Episode 89 ..
The Episode starts with kunj boarding his flight he was very very much happy about going to India and meet his siyappa queen and his family too …

Kunj pov :::
finally this venture has been ended chinki said right idiotic project as it made everyone stayed away from Thier love ones Aryan from chinki Adarsh from swadheenta and me from my siyappa queen the day she left from the very next second I was missing her …to wake her up every morning my khumbkaran to have breakfast with her to see her pretty smile while leaving for office which decreases all my tension I am missing her everything and yes her cravings too I wanna be with her during this time soo much to bear her mood swings and everything now I am going to be with her
and I’ll make the best of it …he smiled …
Next scene :::
The preparations had been started for yuhi wedding as priest has given them date after 2 week as it was the last wedding of Thier family they wanted to make it special hell special for everyone ..

Twinkle has been accompanied usha Misha Bebe for mahi shopping and for the rest things from few days they all were enjoying everything together ..while on the other side ..abeer and meher has been with kapoors providing them support abeer as a good son in law has been handling his sister in law (mahi) wedding preparations …

Twinkle was by now 5 months pregnant she was looking very cute with her baby bump but her face has lost the charm missing kunj every second every minute she was also helping yuvi with his presentations and giving him some time to spend with mahi before wedding …
@ Sarna mansion :::
Twinkle,misha along with the other servants went to prepare dinner as kapoors are gonna come to discuss about the rituals ….

Rt and Manohar was handling the 7 months old suhani she has became too cute and chubby …
Leela usha Bebe was bzy selecting the sarees which has been brought by the designer …

U : this one is really pretty hai na Leela ..
L : yes that one is really pretty ..
U : toh done this one is for twinkle ..and that one for mahi …
L : Haan and these two for Misha and meher what say …

Be : yess amazing sarees …
Soon kapoors came in and they were welcomed by Everyone else …Kabir and abeer yuvi too back from office ..
T : chalo good everyone came let’s go and have dinner …
U : Haan twinkle puttar and I told you not to work na ..

T : maa I was getting bored Bhabhi helped me alott she didn’t let me do anything …
U : okay then ..they served and everyone had Thier dinner while yuhi was stealing glances of each other …

Again the ladies were back to select the sarees for them …
T : wow this is so pretty mahi this will suit in you alott see …
Ma : Haan twinkle Bhabhi ?

They all smiled while yuvi was helping mahi in her selection twinkle on seeing Mibir mehbeer yuhi together was missing kunj alott …soon after discussing they all left back for Thier homes …

Yuvi called twinkle and ask her to check some files …
Y : twinkle twinkle ..
T : what happen yuvi ???

Y : these are some files plzz cross check it na … I have to submit tomorrow and I didn’t have time …
T : kyu are you going somewhere ??

Y : yeah for an important work …
T : tell na mahi se Milne ..
Y : huhu Nahi tere liye ..
T : what ???
Y : nothing plzz chk na ..

T : okay you go I’ll cross check it ..
Yuvi left from there and came out of sm he met abeer and Kabir soon the trio drove off somewhere …

After sometime they reached airport when kunj came outside on perfect timing and met them …
Y : so finally bhai you came ..they brothers hugged …

Ab : Haan Yaar Sachi missed you alott
Kab : yep ..they all hugged and went inside …it was midnight kunj was very much excited he didn’t informed anyone about coming to India except Kabir abeer and yuvi …
@ Sarna mansion twinj room ::
Twinkle has checked all the files and had slept on the couch itself …keeping everything in the table itself ….
Next scene ::::
Abeer Kabir yuvi and kunj reached sm while abeer n Kabir left for taneja mansion both yuvi and kunj went inside sm … finally home sweet home said kunj and entered inside …

Y : chalo Bhai good night (yawning)..
K : ok good night they hugged again and left for their rooms ..

Kunj went near his room and sees the lights still open he opens the door slowly and tip toes inside he kept his luggage in side ..he looked on the bed and found it empty then his gaze felt on couch and he saw his siyappa queen sleeping his eyes Welled up seeing her he went near her and sat beside her on floor …

K : see her how she has become my baby so chubby awww he said pecking her forehead…now I’ll make everything fine and will never ever be away from her …

Soon he changed into his night dress and looked at the files and everything scattered he smiled and said she is really a siyappa queen ..he picked up everything kept inside …

K : chalo madam now it’s time to sleep with your lovey dovey husband he said and picked her up slowly in his arms without disturbing her sleep soon he slept cuddling her admiring her …
He was very very happy after so many days being with her …
Next morning :::
Twinkle woke up next morning and rubs her eyes …she looks on the other side ..and found kunj sleeping peacefully …

T : kunjjj ??she rubs her eyes again am I dreaming again how kunj will be here he is in NY she kept a hand on her stomach I am right na baby …your papa is not here it’s my dream again …

Kunj woke up listening her talking and sees her he smiled hearing her talks ..
Ohh babajiii how much I missed it he thought …and looks at her …

Twinkle was lost in her own world when he pulls her towards himself slightly and pecked her …

K : good morning Jaan aise kya Dekh rahi ho Ik I am still that hot s*xy guy .. he winked while twinkle got up with a jerk and sat on bed …

T : tum Sachi me Yaha ho ???? ..
K : kyu koi doubt hai he too sat beside her …wait let me make you believe he said and pulled her in hug ..while she gets tears eye in his embrace she too responded with and was crying too …he broke the hug and looked at her …shh no more crying twinkle see I am here …

T : huh you are so bad you made me cry alottt …you didn’t even bother to see me once ..
K : achawww who left without informing Haan ?you don’t even know how I was living there …

T : liar you were to enjoying too much with that Kiara …
K : what ??? Have you gone mad when did I enjoy ..

T : Acha you didn’t she looked for her phone and shows him some pics of he and Kiara which Adarsh shared in their frndz group …

K : hey bhagwaan biwi Di hai ya jagga jasoos Haan so I was enjoying toh ??? ..
T : toh why did you came then ??? ?And how dare you kiss me ..

K : aise he said again kissing her connecting their lips …happy kiss day Mrs sarna ????
T : huh sadu sarna …

K : siyappa queen …now don’t show this anger my angry bird let me talk to my baby he looked at twinkle and her baby bump he kept a hand on her belly …

Aww my baby papa missed you sooo much don’t come in talks of this jealous mumma your papa loves you alott …

T : huh papa loves only baby not muumma twinkle got up from there while kunj got shocked …he too stand up and turned twinkle ..

K : what you are saying twinkle ???
T : truth ..

K : what truth Haan you know how much I love you ..you were my first priority okay but you will not understand this actual me na you don’t love me went didn’t even care to look back how I’ll live without you … I should not have come back I thought I’ll make up my siyappa queen but …don’t worry I’ll go back soon he turned teard eye while twinkle back hugs time slightly …

T : I am sorry kunj I didn’t meant to hurt you plzz I am sorry …
Kunj turned back and looks at twinkle
K : leave me Twinklee …

T : no I’ll not I’ll not let you go anywhere if you go na then I’ll.die seriously ..
K : twinkle he hugged her while both cried conveying their pain both apologized too as they had to bear alott these days ..

T : now let me go I have to prepare breakfast …
K : no I’ll not leave you I got you after 3 months ???he looked at her top to toe now you have became a real panda ????

T : huh kunjjj …but how you came ??? And who knows that you were coming ?? ..
K : yuvi abeer Kabir they only picked me ….

T : okay twinkle left to get freshen up while kunj slept again soon after sometime twinkle woke him up …and went downstairs …

Kunj got freshen up and went to yuvi room to give his files still usha Manohar n Bebe didn’t knew about kunj being there ..
Twinkle settled everything on breakfast table and called usha Bebe and Manohar ..

Man : where is yuvi ????
T : he is coming papa with someone
U : who twinkle ..

K : ahem ahem ahem kunj coughs gaining their attention …
Usha and Manohar looked at kunj and got happy while he ran and hugged them happily and took their blessings ..

U : when he came Twinklee ???
T : in midnight mummy g even I got to know in morning ..

K : Haan toh that was a suprise for everyone siyappa queen ..he said all smiled and had their breakfast ..
Screen freezes …
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Happy valentine’s week ?????

Precap : twinj first valentine yuhi wedding preparations and let the count down begins ?????

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