Episode 78 ..
The Episode starts with all the youngsters reaching back to khandelwal mansion after dropping mahi back to her home …they all were hell tired so they went to take rest for sometime as decided they will go to roam London in night to celebrate Christmas Eve ???

On the other side :::
Chiyan grahpravesh was done by jhanvi who welcome chinki in very grand way after some post wedding rituals they were sent off to their room …chinki was sitting in room waiting for Aryan when he came and saw her a smile Crept on his lips …as he never ever thought about it the big flirty ..someone will wait for him too ..he moved towards chinki while she was hell nervous ..he sat on bed …

Ar : wait wait wait are you nervous if it so then don’t …I know these are the things new for you I don’t want anything to go Wrong so first go and change your dress as you may be feeling uncomfortable..

Chinki smiled at him and moved towards her luggage she took a perfect suit and went inside …after sometime she came back to find Aryan already changed and he was surfing in his phone ..he too saw her and kept his phone aside …

He took her to the balcony which was decorated cutely with a table in between he pulled the Chair for her she sat smiling while he too smiled …and sat opposite to her ..both were silent for sometime ..

Ar : i know we got married so early that we didn’t got enough time to know each other ..so let’s start with knowing each other what say ???? ..

C : yeah I too wanted to say this but …
Ar : but ?????
C : Aryan ???

Ar : haha sorry jungli billi ..as our chapter started from fights so let’s become friends ???? ..forwarding his hand

C : hmm friends no he gets shocked and looked at her ..while she shakes her hands and screamed best friend ..

They both smiled enjoying the weather and their small post wedding date sipping coffee talking about the things knowing each other …
On the other side :::
The rest day passed by with everyone resting being tired soon the whole day passed and night came they all were ready to roam London …twinkle was ready looking damn hot …While kunj too was not looking less …other side the others couples we’re excited too …and everyone got ready in red and white colour coordinated attires and came down in the hall …the elders were sitting wishing each other merry Christmas …

K : merry Christmas maa papa and everyone he said smiling while the rest reverter back to him all smiled and while soon swadarsh too joins them …swadheenta gave baby ayush in Leela hands …

Le : awww he is sleeping…
Sw : Haan aunty he slept with much difficulty I don’t want him to disturb you all that much …

U : arey nai beta we will handle him don’t worry …they all smiled …ohh listen my son and Dil we want to become grandparents soon …

Twinj blushes …and everyone was smiling …

K : Haan so maa soon Misha baby will come and you will become grandparents let’s go guys we are getting late he said not meeting his eyes with anyone ..

The rest of all laughs seeing kunj while twinkle blushed soon they left from there ..twinj swadarsh in one car while yuhi and mehbeer along with mibir in one …Misha was not allowed to go outside but Kabir make sure that they’ll be back early …they all came out of the car to by walk …

Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun It is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh..???

The choas were all over the city celebrating the chirtmas eve ….

They all were roaming the city hands in hands seeing off for the things shouting hooting dancing with the people over there having full of fun …

“MERRY CHRISTMAS” all shouted together opening the champagne then poured into glasses …

Cheery they all hooted and drank it while taking pictures celebrating each n every moment …they all went to hotel after sometime to had their dinner …
Hotel ..

Classic London Christmas decorations. ❤️?

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They entered inside it was beautiful hotel they went towards the chirtmas tree and took pictures then finds Santa’s there giving gifts to the kids they all smiled …and went to the dinning section and had their dinner missing chiyan …
On the other side :::
Rajat Sapna Bebe usha Manohar Leela RT was sitting in the lawn having fun ayush was sleeping in cradle..jhanvi and Tej joined them they all greeted each other …

Man : it’s good you all joined us …
Tej : Haan then we are also young kids went for outing so what we will have fun here ..
Jh : yess ??

They all sat on the benches kept in the lawn making a circle and was playing passing the parcel game enjoying their older days again …old is gold ??they were having fun too …they decided to make barbecue all the men’s have worn aprons respectively ..to win their ladies heart …they started making the
barbecues while RT and Tej was making salad and ladies were enjoying seeing them and their gossips …soon the decorated the dinning table and all sat to have their dinner …

Rt : soo merry Christmas everyone ??????????all retorted they had their dinner and went to melody mode signing old songs doing fun too ..
Next scene :::
They all had their dinner and got up from there to find chiyan there too they were suprised seeing them …and moved towards them …
T : you both here what a pleasant surprise guys …

Ar : yeah …wo maa papa went to khandelwal house to celebrate Christmas as Manohar uncle had called him to join …

C : so they asked us to go and have fun too she said while all smiled ..
K : chalo it’s good waise bhi we were missing you guys …

Y : Haan then we thought why to disturb you guys he said winking at them while kunj punched him …

K : you are talking more than your age Haan lil bro ..I think we should talk about your wedding too ..
T : yep you said it right kunj ..I think now it’s high time ??

Mahi was slowly escaping from there when abeer and meher pulled her …
Ab : arey where are you going my saali sahiba …

Meh : Haan just now we have started ..
Mis : hahahaha so sad feeling so pity for you guys ..
All together : awwwwww ????

They all had fun again roaming gifting something to each other …
Kunj gave twinkle a beautiful ring and made her wear it ..

T : how many rings u are gonna give me kunj …
K : hahahaha ??okay take something else he said while twinkle replied what he bite her cheek while the rest hooted and twinkle turned red …

Ab : hahaha bolti band ?? jija g what effect you had left on her …
K : see then I am gifting her ring itne pyaar se …par madam k nakhre ..

Y : hahah ???arey twinkle kuch bol bhi ley…
T : shut up ??all laughed holding their stomach while twinkle turned …

K : chal no more drama siyappa queen if u stay sadu like this then ..see there many of them wants to join my company he said showing her group of girls which were waving at kunj ..

T : don’t u dare think of anyone else or else it will be your last Christmas samjhe Mr Sarna …she said gritting her teeths while kunj makes a shocking face then smiles…

K : we all have given gift to each other now what should we give you Misha ???
Ab : Haan Bhai I had not given you anything so tell me …
T : yeah Bhabhi tell ..

Mibir : we want they looks at each other smirked …
Meh : arey say it na guys what you want ????? ..

Mis : we want someone to play with our cutiepie they said while twinj and mehbeer look on shocked and looks at each other …

Kab : awe just look at their faces he and Adarsh hifi while they were still shocked ..
Mis : arey guys seriously I want to become bua too ..

Kab : and I want to Chachu as well as maamu ????
Y : Sahi khel Gaye Bhai ???

Twinj & mehbeer : shut up ???
All laughed again …when kabir said …
Kab : chalo guys it’s quite late you all continue me and Misha will leave …

T : Bhai stay for some more time na plzz
Kab : no twinki Misha has to take her medicine and it’s late too na so ..
T : okay …

Ad : we will also leave ayush don’t know how much he had troubles them ….
Sw : yeah …
Mis : to let’s go you all enjoyy …

They all left from there while the rest roam for sometime then they too left back …
A day later ::::
It was reception today preparations are going on by the khannas to make it best kunj and yuvi went to pick up chinki from khandelwal mansion for her pag phera while the rest was in khandelwal mansion preparing from her welcome …twinkle and Misha was chatting along wigh Kabir whilst mehbeer was out …soon chinki came there with kunj and yuvi all met her and they all sat talking to her ..when mehbeer came back …

L : what happen puttar ??? Where you both went …
Ab : wo maa we went to hospital ..
Rt : why everything is fine na ???? ..

Ab : yeah it’s just that we are expecting he slowly murmurs enough audible for everyone to hear all got suprised and looks at each other they congratulate them …and smiled …

Mis : wow Yaar meher you too are really fast fulfilled our wish so soon ..(whisper) same as with Kabir and twinj all smirked and teases each other …

Soon they all went to get ready for the reception ….

The reception went smoothly all enjoyed very much finally the wedding bells of chiyan ends …
Screen freezes ..

Upcoming : many more to come twist in the tale ?? New year Eve twinj gonna be back to New York ???
So how was the episode ???
Thanks to all who commented on the last one …???even likes and dislikes too
Love you all sooo much ???…
Ba byeee …
Twinj Rab Miliya on the way …
Last article of kuch to hua hai before 2017 ends …
Bye bye 2017
Happy new year in advance ???

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  4. aww it was superb and soo cute
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    First happy new year in advance my dear one of best kamini friend ???superb episode yaar love when usha tell about grandson and Kunj replied and ignore to???and newly wedded couples too perfect episode.. after Twinj ring ????????and Yuvi to fast age se???. Misha demand babies great one and best reply Yuvi shai khel gaya?????each and everything perfect today always means I love it this ff is my soul still i know in starting what I feel when I see post of this diff my heart beat become so fast thanks Sami ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Hey Sam! Christmas special episode huh? I got to read it real late though, unfortunate!!! Anyways, absolutely loved it!!! Chiyan are so cute hayeeeee!!!! The couples having so much fun on the streets of London!!!! You made me want to go on a vacation too….. You are an amazing, amazing writer…. I know I’ve told you many times before too, but your amazingness makes me say it again!!! Absolute wonder!!!

  17. superb yr mazza aaya read krke
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