KUCH TO HUA HAI ~ TWINJ episode 49

Episode 49 …
The episode starts with twinj hugging each other and conveying how much they missed each other …they broke the hug ..and smiled at each other …

K : shall we sit ???? …

T : yeah ..but where kunj this is terrace ..

K : here kunj said pointing at the railing ..

T : what ???? Here r u serious ??? ..

K : yess Jaan I am …he said and sat on the railing leaving space in between and asked twinkle to sit ..she sat and he holds her from behind ..both were enjoying the moment the cool breeze the view of the beautiful palace ..and the city .. with lovable embrace of each other…warm of their bodies making the environment go more cool ..

They were talking n talking …while all the while kunj was playing with her fingers …

T : thank you soooo much kunj for coming …

K : hah your welcome mam he said while both laughed …they talked for sometime

T : chalo lets sleep it’s quite late ..

K : together ??? He asked and winked at her ..

T : u shameless …we have still time for it you go to your room and I’ll go to mine ..
Twinkle climbed down …the railing and was going from there when kunj again pulls her and back hugs her ..

K : itni jaldi Kya hài Jaan he said and pecked her from behind on her cheeks .
T : hah kunj leave me or else I’ll not be able to control myself she said without thinking …

K : what ???? He aksed shocking and turned her ???? ..

T : I mean wo ..mein ..

K : hahah say it again ..what u said ?? Haan ..????..plz plz ..

T : no nothing ….

K : okk I’ll leave you if u say it again pakka ..

T : pakka ???

K : yess ..

T : so listen Mr sarna yess I’ll not be able to control myself and who would be when u have such hot Munda with you she said and winked at him ..

K : haww I think I should escape from here …meri izzat pe khatraa …

They both looked at each other for sometime and then laughs holding their stomachs …

T : shall I go ???? ..jaaannnnnnn

K : haan haan ..go sleep well good night love you .. siyappa queen ..

T : love you too my sadu sarna she said and pulled his cheeks ..
Both left for their rooms happily ….

3 days passed like that they did full on masti while shopping for others things twinj used to go on secret dates ..and was having fun …

Next day ::::
Again a new morning ..it was mehendi function today …all the girls gets dressed up beautifully in sleeveless frocks ..looking amazingggggly cute ..mehandi girl started applying on meher and Misha hands ..twinkle was teasing them …

L : twinkle u also apply beta ..

T : haan maa I’ll apply after sometime …
Boys came there and looked at their partners ..

Kunj sees twinkle and smiled ..and aksed why she is not applying ….

T : I don’t want to apply kunj ..

K : arey kyun ?????? ….

T : when I know how much u love me then why I need to put mehandi and see its colour ..???..

K : achaaaaa…jiii still i wanted u to apply …

T : as you say Mr sarna she went and applied too ..

Everyone’s henna completed now it was boys duty to bare their tantrums ..Kabir and abeer were bzy in feeding food to Misha and meher ..while kunj was forcing twinkle to eat something but she was too stubborn he started to stuff food in her mouth ..while she bites his hand ..

K : ouch …jungli Billi ..

T : hahah I said I don’t wanna eat but you ..

K : I’ll show you he said and pecked her cheek without anyone notice while twinkle was shocked ..and he winked at her …

Yuhi was standing stealing glances of each other as still they didn’t confessed ..

Soon another function ended like this ..all are very happy and was enjoying each n every day ….mehbeer were so exciteddd ..twinj were too enjoying everything …
In the afternoon :::
All.the elders were sitting in the hall ..pandit g came there ..Kabir and yuvi went for some work ..abeer was resting in his room ..same was with meher ..Misha and twinkle came down followed by kunj …

Pandit : shadi ke liye kal subah ka mahurat sabse acha hai …

L : acha pandit g …plzz take out another date mahurat too …

U : haan …

P : next auspicious day is after 2 weeks on xx date ….

K : par maa next auspicious date kyun …
Ba : kunj tujhe shadi nahi Karni Kya ..

Twinkle looked at babee while kunj was shocked too ..

Twinj : matlab ??????? …

Rt : means beta your wedding is gonna held after 2 weeks ….as per the wedding month fixed by your grandparents ..

Mano : haan ..mehbeer ki shadi jaldi hojaye ek aur ki tayyari Karna hai …all the elders congratulates each other ..

Wow congratulations guys Misha said and hugged twinj they are still shocked but happy too ..Kabir yuvi n others came there and all.teased twinj alottt ….

All.the while kunj wanted to talk to twinkle but didn’t got any chance ..soon they all left to get ready for Sangeet then next day it’s wedding in morning ..

Everyone were hell bzy ….all got ready beautifully in lehengas …

Kunj was in his room when he felt someone backhugging him ..he smiled as he knew who it was …he turned and found twinkle in pink and blue coloured lehenga firstly he got mesmerised by her …

K : twinkle Tu yaha ????? …kaise aayi .
T : chal ke obviously kaho to chali jau she said and was going towards door but he pulled her ..

K : aise kaise jayegi haan …he said and tucked her hair strands behind ..

T : u know kunj I am sooooooooooooooo happy today ..

K : even I am twinkle I can’t believe …we are gonna get married after 2 weeks ..

T : yeahhhh I can’t wait ..

K : same he said and both laughed soon they heard a knock on door ..

T : mar Gaye agar Kisi ne mujhe Yaha dekhliye toh …

K : Tu yahi rum koi nahi dekhega …he opened the door to find yuvi Der ..

Y : bhaii itni Der leta hai Kya koi door open karne ..

K : Tu yaha kuch kaam hai Kya ???? …
Y : yess i had to change my clothes chalo let me come inside ..

K : nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

Y : what nahiiii Bhai ???? He peeped inside and saw someone shadow and understood it may be twinkle ..acha jiii I am going and shouts ..enjoy your quality time love birds …

K : yuvi Tu ..he was going to beat yuvi but he ran from there ..

Twinkle laughed and kunj looked at her then they spend sometime with each other and Twinkle silently left from there ..

Soon mehbeer was made to sit down and the performance …

Twinj yuhi mibir … everyone danced on romantic songs baarish …tere sang yaara and soch na sake ..

Then elders danced on …aye dil laaya hai bahar …then it’s time for …groom and bride performance …

Then mehbeer danced on ..Ijazat …soon they all had their dinner …and the function ended happily …

Leela informed everyone that the wedding is in morning itself so all went back to their rooms ..
Screen freezes
So how was the episode guys ??? ..
Hope u all liked it ..
I am writing it from long time ??..and posting it now Kya Karu ?? ye health thik hi nahi horahi hai ????..
Ba byeee …

See zyada twinj scenes diye aur nahi de Sakti warna ??mummy ki maar padegi phn zyada na use karne Ka order Mila hai ???…
Comment dedo Bueno aur bhaiyo agar koi hai to ????..
Thanks to all who commented …
So …twinj wedding is coming up soon ..
To dil thaam lo guys ????..
Ba byee love u all ..

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  1. SidMin23

    Wow love twinj moment and get well soon. Exited for twinj weeding.

  2. Nice episode loved it to the core try posting the other one soon take carvof your health

  3. Vags


  4. Samaira_khan

    Loved it it’s awsm the scenes of twinj we’re damn cute post katil too

  5. amazing sam…plss take care of yourself and post asap…hell exited 4 twinj wedding. ..and post kaatil also…plss ????
    take care
    and post asap????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Brilliant episode ?❤️??
    Funny too ???
    Twinj scence ufff ❤️???
    Aww twinj ki saadi aww ❤️?❤️???????finally can’t wait too see ???
    Get well soon Sami ?????
    Post soon

  7. Presha

    Amazingg epi..
    Loved it…
    Excited for next…
    Love u…

  8. Awesome

  9. amazing & cute episode sammu??????????

    get well soon dear plzzzzzzzzzzzz apni health ka dhiyan rakho OK

    wow twinj ki shadhi hogi…….I am sooooo sooo excited

    luv u aur jaldi thik ho jao

  10. Nishfd

    Great epi sameera…
    Cnt wait for twinj wedding. …

  11. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing. Epi waiting. For twinj wedding
    Pls take care of ur self and get well soon
    Baheno ne toh comment kardiya bhai toh koi hai nai toh kaise comment karenge hehehe

  12. Lama

    Hi Sam,

    U know i was waiting for ur epi from sooooo long…
    Bt finally i got it….
    Marvelous yr….
    U don’t even know….ke m tumhari kitni badhi fan hu….
    Ab to meri dream ho gai h…tumse milna….
    Yr u r just tooooooooooooo osm….
    I love u yr….
    Post soon….

    Ur sis

  13. Aamu

    Haaye me mar jawaaa…
    Tune tooo bada achcha shock dediya..
    2 weeek me shaadi..?
    Twinj ka to pata ni but mere man me laddoooo zarur foootraha hai????
    Chalo jldi post karo..
    N haa..the best scene was twinkle hugging kunj from behind?
    Ye to sherni hai re..!.
    Zyada tar ye boys karte hai..i mean hero…rooom.me aakar..but yaha to twinki..
    Loved it..??
    Post sooon..
    Love u.
    N take care?

  14. Aamna_2690

    Am I dreaming??
    TWINJ ki Shaadi???
    Kitna wait Karaya iske liye??
    Chal khair koi na ?? DER AYE DURUST AYE??? Sholly Sholly ?? Ho0e it didn’t hurted U??
    Just Loved this Episode babes ????
    Post Soon babes???
    Love U????????❤❤❤❤❤????????????❣❣❣❣???????

  15. Nishuu

    Sam baby it was amazing
    Loved it

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME amazing

  17. Anusha

    Awesome…Loved it…amazing ff

  18. Supriya18d

    luv it Sam ❤???????????

  19. Farwah fathima

    Loved it
    Post the next epi soon

  20. Samm??????? FABULOUS ???….Such a cutie patootie Episode ??…..
    Byee and post soon ??

  21. Ramya

    Awesome sam amazing
    I’m running out of words
    Day by day
    It’s just super so lovely
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  22. Awsm…
    Luvd it…
    Too gud…
    Sorry for late cmnt yr…
    I am Hell bzy nowadays….
    Luv u alot
    Bye…tc of urself

  23. Baby

    wowowaaa samiee loved it soooooooooo mch ♥♥♥
    osm ♥
    shooooooooooo cute ♥
    hehhe twinkle being naughty ♥
    love u ♥
    P.S. plssssss do take care of ur slf which u dont as mch i hv noted frm dat it seems soo ♥

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