KUCH TO HUA HAI ~ TWINJ episode 45

This episode is dedicated to Nisha Di ??????????????…
And my all of the readers ???who impatiently waits for it daily ..
Episode 45 :::..
The episode starts with kunj telling twinkle about her flight …she got sad too reminsing all the moments she spent with him these days …

he knew that she got sad too so he decided to be normal infront of her ….

K : chall lets prepare dinner together ..what say ???..

T : haan let’s go she said and both went in the kitchen …

K : so what we should make ???? ..

T : I have brought chicken today from market so let’s prepare butter chicken ..

K : superbbb then .. Siyappa queen he said and pecked her cheek she smiled ..

They both started preparing it teasing each other clicking pics then finally they prepared butter chicken with parathas ..
They arranged it on dinning table and had it while feeding each other ..

Let’s watch a movie what say kunj ??? ..
Haan let’s see …then they saw an emotional movie all the while kunj was crying on emotional scenes and twinkle was teasing him ..

T : oyee meri heroine I can’t see tears in your eyes ..

K :shut up see how emotional scene it was …u are heartless …

T : yess i am heartless coz my heart is with you na baby she said and winked at him …

K : then Mera Dil bhi to tere paas hai he said and winked back ….

Hahah yes she laughed at him and they continued watching soon they drifted to sleep in hall only ..
Next day :::
Twinj were sleeping uncomfortably on floor ..in each other embrace …they are cuddling more n more into each other when they heard someone ringing bells repeatedly ..which broke their sleep ..

K : ahh who is here this early morning ..kon margaya itni subah …

T : ???… let’s see ..

K : haan dekhna to hoga hi …

They stand and went and opened the door and found mibir standing their having naughty smile playing on their lips ….

Mibir : SUPRISE …????..

K : suprise seriously guys it’s 6 am it’s not suprise it’s complete shock ..

Kab : hahaha acha hua ..saale

T : Bhai ..twinkle hugged Kabir and they all went inside ..

They sat on the sofa…when Misha said ..

Mis : as we are leaving for India at midnight so we thought to visit you to for a day kunj …

K : acha Kiya ..he said yawning ….

Kab : u both are looking full tired ..

T : yeah we slept just now we were watching movie whole night ..

Kab : ohh acha ..

K : u both must be tired too so ..u both rest too then we will visit new York and do some shopping for the family members ..

Mis : yeah good idea ..

Kunj showed mibir their room and he asked twinkle to sleep in room while he will sleep in guest room as he didn’t wanted them to think something wrong..twinkle nodded ..and left while kunj slept in GR …
After few hours they woked up and kunj helped twinkle to do her packing …she packed everything …they went and prepared breakfast along with mibir help they all had it teasing each other …

Shall we move guys ??? For shopping ??? Kunj said and they nodded ..

Then they visit many shopping centers and buyed sooo many things ..

Mis :Twinkle see we should buy this too what say ????

T : haan Bhabhi it’s just beautiful..let’s buy it…

K : ohh madams stop now ..we are tired

Kunj and Kabir were standing with many shopping bags in their hands fully irritated …

T : okay okay..sir he said and smiled while kunj again got mesmerised by her until Kabir pat’s him …

They went to food court and have their lunch ..then they visit many few places ..
And finally kunj took them to his office ..
He called his all he employees ..

K : well I know u all must be shocked why I called u here I wanna make u meet my to be wife …he called twinkle n everyone got shocked ..but then smiled saying u both look perfect together ..

Swadarsh aryan too bid bye to twinkle and said they will come to India too..

K : Chale siyappa queen ??? ..
T : haan let’s go …
@ 9 am ..
They came back to home and took their luggage kunj was standing hiding his tears as he didn’t wanted Twinkle to see that ..but Twinkle is twinkle she backhugged kunj ..

T : baby ..

K : what happen twinkle he said turning towards her ..

T : I am going won’t u miss me ..

K : no I won’t ..who will miss you siyappa queen …

T : acha huh she said and pouted kunj pecked her pout ..and smiled at her ..

K : of course I’ll miss u Jaan ..these days are the bestest days to my life ..and I am gonna miss u till death ..

T : I will miss you too ..kunj she said and hugged him ..tightly …

K : chalo it’s time now to leave ….he said trying to break the hug but twinkle makes it more tighter …

T : kunj come back na ??? Plzzz ..

Kunj smiles and broker the hug and pecked Twinkle forehead ..don’t worry meri jaan ill be back soon and this time seedha ghodi leke aaunga ..aur apni dulhan ko lejaunga …

Twinkle smiled and kissed his cheeks ..

K : now I can’t control Jaane se pehle ek dose to Banta hai na he winked at twinkle ..

She smiled and they again engaged in liplock ..they looked at each other and smiled and went to airport with mibir ..

Kab : bye kunj come back …

Mis : yeah kunj we will will be waiting for you ..

Kab : haan we all will be waiting sole son In law of tanejas ..

Twinkle blushes and looked at kunj who smiled ..

Kab : chalo now it’s time to leave .bye
Mibir hugged kunj …kunj was looking at twinkle ..and side hugged her ..

They were moving inside ..when twinkle lipsed I love you ..

Kunj relied on same manner I love you too and both smiled ..and twinkle left too

Screen freezes…
So how was the episode ????
Hope u all liked it guys …
Thanks to all who commented on last one …
So I think ab shadi wala track Dal dena chahiye what say????? ..???????????…
Chalo waiting for your comments ..
Ba byeee .
Jaldi se comment dedo aur epi lelo ??????..
Love u all …
5 more left ????
Do read Keep commenting n stay tuned ..

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  1. Aamu

    Haaye me marr jawa..!!?????..!!.it was sooo cute..
    Welll jaane se pehle wala gift was awesome..??..
    Lippy lockk..hoye..hoye..
    N the shopping scene..’madam hamthak gaye one’ was too lovely
    Well i reallly loved it…??..
    First cmntor wah..!..
    Welll jldi jldi next post kar..??
    Dont forget to ping me..warna pinch karungi..
    Love u

  2. Fabulous episode ?❤️?
    Emotional ?Sad ? too twinj ???? kunj line was superb ???????this time seedha ghodi leke aaunga aur apni dulhab ko lejaunga
    Jaldi se kunj ko indai bhej do ????????❤️Post soon jaldi kaatil too?❤️?❤️❤️Thanks sami ❤️??

  3. Aamna_2690

    Dekh Kon Wapas Aya???
    Aur sabse pehla comment bhi teray FF par???
    Finally I am back??
    Well Episode was Super Dupper Cute?? And Romantic??
    Ab jaldi se TWINJ ki shaadi karwaade??
    Warna mein tujhe nahi chodungi Devil??
    Episode was Lovely??
    KAATIL Abhi tak parha nahi so Abhi no comment ??
    Baad mein??
    Love U??

  4. Farwah fathima

    Too good
    Loved it
    It was very emotional yaar
    Post the next epi soon

  5. Awesome episode
    Loved kunj’s line _ seedha ghodi leke aaunga ..aur apni dulhan ko lejaunga …

    Post soon and I didn’t understood that why you wrote 5 left

  6. Supriya18d

    awwiooo so cute yaar…. Sam kaise Soch leti h Itna pyaara…… jldi se TwiNj ki Shaadi krao…. can’t wait for wedding night ?????????

    luv u so much baby

  7. SidMin23

    Everything was amazing and twinj moment shopping Scene and ending was emotional and waiting for weeding scene…. And I love how twinj said I love u to each other ??

  8. Sooo cute
    It’s just awesome

  9. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii it was Marvellous spectacular..I m not fan of ur writings I m AC of ur writings.?????????????
    Post soon..

  10. Nishuu

    Wow samu it was awesome sooooo cute
    Loved it
    Plzzz post soon. My dear
    Love u sooooo much?????????????

  11. amazing episode ?????

    haan yrr ab twinj ki shadhi kra de plz
    post soon

  12. Ayesha51

    hayeee di
    my sweetie di
    my cutie di

    hayeee so romantic

    aur lip lock

    to wah wah

    aur fir shopping wala scene

    to kya kehna

    fir judaai me to main senti ho gayi

    di jyada din judaa na rakho twinj ko

    jaldi mila dena aur thora hottt romance bhi dena

    hayeee ab mujhse intezar nahi hota

    di plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    waiting for it hell desperately

    ho sake to aaj hi post kardo naa

    nahi kasakti intezar
    hu main ab bekarar
    kardo jaldi post jara

    hua hain aaj pehli baar
    jo firse desperate hua hun
    tera ff pada to jana hain
    ki Q itna bekarar hun

    tu ataa hain seene me
    jab jab tere ffs padti hun
    tere ffs ki romance se
    main har roz gujarti hun

    hawaa ke jaise chalta hain tere ffs
    main ret jaise padti hun
    kaun tere ffs ko itna pyaar karega
    jaise main karti hun


    love u di to the infinity ♡♡♡


  13. Fatimaa.

    Heyyy sameera…
    Yaar tu to gussa ho gayi mujh par…. I saw ur comment on my ff..
    Bada wala sorry for aise gayab ho jaying?

    Hmm the episode was amazing…. I lovedd twinj moments… Yaar ab to twinj ki shaadi hone wali hai…
    I m soo excited haha…
    And i m just loving this track…
    Post soon..
    Love yaa??

  14. Ayesha51

    di plz plz plz do reply

    love u loads

  15. Hey sameera luvd it…. Its soo amazing…. Superb…. Ab toh twinj ki shaadi krwa do …. Ab or nhi wait hota hm sa….
    Byeee… Luv u… Tc ….

  16. Shalini15

    Hahaha ??????????? kunj ko heroine bana diya????? ladke bhi rote hain moveis dekhkar???????? well awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd romantic episode. Nd kitne besharm hain dono jab dekho kiss karte rahte hain nd mujh jaisi masoom si bachhi ki aadat bigad rahe hain ?????????? ab waiting for their shadi so jaldi se post kar de with Katil.
    Love you loooooooooooots ?????????????

  17. Sidmin ki sadia

    Sammu di cute romantic. And emotional. Epi ka tadka tha aaj toh awesome. Luv it soo much
    Post next soon.
    Luv u aur haan twinj ko jaldi se mila dena ok bye

  18. Anshikajainn

    Sam Sam Sam…. Tune kya likha 5 days means you are ending this??? pls don’t end this yrr this is my favourite ff…Yrr tu itne ideas kaha se laati h mujhe bhi batade mein bhi waha jakar stories padhungii.. ?
    Btw today’s episode was cute I really cute…????❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. HI Sam,
    Amazingly awesome episode yr…
    Wese ab mujhe bhi lagta h ke shaadi ka plot shuru ho jana chahiye…
    Bt yr must say….u r sooooo brilliant writer….
    keep it up….
    nd post soon…

    Ur sis

  20. Oyeee hoyyeee he yr kamal ki episode Thi sam bas ab jldi sa UN ki Shadi krwa dy

    UN ka toh pta nhi ab mj sa or wait nhi hota

    Sorry yr late cmnt ka liye but bzy ho mera bio ka test ha pray for me

    Luv u??
    Take care keep smiling

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  22. Ramya

    Awesome one dear
    It was super cute so lovely
    Amazing awesome
    Love you keep smiling

  23. Baby

    hayeeee muaahhhh ♥
    luvd it sooo mch osm ♥
    love u ♥
    cute n emotional n lovely n speechlss ♥

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