Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 10) (5 years later)

Happy Birthday to my ex underage sautan and current devrani ji ????

Kuch iss tarah 2


Previous part

episode 9 part-2

Recap : swara had been raped.. Vikram n others sentenced to jail… Swaragini bond


5 years later

Other’s pov


“bhaiya I said red curtains they are not red… They are maroon… I want red.. Go n change this” a girl wearing full sleeve anarkali said this.. Hair were straight upto her waist

“bhaiya… Are u color blind or u think that I am color blind… I said royal blue rugs ” she said angrily

” ohh hoo my shona stop scolding them… ” a man said

She turns n said” jiju look what they are doing ”

Then someone poured a bucket full of water on her n shout” swara don’t you dare to call him jiju again… ”

” ragini di…. Ye kya kiya” swara said in irritation

“NYC shot ragu… ” that man said

” laksh!!! I will kill u.. “swara said

” yeah… This is much better… Hw many times I should told you that do not call me jiju.. It makes me feel old.. Call me lucky ” laksh said.

” huh… U both are very bad… Never leave Chance to tease me.. “swara kept a pout

” aree who is teasing my daughter “a voice came from inside

” look na sujata aunty… Ur son n his wife are teasing ME ” swara ran n hugs sujata

” laksh ragini why are you teasing my daughter… “sujata supports swara..

” ma.. U always take her side.. Itz not fair “raglak said in unison

” ha cz m always right ” swara said proudly

” achha ji” ragini said while putting her hands on her waist

“haanji “swara said.. N giggles..

” swara u just Wait ” ragini said n starts to chase swara…

” I wish swara keep smiling like this always “sujata said

” ma.. Now swaragini are with us.. They are not with their so called fake parents… Don’t worry “laksh said

” laksh do u get any clue about their real parents!! ” sujata asked

” no mom.. Police is still finding those fake sharmishtha n shekhar gadodia… N as soon as they catch them.. Way to swaragini’s real parents will get cleared “laksh said

” I never thought even in dreams that those people were in disguise of shekhar bhaisa n sharmishtha bhabhi… Swara only sufferd cz of them “sujata said

{so people let me clear one thing that those two were not real shemish… They hv done something to real shemish n took their place.. Cz of the huge property of gadodia Enterprises… They intentionally kept swaragini away}

Here swara was running and dashed into a toned body… She was about to fall but his two strong hands held her n make her stand.. She Immediately hug him
“oh ho my bullet train.. Apply breaks” he said

“u know i missed you soooooo much… Thank god u came.. Otherwise ragini di would hv caught me”she said

“kya Adiraj… U always save Her ” ragini said with a pout

” bhabhi.. Now I can do this much for my bullet train ” Adiraj winks

” stop calling me bullet train… U vintage car”swara hits him playfully

“oye.. Be careful… I hv my heart here.. What If it breaks.. ” he winks

” u will never change… Come lets hv something ” swara said

” bass.. This girl knows 3 things only.. Eating running n scolding “Adiraj said

” Adiraj “swara narrows her eyes


@DELHI (a house between jungle)

“aree where he went do something.. If sahab would come to know about this he will kick us out” a servent said

“ya find that man asap ” another servent said

They get involved in searching someone…

At a distance a man in dusky clothes… Was running.. His face was covered with a shawl… Only his eyes were seen… His eyes were full of fear… Full of confusion.. Full of guilt…
He saw a girl nearby and trip in her legs.. N said “sorry… M sorry… Ma.. Maaf kar do”

“eeerr plz someone take him away”that girl shouts

“aree he is mad.. Pagal Hai ye” someone from crowd said

Them some people brought wooden stick.. N starts to beat him.. He was continously crying in pain.. But those people hv nt shown any mercy on him..

They kept on beating him blue n black…

Those servents also reached at that place n somehow saves that man.. N took him back to house…

@kapoor villa..

Adira (Adiraj +swara) were sitting together on Terrace..

“so swara tell me how many new friends u made”adiraj asked her

“Adiraj you know… Na.. I.. I can’t trust people again.. So plz stop all this.. Ur each n every attempt is idle ” swara said with teary eyes

Adiraj held her hand firmly” swara.. Itz been 5 years.. Try to move on”

“I hv moved on… I am happy now… M pursuing my passion of interior decorating.. Ragini di n laksh are married now… Everything is perfect “swara said to him

” what u think.. I can’t see ur pain.. I don’t know why you wear such clothes”adiraj said

“stop assuming things yr.. Nothing like that… Stop ur psychiatric practice on me.. ” swara avoids topic

” swara… Please… Try to live… Look during those counselling sessions we became best friends right.. Plz… Try to regain faith in love… Try to live ” Adiraj said while putting a hand on her shoulder

” sry Adiraj… I can’t love again.. Love can happen only once n my chance is over… N I am still thankful to you… That day if u didn’t help me then I must hv lost my faith in humanity too” swara said

“should I tell swara about that “Adiraj thought in mind

Sry for short update as I hv relatives at my place…

Guys I hv read your views on the story about swara n sanskar I also want to share my views with you…

1. Swara has committed mistake by not trusting to her best friend n by insulting sanskar in childhood

2. What sanskar has done was morally wrong. No one has right to play with others emotions…

3. What had happened to swara was disgusting… No one should suffer like that..

4. A shock was necessary for swara but NOT at all like this..

5.when sanskar plot against swara neither he want nor he know that vikram has something dreadful in his mind…

Credit to: Meher


  1. Sree

    Awesome ep bhabhi. A very good leap. Whats in adiraj’s mind??? Now this is the third time i am gonna wish my wife. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY. Love u more than everyone????. I cant give u a real gift so have this virtual gifts????????????????. Enjoy ur birthday dear. Bhabhi thanks for posting cuz now Eva could see my wishes.??

  2. Eva

    Thank u jethani ji..but were is the one shot?Agar nehi likha toh sacchi kabhi baat nehi karungi…mammiji dekho na apki bahu meri baat nehi maanrahi hai…

    • Yr tym ni mill ra.. Sachhi story dimag m h bd type karni hai… May b kal kar du…

      Ye itz Damn irritating… Whenever I touch my phone.. Either my cousin peep in it.. N fire questions on me or I got threat that put ur phone in locker for 24 hrs…

      Halat smjho devrani ji ?????

    • ab jake birthday girl ka pata chala…happy birthday…maine pehle bhi wish kiya hai…par tune mujhe thanku nehi diya! 🙁
      ya treat ki baat sunke jawab nehi diya!

    • Happy birthday evu… I messaged at the previous page but I think nobody read.. Chalo may God bless kiddo with lots and lots of blessings , health and happiness.. Ab chalo.. Lemme go

      • Eva

        Sacchi nehi pada meine tumdono ke comments..aur Meher jethani ji..now I’m not supporting u..Anjali jethani ke sath Hu Mein..u broke my heart into pieces..pehlehi exam ke din birthday…and I was expecting a one shot..ja baat nehi karungi tujse..

        Riya…hi..how r u? Can u plz tell me Ki tumhe kesa ladka chahiye? I’m planning to get u married…and then that Uma…i want my nanands to get settled…asli baat toh meri jethania hii samajrahi hai..?….thank u..

        Jethji thank u….

        ???? kisine Mujhe gift nehi Diya..sab bohutt bure hai…

      • Eva

        No patience…bohot hogaya yaar mere bareme koi socho..mein ajj woh stupid geography par rahi hu kalke exam keliye….mujhe ronaa araha hai…..aj maths mein pehli baar full marks nehi milenge..woh bhi uss idiot seh tan sin aur cos ki wajaseh….we were not allowed to use calculator aur uss sum mein koi number hii nehi tha toh kaha seh answer dhunti asman seh?….i’m sure ki yeh paper jisne banaya hai woh ek number ka duffer hai…upar seh di seh daat khani padi woh alag….she said that i’m hopeless..i could not solve a simple maths…she showed me the maths…
        Tan x=5 now find sin x and cos x……this is the first time we did trigonometrical ratio…mere dimaag mein kese ata ki 5 ke niche ek invisible 1 be hota hai..i mean pata hai par phir bhi iss maths mein kya connection?Idiot school ne janbuchke usme 5 marks dal diya..aur gaye mere puree 5 marks..ahhhh….and yaha hai tu….Meher….mujhe chayn milta agar mein raglak ko bhai behen dekti…par tu bhi sabki tarah hii hai….Mera woh useless patidev…..tu kyu writer nehi hai?Agar hota toh mein tujse kehti ek os liknekeliye jaha raglak bhai behen hai…..

        Now Anjali and Meher….kal app dono ek ek os post karoge…jiska better hai mein uske saath hu…aur ha…make sure ki raglak bhai behen ho..aur jisne os post nehi kiya…..mummiji phir app hii dekh lena….

        Asmaara friend nehi baansakti agar banna hai toh family memeber banna padega..u can become our damad(Gender doesn’t matter in our family)..hubby of Uma…kyu mammiji?

      • Evuuu that question was really very easy… Tune zaroorat se zada dimaag lgate dia…

        N yr cm’on not with her… Itz obvious that anjali will win… She exceptional…

        Tune ye sb jaan k kia.. H sab janti hoon main… N tera pati b writer hai… Mr maheshwari n his secretary likha h usne…

      • Sree

        Meri pyari patniji i am a writer but sorry i cant write an os cuz i am not that good in writing?? so Sorryyyy . Maf kardena. Tumhare liye os tumhari jetaniyan lik kengi (they r very good at it?) ok.

      • Eva

        Shut up..don’t talk like my sis…..maths was easy fine…mere class mein kisiko nehi aya..toh mujhe kyu ayega?This is the first year of trigonometrical ration….i learned that a month before….so how can anyone expect me to solve this?aur mera pati ff likhta hai?Mujhe nehi patatha..and for me u both r equal….so go for it….your devrani will be the judge..

      • Eva

        Nehiiiiii..yeh kese hosaktahai? Mera pati writer hai aur mujhehi nehi pata? Kon ghumegi jethanio ke piche jab uske pass writer pati ho…Sree plz likh lo..mere liye..*puppy face*

      • Eva

        Jethani ji hamare yaha sunday ko school khula rehta hai….Sunday is not funday here…we have holidays on Friday and Saturday…

    • Sorry for interfere in yours talk . but i wish me also a member of your cute family. per mai ap logon ko nahe jante is lea first of all ap logon ki friend ban na chate hn

      • Mugdha

        Fine…Nita…..u r Riya’s pati…matlab ki hamara dusra damad…aur Menaz….u become my son’s sali…depends on u…whom do u want was jiju..Sanskar aur Laksh?If Sanskar then u have to select whose sis u want to be,Anjali’s or Meher’s….and if Laksh..then u have to become Eva’s sister…..(No worries….if i find a son then i will get him married to u…tujhe kavari thodi na rehne dungi….

      • MM( Menaz)

        Ya thank u friends. & I have to become sanky’s sali so anjali di & Maher di who want me to became ur sister? Plzz give ur ans……

  3. Nita

    hair upto waist….. omg i m jealous….. happy wala episode after a long time….. shayad Adiraj want to tell tgat sanky was his frnd or something like that????
    n what is this jungle mystery now???

  4. MM( Menaz)

    Nice episode . but plzz make swasan together. & lucky is too good. & who played adiraj role? …….

  5. Aami

    meher u make anothr shoking episode…… lvd sawaragini n laksh’s bonding….. n adira’s toooo…… who is tht dusky man…. wytng for new bang…… lvd it soooo much….. n tooo wytng for sanskars second entry….

    lve u lotz… ???? n my wishes for ur devrani…..

  6. Its too good…..i think the person in shawl iz our sanky…while reading dat i was jz recallng our sanky’s entry in SR

  7. Aditi Singh

    Meher plz give the link of all pArts.. ..✨✨????✨✨

  8. tani

    Awesome yaar if
    possible can u update one more chapter
    plzzzzzzzz I can’t wait plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Mind blowing chapter….. That man was swara real father na…. Now what happened to gadodia industry???? Is swara rich???. Hope there fake parents are caught soon…… Plz update soon…

  10. Shree

    It was an interesting leap.. Good going..nd yeah i do agree with u dwar.. Both swasan has their positives as well as negatives till date.. Its not that should never get united it was only he need not be his saviour and swara need to b guilty for all her deeds in her past.. Now both of them has cmtd mistakes and both need to forget nd forgive.. Atlast Swasan need to one.. Thats all we want..
    I think the one who is getting beaten up is sanskar.. Dont know whether its true but if yes i feel too bad…
    Pls update next part soon dear..

    • Thnku Yup.. No character is perfect here not even of swasan…

      Committing mistakes is human nature… What we should do is… Learn from then.. N not to repat

  11. Anjali

    Devrani ji… First of all.. Happy birthday!!! I did wish you on fb…. Did u see??

    Today I will finish talking about the chapter…
    MEHER superb job…. Swara has moved on yet a part of her is broken… You showcased that perfectly….
    Fake parents 😮 😮 WTF!!! I never imagined something like that….
    Raglak and sujata are soooo cuteeeee

    Now coming to family… I already spoke to my patidev, Papaji and nanad ji today in my ff 🙂 🙂

    Mummy ji!!!!!! HIIIII!!!!
    Ur not talking to me…..

    RIYA!!!!!! <3 <3 How do u feel now? I thought no phones? Did u sneak it again??? :/ :/
    Pls take care of yourself…

    Devar ji, Devrani ji… How's life?
    Aur sautan ji… Hey… I have no witty comebacks today… :/ :/ Pata nhi m kya boloon….

    • Eva

      Thank u jethani ji,,,i saw that now….jethani can u plz write an os for me?Your little,cute eklauti devrani is asking for something?Can u?I told this useless badi jethani ji but she…she is like have patience…..so can u write on with RAGLAK AS BHAI BEHEN?Plz maan lo meri baat…if u write one then i promise that i will support u only….and we will kick that jethani ji who is your sautan also from here……and from jeth ji’s life..then u will be Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari only….

      • Anjali

        lol… I’ll do my best… If i think of one.. I will write 😀 😀 😀

        Haan… Sautan ko yahan se bhagana h mujhe… GOOD IDEA 😉 😉

    • Yup… She is stills broken…

      I too never thought ke mai Esa likhungi… ???

      Mummy ji gayab hai…….

      Bas sautan se baat karne ko nhi hai… Sb smjhti hoon mai…

  12. Neha

    First of all a big sorry for being soo late buy episode was good so adhiraj and swara are now friends but the best part is swaragini…. And OMG they were fake the parents were fake ??….and from so long…. God….. And sanskar well ur views are right meher I too agree with that it’s correct sanskar never knew abt vikram intentions but what to do anything which leads to such deterioration can’t be ignored…. OK but who’s that mad person and what adhiraj wanted to tell don’t tell me that the helper was sanskar itself….. Nice one

    • Yup… Fake parents…

      But he never want to harm her physically… He just wants to break her emotionally…

      Soon will get to know that what Adiraj wants to tell her…


    waiting for ur upodate eagerly……nd now i read this …itz nice…next part update soon

  14. Mugdha

    Hey bahu mammiji here….accha like tumne…..

    Choti bahu…

    Anjali and Meher i would love to see a compitition between u both….go for it…

    • Yr anjali se compete karna saaf saaf haar ko invite karna hai…

      Kya dushmani hai sab ko… Ek baar mere ghar se ye bawal I mean relative Jane do fir sab se bdla lungi

      • Anjali

        aww…. kuch bhi bol rahi ho….

        Haar it seems.. Pagal ho kya?

        Par sanskaar ko paane ke liye mujhe jeetna hi padega na…

        If u come near my family with badla in ur mind… I will bhasmofy u :/ :/ 😛 😛


    • Eva

      Bawal kisko kehti hai Tu? Mujhe ya meri jethaniji Ko kaha toh thil nehi hoga…sacchi kehrahi hu…?

  15. Anjali

    Arre…. I just saw asmaara’s comment… who is she now?? Hamari nanad?? Ya phir… damaad??

  16. Anjali

    Mummyji…. papaji…. PATIDEV ???
    Devar ji devrani ji… my pyaari nanads….
    Sautan ji…???

    I have two exams tom and day after… so won’t be here…. miss meeee…. I might come later in the evening…??

    Wish me all the best!!!! ???

  17. Anjali

    Arre…. our family is just becoming bigger and bigger….???

    Papa ji : bisha
    Mummji : mugdha di
    Maasi ji : menaz (if she doesn’t mind)
    PATIDEV = sanskaar : chaitali
    Sanskaar ki patni : anjali…
    Anjali ki sautan : meher ????
    Devar ji = Laksh : sree
    Devrani ji : eva
    1st nanad : riya
    Riya ki pati : nita
    2nd nanad : uma
    Uma ki pati : asmaara

    What a huge family I have….But pls someone help me get rid of my sautan…
    She doesn’t let me live in peace…

    Mummyji?? Yeh family theek h na??

    And every one thnxx for ur wishes… Will do well!!!! ???

  18. bisha

    Maine kal Faith ke Eva special update di thi. Jo aj update hua hai. Lekin tumlogon ne dekha hi nahi. Eva khud bhi nahi padi. How mean!!! Mai itna mehnat ki lrkin tumlog oade hi nahinn!!

    Anyways, this uodate was awesome. Full of twists and beautiful. I hope Swara moves on and finds herself stronger. I wish her all the best for her future. Iys really beautiful. Lekin mai apni sari bete bahuein sab ke upar angry hu. Patni k upar bhi. Koi nahi pade!!! Eva ke liye gift tha wo. Sirf mera Laksh(sree) ne comment kia. Swara k sath jo hua wo nahi hona chahiye tha. I really dspise people like Vikram. They should be given extreme pain n death. Keep writing dear. You are going wonderfully awesome

    • Papji I hv read that… I was searching for that yesterday… It was u who uploaded that late…

      LOL.. Sari galti aapki… Achha apki 2 betiyo k lye bete… I mean damad dhoondh liye hai humne…

      • Hello meher… This is SHANAYA…. I saw Riya’s message and eventually I had to come and talk to her.. This girl will never change.. It’s been just 15 days to her operation and look… She is actually legally sneaking out, anjali.. Riya’s dad is very influential so she is at home otherwise she would have been at hospital only ( Riya hates hospitals and so her dad asked doctors to shift her to home ) … To stop her this act … I have promised her that I’ll read all the messages and in short tell her and then comment here too.. So when I told her about the family tree… She was like… ????… Nita patI ji pranam.. Papa Mumma love u.,. My lovely bhai’s keep my bhabis happy.. And jiju pls give ur intro… I have no idea who are u … My sis u r so sweet.. Koi chuta to nahi

      • MM( Menaz)

        Me chut gai na me ne sanky’s sali hona pasand kiya he & so I chose to become mehar’s sister. So plzz talk to with me also……. & hi every one all my family members have a nice day.

  19. bisha

    Maine kal Faith ke Eva special update di thi. Jo aj update hua hai. Lekin tumlogon ne dekha hi nahi. Eva khud bhi nahi padi. How mean!!! Mai itna mehnat ki lrkin tumlog oade hi nahinn!!

    Anyways, this update was awesome. Full of twists and beautiful. I hope Swara moves on and finds herself stronger. I wish her all the best for her future. Iys really beautiful. Lekin mai apni sari bete bahuein sab ke upar angry hu. Patni k upar bhi. Koi nahi pade!!! Eva ke liye gift tha wo. Sirf mera Laksh(sree) ne comment kia. Swara k sath jo hua wo nahi hona chahiye tha. I really dspise people like Vikram. They should be given extreme pain n death. Keep writing dear. You are going wonderfully awesome

  20. musku

    Hi meher!!!! I m really liking the way things are turning now…..still suspence….but really nice swaragini bond….n I realise that’s why shemush behaviour was so strange….
    N I had my entrance exam …do u know about AIIMS …vhi tha..
    N today I came to my maasi house…enjoying my break from studies

    • Hello musku…
      M glad that you lyk it…

      Kaisa gya tera entrance…. N teri tabiyat theek hai!!! Aaj bak bak nhi ki tune ??????????

      • Musku

        Entrance achha gya n I told u na I m at my maasi’s house n all here doesn’t even allow me to hold my phone….they want me to enjoy n spend time with them….
        Our where do u live….I mean I m in RK Puram…at my maasi’s place….I guess u also live somewhere insouth Delhi…

      • musku

        Nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii????????hamare beech puri river yamuna as gyi
        Mai toh west Delhi, uttam nagar rhti hu

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