Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 11) (mad man)

Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : 5 years leap… New swara… Swaragini n adiRa bond


Other’s pov

@house between the jungle

“aaaaaahhhhhhh ” mad man screams

” are do something or else he will not stop screaming “servant said in irritation

“let’s give him that medicine na.. “another servent suggests

” if sahab would come to know about this… They will kick us out… That medicine is specially for emergency ” he resists..

” aree leave na who will told sahab about this… “he force

Finally both of them gives that medicine to the mad man n he fall asleep

——— —————————————————–

@Kapoor villa

” hey… Where u lost vintage car” swara waves her hand infront of Adiraj

“err… No where… Achha swara tell me.. U really don’t want to know about him” Adiraj asks swara

“Adiraj… I don’t want to know anything about.. (sighs) about sanskar… He was my past.. N plz never ask this question again… I never hv problem with you being his friend but plz try to understand ” she said

“Chal.. Lets go to picnic tmrw I hv spoiled ur mood na.. We will enjoy ” Adiraj tries to cheer her up

” no.. I don’t want to “she denies

” achha… Ji.. U hv to come.. Itz my order ” Adiraj said

” no way… M nt coming… “she said in attitude

” then wait… “saying this he starts tickling her..

” hahaha.. Adiraj… Hahahaha… Plz ??? stop it.. “she hardly manages to say

” no way… First say that u will come”he keeps on tickling her

“Ok.. Fine” she finally agrees

“now get ready For the party” Adiraj said

Listening to this her smile fades away “Adiraj Pa-party”

“hmm.. Laksh has thrown party today na..do u forget abt that”he ask

” n-no..I mean.. I will get ready” she fumbles and left

She was going to her room with full speed but ragini calls her” shona wait”

“ji di” she stops

“take this n wear this in party ” ragini handed a pack to her…

she opens that n found a sleeveless gown” di This!! I mean.. Itz beautiful.. Thank you ” she smiles bitterly and left

Ragini was standing there with teary eyes.. Laksh came n hugs her sideways” ragu”

“do u think she’ll wear that n over that will she come”she ask

” I can’t say ragu. But lets hope to the best” laksh said hopefully

Meanwhile Adiraj got a call n left

——— —————————————————–

@house in jungle

A man slaps the servants hard… ” how dare u.. I hv told u don’t give that medicine to him….”

” sahab.. We are sorry… But he was out of control “servant said

” u can call me then.. U both are fired” he said n gave them an angry glare and both left..

He then went to the mad man n put a hand on his shoulder and said “sanskar”

He immediately turned towards him n hugs him tightly…. ” a-adi-aadiraj…. Ma-maafi”

Adiraj’s heart cried seeing sanskar In this state.. He then notice wounds on his body..
“sanskar… These marks..”

“th-they.. Umm.. Beat… M-me ” sanskar said

Adiraj changes his clothes and applies ointment on his wound… He wince in pain…. ” aaahhh… ”

” relax.. Bas.. It will not hurt anymore ” he said

Adiraj feeds him with his hand just like a mother feeds her kid.. N makes him sleep…

” umm.. Ma-mafi… A-adi-aadiraj… So-sorry ” sanskar said

” ya sanskar u will get forgiveness.. But first u hv to sleep “Adiraj said

With lots of struggle Adiraj makes him sleep…

” I will never forget what kavita does to you both… I will never forgive her sanskar… I hate u kavita… U just destroyed my buddy ” Adiraj thought in mind..

——— —————————————————–

@kapoor villa

Ragini went to Swara’s room n found her in old clothes” shona… Y didn’t you change yet”

“vo.. Di.. I hv some urgent work so m leaving “swara said

” swara but… U can’t go.. Laksh will feel sad… Plz don’t go”ragini tries to stop her

“m so sorry di… I will make laksh understand.. U don’t worry.. Itz unavoidable or else I will not miss this fabulous party “she said with a pout

” okay then swara come fast ” ragini said with a fake smile

And finally swara left…
” m sry di… I can’t face everyone… I feel suffocated when lots of people are there… I hvnt any confidence to face them… What.. What If they ask about my past… I can’t Make you n laksh feel embarrassed cz of me.. So itz better to stay away ” swara thought in mind

She came out and went to a remote area very less people were there…She just sat there on bench… With a blank mind.. N blank face… No expression no emotions… Her journey of these 5 years was going through her mind.. Her first meeting with sanskar… His betrayal.. Vikram’s dreadful plan.. The day when truth of fake sheMish was out… Final court verdict…. Counseling sessions… Raglak’s marriage…

“sanskar where are you… I want to tell u that it wasn’t ur mistake… But U never loved me na… That’s why u never came to meet me..well itz okay… But still I will wait for the day to meet u… Only to tell u truth… I will wait… Let’s see what our destiny plans… Adiraj is the only link which is still joining us… I don’t know why.. But I want this link to remain as it is ” her new thought was contradicting the previous one… Yes she was confused… She can’t understand her own feelings…

She was lost in his thoughts and came back to senses when someone closes her eyes from back.. She touched her hands.. And a big smile came on her face “avni”

“uff.. U again guess it swara” avni said with a pout

“o hello.. If I can’t guess it then who will guess… Wait.. How u know where I will be “swara frowned

” itz obvious shona” she wraps a hand around her neck”u always come here whenever you want to escape from something ”

“escape… That too Me.. Baby swara Gadodia never escapes anything “swara said with a fake confidence

” if itz true then why you lie to ragini di that u hv urgent work… Tell me isn’t it ur fear to face people”avni said

Swara was controlling her emotions but with avni’s each word her control was loosing…

” tell me swara… Kab tak bhagogi… What u want Where is that swara gadodia who was full of confidence… Who never has fear of people “avni said calmly

” that swara has been died 5 years back avni ” that’s all what swara can say

” swara move on n try to be happy because “before avni could say anything more swara interepts and finally shouts ” why all wants me to recall my past… Haan.. Why.. Can’t you guys see me happy… How many times I should declare this that m happy I hv moved on… Or should I give you a legal affidavit for this ”

Avni was just staring at her… Swara realized that her way of talking was rude she immediate apologizes to her “I.. I am so sorry avni… I should not talk with you like this”

” itz ok swara… U don’t need to apologize to me… Idiot “avni hits her playfully” but still if u want to apologize then.. Umm… Yup renovate my room.. That to within a week” avni winks

Swara’s eyes shines listening to this… “I will definitely… Not only ur room but I will renovate your whole house… “swara said with a bright smile

” you know i love u avni… Soooooo much… Luv u… U r best…. “she engulf her in a bone crushing hug

And kissed her on cheak

——— —————————————————–


Sanskar got up n suddenly starts to scream…. And breaks each n every thing
Adiraj came listening to noise… “sanskar… Stop it..” Adiraj tries to control him
But he was out of control… Adiraj held him firmly…

“aaahhh…. U umm ma-maafi…. Umm… I-i a-am…. Umm m… So-sorry… Aaaahhhh” sanskar tries to release himself n finally bites Adiraj’s hand resulting in his release

Adiraj shouts “SANSKAAR”
Listening to his voice sanskar got scared and hide under the bed…

“sanskar come out” Adiraj ask him to come out

“n-na… Umm… U.. Be-beat… Umm… M-me… ” sanskar said

” sanskar come out… I will not give beat you.. Promise… Pinky promise… U love ice cream na.. So if u come out then I will give you ice cream ” Adiraj offers him

” umm… Sach.. I-ice.. Umm.. Ice cream… Umm “sanskar ask like a kid

Adiraj nods and finally sanskar came out.. He ask his other servants to bring ice cream… Servant brought ice cream and Adiraj makes sanskar hv that….

Sanskar was eating ice cream and Adiraj was seeing him with heavy heart…

“umm… Lo… ” sanskar offers Adiraj his ice cream

Adiraj nods no.. And sanskar again got involved in enjoying the moment with ice cream…

To be continued…

Precap : Swasan first meet after 5 years

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