KUCH TO HUA HAI ~ TWINJ episode 46

I am posting this episode on special request + dhamki of aanu (aamna) adee(virat ki wifey??) ??aamu ..and presha ???..(chalo ab sab inhe thanks bolo ???????)
Episode 46 ..
The episode starts with twinkle and mibir boarded their flight …soon the flight took off …

Twinkle pov ::::..
I am sooooooooooooooo happy today I am going back to my family …I am so happy too meet them ..as this was the first time I went away from them but I am sad tooooooooo yaar …it’s just few hours that I left kunj and I started missing him badly don’t know how I will be able to live without him ..I hope he comes back soon …ab bas jaldi se ye time paas hojaye babaji …
Pov ends :::

Twinkle was Lost in her own thoughts soon sleep took over her …
On the other side :::
Kunj comes back to his home after dropping them …he went inside and was hell sad …I am missing her sooo much ..it’s just few hours she went from her …ahhh how I’ll be able to live without her…he went to his room and recalls twinkle and smiles siyappa queen dekh Kya Haal kardiya hai tune mera …then he slept too thinking about her …

Missing each other is the important and best part of love …it’s leads to the growth of strength of love for each other same was with them …
Next scene :::
Twinkle and mibir reached India they come out of the airport after security check …abeer came to pick them ..as soon as he saw his siblings he went towards them….twinkle and Kabir sees him too and they trio hugged each other tightly telling how much they missed each other Misha was smiling admiring the bond that the trio shared …when twinkle pulled her too ..soon they left for taneja mansion …
@ taneja mansion:::

Leela usha babee RT Manohar ..everyone were waiting for them desperately …meher and mahi was still at their maasi home and yuvi was at work so he was not present there too ..

L : when they will come …I am waiting for them …from long time …

RT : leela calm they will come soon ..
Soon they heard the door bell and Leela ran to open door …as soon as she opened she finds them standing having smile on their faces …she hugged them too …

Twinkle meets all the family members then met sarnas and took their blessings …Misha and Kabir too met Misha hugged babee ..

T : thank you sooooooooooooooo much I have world’s best family …I am very happy that u all have send me there ..she says and hugged usha and leela ..I can’t express what I am feeling ..

U : no need bacha ur smile is conveying your happiness …

L : and our happiness lies in your happiness …

Twinkle gets teard eye and hugged her mother’s …

Ba : chalo chalo Bhai kuch khalo ab ..

Kab : haan I am starving ..badly ..

All laughs and twinkle and mibir went to get freshen up ….and came down ..

T : usha maa where is yuvi ??? ..

Y : here yuvi says coming from behind ..

Twinkle looked at him and got shocked ..he was in office clothes ..

T : tu kon hai Bhai ????? …
All laughs at her statement …

Ab : arey twinki tujhe pata nahi hamare yuvi ne office join karliya hai …

T : Kya baat hai tarakhi …???..umm good good very good ..beta Yuvraj ..

Y : maa papa see your daughter in law ….Tu bhi to office join karke aayi na …

Man & usha : Bhai it’s sita and lakshman fight we won’t come in between ..

L : yuvi sit beta and have lunch ..

T : haan haan sit devarjiii ???..

Y : Tu kuch zyada nahi bol rahi Lagta hai trip kuch zyada achi thi …and he winks at twinkle while she blushed ..

Mibir and abeer laughs while twinkle ..passed a death glare to yuvi ..

T : waise where is meher n mahi ??? Wo dono ab tak nahi aaye Mumbai se ?? ..

Ab & Y : nahi yaar …they both says together …and mibir and twinkle silently pulled their leg …and they had their lunch …teasing ech other …after a long time …
On the other side ::: (NY)
Pata tha mujhe I knew it ye siyappa queen mujhe jaate hi bhul jaayegi ..dhoke baaz Kahi ki says an irritated kunj sitting in his office who had called twinkle many times .but she being bzy with family didn’t received his call ..he was sitting irrated in his cabin when ….swadarsh and Aryan comes to his cabin and sat infront of kunj ..

Sw : someone is missing twinkle badly ..

K : someone kyun mein hi miss Kar Raha Hu …he says irritatedly …

Ar : aww bechara …kunj Tu India jaake aajana …it will be good for you ..

K : arey nai yaar u know na next week we have to leave for UK …for that conference uske Baad 1 month tak bzy schedule ab seedha ..shadi ki baat hone ki time hi wapas jaunga …

All hoots for him they are also trying to make kunj don’t miss twinkle much as twinkle had talked to him before going only as she knew his sadu sarna is gonna miss her very much ..they all had their lunch too …having fun …
Next scene :::
Twinkle finished her lunch and went to her room to check her phone and sees many calls from kunj …

Siyappa now this sadu sarna is surely gonna kill me ..she called him back ..

Kunj sees his phone ringing a wide curve appears on his face he picked up the call hurriedly …but aryan and swadarsh snatched the phone …from his hand ..

T : hello ….kunj I am so sorry kunj u Der ????!??? …

Sw : hello twinkle how are you ..

T : I am fine u all ???? ..

Ad : we are fine too …twinkle ..

T : acha and kunj ???? ..

Kunj smiles …. broadly listening to her voice …???????

Ar : he is very much fine ..they are not giving chance to kunj ..Aryan kept his hand on kunj mouth preventing him from speaking …

Screen freezes on kunj irritated face ..and twinkle impatient face ..
So how was the episode ??? ..
Hope u all like it …
Haan haan don’t worry jaldi se shadi wala track daalungi ???…
But but u have to wait for sometime ..
Chalo jaldi jaldi comments dedo …
Ba byeeee ….
Thanks to all who commented and Fatima nope yaar nahi Hu gussa ??thoda hui thi but then socha koi problem thi hi hoga so no worries ..???lekin jaldi next episode Dede as I am really loving it ????? …
Dekh aanu post Kar rahi Hu ???..
Ab pakka wala bye ..love u all ..
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned..

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  1. Awesome episode ??❤️??❤️
    Twinkle yuvi bond aww ???devarji lol ? funny ? u nailed it ?❤️?
    Post soon
    Loads of love ❤️

  2. ???…. Yr superb epi… Cute….
    I just luvd it… Post nxt soon… And post katil also…
    Luv u??…

  3. SidMin23

    Nice post soon waiting for weeding

    1. Happy birthday to u
      Happy birthday to u sidmin23?????????????????????????????????????

      god tumhe sarri happiness de

      luv u dear

  4. Aamu

    Dekh zara kon aaya hai..
    Time bhi dekh..?
    Tere liye aayi hu..
    Achcha thik hai..kal school ni hai..chitti hai thats y aayi hu..abhi tak jag rahi hu…aakhir its my best n favourite n memorable day..?

    Leave that..
    Dhamki mention k liye shukriya
    Well ye mazedaar tha..it was awesome..
    Mother daughter moment..?
    N devarhi bhabi moment lol..
    It was funny..

    Chalo ab kaatil post kar..dekh mere ff par cmnt dekhne k lye on kya or ye padh liya..abhi cmnts chck karne jaane dw..bye..
    Love u post soon first kaatil..huh..!


  5. Presha

    Awesome dii…
    Loved it…
    Mother daughter bond..

    Yuvi teinki bond…
    Their teasing scenes we’re fabulous….
    Loved them all…
    Post soon…
    Nd kaatil too

    Love u


  6. Supriya18d

    All scene were funny & amazing….
    awsm epi…
    post ASaP next…
    luv u

  7. Nishuu

    Sam u gave amazing episode yar really my dear sweeti sis
    Loved it

  8. amazing mindblowing fabulous fantastic episode sammu lovely episode ???

    post soon dear

  9. Sidmin ki sadia

    All seens are amazing. And funny too luv it soo much
    Post next soon

  10. Funny epi
    When twinkle says to UV Tu kon hai Bhai
    And when kunj says that someone kyun main hi Kar Raha hon that was amazing

  11. Heya di..
    Sabse pehle apka ty hame mention krne k liye??? nd commentators hame ty bolo hamari wajah se di ne post kiya????..?
    Anyways episode was just fab..
    Mother daughter bond was amazing..
    Post soon..
    Love u.

  12. Hii Sam,
    Very happy that u hv posted soo soon….
    All thnxx to ammu nd presha….
    Yr u just nailed it….
    Each nd every line is so well written….
    Ek dun jhakkaas…
    Post soon…
    Luv u…

    Ur sis

  13. Aamna_2690

    Well Thank U so Much Apka hamari dhamki ko Seriously lene ke liye??
    And Mention is Double Shukriya??
    Well Episode was Amazing Babes???
    Mother – Daughter Bond??
    Devar-Bhabhi were Hillarious??
    Fantastic Episode??
    Wese Post Soon ??
    Aur jaldi Shaadi kara TWINJ ki??
    Waiting ??
    Ab isse bhi dhamki samajh le??
    Love U??
    Urs Aanu??

  14. Sohi

    Sad yet cute episode
    Hahaha kunj’s dialogues were funny
    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue

  15. Farwah fathima

    It was mind blowing
    Kunj missing twinkle was very nice
    Post the next epi soon

  16. Mere sweet heart try for a new twist apne dimaag use kar le

  17. Shalini15

    Hayeeeee meri sweetness ki itna sweet episode na diya karo tussi face se smile gayab hi nahi hoti???????????? awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Loved twiraj bond nd bechara kunj????????? kitna tadpaya ja raha hai use????????? nd his dialoges were just amazing. Loved it so much. Post next soon.
    Love you lots ????????

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous funny

  19. Ramya

    Awesome sam amazing
    Hamesha ki tarah u nailed it
    It was so cute so lovely
    Love you keep smiling

  20. Baby

    OMG !!samieee ♥
    humein kahin bhul na jaanaa dear…
    srsly luvd d episode sissy ♥
    it was cute and emotional n hhahaa funny too ♥
    loved it ♥
    love u ♥

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