Happy birthday shalini Di ????????have a blast today ???
Episode 67 …
The Episode starts with twinj looking at each other surprisingly ..by their siblings gift …

Kab : so yess these are the tickets for your honeymoon to las Vegas …so enjoyyy guys …

Ab : yess have fun he winked at them making them fun …

Kab : why u are saying them you are going too my brother ??…
Ab : areyy but why ???? ..

T : Bhai if u are forgetting u got married only 3 weeks before ..
Kab : exactly …

Mehbeer smiles as they are right elders too smiles …they have to leave after 2 days ..they saw Mr and Mrs kapoor convincing mahi for something …they went towards them ..

Meh : what happen maa papa ???

Mahi ??? Why u are looking so tensed ..
Mrs k : see na meher we are going back to London and asking mahi to come with us as you got married now how will she stay alone here ..yuvi looks on shocked

Mah : I don’t wanna come papa plzz understand ….
Mr k : but puttar how can we let u stay alone here ???? …

L : why alone when she has her family here …she has her sister jiju which is more..than a brother to her …

Ab : maa is right mom dad mahi will stay at TM …she is like my sister no not like she is my sister only ..
K : yeah uncle it’s correct ..

They all convinced them finally they agreed to let mahi stay in India only ..yuvi looks and sighs of relief twinj notices him ..
after everything ended all left back to their homes …
@ Sarna Mansion :::
Everyone came back and went in their room as they all got hell tired ..twinkle went to their room and changed kunj came after sometime ..and looks at Twinkle …who was standing infront of mirror ..

K : u changed ??? So quick twinkle he said …and moved closer to her ..

T : kyun you would have help me ? In changing she winked at him …wrapping her arms around his neck …

K : uhmm uhmm someone’s is getting naughtier day by day hai na …

T : yess then I am kunj sarna sherni I have to be naughtier nah she said kissing him on cheeks …

K : don’t worry baby I’ll not let you go even for a second after 2 days he whispered making her blush biting her earlobe she cluchted his shirt …he pulled her closer inhaling her …kissing her neck ..

T : kunjjjj…she moaned …
He smirked and bite more hard ..leaving his mark there and sucked to soothe pain …and looked at her …she has turned red …he smiled pecked her forehead …

K : acha I’ll go and change he said while she nodded blushing he went inside having a cute smile on his face ..

After sometime he came back and saw his room empty ….
Where she went now ??? …he came out of his room to find twinkle n yuvi in chinki room …

K : what’s happening guys u all here ??? Chinki what happen u are looking so dull ..

C : nothing Bhai I am going back tomorrow …so was informing Bhabhi n yuvi about it ..

K : why u are leaving so early …it’s just 10 days since you came ..

C : maa called me and ask me to come back Bhai that’s why ..

(Note : a small chinki is their cousin sis only maasi daughter not real one ..kunj maasi didn’t attain wedding due to some reasons so send chinki to attain …chinki calls usha and Manohar as mom dad only …)

Ushar Bebe too came in chinki room and n hugged her tightly …they all have a family moments …both the brothers have fun with their sister twinkle smiled looking at them ..

Soon they all night whole night awake talking to each other … watching moving having fun all night in chinki room ..
After sometime kunj sees chinki twinkle has fallen asleep yuvi too yawns n went to his room …

Kunj made chinki lie properly and put the blanket over her …then look at his siyappa queen …

K : should I let her sleep here ??? I don’t want to wake her up what to do now ?it’s better to take her …or else how would I sleep ????

He went towards twinkle and lifted her in bridal style and smiled looking at her took her to their room and sleeps cuddling her….
Next morning ::::
The days starts asusual …everyone woke up and came down for breakfast …they all are having breakfast …when swadarsh burst another bomb .

Sw : we are going back today …
T : now what’s this yaar ..

Ad : areyy we just came to attain your wedding now wedding our so we are heading back …
K : but guys ..it’s unfair ..

Ar : areyy kunj we are here from many days now have to go back and see off business too as you are on holiday me and Adarsh needs to be their nah ?.

Ad : haan and mom dad too coming to NY to stay with us to take care of swadheenta so we have to head back ..today ..

K : okay them when is your flight ????
Sw : same at night …
C : wow ????…we all are going back …

Y : umm mummy see everyone is going back first this chinki now swadarsh and Aryan them after two days mehbeer and twinj will leave for their honeymoon I’ll be left alone ..

K : toh what ??? U wanna come with us Kya ???? …

Y : Nahi Bhai mein aake Kya Karu smile sheepishly ???…

T : besharam …
Y : same to you …

Twiraj started fighting kunj looks at them with impossible look …inka kuch nahi hosakta thy said …

They all had fun whole day went on a small outing from there they went to drop swadarsh and chiyan they bid them bye ..
Kunj and yuvi hugged chinki Misha too met her …then they all left …

And the rest went back to SM and TM …
Yuvi was in his room when he gets a message from kunj to come in lawn …he went thinking what’s it would be that kunj called him there …

He came and finds kunj sitting on the chair ..twinkle came there with 3 cups of coffee …and sat beside kunj and asked yuvi to sat too it’s seems like am important discussion is gonna happen there …

Y : Bhai ??? Why u called me here ..
K : do you love mahi ??? We wanted to ask this last night too but forgot due to chinki sudden going back Plan ..

T : haan yuvi tell us …
Y : wo ..Bhai yes I love her …

K : then why don’t u confess ??? As far as I knew she too has some feelings for you ..

T : and each time we ask you about it you behave normally ??? What’s the reason ??? ..

Y : ahh how can I hide from you ..I don’t wanna be in relationship so soon I wanna be successful first to take care of mom dad our family and most important mahi ..Bhai twinkle came in your life after you have achieved something that u can take care of her you are my idol I wanna follow you as soon as I’ll become something to take care of everyone I’ll confess …

K : my brother has grown up twinkle see I told you his exact reason would be this ..

T : haan kunj I didn’t knew lakshman has became so mature and responsible ..

Twinjraj smiled …so we wanted to clear this thing only … Twinkle said ..

K : but don’t take much time yuvi ..or else you will loose her I feel you should share this with mahi too so there would be no confusion …

Y : I’ll talk to her soon Bhai thanks for understanding me this ..

K : don’t thank me thank her ..as because of her only I aksed…

Y : twinkle ko bolo ya aapko baat to ek hi hai hai na he winked making them blush they spend sometime and left back to their rooms …
Screen freezes …
Ba byee do comment …
Before settling twinj I have to settle others ???..
So yesss las Vegas as per majority their destination …

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    Cheap hogay leave it post soon dear Sameera ji bye loads of love you

  2. Kiya1234

    Uff made my day amazing episode jitni baar Iss ff ke episode padti hu utna hi pyaar hojata hai seriously yaar ???????❣️?❣️❣️❣️❣️Nice place let’s see now what will happened in honeymoon ???honey did something or not ???????
    Cheap hogay leave it post soon dear Sameera ji bye loads of love you

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