KUCH TO HUA HAI ~TWINJ episode 70 (Happy birthday aamu and advance happy wala bday to purvi)

Wishing you a year of amazing moments and reasons to smile.
Happiest birthday to the girl whom I got as my besti ???..
who is the same type of weird as I am who understands everything like no one else …????…
May this birthday brings you a lot lot lot happiness and fun in your life ..keep.you away from.every problem may you live 100 no no 200 no 1000 years ?bhoot banja ??…so yes enjoy your day and have a blast …
Happy birthday to you aamu and a advance happy birthday to purvi …I don’t know puru you are here on not ..and I don’t know that too I’ll be able to post something on you bday but wishing you advance …???hope you will see.this ..
So let’s get started ??????
Episode 70 ..
The Episode starts with twinkle turning towards kubeer while meher was already staring at them angrily …when kunj broke the ice …

K : twinkle …what happen go and enjoy ..
T : yeah we are going only …huh lets go meher …

Meh : yes she said and they moved towards taking shots then went on dance floor…they dance on dance basanti kubeer too joined them ..moving sensual according to the beats of songs …followed by total tally then deapacito ..last let me love you …they were lost in each other when twinkle remember ..that she was angry with kunj ..she pushed him slightly and was moving towards bar again when collided with a man …let’s name him Naman Kapoor …kabir best friend hotel owner ..
Twinkle n Naman hugged while kunj looked on burning in jealousy …abeer too met Naman …kunj n meher comes there and they introduced him …

Na : well glad to see you all here sorry ..I hope you are enjoying …
K : yess very much ..

Na : good ..I’ll meet you later do let me now if u want anything ..

K : okay kunj waves him bye twinkle looks at him …then she came out of hotel …abeyy siyappa queen rukk kunj said and pulled twinkle …what happen ???

T : uhmm nothing ??go and enjoy nah ..huh sadu sarna ..I hate you ..

K : I hate you too ..he said and crashed his lips on hers …moving in swing giving her no space to move out of his grip ..he deepened the kiss ..smirking looking at her …

They parted after sometime and looks at each other …sorry kunj said pulling his ears Twinkle smiled and nodded in no ..and hugged him …

K : so where u wanna go now ???? …
T : I am starving badlyyyyy wanna eat something ..

K : then let’s go to room ..twinkle looks at him ..???…joking …yaar …
T : huh? I don’t mind eating you ?she winked at him …

K : hawww babaji ???I should escape now ??…they laugh…and went to restaurant and ordered their food had it while feeding each other teasing eo … badlyyyyy …they came out and roam on the roads having alcohol bottle in their hands sipping them …

Finally they got tired …and sat on the bench opposite to each other …

K : you are enjoying nah ??? Twinkle ??? ..want something ??? …

T : yess I am enjoying thank you sooo much she said and pulled his cheeks ..kunj you know you are soo good ..

K : I know ???but why ??? ???
T : I mean we came here …and you are fulfilling my each n Evry wish to play casino have fun on the roads behave like mads ???…

K : ohh that’s why …you know twinkle girls usually don’t get that much freedom that of boys …so that’s why I wanna fulfill your each n every wish as you are my better half ..?and it’s my duty to maintain this smile on your face forever and ever …twinkle has tears in her eyes ..

K : shhh no crying twinkle come we will have fun ? …more as night is still left meri Jaan …
T : thank you soo much …

K : your most welcome mam ??she smiled ..while kunj too smiled and they joined their foreheads …he looked at twinkle and pecked her forehead …

K : now ?? Let’s roam or u wanna go back hotel ??? And take rest ??? …
T : nah wanna roam ?…

K : okay he said and entwined their hands and they moved on the roads sharing their memories their wishes …

(A couple needs to have understanding of what the other wants …?they should understand each other no matter what ever the circumstances and shouldn’t left each other holds …secret of success of relationship ????)

Walking on the roads with the entwined hands ..they looked at the city …and stands there seeing people singing …

T : kunj we will sing too nah plzz …
K : u wanna sing okay come …

They both took the Mike kunj sat on his knees signing tera hone laga hoon …?????while the others were hooting for them …he pecked twinkle cheeks making the crowd about more n more ..twinkle blushes …feeling lucky to have a man in her life who understands her this much most important love her unconditionally ….twinkle too sang along with him making him shocked as well as surprised too …again kunj started singing

Kunj ended ..giving the Mike ..opening his arms ..twinkle ran and hugged him tightly while the crowd shouts for them …they smiled…and went from there …
After having fun whole night they came back to the hotel ….
@ twinj room …
They entered the room fully tired ..looking at each other face and started laughing ..

T(yawning) : you are looking like a tired monkey …?????

K : same you are looking like tired rat too huh … siyappa queen …

T : huh sadu sarna …they both changed soon into their night dresses …

K : ahh my back is paining …he said laying on bed facing his back to the ceiling …

T : huh roam more on roads aisa hi hota hai she laughs …??..awara ??

K : hayeee babaji biwi ki wish poori karo tab bhi punishment mil rahi hai ahh mummy kaisi ladki Se shadi Kara Di ?????..

T : hah now stop your drama my drama queen ..wait I hàve some solution of your ache …she smirked …

K : and what’s that …??? He asked still his back fcing the ceiling …

Twinkle jumped on him while he winces in pain ..ahhh ??????twinkle uth ye Kya Kar rahi hai …

T : waait wait sadu sarna I’ll massage your back …she said and pulled his t shirt up and started moving her hands sensually on his back smirking ..making him loose his senses more sending shivers down his spine …

K : fine fine now get up and sleep …

T : nope it’s just started babye I’ll soothe your pain in secs …??just trust on your wife …she said moving her hands again …

K : ahh I can’t take it anymore he said and pulled her beside him ..don’t take advantage of this hot guy …sleep now ..

T : kunj you promised me you will not let me sleep …then what’s this haan ..

K : yess time dekha ??? It’s 6:59 …now I said I’ll not let you sleep whole night and I did ..ab what you thought wo toh you only knows dirty mind …

T : huh ..???kunj nuzzles his face in her neck …biting her pulling her more closer sooon sleep took over them …

Like this 3 days passed having fun in each n every manner teasing eo … fulfilling each other demands …they were enjoying this beautiful phase of their life …?????…

Next scene :::
Twinkle was in room on call ..she was planning something …yeah we will be back till 8 or 9 I need everything perfect here …do the work properly she ended the call and turned to look at kunj …

K : what’s happen twinkle ??? With whom you were talking ??? ..any problem ..

T : nope kunj just ..well how much time you took let’s go ??already we are late …

K : hahah acha hua ?? let’s go now ..
They went to resort …and moved towards the roller coaster rides twinkle sat in the ride both were exciteddd about that …they entwined their hands and the ride starts they shouted like manics …having full fun then went on some other rides …they moved towards cotton candy stall and twinkle took it and made kunj eat …they took pictures of each n evrything ???..then move towards art gallery seeing the crafts and the designs …

They sat to made their portrait standing close looking in each other eyes after 15 mins the portrait finally finished twinkle looked at it and smiled …they pays off and left from there …then move towards another restaurant having their lunch ..
Mehbeer also came there and have lunch with them sharing what all they did …laughing on their funny incidents ..soon the four left for museum ..

K : twinkle twinkle some see someone is waiting for you ???? …

T : who kunj ??? She came running towards him he showed her sculpture while she looks at him angrily and he started laughing …

K : hahaha siyappa queen your facial expressions ummah love you baby ..
T : huh u are too bad ..

K : yeah ????…I know don’t praise me too much yaar …

She beats him while he was laughing still they roam whole museum kunj was just teasing twinkle ..showimg her many things …soon the rest day passed and they are back to hotel …
@ twinj room :::
Kunj came in room too see the lights off but he was shocked too see whole room is decorated with candles and rose petals …the aroma of the room freshener move over the scene infront if him …was just perfect …

Twinkle came in the room and closed the door behind kunj turned and looked at twinkle who was having a devilishly smirked on her face …

K : who did this twinkle ???? This is our room only nah …

T : yess Jaan this is our room she said moving towards him she pushed him on couch …and adjusted herself on his lap he was shocked too see this avatar of twinkle …??

He was loving it her one hand wrapped around is neck while the other one moving sensually from his face to the neck …

T : how was the decorations ??? Baby she said and kissed on his left cheek ..

K : perfect ? he pulled twinkle more closer to him …she went towards his neck kissing him widly making him groaned ..he smirked seeing her while she smiled devilishly turning him on ?..
To be continued ….
(Socha tha epi yahi par end kardu par it’s compensation for posting late as well as I am not going to post till December so take it as treat ????…)
K : don’t do this twinkle .. if I started na then to you are gone ..??…

T : acha she said still kissing him..she opened his shirt few buttons moving her fingers from his face to her neck …while moving more closer to him ..he closed his eyes feeling her coldy touch ?…she smiled …and continued kissing him ..kunj wrapped his arms tightly in his warm embrace ..making her moan ..

K : enough your turn is over now it’s mine ..he said and joined his lips with her ..biting her lips badlly making her moan …she was kissing him too with full of passion he bit her lower lip making her open her mouth and explore inside ..he deepens the kiss …soon he lifted her …they broke the kiss and looks at each other …with lust ?..

Twinkle blushed seeing him gazing towards her …she ran while kunj smiled ..and held her …and pinned her to the wall as if her back was facing his front …she kept her hands on the wall ..he held her by waist taking his hands inside her top ..and with other hands he removed her hairs and kissed her nape ..and slid down sleeve and was kissing shoulder making her moan on his each step … slowly he turned her and she looked down becoming hell red …

K : bola tha na Twinkle ..stop or else if I started them I wouldn’t be stop he winked at twinkle while she blushed more …he smiled cutely ..biting her red cheeks …then look at her eyes … lovingly he kissed it ..gently ..moved towards her neck …sucking biting there all the while she was clutching his shirt and was cursing herself for turning him on ..but she too wanted this …stop she shouted and kunj looked at her …she crashed hers lips against his and was biting him making him groan her name ..ahh twinkle what happen …he asked ..breaking the kiss …

T : Dekha …huh you are biting me the same way huh Mr sarna …so tit for tat ..huh ..

K : hahah ??..tit for tat haan ab to Tu gayi he said while she ran from there and climb on the bed …taking pillow hitting him ..while he was just shouting …ahh twinkle stop ..okay okay I’ll not do anything ??…

T : saying truth ??? She aksed while he looked at her and smirked and pulled her down she landed on bed ..while he threwed the pillow which was in her hands and came on her …

K : no more disturbance now samjhi ??? He aksed while she nodded like a baby and soon the torcher continue ….both kissing each other passionately ..showing their love for eo .. marking them as each other again …after a wild encounter for sometime the laid beside each other having a cutely smiles on her faces wrapped in a duvet …closely laying in each other embrace …they looked at each other and again turned red ..twinkle was playing with his fingers ..while he turned and pecked her forehead ..thanks for this suprise baby he said and pecked her lips ..while she smiled ..soon sleep over took them and they slept …
Screen freezes …
So how was the Episode ??? ..
Hope youu all like it ..
Sorry for this much late ??and I won’t be able to post soon guys if get time in between them post something for sure …
So yeah ba byeeee ..
Again a very happy birthday to you both aamu and purvi ?????
Emotional article on the way ?nai samjhe reason I breathe ??..
Bye ✋✋✋✋✋

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    Sam!!!! This was a perfect combination of everything!!
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