mai imran abbas tha ager ap chaho tu Pakistani drama zingadi gulzzar bhi dekh sakte ho its amazing drama yeh drama zindagi per bhi aya tha

      • I hv heard about that… But the main thing which attracts me was itz title track it was beautiful n over that.. Adil n sila looks adorable…

        I hv watched bol movie also..

      • Eva mai ny bhi Bangladesh k bary mai sirf history mai parha hai is Lea tu ap k culture k bary mai poch rahe hun I know k wo bhi ek Islamic country hai is Lea pocha

      • Hello asmara di. I am new here. Actually when i saw ur discussion abt pakistani serials i cld nt hold myself so i am participating in this as an unwanted guest??
        I saw zindagi gulzhar hai and its my fav. I even saw humsafars and aunn zara.
        I love to learn about others culture, traditions etc. So asmara di will u mind if i ask u some questions in the future?

      • Fanficohilic mai kun mind karun ge muj KO bhi different different cultures kae bary mai Jan na acha lagta hai tu ap muj sy kuch bhi poch sakty ho

      • Di thank u so much for those kind words. A lil busy tday di but one day i wll ask u all my doubts and will pester u to clarify them fr me. Aapko mujhse chutkara nahi milne wala hai di. Tho soch lijiye abhi bhi mere di banke mere sawalon ka jawab dena chahte hai kya??????????

      • Asmaara even I hv also watched one Pakistani serial on zindagi.. .

        That was dil e nadan… I luv that specially that hero lol mujhe naam yaad nhi aa ra ?

      • MM( Menaz)

        Asmaara I am from pune India. Ya I watch zindagi gulzar hai channel ke serial in starting of this channel . but not now I like kashaf & zaroon & other actors characters.

    • Eva

      Mene Pakistan ke baareme serf history mehi pada hai..aur kuch nehi janti mein….i know nothing about Pakistan other than the history…never visited Pakistan…so i have no idea about u all

  10. Neha

    Meher what a twist in tale yaar I’m completely speechless now….. What have you made sanskar….. Gosh what happened in these five years who’s maafi sanskar wants what kavita did, who was swara’s helper….. Where are San’s parents how he land there…. Ahh meher you have surrounded me in billions of questions…… U know u should change one line of swara “Lets see what destiny has decided ” to what meher has decided….. Huhh ?

  11. Hope

    I had a doubt about Sanskar being madman!
    Does Swara still has feelings 4 him? C’mon Meher!!! (r u elder dan me? I’m 18) why do u always leave me in suspence?!

  12. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    You are absolutely right Eva babhi. Bangladesh mein Sunday ko school khula rehta hain.Eva babhi you are lucky ki apki school Saturday main bandh hain,meri school sirf Friday main bandh hain, poor me.Kabhi kabhi itna gussa aati ti ki mann karta tha ki head sir ki face pe jake punch maro, but khud ko control karti thi, after all,muj me humanity hain na.

  13. Yaaar……pura suspense pe chod di…..eagerly watng fr nxt update……bt seriously cant c sanky like that…i had tears while reading it……nd ur family zzz tooo cute:-* πŸ˜›

  14. sonu

    its really awsome ,mind blowing, no words to express pls make sanskar normal soon cant see him in this condition. pls update soon to solve suspense. luv u and ur ff alot.

  15. Anjali

    Oye sautan ji…..

    Mein aaj kya bolun…. no words….
    Never would i have guessed any thing like this…

    Par meri sanskaar no itna takleef… NHIIIII…. ??????

    Kavita ko toh mai…??????

    Waiting for next!!!! ??????

    • Anjali di hope u remember me. I am the new silent reader commenting on ur ff. Can u please explain me these realtions between u , meher di, eva di and another di called sree if i am correct. I am really confused. Sorry if i am troubling u

  16. Meher and family… Read my message on last page… I am Riya’s friend … I am in great hurry so can’t write much .. Pls the people to whom riya Is unknown give ur intro… I’ll message once with Riya’s logo too

  17. tanu

    Meher……u r outstanding….no words
    Read lots of ffs but nvr imagined dis shade of sanskar…..u r awesome…,?
    Love you yaarrrr…..?

  18. MM( Menaz)

    Hi friends I have decided that I will become sanky’s sali & mehar’s sister . so good morning my family members have a nice day. & how r u all ……..plzz talk to with me also….

  19. musku

    Ye kya ho gya?
    Bilkul unexpected…. Sanky pagal ho gya.?????ye kya kiya tune sanky ke sath
    Mujhe pata tha aesa hi hoga…there sath vo starting ke 6 epi take sath rha tha
    Jab tune use kidnap kiya tha….tabhi bechare ko sadma pohocha hoga….
    Aur ab bichara pura pagal ho gya
    Ab kar bhi koi kya kar sakta h??tere sath Jo rhega vo normal kese rhe sakta
    U know company matters?????
    Aur ye kya tha han?? Kavita ne kin DONO ki life kharab ki?
    N swara still loves sanky????yeyyyy!!!
    N sanky asking for forgiveness …from whom??? Is it swara ???
    N mukku sanky se thoda dur rha kar?samjhi
    N ab toh Hume swasan Dede…ek to cvs aur ab tu b swasan ke duahman bani padi h

    • O hello.. Mere sath tha 5ab tak theek tha smjhi…

      Kavita ne kin dono ki lyf kharab ki.. M q btaungi.. Khud pdh next chapters…

      M kyu door rahu usse… Patent right hai uspe… First wife hoon uski ????

      • Musku

        Will u plz intro me to ur family…..mujhe b to pata hona chahiye kon kon yaha mere sanky ki wife ban ke baithi h …???

    • O hello don’t drool over my hubby…

      Mai sanku ki first wife hon
      Anjali second wife hai

      Chaitali as sanskar
      Sree as laksh
      Eva as Mrs laksh

      Bisha as papa ji
      Mugdha as mummy ji

      Riya n uma as nanadji

      Nita n asmaara as damad

      Menaz as my sissy

    • Excuse me.. Uska bal vivah Eva se hua tha then normal marriage meresr.. Then Eva ne divorce de dia.. To mai thi uski one n only wife.. Then tu tapki..

      So simply m his first wife

      U r second baby

      • Anjali

        Kuch bhi… Both you and eva came after MY PATI!!
        I legally married him last year…

        Jao tum Jhooti sautan πŸ™


  20. serena

    rula diya aapne…sirf 10 min lage padhne me or utne mein 15 balti aasuo se bhar gayi…n only coz of u now m sweeping the floor…

  21. Meher ap fb per ho ? Ho tu kis name sy (if you don’t mind plz tell me I want to became your friend l know k ap ke friend list mai buht sy log hun gy or ban na chahaty hun gy )

    • Yes m on fb.. N lol I don’t hv a long friend list I just hv some 70 people…

      I believe in quality rather than quality ?

      • Meher u r a delhite… Wow u should tell riya.. Though she is from Kolkata , she loves Delhi.. Riya’s family very often goes to Delhi … Her paternal family lived there only… They have an apartment in greater kailash ( GK 1)…. Where do u live ???… In Kolkata she lives in rajarhat… Next time she goes to Delhi ( tomorrow she is going to Delhi), she would love to meet her bhabi.. ???

      • Whether Riya lives in GK -1 or PK-1. She will always be ur all lovely friend … But I am not from Delhi .. Don’t know anything about the area u r talking about .. Should ask Riya .. She must be knowing … Meher, if Riya will listen what u said ( in joke too ), she will take a broom and run after u… I have experienced so telling u .. But u know why her father took a residence in that area because Riya told me that Misha has many skin problem and because of that they have to frequently visit some doctor who has his surgical theatre in that area… So whenever they go to Delhi they stay there .. I have never been there but Riya loves to stay in the park.. Oops I got much in detail and offbeat .. Sorry..

    • Lol. Don’t tell this to her.. Now I can understand how she can write about world’s of wonder…. Cz i got a clue that she must be from delhi…

      N wait u hv experienced pitai with broom ???

  22. MM( Menaz)

    & u know mehar dii & her sasural members that today is my result day & I got very good marks & I am very happy about it.

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