Episode 64
The Episode starts with kunj along with yuvi and Aryan coming down and sees everyone on they too satt while kunj looks at dinning table and the dishes there it was aloo Puri palak Pani with chole bathure and white butter with rice and daal ….with some juices …

K : who prepared this ??? He asked shockinglyyy and looked at twinkle ….

Ba : oye khote Teri nu ne hi banaya hai …

Kunj looks at twinkle suspiciously then all started eating while twinkle and chinki was serving them …

U : arey twinkle chinki tum dono bhi baith jao …

T : haan twinkle said and sat beside kunj ..they were having their breakfast cum lunch ???…when kunj holds twinkle hands beneath the table …and was playing with her fingers ….while smirking looking at her ….she looks at him …them with her another hand pinched him …

K : ouchhh …

Mano : what happen kunj ??? Any problem …

K : no papa i chewed mirchi that’s why he said and smiled sheepishly ..twinkle was controlling her laugh …

U : areyy twinkle kunj stop ..babee we forgot ..that ritual ??? …

K : ab what ritual maa I am already fed up he cried like a baby while others were laughing at his condition …

U : areey it’s a interesting ritual where the newly wedded couple has to feed each other she said …while Kunj smirks ..

K : then it’s looking amazing …he took a piece of Puri and feeds twinkle all hoots for them …now next was twinkles turn ..

She too took the piece and feeds kunj while he bites her finger taking revenge of pinching him …all sees them n laughs twinkle bows down her head due to blushing …soon everyone have their food …and sat in the hall chatting with each other …while the boys went in yuvi room to play video game …

Kabir and abeer comes there and greets them …twinkle hugged them …

Kab : how are you ???? …
T : I am fine and you both ..??
Ab : we are fine too …

Mis : koi humse b poochle she said and Kabir smiled …seeing her ..and lipsed I hate you ..coz she is staying in sm..he told her to come back but she said she will be back only after reception …

Ba : acha hua you both came ..twinkle go and get ready for pag phera ritual ..
T : okay …

Kab/ab : where are our gang ???? …
Mis : they all are in yuvi room …

Kab/ab : okay till twinkle gets ready we will meet them they said and usha and babee nods they left for yuvi room …

@ twinj room ::
Twinkle comes to her room followed by Misha and usha chinki swadheenta …

U : twinkle wear this she said and handed her the saree …

T : okay mummy g twinkle took it and went to change ..while usha left ..too others stayed in their room ..

@ yuvi room ..
Kabir and abeer comes there and sees yuvi Aryan Adarsh and kunj playing come fighting more …

Kab/ab : oyeee khel rahe ho ya lad rahe ho …they turned back and smiled seeing them …

K : tum dono ?? When u both came ???

Kab/ab : just 5 minutes back ? jija g they said and laughed seeing kunj expression …

Kab : won’t you ask why we came here ? ..

Ab : haan sahi kaha …

Y : simple we know u came to take Bhabhi hai na ???…

K : what ????? He shouted all looks at him …with wide eyes …

Kab : yess kunj we are taking her back to TM …
K : but why ??? …

Ab : she called us and told us that u had teased her alott today and she didn’t want to stay with you …kunj looked on shocked while others were controlling their laughter ….

K : what ?? And he recalled biting her fingers …and gets worried soon he heard them laughing loudly ..

Kab : hahahaha mumma … OMG you go soo much worried sachiii ?? Tune twinkle ko tease Kiya ? …while kunj kept quiet ..

Ab : don’t worry bro we just came to take her for pag phera then by night she will be back here they said and kunj sigh of relief …

Ar/ad: bechare Ka popat hogaya …hahahhaaha poor baby joru Ka gulam ????ek sec nai reh Sakta twinkle ke bina ….

K : u all are very bad huh he said and went from his room while all laughed again … rolling on bed …

Kab : twinkle is very lucky to have him ..
All nods in yes ….

@ twinj room :::
Twinkle got fully ready in purple netted saare with sleeves blouse with her chuda increasing her beauty ..Misha and swadheenta did her light make up and hairstyle ….

Mis : looking perfect ..well I have to get ready too …

T : kyun Bhabhi ???? You are coming with us ???? ..

Mis : yeah kabir is gonna killme now ?

T : hahaha ??? …kunj comes to his room and sees them …
C : Bhai ? Why u came here …

K : what you mean why I came chinki it’s my room …he was already irritated ?????

Soon Misha swadheenta and chinki left after but after teasing kunj to hell ..he was badlyyyyy irritated …he stands with a frown on his face …twinkle moved towards him …

T : what happen Jaan why u are soo irritated ..she asked cupping his face while he took her finger where he bite it and sucked it …

K : I am so sorry twinkle for this …

T : arey kunj don’t say this what happen ?? She asked and he narrated what happen sometime before she too started laughing …

K : u are also bad Jaise Bhai waisi behen huh hate you …he said and turned his face ..she back hugged him …

T : ohh …don’t show this fake anger now my monkey …she said and turned him ..waise I love your possesive side ..don’t worry come soon to take me back she continues and winked at him ..while he smiled pulling her closer ..
K : waise you are looking gorgeous he said looked at her from top to toe …if I start now you won’t be able to go from he ended while both laughs …and joined their foreheads ….

On the other side ::
Misha too got ready to go back ..and called Kabir …

Kab : u are coming with us ?
Mis : yep …
Kab : kyun ??? No worries stay here til reception Misha …

Mis : no I am missing my hubby alott seeing mehbeer and now twinj swadarsh too she said and pouts ..

Kabir laughed and pecked her even I am missing my wifey come let’s go .

Next scene ..
T : let’s go down everyone is waiting for us …kunj kunj ..she said but he was lost in the moment …she pecked him …

K : hmm yeah love you he pecked her forehead come back soon …will miss you ???

T : love you too she said and they entangled their arms and went downstairs soon Kabir and abeer took twinkle and Misha back with them ..
Screen freezes ….
Can’t do much bak bak …???not in city rytt now ???…
Bye ????…

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  1. Cheena2001Cp

    ???? Cute and Awsome

  2. Kiya1234

    Superb se bhi Wala superb episode yaar I loved all twinj tease moments I can’t describe ??♥️♥️♥️???loved Kunj really he was mad in love with his twinkle and funny jija ji????Yuvi tooo plz plz plz post soon next one I can’t anymore now hell despite ?????
    Awesome sami and thanks for posting

  3. Twinj2000

    That was so sweet ❤️
    Soo cute twinj scenes were
    Bechara kunj ?
    Loved it ??
    Try to post soon
    Waiting eagerly

  4. Nishuu

    Awesome one
    Loved it

  5. Unheard-Of

    It was just superb….?
    Light heart episode with teases n masti made it amazing!!!!!!!!??
    Eagerly waiting for the next one

  6. SidMin23

    Poor kunj ?????? love this part

  7. Farwah fathima

    Too good
    loved it
    Loved kunj’s reaction when kabir and Abeer told him that he’s teasing twinkle a lot
    waiting for the next one
    Plzzz post soon

  8. Baby

    samieeeee ♥ as always u were lovely ♥
    it was too cute haha kunj bechara ♥
    lol ♥ love u lods ♥
    plss post twinj rab milya♥
    it was speechless ♥
    cute toh itna ki bas puchoo mat ♥

  9. Farwah fathima

    Too cute
    Loved kunj’s reaction when Abeer and kabir told him abt teasing twinkle
    Do continue
    M eagerly waiting for the next one
    Plz post soon

  10. Amazing episode…?

  11. Presha

    Awesome dii…
    Loved it..
    Too good..
    Post soon…
    Love u

  12. Superb episode
    Loved it veryyy much
    Twinj scenes were awesome…
    Plz post next part soon…
    Love u

  13. Vibhu

    Hahahà .. Poor kunj
    Loved it
    I wonder how u write such wonderful story

  14. luved it yr
    keep writing
    thanks for posting
    luv u

  15. Ananya_DSK

    Sam! This was such fun!
    You are so amazing!
    Loved it!

  16. Rochika

    Omggg yrrr i loved this epi to the heaven…????????????????
    Oh god ….kunj was so irritated.. ????
    Sooo funny..??
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    Ur sis

  18. Amazing episode dear matlab superb twinj scene too good awesome
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    Awesome as usual Amazinh

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    it was fantabulous
    awsm n amzng
    just luvd it di
    poir kunj
    plz post asaplove u a lot ♡♡♡

  21. Mia12

    Oye bootni.???.. Kya bat hai teri writing bhtttt hi khas hai??? Awesome episode???? Luvvvdddd ittt soooooooo much se bhi jeyada.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Twinj scean was always Bliss.???????? post soon reh can wait bye.??

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